Let Go of Your Gods and Leaders: You are the Answer ~ April 30, 2018

Rose Rambles...

The time of Ascension is in full glow, as we near the highest peak of energies we have been feeling and anticipating for years. For many of us, the grounding of full 5D energies is nearing completion and we are beginning life on a completely blank slate. At this point, we need to review our lives over the last decade or so and see how much we have learned to be self-reliant, using our intuition and our guidance to show us the way towards this new existence. The time of leaders, gurus and figures that we relied on to show us the path is finally over.

The purpose of the Ascension process has been to reconnect us with our infinity, our light, and to enable us to become creators, in an aware, and loving manner. We have been stripped of all the superfluous, the painful, the difficult, and the old…

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Sometimes Love Don’t Feel Like It ‘Should’: The Rumble Of Awakening

SoulFullHeart Experience

As you enter the vast universe of our deepest truths and bring those to the forefront of your daily and “at the moment” consciousness, the life that was created in service to that hidden reality has no choice but to rumble. As I remember the beginnings of my own awakening journey and those that I have served and am currently serving, this is a very cataclysmic part of the process to the part of us that have kept things tidy and manageable, even as it suffered over it.

As you become aware of the emotional intricacies of the current web of relationship, you can begin to feel the network of cords that were created as a result of this part’s need to conform, follow duty, and be loyal. It was what this part thought was needed to do in order to love or be loved. To protect and be protected…

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Loving Your Rage To Reveal Your Truth, Heal Hurts, And End Abusive Patterns In Relationships

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

There could be emotions running the range of irritation, frustration, to outright rage expressing for you or toward you…pushed up by the FULL moon, Scorpio, death/rebirth energies. The Divine Feminine is holding compassionate space for these feelings to come UP and OUT. These emotions aren’t ‘negative’ or ‘dark’, yet, rather more ‘polarized to fear’ and, very often, ‘suppressed.’ Suppressed emotions usually have actually VERY good reason for being there once you are willing to actually feel them. They have just been so put down and capped by often the Protector part of you (due to 3D conditioning that offers they are not OK or acceptable), that they come out stronger when they finally are allowed to express.

Rage is a denser expression, a more 3D fear-based energy, that actually transmutes and transforms to passionate truth telling as your frequency of self love rises. There is nothing ‘bad’…

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Timeline Shifts ~ Dimensions and Transitions

The New Divine Humanity

The seamless transition, from one dimension to another, from one so-called timeline to another is phenomenal. What so many seek, attained through not seeking. Through being present with what is.

These timeline shifts take place spontaneously according to the frequency one is vibrating AS ~ BEING.

Literally going in and out of this dimension, is experienced with ease, and may appear as bilocation literally.

When you know what consciousness is, this isn’t really that big of a deal.  As the higher levels of Light and Dimensions ARE the natural state of Light Being.

Attachment, which so many are still experiencing, is the process of letting go of the lower dimensional beliefs in limitation. In the need to grasp and attain.

At the higher levels one simply FLOWS.

There is nothing to chase, or no darkness to scare away or conquer at the higher levels of Light and Dimensions.

When YOU have…

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Full Moon In Scorpio Ignites Passions, Serves Purgings

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Kalayna Colibri

WOOOSH…. felt the full moon energies all day yesterday, with an up and down experience inside of myself which was incredibly UP in passion and passion-purpose desires and then also offered purgings of emotional tensions and fears coming UP with them! This is the whole package deal of Ascension. You’re invited to a huge party with lots of lights, excitement and even pure bliss, yet with the waters of love coming in with every invitation, the oil of fears and despair held by parts and Metasoul Aspects has to come out to make room for more.

It doesn’t feel possible to me to ignite your soul purpose work without being willing to feel what it is inside of you that DOESN’T want to serve love. Even if you choose to not feel into this question now, eventually it catches up to you and often in a reticence that…

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Horoscope Current Week: April 30 to May 6, 2018 – Pam Younghans.

Courtesy of InnerSelf

Weekly Horoscope. An astrology column by astrologer Pam Younghans.

