THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 29, 2017

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"A Better day" taken by wise owl kahlil

“A Better day” taken by wise owl kahlil

THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 29, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:
  take action

Moon in Capricorn (moves to Aquarius overnight at 12:40 am ET/4:40 am UT)

Sun: 07 Libra – “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks”

  • True Alignments:  caring for loved ones, seeing consequences of actions, protection, nourishing the physical body, divination, guiding vision
  • Catalysts for Change:  overprotective, difficulty coping, careless, neglecting the physical body

Earth: 07 Aries – “a man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once”

  • True Alignments:  shifting focus, combining the spiritual and the physical, versatile, valuing all of the components, being whole, creativity, being in the world but not necessarily of the world, shamanism
  • Catalysts for Change:  being “all over the place,” trying to do too much, efforts…

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KELLY ASHLEY @ In5D – 3 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Is Completely Overwhelming – 9-30-17

Higher Density Blog

Spiritual Awakening

by Kelly Ashley,   Guest writer,

Spiritual awakening is hard

I mean, really hard. There’s a lot of content out there that makes it sound like rainbows and butterflies coupled with a delicious feeling of oneness, but generally, most of us are curled in the fetal position feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to cope.

There is an underlying sense of synchronicity about it all. You know that something big is happening to you, but you don’t know what, and you definitely can’t explain it. You might be experiencing moments that are high – a spiritual elation, psychic or spiritual experiences, a sense of love or oneness or a strong sense of purpose… but it dips away again and you are left in the darkness, beating yourself up and wondering why you just can’t get through this more gracefully like everybody else.

Well, let’s bust that myth, because I…

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Some 2017 Recap Overviews – HighHeartLife

Courtesy of HighHeartLife

Some 2017 Recap Overviews

In a few hours it’s October! 😯 How did that happen? Oh, it happened in between all the amplified and accelerated AP fun stuff that’s taken place continuously all year. Do you know what that means though? It means that in about twenty minutes it’ll be December, the end of this incredible year, and we’ll be off on a brand NEW ride in a totally NEW space, place, location, timeline, frequency and all else. I mean that literally, plus it includes everyone else too finally.

Speaking of quantum consciousness… did anyone else have the absolute strangest Saturday, September 23, 2017 to date? I have memory of that morning for a few hours then absolutely nothing all day, no movement, no changes, no linear passage of time, no nothing, then awareness of the early evening hours. The majority of that day literally did not exist for me. It didn’t disappear, I didn’t fall asleep, go unconscious or leave my body, I didn’t “space out” or spend the day meditating, it simply did not exist for me. That timeline shift that day was so strong there wasn’t much to participate in or even pay attention to. I was “here” and then I wasn’t for most of that day, which is really just stepping outside of it all for a while as things further exit/enter/shift/transition more fully at this latest level of the AP and EP.

I’ve intentionally and unintentionally jumped time (future/past) and different Ascending and Descending Earth timelines repeatedly over the past eighteen or so years, but this was something different and was a period of quantum-ness where I was for what to me seemed to be only about twenty linear minutes. I then reentered linear time again in the early evening of that day. The best way I can describe this was that I stepped out. I, Denise, didn’t participate. I exited one frequency level “reality” and linear time-space and entered neutral beingness within a quantum frequency where it seemed important for me to do No Thing but BE in that space while this particular timeline shift took place. Things shifted/evolved/transitioned up more that day in a very big way.

I’ve mentioned the seven Saturn Solar flare hits that happened back in April multiple times over the months because that event was, to me, an important indicator of how dramatically everything is about to change/ascend/evolve for everyone, not just the Forerunners. Things changed for the Forerunners over a decade ago, but now at the end of 2017, those changes are global and every human on the Ascending track (not the Descending track) will be living in the NEW higher frequencies and ascended Earth world(s) whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. In other words, welcome to our NEW ascended Earth world and HighHeart global and beyond reality humanity!

Back in April Saturn got hammered by seven Solar flares in a row. The moment I heard this I knew what it indicated in relation to the Ascension Process (AP). Saturn getting “delivered” by seven Solar flares indicated to me that Saturn received a Divine Intervention; a release from the Team Dark created distortions overlaid on Saturn by them, and an evolutionary Cosmic reset to a NEW higher frequency level. It also meant that every intentional evil deed done to Saturn by Team Dark (TD) over the eons to help them more easily control third dimensional physical Earth, humanity, human consciousness, life and physical reality here was completely and permanently erased, ended and removed.

