Wes Annac – Releasing the Need to Control Your Life – 6-30-16

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Wes Annac   –   Releasing the Need to Control Your Life   –   6-30-16


All that’s required for enlightenment or an easier life is to release resistance and the need to control what happens to you.

The need to control life comes from the ego and is an impediment to higher consciousness. It’s only when resistance is released that the need to control fades; then, you can be open to a less stressful life that still challenges you but doesn’t bring you out of your center.

When you resist or try to control life, you create tension that manifests as obstacles further down your path.

You meet brick walls where there were once open doors, and those who struggle to find the source of this newfound difficulty need look no further than the resistance they may be showing and the control they may be attempting to exert.

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Steve Beckow – Living Utopia – 6-30-16

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UtopiaSteve Beckow

Many people have written utopias, Sir Thomas More, Sir Francis Bacon, and Robert Owen among them.

The difference between us and them is we’re living into one; one is materializing before our eyes. And, best of all, we have input into its design.

Their utopias represented their farthest seeing while in Third-Dimensional density. Ours are taking shape even as we rise in consciousness, out of 3D denseness.

Just as they enunciated their utopias, so it’s appropriate for us to enunciate ours as well. Enunciating it makes it more real given that thought forms are creative.

This time around, it won’t be a paradise for just racial supremacists. Or religious fanatics.  It’ll be a paradise for everyone and no one will be able to enter it except they’ve divested themselves of their hatred and arrogance.

Even if they could storm the gates of heaven, they wouldn’t be able to…

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Window 1183 – Keep focus on the light — A Window Of Wisdom

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Children are drawn to the light and run from darkness…if we were to all follow in their innocent untainted footsteps, darkness would not have such easy pickings to grab hold of. ~ WOW ~

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God Exists In All Circumstances by Shanta Gabriel – 6-29-16

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God Exists In All Circumstances by Shanta Gabriel   –   6-29-16

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

For this week, the message from Archangel Gabriel challenges us to expand our perspective about what we see in the world around us and remember a deeper Truth.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances.

Shanta GabrielThe idea that God exists in all circumstances can be a very challenging concept. This is especially true when faced with some of the more horrendous experiences people are having around the world.

It is difficult to see how there could be a benevolent Universal Presence working in these situations and yet, another name for God is All That Is.

God is a word that…

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Patricia Cota Robles – Your Awakening – A Return to Unity Consciousness

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Radio interview about the quantum shift of humanity and the Universe as whole.

This is a time of vigilance for awakening Humanity and the millions of Lightworkers who have worked so tenaciously to cocreate the Cosmic Moment we are now in the midst of, but this is not a vigilance based in fear. It is a vigilance based in the inner peace and the elation of knowing that we have God Victoriously made it through the most fragile and complex, yet the most monumental, shift of consciousness ever attempted in any system of worlds.

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Time for some straight talk – The Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


As always, we are aware that much of what we speak about will not be new to many of you. However, it may be for others, and we ask that you allow us to point out a few things.

We wish to discuss the violent acts that some on your world commit in the name of their gods. And we would include violent speech and violent thoughts, as well. While we are about it, let us also include the drive to control the acts and thoughts of others who do not choose to live as one would wish them to.

Can you imagine that they are acting out of fear and immense insecurity? In order to explain what we mean, let us share some of the sort of unconscious thought that goes into these sorts of responses to life. Many of these souls are called fundamentalists of one sort or…

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Ronna Herman – The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Beloved masters, it is of vital importance that you endeavor to incorporate the higher states of awareness, along with the will and Self-discipline needed to correctly implement the higher frequencies of truth into your physical, everyday life style in order to become a Master on the Path. Vital information for each incarnation is stored within the Soul-Seed Atom.  However, the consciousness of the human personality must reach the required frequency patterns in order to access any advanced Cosmic information. Over time, desire is transformed into aspiration, and aspiration develops into a clear, definitive intuitive ability.