This weekly column is based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. The information contained in the column is not intended as prediction, but rather as assistance in navigating the events of the coming week. Updated every Sunday.  Please continue reading

Source: Horoscope Current Week: April 30 to May 6, 2018

Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away? – Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.

Courtesy of Ascension Energies

Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away?

Written by Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.

Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away?Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again. — THICH NHAT HANH   Please continue reading

Source: Are You Holding Your Breath? What Takes Your Breath Away?

LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Deep Cellular Cleansings, Current Energies, Shifting Dimensions with Your Whole Body, – oscillating at Different Frequency Bandwidths – New Cosmic DNA Codes – 4-27-18

Higher Density Blog



Aloha BE-LOVE-d Light Family,

We’ve moved into deeeeeeeep cellular (and stellar) everything. This will include cleansings, re-writes and re-codings as we prepare for a massive expansion at some point. While very “quiet”, there is much going on in every way. Deep within the gridwork we go….

Some may notice “fluttering”, tears/emotions emerging for heart opening/cleansing…. the deeper we go, the more immense energetically this can become and this feels/looks like a really important one (not that they all aren’t), yet it feels/looks like a completion as we prepare to up-shift quite substantially over the next few days….

As each is able to get their own physical body’s vibration high enough, the LightBody, Crystals and Star Particles activate easier on their own. In our early days, these brought massive physical experiences, as our DNA began to transform/change and our bodies went through a massive cleansing process of…

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The Dawning of the Golden Age of Gaia is Upon Us | Ascension Energies


Courtesy of Ascension Energies

Sacred Alter of trees, where I planted the other crystals.(Hawaii)

Meggan Rachell – We are at the tipping point. It’s all being Unraveled. Shits about to get real. Boom. Boom. Boom. The Wave is coming, it’s here now,  Please continue reading

Source: The Dawning of the Golden Age of Gaia is Upon Us | Ascension Energies


Courtesy of Ascension Energies

Ascending Masters Gathering Energy Update
Anastacia-Blue Beyond – SPIRIT AND SOUL INITIATION-A WAVE WITHIN A WAVE – AND SO MUCH MORE!! – 25th April 2018  Please continue reading


Hecate ~ Crossroads

Archangel Oracle

Hecate ~ Crossroads, from the Mythic Oracle, by Carisa Mellado, artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Hecate ~ Crossroads, from the Mythic Oracle, by Carisa Mellado, artwork by Michele-Lee Phelan

Hecate ~ Crossroads

The Myth: “Hecate is an incredibly important, powerful and complicated deity. Although she appears throughout Greek mythology, she actually predates it. She is said to be the key bearing queen of the entire cosmos. Hecate is associated with gateways to hidden realms of existence and is the keeper of sacred knowledge. She is present at the threshold of transformation and represents the road to unknown places.

She is depicted as a triple faced goddess with the heads of a dog, horse and bear, or those of a dog, serpent and lion. She may also appear as a maiden, mother and crone, representing the passage through the phases of life and wisdom. She is connected to…

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Ego Masculine Vs. Divine Masculine – 11-15-16

Higher Density Blog

Divine Masculine

Image Source


I have seen many recently “mistake” their responses …. their ego mistaken for their Divine Masculine. There is a huge difference in these…. yet we have to go “through this” to understand it and let any “arrogance” go.

The human ego is arrogant. Divine Masculine is not. Divine Masculine is very different from human masculine.

Divine Masculine is PURE POWER that comes through as you transcend all of your own stuff. It is derived from PURE PROFOUND DEEP SACRED LOVE for all things as one. It never ever ever puts itself “above another”. That’s pure ego.

