No Longer Bound

Nine Pense

breath of god

A new feeling is about to overtake the world, and every person on it. When you see the light in the sky that emanates from a new source, you will know the time is upon you for a return to your old ways of knowing, and a new way of being in the matrix of Earth. It is of this time that we would like to communicate with you today, as it is coming on the next wave of time’s relentless surge upon the shores of your consciousness. In a manner of speaking, it is upon you now. On the count of three, you can open your eyes and see it. One… two…

Before you open your eyes on three, dive into the timelessness of the moment to connect with the heart of humankind, and feel the jumble of frequency in the midst of serene being. Serenity is the focal…

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Magnetising Earth’s Kundalini Through the ‘Silver Induction Plate’ – Goddess Isis


While performing distant healing for a friend who often complains of fatigue and lethargy, I was guided to a more efficient way of magnetising and transmitting Earth’s kundalini energy to our physical body for a speedier rejuvenation and regeneration. This method, which makes use of what my healing guide Isis (a Galactic-Sirian being) calls the Silver Induction Plate, seemed to have work well for my friend. Perhaps you’ll like to give it a try and share your experience and feedback. Thank you!

silver induction plate

The Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is an energy vortex residing in the human 5th dimensional (5D) energy field, located about six inches beneath our feet and along our central column of light  (see diagram above). It emits a brown vibration.

The Earth Star Chakra serves as the grounding cord of our multi-dimensional light body. As Earth and ourselves progress deeper into the 5D, we will be…

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Eileen Meyer

Source: Lightworkers


Get Ready for Spherical Consciousness
~ Eileen Meyer May 25, 2013

The feminine. Gaia. Nature. Soul. Love. Spherical Consciousness.

Guess what? There has always been pure wisdom, power, and knowing in the spaces in-between our language-based framework of human life on earth. Some of us, no matter our gender, were born into and continued to have some sense of self in this watery in-between throughout our lives. Read more


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BRAINWAVE CYCLES and The Incoming Energies~

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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 31 May 2013


The Remarkable Month of May

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

The Remarkable Month of May – Part 2/2

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Eclipses(Continued from Part 1.)

Two days after the last of the three eclipses was over, planetary logos Sanat Kumara reviewed their impact on An Hour with an Angel. He said that “there have been significant energetic shifts upon your planet in the last couple of weeks. And even within the last few days.” (12.)  Read more

Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment…


gaia_energy1Substantial shifting of Gaia energy structures occurs at this moment. Although the process of reshaping Gaia’s Higher D energetic patterns has been ongoing during the past 12 years, significant acceleration occurred during the end of year gateways, and in this now moment, particularly, increase in rate of formation of structures, leading to final so-called “Golden Age” grid, is occurring.

Those aware of these energies may have sensed a strong energetic shift during the past several hours. Tiredness and “out of place” sensations are due to this shifting out of outgrown Gaia energetic patterns and acceleration of formation of Golden Age patterns.

Light Worker types attuned to the needs of Gaia will understand necessary movement patterns required by them for assisting the planet into the final grid arrangements. Understanding that movement is being called for this Higher Purpose, will ease any incurred disruption energetics.

We of ÉirePort say, to all those…

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Steve Beckow

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

Spiritual Maturity and the Divine Qualities

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Wayshowers in this area: Desmond Tutu

In observing that I believe spiritual maturity will be the next planet-wide baseline of social behavior, I’m expressing a wish more than an observation.  I’m “putting it out there” as something to be achieved, as much as saying that I think it will be forthcoming. Read more

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, “What is my Responsibility?”

EckhartTeachings EckhartTeachings·98 videos


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Uploaded on Aug 27, 2009
A Q&A selection from the July 2009 EckhartTolleTV Issue

Is the desire to take personal responsibility for things in life purely ego-based? In response to this important question from one of our members, Eckhart reminds us that it is our state of consciousness in any given moment that creates the world we see around us.

Suzanne Lie

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alchemy Of Creation Part 2 — Transmutation of Matter


The Alchemy of Creation Part 2

Transmutation of Matter

By the Arcturians
To transmute your physical form, it is best that you release your attachment to human individuality and think of yourself as a planetary being. For humans to ascend via their physical bodies transmuting into the fifth dimension rather than “dying” as was normal before this great era, you will need the assistance of Earth. At the same time, in order for Earth to ascend without the extinction of Her physical form, She needs human assistance. Read more

The manuscript of survival – part 317

aisha north

The time has come to take a good look at yourselves, dear ones. Do not be shy, and take into account all that you see. Who are you really? And how have you evolved over these last few months, if not weeks? Do you still feel the same, or do you feel as if everything has been turned upside down? Is the image clear, or is it still somewhat blurred? We see you very clearly dear ones, and we see the splendor of who you truly are, but we also see a lot of unchartered possibilities still lying dormant.

Do not take this as a form of chastisement, just as a reminder that there are still pockets of inaccessible energy within you all, and those pockets are more than ready to burst open at any moment now, and give you that added strength you may feel sorely lacking in your…

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Humanity’s future is brilliant, brighter than you can possibly imagine

Johnsmallman's Blog

Humanity’s journey towards awakening is almost complete!  Because so many of you are intending to engage with the divine field of Love enveloping you – and it is your intentions that make it happen – its influence has now intensified to such an extent that all on Earth are now in communion with it.  True, many are not conscious of this engagement, but it is a little like dropping some dye into a jug of water, stir the water and it all assumes the color of the dye. Everyone on Earth is now being deeply influenced by the field of divine Love.  This has been planned since the moment of your apparent separation from Reality as an essential part of your awakening process, and due to the stalwart efforts of so many holy ones over the eons and the Light-bearers and wayshowers presently on Earth it has now come to…

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Sonic Streamers of Higher Energetics Make Themselves Known…


gaia_energy1Sonic streamers of Higher Energetics make themselves known to those with Higher Aural awareness. Such Sonics are means of connecting with the complete Hue-man, and are balanced with the Higher Visual and other Higher Senses.

