Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Taurus

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bagalamukhi, Goddess Who Dissolves Illusions

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Ian, God of the East

Skill: wait patiently

True Alignments:  fulfillment, gaining a sense of control, explorations, getting the picture, harmony, understanding something that was previously hard to understand, curious, inspiring others, radiating goodwill

Catalysts for Change:  overindulgence, self sabotage, outbursts or fits, irrelevant, lacking imagination, closed in/boxed in/restricted, distractions, not seeing or being shown the full picture, grasping at straws, out of tune or harmony, miserly, unleashing anger, immature, fatigue (it’s normal with today’s energetics), projecting our own feelings onto others, frustration, higher levels of anger and/or depression

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause” (the drama of renaissance, inner fortitude coming out)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (transcending the past, transcending difficulties, transcending the control paradigm)

The pressure on the slingshot of Mars’ retrograde is released today, ending its journey backward.  The time of Mars reworking how we use our time, energy, resources, and love ends at 7:40 pm ET/11:40 pm UT tonight.

The day a planet stations retrograde or direct is always “intensive.”  By definition, the energetic is changeable.  Courses and directions are changed.  The day is usually eventful, personally and collectively.  Things can get very “strange.”

When the Sun rises tomorrow (or whenever it rises after 7:40 pm ET wherever you are on Earth), the full energetic of Mars’ retrograde will have released.  The Sun has to rise again before an energetic is fully over.

So, like yesterday, we understand that the magic carpet ride is wild today, and begins to move forward after two months of “sightseeing” from other perspectives.  Mars’ retrograde has shown us many things and has re-worked many things.

In addition to the intensity of Mars’ stationing direct, today we have a few other astrological aspects in effect at the same time.  I will break these down chronologically, but keep in mind that the energetic is in effect all day, not just at the exact time of the aspect:

6:03 am ET/10:03 am UT:  Moon moves into Taurus, opposing the Black Moon, and making for a Black Moon Day.  Black Moon Days happen for a couple of days two times per month.  This is one of them.  Black Moon Days bring the opportunity to grow — the opportunity for rebirth. Our shadow sides tend to come out to show us something very clearly.  Anything that we are fearful about comes to the surface.

Right now, the fear of loss and the fear of loss of security are heightened.  Insecurities about ourselves can creep in.  We can feel the grief of a loss (no matter how long ago or how recently it occurred) very deeply.  The Black Moon endeavors to resolve these issues when it is activated.  This is concentrated for those with the Sun, Black Moon, or Chiron in Taurus or Scorpio, since the Black Moon is moving through Scorpio until Valentine’s Day 2017.

Fears of these kind incite us toward “in-filling” or indulging (overindulging) in something (food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, saving, anything) to stem or ward off the discomfort of the feelings.  One of the energetics Venus is discharging today is “a group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it.”  Be safe and be healthy if you are working through this.

11:05 am ET to 12:45 pm ET/ 3:05 pm UT to 4:45 pm UT:  The Moon will conjunct the Chiron Point (ah, didn’t we just do the Chiron Point?!) and bring about a window of time when painful feelings and losses are keen — sharp even.  Chiron always aims to heal and teach, so there is something to learn here.

If you are struggling with the energetics today, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you listen to music.  Music is a prescription.  It recalibrates or realigns the brain and heart.  A new piece of music may be very helpful.  Your intuition will guide you to the right music.

1:21 pm ET/5:21 pm UT:  The Moon opposes the Black Moon.  The Moon will be discharging the energetic that I have come to dislike reporting on: “a widow at an open grave.”  Despair, feelings of failure, and “open wounds” accompany this energetic.  But new opportunities and today’s theme of rebirth also come.  The Black Moon is discharging the energetic of “a massive rocky shore resist the pounding of the sea.”  So no matter how bombarded we feel, we know we are strong enough to stand.

7:25 pm ET/11:25 pm UT:  Mercury enters Cancer.  Before it does so, it discharges the energetic of “a parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds.”  It’s always “a show” when this one is in effect.  Mercury in Cancer turns our thoughts toward nurturance, support, and care.  Feelings can move in new directions.

7:40 pm ET/11:40 pm UT: MARS STATIONS DIRECT.  Hallelujah.  And the Earth is discharging “an angel carrying a harp” to play it out.  I don’t think I have ever wished for a retrograde to end (even a Mercury retrograde!) more than this one.  The retrograde period that began on April 18, 2016 ends today.  Tomorrow we will see the board and see the field more clearly.  Things may seem very far out of reach today, especially with the Sun discharging “a small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish,” Jupiter discharging “a volcanic eruption,” and Venus later discharging “a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of an ancient book.”  The way things are today are not necessarily the way they will be tomorrow or in the future, for that matter.  We hold the line and wait for the energetic to clear out before we jump in.  New ways and new ways around obstacles are finding their ways to us.

I should mention that we are also building toward Venus making opposition with Pluto tomorrow.  This dynamic affects relationships, and it is a VERY strong duo.

Overall, today we will spread our wise owls wings ALL OVER the world in a flurry that encompasses Gaia Sophia and the fellowship of humanity.  Today we wait, patiently.

Much love and Happy Mars Direct!

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