​Divine Masculine has the capability to HOLD A POWERFUL SPACE/PLACE… to hold realities in place and allow others to be/do as they need to, yet it doesn’t take it on, react or waver. It acts intentionally, it holds all in love, it respects fully and human masculine lacks this deep…

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Isis & the Rose Moon

Heart Star

white_rose-3260 - Copy

Dear All,

The energetically ‘full’ month of April has come to fruition with a very beautiful Full Moon, that is peaking the vibration of inner reflection, inner awareness and deeper release where the ‘local self’ holds onto or continues recycling personal identity beliefs and views that cloud or disrupt full, consistent ease of alignment with the Inner Divine ~ the ‘higher self’s’ merge of subtle light, wisdom and perspective into this localized focus point we identify as ‘I/me’ that allows us to be an Unconditional Love Anchor in every moment, regardless of energies around us.

This gift of going deeper into recognition, trusting and relaxed in the light of loving compassion, extending it to all, opens the earthly form (physical, mental and emotional) which we’re expressing through to receive and integrate divine Light flows/codes/activations to their fullest as they bathe the planetary field in a precisely coordinated sequence from the…

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Synchronicities: Hello, You’re On the Right Path!

Winging with Whitehawk

Image result for synchronicity

Synchronicities – aka “winks from the universe” – are always such fun to experience and ponder! The stories I could share about synchros!

You too, I bet 🙂

I believe that once we settle into the next octave of frequencies, synchronicities will be the way we will be finding our way, making our connections, and (the acid test) learning to live without money as a matter of course. We’ll feel what we feel, and those feelings will magnetize synchronicities (ie signs, connections) that signal we are in fact drawing our wishes, goals, and precious dreams into our reality.

This is happening now, of course; just more subtly than we’ll experience once all the “3D debris” clears.

In other words, synchronicities will grow from flirtations into full-blown engagement with the enigmatic quantum… which I find very uplifting to anticipate!

Thanks to Jeff – who seems on the brink of…

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Humanity’s Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the foresight to determine what is best for the human race in the long run, and we can give you messages and transmissions that will put you in a vibration that is more likely to influence you onto a particular timeline. You still have the free will to decide for yourselves what you are going to do, how you are going to vibrate, and which timeline you will ultimately choose.

We love you and want what is best for you, and so we look at all of the variables in determining what is best for you to know and what energies are best for you to have access to. Now, you can do the same for yourselves, and this is what we want to encourage you to do.

It is more challenging for…

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Turning Point

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s April 27, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:   You’re likely sensing change similar to animals and other nonhumans. Even though the word change continues to frighten you, your new experiences will lead you to joy and fulfillment for you’re no longer enmeshed in the 3D world. You’re a new 5D or beyond being in which joy, not fear is your go-to place.

“In Comparison, an Easy Phase” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Today, April 29, 2018, is a day that will go down in history even though you do not know such is so at this time – for you have shifted from fear to joy.

You believe such is not necessarily so for you still…

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How Cryptocurrency Signals the Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness – Openhand

Courtesy of Openhand

How Cryptocurrency Signals the Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness

Submitted by Open on Thu, 02/22/2018 – 07:31

Hey spiritual folk! Have you got your head around “cryptocurrency” yet? I wouldn’t blame you for a minute if you hadn’t – all that techno jargon could be enough to put any sensitive soul off. But hang in there just a minute, if you can, because I feel given to represent a view that cryptocurrency is certainly one signal, that reflects a mobile shift of resources and energy from the old world, 3D consciousness, and towards more 5D consciousness. Why do I say that? Let me put it as simply as possible, with minimal techno jargon…

Shedding the Veil on the Grand Illusionists Trick

The Earth is undergoing a phenomenal shift of consciousness, which is extremely complex, and involves a progressive unravelling of the interweaving threads of the old consensus reality. Humanity has been stuck in a system of energetic control, which we may call the ‘matrix’. It’s a founded on various rigid belief programs that have been instilled within people from the cradle. And as you believe, so you create (or are created by!).

One of those belief programs (or rather acquiesence programs) is that the system rightly owns all the resources, that it can then leverage paper (or fiat) money, and make you work for the things you need. Another is that it’s somehow acceptable for a very small group of people to financially capitalise from that – a system which is subjugating sentient life and progressively bleeding energy from the planet. Who said it was meant to be like that?!