The April 2017 Saturnian exorcism” to erase, remove and release hijacked Saturn and its energies that naturally held matter in form in the physical third dimension was a big clue that all of physical reality was soon to be changing and improving in big ways, although it won’t look or feel like that to most people at first. Releasing humanity from what’s been a Prison Planet for eons doesn’t mean the newly released prisoners will recognize or appreciate that they’ve been freed. Some will but most won’t and those people will do their best to go back to what they’re familiar with, which is being a prisoner in a TD created global prison run by corrupt and insane human “leaders”. But, as we Forerunners/Embodiers/Wayshowers know, that old 3D patriarchal Earth world has expired, and thanks to Saturn’s seven Solar flare deliverance earlier this year, it doesn’t exist any longer. It does exist for those who are Descending, and it no longer exists for those people who are Ascending.

Remember my recent article about the August Solar Eclipse vision I had of a hand holding a large chalkboard eraser slowly erasing everything across North America from the west coast to the east in the same track the Eclipse would take? That Higher Awareness vision knowing and some others have helped me better understand to what degree we’re in a global physical-level erasing process of the old lower 3D Earth, human and Team Dark creations/distortions etc. Most Forerunners are more familiar with this process taking place etherically, astrally, and in higher dimensions but not in the physical level to this degree. But, its great it’s happening finally.

This erasing process has been and continues happening to all the planets, Sun and Earth in our solar system, but I’m focusing on Saturn because of how it has been the planet energies that held physical 3D reality in physical form, providing humanity with a solid, dense 3D physical Earth world to exist on throughout the past Great Evolutionary Cycle. All that’s changed however, and on December 19, 2017, (Solstice is December 21st at 8:48PM PST) transiting Saturn enters its home sign of Capricorn, last of the earth signs right before the Solstice and we complete 2017. Second big clue about how physical Earth reality is about to change dramatically for humanity.

Saturn entering Capricorn means so much more than only what the past 3D astrological energies would produce and what astrologers would perceive from that lower level. We’re in NEW, much higher frequency territory now, and even more so in December after Saturn enters Capricorn. Let the past go and step into the NEW as those old lower frequency energies, belief systems and planetary and species-wide TD negative distortions and interference’s don’t apply any longer. At this NEW ascended level/space/place Saturn isn’t needed to hold physical space and place for humanity any longer so let those old astrological beliefs go along with all the other ones that you/me/we have evolved beyond. The August Solar Eclipse erased the old 3D residual energies from the patriarchal past throughout the USA (first) and the rest of the planet afterwards. Saturn, which has been the planet that held physical reality on physical 3D Earth in place for humanity has also been erased by seven Solar flares aimed directly at Team Dark’s Saturnian distortions. Both of these two recent energetic events of 2017 (and there were many more than just them) have created more dramatic evolutionary change and freedom than most are even aware of yet.

As interesting as all this is, the more important question is WHY are these things happening in 2017 and accelerating during the last few months of this year? One main reason is because the Forerunners/Embodiers/Wayshowers have been intentionally Consciously Creating Ascension acceleration into the higher/highest timeline(s) all year long. And so it is. ❤

How many of you have had the most weird, surreal, over-the-top strange dreams this year? How about since June? How about since the August Solar Eclipse? See another pattern of massive erasing of more personal old 3D stuff, plus of erasing many of your other timelines and selves or offshoots in many other timelines in other worlds? It’s erasing but more accurately a collection of and merging process. It’s the heading back towards higher HOME journey where we go through the process of collecting all our other aspects and selves scattered throughout different timelines and/or dimensions that are to be Embodied by us now. 

Like many of you reading this, I too have had some truly weird dreams this year, but they’ve been different, which made me wonder what exactly has been going on at this other timelines dream-life levels. I’m pretty good with dreams, dreaming consciousness, doing Ascension related Works while asleep and OOB both lucid and in the so-called dream state. I was retrained as a child in this incarnation with this so I’ve gotten pretty good at consciously functioning at this and other related levels. These severely strange dreams I’ve had increasingly this year have been different however so I’ve been curious about this and did some deeper level digging recently to find out what’s behind these strange dreams.

