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12 Tree Grid


Universal 12 Tree Grid

The 12 Tree Grid is Level 1 of the Lightbody. It is the architecture of our multidimensional consciousness orientation.

The Core Manifestation Body Foundation: The structure of the macrocosmic Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic personal tree of Life, the 12 Tree Grid. Individual Human anatomy manifests upon and within the multidimensional layers instructed by the core manifestation template – The Tree of Life which is the Lightbody architecture. Every aspect of the Universal Creation and life spiral are designed and instructed through these Blueprint structures. Learning to travel consciously through the Universal Tree of Life is the pathway to personal sovereignty and freedom GSF. Intelligence bodies create the blueprint Morphogenetic Field of all creation. It is a Base-12 Template and culminates in the Krystal Star Body with Cosmic Christ Intelligence. (13, 14 and 15 are the Threefold Founder Flame Rays (Mother/Father/Sun). See the cosmology of dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix here.

I. 12 Spheres, 12 Rays, 12 Dimensions, 12 Timelines (24 Potential), 12 DNA Strands, 12 Base Tone Harmonic Structure (144 Sub-harmonics) of the Cosmic Christ Frequency in the 12D. Beyond these 12 Dimensions is the Threefold Founder Flame, which is the Founder consciousness of our Universe.

II. 12 Spherical/5 Horizontal Triad Bodies that hold the morphogenetic fields for the mental bodies/identities. Each triad body builds the horizontal structure of the Tree and the Mental Body/Male Principle. See Horizontal Triad Bodies built upon the 12 Tree Grid, and Rod functions.


12 Tree Body Grid


Magnetize Spiritual Bodies

The 12 Tree Grid is much more important than the Chakras because we can collapse the chakras into a working unified field (membranes between collapse) where they are not broken off into dimensions feeding energies back into these siphoning entities. The CCKM Module in HGS manual is about restructuring the white hole and black hole spin point that reconfigure the Chakra cones and its matrix to be aligned to become compatible with the Krystal Star Host.

The 12D Ray and the 12 Tree Grid is like a homing pigeon that we can attract or magnetise the parts of our spiritual body energies/identities that need to be returned back to the rightful owner RRO, back into Original Eternal God embodiment throughout this Universe. The 12 Tree Grid is a process of a spiritual body integration sequence that will at some point be overridden by the Krystal Host, as the Double Diamond Sun Body exists in a different configuration pattern. However this 12D Shield and 12D Ray Hub Handshake configuration is what allows us to “phone home” to our family of Christ here in 3D matter Timelines, and this is why it’s so important.



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