Fotunately enough people are now waking up to this grand illusionist’s charade. They’re seeing the numbers don’t stack up and losing faith in the foundations of the old consensus construct. This in itself is enough to begin to turn the tides to a way of living and being, which is much more fair and personally sovereign.

Some people are beginning to live in a much different way now. They’re learning all about the natural flow, coming increasingly more from divine guidance and authentic manifestation which supports that. We will always have enough energy to create authentic manifestations. The Universe works tirelessly to support that (here’s how…Authentically Manifesting Greater Resources and Possibility in the 5D Shift).

What is cryptocurrency, how does it signal a shift towards more 5D consciousness?

Make no mistake. We are at the birth of a new revolution in the way we transact and consume within society. Just as in the 1990’s the internet delivered a profound quantum shift in the way people can communicate and connect, so cryptocurrency has the capacity to unravel the very bedrock of the old banking system of control.

Essentially cryptocurrency is a widely distributed digital ledger, based on highly advanced ‘blockchain’ technology. Put simply, you can readily create a virtual ‘wallet’, pay value into it, which then updates across a distributed global system, which is (pretty much) totally anonymous and outside of the banking system. You’re then able to agree the cost of goods with a vendor, and process the transaction, without exchange or bank fees, at lightening speed. Currently there is an exponential growth of vendors out there eager to transact goods via some form of cryptocurrency. It’s clear to me, we are at the very birth of an exciting new wave of transacting, outside of the defunct, old world system.

Let’s be crystal clear – the current banking system is bankrupt. We still live in an oil based economy. Most goods we currently buy, are invisibly pegged to the availability of oil, and society’s ability to exploit it. Fiat money is merely debt leveraged against our contuinued ability to exploit resources that are rapidly dwindling. That’s why staple goods, such as many basic foods (other than junk fast food), are rapildly escalating in price. The ‘ellites’ who control the system, seem to care little about the planet’s plight, and apparently continue to plunder in the mindless persuit of profit. We don’t have to live like this!
(Live in 5D Consciousness Now…Here’s How)

Representing the True Value of Goods and Services

Personally, I believe cryptocurrency could begin to change this maniacal madness. If we, the people, begin to trade with each other based on the true value of goods and services, if we don’t need to excessively profit to line a few people’s pockets, and if we learn to only take what we need, then we’ll progressively liberate energy from the old world and into a fairer way of connecting and consuming. That has to be good for all sentient life.

I would say this premise is the very reason for the staggering increase in the value of cryptocurrency. When I first wrote about Bitcoin here on Openhandweb four years ago (Understanding Cryptocurrency…Revolutionising the Money-Go-Round), a few inspired people bought some of the very first cryptocurrency. Since then, their investment has gone up more than twenty times (relative to the old system). Why so? I would say because the current system inadvertantly recognises cryptocurrency trading is based more on true value and not artificially controlled prices based on ability to exploit tomorrow’s resources today (resources that are rapidly running out).

Bitcoin is just the beginning. We’re now witnessing a plethora of new currencies and advanced, cutting edge technologies to support this new conscious consumer revolution. The key to these technologies is the speed with which the currency/technology can process. Bitcoin made the old system look like a failing dinosaur just after the commet had struck. But now there are others, like Bitshares for example (BTS), which in terms of speed, makes Bitcoin look like a bicycle, in comparison to a forumla 1 racing car!

The Birthing of a New Consciousness

Yes, I know for conscious people it’s a fair bit to get your head around when there’s every yearning to get more into the heart. But we are here in the 3D a while longer yet, and the shift to 5D consciousness will be progressive, not sudden. Many evolving iterations of the old system will come and go, before the chains of the old consensus reality finally crumble.

Many people were reluctant to get into the complexity of the internet too, but just look at how it improves interpersonal communication and connectivity now. Make no mistake, we are at the beginning of a new revolution in a very similar way.

Yes, the old system will try to control it, but new crypto technologies are birthing day by day. My view is it will be nigh on impossible to control. It’s clear to me, this reflects very well the birthing of a new consciousness on planet earth. I would encourage all to explore.