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Selacia – July 2016 Navigation Tips

July 2016 Navigation Tips

We have a helpful shift in cosmic energies in July, thanks in part to the action planet Mars going direct this week and a new more positive momentum beginning to unfold. Stay tuned for some different opportunities coming your way!

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When you have a lot to do, choose your mood as you do those things!  | joypassiondesire

It doesn’t matter how much you have to do, you can still choose your mood as you do those things. You can choose to do them and feel a little worse or you can choose to do them and feel a little be…Read more

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report



Thursday, June 30, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream, prepare to begin anew

Moon in Taurus

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions; Shodashi, Goddess of Beauty and Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best; Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East; Seth, God of the North

Skill: see and learn

True Alignments:  allowing time and space, accuracy, taking shape, facing self, raw beauty, gentle, distance overcome, enemies becoming allies, coming to terms with worth, taking care, higher point of view, releasing the need to control to a higher power

Catalysts for Change:  rushing, missing essential details, unfinished, tricking people, manipulation (this is very strong today), seeking perfection, projection of one’s feelings onto another, fears and shadow sides operating, distance, worry, feelings of failure

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing a cause” (inner fortitude projected outward)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending worries, transcending the past)

Where we you and what were you doing February 5/6, 2016?

Whatever was happening at that time now comes to the farthest point or expression.

This comes courtesy of Venus and Pluto.  On February 5/6, Venus made conjunction with Pluto (or came to the same place in the sky).  Today Venus makes the opposition with Pluto (or comes to the exact opposite place in the sky).  When planets line up like this, the electric universe “gets to popping!”

By the Laws of Nature, this means that what was happening (imprinting) back then resurfaces, returns, repeats, or recurs in some way now.  It is like the Full Moon phase of Venus and Pluto, like a Full Moon between the Sun and Moon.  It is the same dynamic.

What does this “Full Moon” of Venus and Pluto offer?  To learn this, first we look back to the Sabian symbol for the degree of the conjunction in February.  The Venus-Pluto conjunction occurred at 17 Capricorn and the energetic frequency of “a woman surreptitiously bathing in the nude.”  Themes of release from restraints and themes of manipulation (especially sexual manipulation) were in effect.

Now, five months later, Pluto finds himself back where he was then, as Pluto retrograded and is back at “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.”

Where is Venus?  She’s on the other side of things now, at 17 Cancer and “the seed grows into knowledge and life.”  What have we learned?  Was there a lesson? What has or has not been growing properly?  Was something rushed or pushed through?

The wisdom of the energetic of “the seed grows into knowledge and life” teaches us that things take time to develop.

The Sun adds the wisdom of “a large diamond in the first stages of the cutting process.”  The wisdom that we gain today is designed to bring out the carat, cut, color, and clarity of life — of us.

Mercury magnifies our view as it discharges “a man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him.”  We see.

And the Earth disseminates the energetic of “an albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”  We overcome.

The exact opposition of Venus and Pluto occurs at 11:21 pm ET/3:21 am UT.  The energetic is in effect all day and will have considerable effects on some relationships.  Venus and Pluto are all about relationships.  The Cancer-Capricorn polarity in which they are currently located involves structure, deep emotions, power and control issues, and issues of appreciation and support.

On July 7, the Sun will make opposition with Pluto at this same degree of “a girl surreptitiously bathing..”  What happens today will link to July 7 in some way. The energetic will be triggered again, so anything that has been imprinted during it repeats in some way.  This is how we learn and grow.

Today, as the “drama” of this lunar month fades away with the last Moon phase of the month, we are on our magic carpet ride, high above looking at the carat, cut, color, and clarity of our magnificent world.  What a magical place to grow, like seeds, into knowledge and life.  Let’s find the beauty today.