Powerful Sonics currently are being projected through multiple layers of Gaia consciousness, and particularly are designed to eliminate shadow-intentions. Those attempting to maintain shadow-status-quo find the Higher Sonics particularly “annoying”, and rapidly surrender all further attempts at such.

Those Hue-Beings aligned with Higher D frequencies’ intention may hear some “unheard before” tones, however, these pass quickly as alignment with Higher Mind is refined.

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Planet Emancipation Wk. 4

Our ES community has been asked to begin group collaboration for grid work and transits on Twelve (12) weekly assigned planetary networks in partnership with Krystal Host. We have been asked to invite the public that finds resonance with these words to offer another consciousness ring of heartfelt prayers to support the Krystal Host Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project. These “prayers for emancipation and peace” assignments can be completed within the seven (7) day period which is dedicated to a specific key area that has been directed for support from off planet Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness) families connecting with the earthly family at this timeline. This will be published for the public in the weekly Timeshift Blog here, which is every Tuesday to Tuesday.

We have received our fourth assignment and it is the Inner Gate of Central Mexico  and its wormhole to the linkup into Giza, Egypt for the period of Tuesday, May 28th to the following Tuesday, June 4th. For those who are called to direct energy, focus and attention to help stabilize and support our ascending planet, this blog serves as the clarion call request to those families who are deeply inspired to pray for planetary peace and emancipation.

Intention Week Four: Set up Meditation or Prayer Session dedicated to the Purposes of the Krystal Star Host communication networks for Inner Gate of Central Mexico and its link into Giza. Krystal Hosting for Planetary Soul and Humanity Tribe 4.  Read more

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, “The Current Economy”

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Uploaded on Aug 27, 2009

July 2009 Issue Preview, view the full talk at

Eckhart describes why the collapse of ego-based institutions is absolutely necessary for the planet and for humanity to survive.

Gregg Braden – Awakening to Zero Point


Gregg Braden – Awakening to Zero Point

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Uploaded on Sep 6, 2011

Gregg Braden spent 22 years of his life searching high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining his discoveries with the best science of today, his original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries. In doing so he has redefined our relationship to our inner and outer worlds, while sharing his life-affirming message of hope and possibility.

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Published on May 27, 2013

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is my another Ascension update in Nature. It is a very spontaneous one, so be prepared for that free flow! Please remember that Nature is neutral as all Creation is, and that it serves as our utmost mirror. I rejoice every single time that I get to be myself in Nature, all alone … in my sacred Silence … communing with Spirit … the Beloved I AM! Know that the greatest Masters always live a life of pure simplicity, and they see what many others do not … in the tiniest of things and in the deepest of feelings being felt … in the eternal silence of the sacred breath! All pulsates … all is alive with pure awareness!

We are purifying so much lately! Remember that Ascension is simplicity. When we are ascending and raising in our vibration, we simply loose interest in all things complicated and we are interested only in organic and beautiful things, like spending time in Nature and deeply communing with Spirit. We are no longer interested in drama, crowded and noisy places, being in large groups, drinking, partying and smoking, eating low vibrational foods, sharing energy with negative people and waste our time in situations that don’t match our unique authenticity. We are only interested in our Ascension journey … from head to toe and from within to without! Life suddenly becomes so simple, but so deep and magical … like mine is … every single day!

My only desire is to share it all with all of You and help the collective to raise in awareness by remembering who we truly are as Divine Love.

Within Divine Love, Polona

Sandra Walter


Source Resonance and Incoming DNA Upgrades

Published on May 17, 2013

Intel on X flares, Gateways and how YOU can assist in acceleration prior to May 24. Articles and the Ascension eCourse at
Blessings to Rion & Jason from Team Light!
Please note: I don’t answer emails through youtube; contact me through my website.

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The manuscript of survival – part 316

aisha north

As you have mayhaps noticed, the inner voices can be more than a little insistent at times now, and what they demand of you, can be more than a little daunting to handle. You have set yourselves free in so many ways, but these small hindrances still standing in your way will start to make a lot of noise. And they will do so for a very good reason, as it is indeed imperative that you all clear your channel as it were in order to make yourselves fully able to access the information you so dearly seek. In other words, nothing is allowed to stand between you and Source, and now, the only things doing so are those innermost kept secrets that only serve to fog your vision from clearing up completely. For many, it will be something extremely painful, for these are the things you have kept hidden…

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The Oracle Report

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

New responses to life are coming from deep inside us.  Expanded levels of awareness are part of the natural shift/changes that are taking place.  Look for the addition of new elements into situations, elements that will shift our perspective. 

Disseminating phase is the time of the lunar cycle when we get feedback/messages through others, so pay attention to what others are saying and watch for synchronicities.


Staggered Layering of Gaia Energies…


gaia_energy1Staggered layering of Gaia energies has been constructed to allow multiple groups to rise in consciousness simultaneously. This construct aligns groups of differing consciousness levels in a manner that supports all such groups (which prior to this would be “at odds”) at the same time.

Gaia Consciousness ‘leaps’ may now be observed, at many levels, in many (prior to this moment) disparate-thinking groups.

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