Finally, I felt to share this simplistic video about Bitcoin by the UK’s Guardian. It’s quite outdated by now. But it offers a reasonable general view on the main considerations…

In loving support


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About Openhand:
Openhand is a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. It is a way of tapping into the benevolent guiding hand of the Universe, to help you align with your soul through life. It empowers people to be totally authentic in who they are, and in so doing, facilitating a profound shift of consciousness into a new vibrational paradigm, in the Fifth Density. Discover more…Openhandweb, Openhand fb, Openhand TV

The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the “Non-Duality” Bubble – Openhand

Courtesy of Openhand

The Flowing Path of Enlightenment and the “Non-Duality” Bubble

Submitted by Open on Mon, 04/23/2018 – 05:18

These are amazing times of great transformation for the earth and for humanity. People everywhere are graciously stepping out of the darkness of separation and disconnection from the divine. With each passing day, ever more are realising their interconnectedness and at-one-ment with all life. It is a breath taking liberation! But as souls emerge, there are still many traps and fixations. We must not settle in fixed reality constructs. The soul is a continually inquiring, exploring and unwinding ‘creature’, at the core of our experience. It’s expression is intimately interrelated with Enlightenment.

That’s why we must be careful not to slip into the uniformity of the ‘non-duality’ trap…

In non-duality you cease to exist

When you step out of identification with the lower three densities, the expansion into the 4D is utterly amazing, practically beyond words. Initially you may feel light, expanded and free. It can be so liberating, it’s quite often the case, that people feel they’ve already attained the mystical state of “Enlightenment” of which many are now speaking.

Crucially, the contrast between the disconnect of unawakened living, and the interconnection that the expansion unfurls, can be so poignant, that you feel at-one with everything. And the realisation may then dawn, that at some place, you and everything around you are indeed one. BUT, if you contemplate it deeply, that condition can only exist at the level of the absolute, where everything does indeed merge back into pure presence – that which precedes the manifest.

Consider it carefully: as you – your soul – merges back into the absolute potential of presence, there can be no experience at all at this point; because there is no relativity, no “this” and “that”. Hence when there really is the condition of “non-duality” of which the mainstream speaks, then experience has dissolved. You cease to exist.

How then, is it possible to be in an “Enlightened state” of presence, and still be in existence?

The last great attachment is to that of non-attachment!

To master this, you have to hold a duality – two apparently contrasting truths simultaneously: internally there is the state of presence at the core of your experience and through your experience, which is a non-experience in the background, like the canvas upon which the masterpiece is painted; and, AT THE SAME TIME, there is a flowing experience of coloufull soul, a brush stroke on the canvass, which is completely unique to you.

Let’s be clear, if a part you owns a particular state – if it fixates on a particular phenomenal experience, then in that moment, the risk is to build identity, which then disconnects from the flow of the soul, which in turn dissolves out the possibility of true presence – you may attain a bubble of peace, but not the real thing (which is a no-thing!). I witness many people on the path thinking they’re in the ‘non-dualistic’ enlightened state, but are actually stuck in – attached to – an expanded 4D bubble. In many cases, the psyche has installed a ‘trip switch’, saying….”drop any feeling of separation, tightness or attachment”. And this becomes a subtle inner identity doing so.

The last great attachment, is that of non-attachment!

Student: master, I have reached the state of oneness, all is perfect
Zen Master: tell me more…
Student: I am at one with the divine, there is no duality
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I am….
Zen Master: what else?
Student: I……..
Zen Master: what else?
Student: no reply…dissolving into state of oneness
Zen Master: strikes the student hard across the face
Student: OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!
Zen Master: well who felt that then!

Check out this Openhand Article on Unwinding Inner Identities

The One Hand clapping conundrum

Let’s be clear, you cannot intentionally aim for pure presence and truly find it. Because in the very moment that you do, you’ve already subtly established the inner condition of separation. You’ve said to the Universe…”I’d like to let go now and become the One”. But who is the “I”? You’ve already established, in your subconscious, the inner separation of the “I” from the absoluteness of the One.