P.S.  Thanks to some quick research by my wise owl mother this morning, here is a cursory review of the things that were going on February 5/6 in the world:

  1. Ford notified that it would build a factory in Mexico
  2. an EPA mine dumped 880,000 pounds of metal into a river
  3. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz were still in the race
  4. Clinton and Sanders debate – dead heat
  5. 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan – 150 missing
  6. hard push for the global warming agenda

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India Declares Dolphins Non-Human Persons, Bans Holding Them in Captivity

Openhearted Rebellion

dolphinSource: Real Farmacy


Cetaceans should be regarded as non-human persons with their own rights and  therefore it is morally unacceptable to keep them in captivity – this is the new  ruling by the Government of India, which in a landmark decision has taken an  important first step in establishing global animal welfare rights.

The decision was taken by India’s Minister of the Environment and Forests,  who banned dolphin shows. All Indian states have been warned by the Government  to reject proposals to hold dolphin shows or open dolphinariums, be these  requests public or private.

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Lisa Renee – Dissolving Chakra Membrane

Time Shift Blog

 Dissolving Chakra Membrane

This is the touchstone in time, when we start to put our toe in the aqualine waters, which changes the movement of ripples of energy and the direction we are moving in our personal consciousness body. As we move into that relative balance of an higher expression of frequency, of light and plasma, we have the meeting point of the polarities within that field of energy. When that plasma light meets in that dimension of time, there is the clearing of the obsolete energies, patterns and structures that have existed there. In the past few months, a lot of the attention and energy has been given to a tremendous amount of planetary grid work in the lower fields. These past months have impacted all of us in clearing out fifth dimensional Satanic coding, Metatronic coding, reversal 55 coding, for many different reasons. But in knowing that the Metatronic coding is five based coding that is used in the satanic field architecture, this is used to manipulate black magic en masse, where the dark entities have gathered their power from these ley lines. This is how black magicians conjure up subtle energetic forces and direct it in negative patterns with the intention to instigate chaos or to harm people.

As we move into higher frequency fields, we should know by now the plan of attack of the negative hierarchical forces and the imposter spirits. Currently, as certain fields collapse, there’s a lot of smash and grab, thuggery and Mafia like behavior happening with these dark hierarchies. They are desperate to cleave on to the collective pain body and try to wreak havoc in the masses, to ensnare people into emotional dramas, as many of us are moving out from these lower fields. We are undergoing that shift into that next platform in time,  and it requires seeing, clearing, a certain level of fifth dimensional distortion, and clearing out various shadow energies and miasma that had been buried in our unconscious mind, pain body or ancestral-genetic lines.

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JIM SELF – Webinar – Bringing Heaven to Earth Requires a Human Body

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SOPHIA LOVE – As We Shift – Mandela & the Now Makers – 6-28-16

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SOPHIA LOVE   –   As We Shift  –  Mandela & the Now Makers   –   6-28-16



Let’s talk about who we are.  What’s occurring lately is a landscape of extremes.  This is one being rapidly painted and re-painted over and over by those controllers invested in keeping the status quo.  That’s the last time they will be mentioned.  This moment, right now, is about letting all of that go.  We are on sacred ground, where miracles occur.  We are Now Makers.

Recently, what’s happened is a sort of side-tracking moment.  Consumed with self, there’s been a pre-occupation with things that are, in truth, defined by actions, not worry.  We are here to create.

The Mandela Effect is mentioned again and again. Here are some thoughts on that, my own and those of some of my “non-surface” contacts. Astrology gives us a blueprint. We are free now to adjust…

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Denise Le Fay – There Is No Escaping Evolution

There Is No Escaping Evolution

Fermi Bubbles burst 1-2-13 617x416 cosmic aquarius rightflow
So Calm It’s Smooth As Glass…

You know when it’s overcast, cloudy, high humidity, foggy, raining or snowing how the sunlight doesn’t get through all that interference and reach Earth and us fully and directly? The same is true when the Sun is very active and spewing flares, CME’s, solar storms, solar winds etc. Those externalized solar energies reach Earth, humans and all life here but they’re usually reduced due to the strong and wild movements of those very energies. We’re effected by them alright, but they’re often diminished by the great forces and pressures taking place from them being so violently projected outwards into space.