What I realized about my abnormally weird dreams of the past three years, especially this year, was that the majority of them have been about other aspects of me, not Denise aspects but other aspects, other selves and personalities, many of them in male bodies that have existed in other timelines and some in other dimensions. I’ve felt like an observer in many of these strange dreams and I, as Denise, couldn’t really relate much to these other people existing in other timelines. I mean, honestly, some of them were hot messes and rather lost and confused with everything that’s happening due to the AP. Not all of our aspects are from the Forerunning/Wayshowing/Gate and Gridkeeping brigade leading the Ascension Process and that’s normal. Point is that I finally realized that most of these really bizarre 2017 dreams have also been dealing with erasing other timelines that had other aspects of ME (not Denise but ME) in them.

In these dreams I’ve been—as have many of you reading this—deliberately collecting, integrating, merging, unifying with and Embodying these many other aspects of ourselves that have existed at different levels of frequency, development, expression and awareness in other timelines on other worlds during this past Great Evolutionary Cycle that ended on December 21, 2012. Our individual creative experience nets were cast far and wide at the beginning of our involution and we’ve been recollecting and Embodying these other aspects of ourselves scattered throughout different timelines and locations as we evolve into an entirely NEW higher Universal level of being, creating and ongoing learning. Said another way, the camping trip is over and its time to clean up the many different campsites we’ve expressed within before we leave permanently and enter the NEW Grand Evolutionary Cycle.

Erase this, erase that, erase him, erase her, them, it and Embody it/them all and step into the NEW fully as a newly expanded Being of Light and more. This integrating other aspects of our many selves in other timelines is another aspect of our overall Embodiment Process (EP) so relax about those super weird dreams with other strange people in them that you’re having to deal with now. ❤

Friday, September 29th, I was hit again with that incredibly fierce AP side effect of having my heart pound and HighHeart area expand like crazy for hours while at complete rest doing nothing physically. I just laid there for hours with my heart pounding so hard it makes the rest of my body move slightly with each beat from the intensity and power of it. Every time I go through this expanding HighHeart Embodiment Process, I lay there and do my best to stay wide open in every way to Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine coming into me, my physical body and HighHeart and anchor IT. Sounds great and easy doesn’t it, but doing this one is oftentimes as daunting as up close battles with Team Dark used to be! When Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine knocks on your HighHeart front door, you do your very best to let IT in with grace and ease and no fears over whether your physical body can Embody something so powerful and great. This is yet another aspect of your/my/our personal ongoing Embodiment Process.

Every time after another Embodiment Process application with Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine expanding my HighHeart, my physical body in those related heart, chest, ribs, shoulder joints, muscles, esophagus, back, spine and vertebra area feels like I’ve been in  a car accident. I’m physically sore and bruised for days after each of these intense Embodiment sessions with Divine Mommy. My ribs in that area are sore and bruised feeling, my muscles are sore like I worked out all day, my vertebra in my neck area down just below my shoulder blades hurts and the muscles there usually knot up and need stretching and vibrating massage to work the knots out. My physical heart is fine as this isn’t really about it but about intense evolutionary upgrades to and in the HighHeart.

While this intense heart pounding was happening yesterday I opened to it and saw with Higher Vision a geometric Light structure in and around my physical body being upgraded simultaneously. It was a beautiful geometric Light structure that quickly evolved into a much more complex geometric Light structure better capable of housing, holding, Embodying, running and supporting these latest higher frequency Light Energies, Divine Mommy/Mother/Feminine energies and quantum crystalline DNA upgrades. As I laid there with my heart pounding like it may rattle my inner nuts n’ bolts loose, I clairvoyantly watched this HighHeart area be dramatically evolved into a NEW more complex higher frequency geometric Light structure that could comfortably and safely Embody more Divine Mommy and other related upgrades in and around my physical body.