It’s a one hand clapping conundrum!

So, what I’m saying, is that the truly enlightened state, is where your consciousness has mastered the ability to hold a duality of apparently contrasting truths SIMULTANEOUSLY: the separation in you has surrendered into the unique flowing experience that is the soul; AND THIS intimately interconnects you with the sense of presence within, which in itself, is a non-experience. Which is the sense of presence.

So is there anything you can do to attain that state? Bearing in mind that to aim for the state itself, is to already prevent you attaining it.

Ride the wave of the soul

I believe there most definitely is. If you, as the separation, work to dissolve into the fullness of what you truly are – which is the expression of the soul – then you’ll be riding the wave of the soul, and as such, this will deliver you onto the shores of the One inside of you; you’ll discover it progressively, until one day, all the lights come on, and stay on. Crucially, you don’t have to aim or effort to get there. And neither do you have to dissolve the glorious story that is you – your soul.

What this means, is that you can have your apple and eat it too!
in fact, I would say, that’s what the Universe is inviting of you:
to fully enjoy the apple of all experience, and yet not be attached to it.

How might we then attain this ever flowing state of truly enlightened experience?

It is to embrace everything that shows up on your path, not to deny or push anything away. Instead to bring the full light of awareness into it. Crucially you’re looking for the doorways of tightness within those experiences – where you attach or close down or where you disconnect in aloofness. These are the places to identify and work within.

Here’s how to ride the wave of the Soul with the Openhand Approach

How might we best work in the places of tightness?

At Openhand we apply what we call the “Breakthrough Approach”:

Honour the truth of the moment, exactly as it is
Express fully into the tightness
Become as-One with the tightness by completely accepting it
Unwind the natural feeling of soul that wants to emerge out 

It is straightforward, but not always simple. Some of the inner layers on the journey back to the One are complex, based on past life karma, that can be subtly deceptive and limiting – like the non-duality trap for example. The essential key is profound self honesty and owning the manifestations that you create and draw to you. If there’s disharmony in the ‘mirror’, why did you create it?

Everything around you, all sentient life and people, are mirrors your soul draws, which reflect both the distortion and the new beingness that wants to emerge as soul. But if you keep honouring what shows up and keep inquiring, the soul will break through, and you’ll be delivered onto the welcome shores of the One inside. You’ll progressively come home to presence, after which, you’re constantly living in it, but with each moment shaping ever new relativistic experience.

This inner journey is reflected miraculously into our outer world. Each moment delivers bounteous abundance of experience, both distorted and aligned, all of which are designed to continually bring you back to the abode of the One, AND to have a reflective experience of that, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You’re constantly manifesting new materiality and tasting it too.

So beware the non-duality trap on the flowing path of Enlightenment. Because it limits the full unbridled emergence of soul, and delivers instead, only an expanded 4D bubble, which although initially may feel very harmonious and peaceful, ultimately becomes very limiting. Look deeper, into the truly expanded Universe – a veritable kaleidoscope of colour, change and transformation. Not only is it at times peaceful, but it’s also crashing and smashing as entire world’s come and go. Each has its unique story, just as you do. And when you truly discover the story of your soul and unleash it, then even in that incredible crucibal of transformation, you become immortal. Like the rainbow that emerges through the rain, your soul breathes colour through the all of it.

In loving support


PS: Openhand leads worldwide courses supporting the emergence of soul.
Discover more: Openhand Events Program

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About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living. Join us…Openhandweb, Openhand fb, Openhand TV

The New Currency (part 1) – Iconoclast

Courtesy of Infinite Shift

The New Currency (part 1)

In elementary architecture, an arch is built of stones that remain together because they all press into the keystone, the central stone at the summit. The keystone is the “key” that locks the whole arch together. If you remove it, the arch crumbles.

The key to the Matrix:
“Limited resources controlled by a few.”

The key to New Eden:
“Universal abundance, shared by all.”

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

* * *

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