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report



Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Taurus

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill: wait patiently

True Alignments:  fulfillment, gaining a sense of control, explorations, getting the picture, harmony, understanding something that was previously hard to understand, curious, inspiring others, radiating goodwill

Catalysts for Change:  overindulgence, self sabotage, outbursts or fits, irrelevant, lacking imagination, closed in/boxed in/restricted, distractions, not seeing or being shown the full picture, grasping at straws, out of tune or harmony, miserly, unleashing anger, immature, fatigue (it’s normal with today’s energetics), projecting our own feelings onto others, frustration, higher levels of anger and/or depression

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause” (the drama of renaissance, inner fortitude coming out)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending the past, transcending difficulties, transcending the control paradigm)

The pressure on the slingshot of Mars’ retrograde is released today, ending its journey backward.  The time of Mars reworking how we use our time, energy, resources, and love ends at 7:40 pm ET/11:40 pm UT tonight.

The day a planet stations retrograde or direct is always “intensive.”  By definition, the energetic is changeable.  Courses and directions are changed.  The day is usually eventful, personally and collectively.  Things can get very “strange.”

When the Sun rises tomorrow (or whenever it rises after 7:40 pm ET wherever you are on Earth), the full energetic of Mars’ retrograde will have released.  The Sun has to rise again before an energetic is fully over.

So, like yesterday, we understand that the magic carpet ride is wild today, and begins to move forward after two months of “sightseeing” from other perspectives.  Mars’ retrograde has shown us many things and has re-worked many things.

In addition to the intensity of Mars’ stationing direct, today we have a few other astrological aspects in effect at the same time.  I will break these down chronologically, but keep in mind that the energetic is in effect all day, not just at the exact time of the aspect:

6:03 am ET/10:03 am UT:  Moon moves into Taurus, opposing the Black Moon, and making for a Black Moon Day.  Black Moon Days happen for a couple of days two times per month.  This is one of them.  Black Moon Days bring the opportunity to grow — the opportunity for rebirth. Our shadow sides tend to come out to show us something very clearly.  Anything that we are fearful about comes to the surface.

Right now, the fear of loss and the fear of loss of security are heightened.  Insecurities about ourselves can creep in.  We can feel the grief of a loss (no matter how long ago or how recently it occurred) very deeply.  The Black Moon endeavors to resolve these issues when it is activated.  This is concentrated for those with the Sun, Black Moon, or Chiron in Taurus or Scorpio, since the Black Moon is moving through Scorpio until Valentine’s Day 2017.

Fears of these kind incite us toward “in-filling” or indulging (overindulging) in something (food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, saving, anything) to stem or ward off the discomfort of the feelings.  One of the energetics Venus is discharging today is “a group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it.”  Be safe and be healthy if you are working through this.

11:05 am ET to 12:45 pm ET/ 3:05 pm UT to 4:45 pm UT:  The Moon will conjunct the Chiron Point (ah, didn’t we just do the Chiron Point?!) and bring about a window of time when painful feelings and losses are keen — sharp even.  Chiron always aims to heal and teach, so there is something to learn here.

If you are struggling with the energetics today, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you listen to music.  Music is a prescription.  It recalibrates or realigns the brain and heart.  A new piece of music may be very helpful.  Your intuition will guide you to the right music.

1:21 pm ET/5:21 pm UT:  The Moon opposes the Black Moon.  The Moon will be discharging the energetic that I have come to dislike reporting on: “a widow at an open grave.”  Despair, feelings of failure, and “open wounds” accompany this energetic.  But new opportunities and today’s theme of rebirth also come.  The Black Moon is discharging the energetic of “a massive rocky shore resist the pounding of the sea.”  So no matter how bombarded we feel, we know we are strong enough to stand.

7:25 pm ET/11:25 pm UT:  Mercury enters Cancer.  Before it does so, it discharges the energetic of “a parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds.”  It’s always “a show” when this one is in effect.  Mercury in Cancer turns our thoughts toward nurturance, support, and care.  Feelings can move in new directions.

7:40 pm ET/11:40 pm UT: MARS STATIONS DIRECT.  Hallelujah.  And the Earth is discharging “an angel carrying a harp” to play it out.  I don’t think I have ever wished for a retrograde to end (even a Mercury retrograde!) more than this one.  The retrograde period that began on April 18, 2016 ends today.  Tomorrow we will see the board and see the field more clearly.  Things may seem very far out of reach today, especially with the Sun discharging “a small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish,” Jupiter discharging “a volcanic eruption,” and Venus later discharging “a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of an ancient book.”  The way things are today are not necessarily the way they will be tomorrow or in the future, for that matter.  We hold the line and wait for the energetic to clear out before we jump in.  New ways and new ways around obstacles are finding their ways to us.

I should mention that we are also building toward Venus making opposition with Pluto tomorrow.  This dynamic affects relationships, and it is a VERY strong duo.

Overall, today we will spread our wise owls wings ALL OVER the world in a flurry that encompasses Gaia Sophia and the fellowship of humanity.  Today we wait, patiently.

Much love and Happy Mars Direct!

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Flowers are the music of the ground. — Purplerays

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“Flowers are the music of the ground From earth’s lips spoken without sound.” ~ Edwin Curran ~ Photo credit: Derk De Wit Text source: Precious World https://www.facebook.com/ourpreciousworld/

via Flowers are the music of the ground. — Purplerays

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Weekly Forecast for 27- July 3, 2016 ~contributed by Hillory Skott

Forever Unlimited

The planet of Umph is about to change directions. Your engines are revving, but keep your foot on the brake and take time this week to really review your plans. Allow new awareness to settle into consciousness. Wait to leap until Mid July- Then you will find some magical wind beneath those new wings of yours.
Mars has been back tracking since April 17 and started slowing down mid February for an unusually long pass through Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio so it is effective in Scorpio. There are many sides to Scorpio energy. It’s often the dark side stuff that comes up in one way or another. Scorpio rules death, but also birth. It rules Abandonment, but also adoption. It rules sweeping devastation and fantastical rebirth. It rules degeneration and regeneration. It’s deep and…

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Arcturian Group Message June 26, 2016

Rainbow Wave of Light


Dear ones, we come with love, respect, and an understanding for you who are experiencing so much at this time. We would like to remind you that the world is now far advanced toward becoming fully aware and because of this, very few world events and personal experiences are accidental.
There comes a time for every serious spiritual student when “accidents” or unwanted experiences no longer represent third dimensional thinking, but are experiences necessary for some needed lesson or spiritual growth. As we have said before, once a soul chooses to evolve, the “train leaves the station”.
Everyone is feeling the higher dimensional energies now pouring to earth with increasing intensity. These energies are serving to open mankind to a higher awareness that is empowering them to seek freedom of expression, self rule, and new ways of living, being, and governance. Most people as of yet do not…

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A Message from the Hopi Elders ~ June 27, 2016

Rose Rambles...


The prophetic words from the Hopi have been spoken…they are listed below. Listen, and…


A Message From The Hopi Elders

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

Here are the things that must be considered:

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know our garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold on to the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart and will…

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Huge Day of Reflection on NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS ~ June 27, 2016

Rose Rambles...


By Lisa Brown, 06/27/2016

Yesterday was a huge day of reflection on NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS, why we come together, what roles we play, the purposes, when things work, when they don’t, the balance that must be achieved by all from within, what we desire in various types of partners, how we all maintain balance as a compliment, not as a need… What it is that connects us energetically, which energies draw us together, which ones cause us to separate off to experience our chosen journeys apart….

Our NEW Earth Existence & Relationships are a transcendence of (co)dependency, complacency, lack and any “need” in every capacity. NEW Earth relationships are the opposite of human ones.

It doesn’t matter what type of a relationship it is… each is about maintaining balance of all… at all times…. seeing where distortions are, when things get out of balance and openly, honestly, lovingly discussing…

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