I’ve Seen this same process happen in different areas of my body and head over these AP years but all this is so amplified, expanded and quickened in 2017, that sometimes I get the great gift of not only living IT, living the AP and EP, but of also being a witness to IT on multiple dimensions simultaneously. It’s so much easier this way because you SEE and KNOW while getting hammered by Divine Light and LOVE, Divine Mommy and Daddy and Divine Creator Source into a very NEW shape and energetic pattern. Aah, ascension…

Due to yesterday’s evolutionary festivities, I’m feeling pretty beat-up and sore today and need to spend a few days in expanded Self-Care mode as everything cools down, stabilizes and comes online at this higher frequency and level. There’s 900 other important things to talk about too but I feel this is a needed recap for what most of you reading this have gone through this year so far. More’s coming of course so deal with whatever it is that’s in front of you from linear moment to quantum non-moment. All the mega changes internally and externally this year are big indicators that massive physical level changes are here now and for everyone finally, not just the Forerunners. Everything and everyone on the Ascending track will enter the NEW Earth world throughout the rest of the year, December much more so, and of course with our entry into 2018. Everything and everyone Ascending will enter the NEW Earth world over the next few months. Expect the expected and unexpected because of this and I’ll write more about this long-awaited mega shift soon. ❤ ❤ ❤

September 30, 2017

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Source: Some 2017 Recap Overviews – HighHeartLife

Stevia – A Natural Alternative For Your Metabolism | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Stevia – A Natural Alternative For Your Metabolism

Openhearted Rebel

By Mae Chan, Thanks to Natural Blaze

Stevia’s health benefits go beyond sugar reduction — it could also be a natural alternative for treating metabolic disorders, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, say researchers. If you’re determined to sweeten your foods and beverages, consider using this amazing natural herb.  Read more

Source: Stevia – A Natural Alternative For Your Metabolism | Blue Dragon Journal

Nature’s Gifts Reflecting Life’s Cycles ~ Celebrating What’s Right in the World

Tania Marie


Well, bear magick and medicine was at it again. Just two days ago, four beautiful black bear showed up on my path, along with the abundant Kokanee salmon, during what was a short, but ever potent and rich experience. The last time bear had visited was near the end of Winter, when they were coming out of hibernation a bit early and now to see them preparing and fattening up for Winter, is definitely another full circle experience. Not to mention the timing for me/us that is also full circle, marking the ending and beginning of things. Paired together with the symbolism of salmon, I’m feeling the depth of these animal spirit guides’ reflections anchoring alongside the mirroring journey of my life.


It was a gorgeous late afternoon where we’d planned to meet up with our friends Bean and Happy at Taylor Creek, before heading to a dual purpose dinner…

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Energy Update – Etheric Pulse Alert – Chaos as Planned – Sudden Shift Ahead! – by Love Has Won – 9-29-17

Higher Density Blog

LOve Has Won

Special Commentary from LoveHasWon ~ Are you feeling stuck, blocked, confused, doubtful, need some inspiration, joy, need an update on your ascension status, help with raising your frequency, connecting in more with your angels and guides, and get your surprises too. You can schedule a session with us, for more detailed information and to schedule one of these you can follow this link: Or email 

By Jona Bryndis, 09/28/2017

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Chaos As Planned – Sudden Shift Ahead!

Hi Everybody,

sorry for the delay. As many of you know, we just wrapped up our live workshop here in Colorado, which was really cool, btw – so, administrative things had to wait a bit!

This report is short and I will concentrate on the current energies these days (27th September 2017), in which energetically sensitives and…

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Energy Update: Unanchoring From The 3D Matrix To Arise Into The Bliss Mess Of 4D

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen


I feel sometimes like I am looping…saying so much “these HIGH frequency energies right now are offering us…..” When I feel into an energy update to offer, this is what always comes…there are ongoingly high frequency energies of photonic light, the Schumann Resonance is rising higher and higher, ongoing solar flares coming in from our sun and the cosmic sun that just KEEP coming in. There are high frequency waves of PURE love too…they are golden, pure white, rainbow, whichever colors you are meant to see and feel and receive that is uniquely for your soul. You may feel the reception of these energies in all your bodies…emotional purgings and detoxes, physical manifestations, social shiftings too, and chakras morphing as well.

And, these energies are ongoing because, boy, do we NEED them right now! The grip on 3D life and the matrix that is created from mainstream…

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In every cell…

2020 Spiritual Vision

Years ago I remember reading in more than one place about a seven year spiritual “process” and I was asking Spirit about this… like, does it really take seven years?  Cause we got work to do!  And gheez, many are lucky if they can take a week spiritual retreat.  The answer was yes… and no… (and more).  And honestly now, seven years seems like a drop in the bucket.  I have a better understanding of the depths, heights and vastness of this process and why.  So this came back to light as I was thinking about every cell in the body.  And there’s some science here…

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SUNday Global Unity Meditation & New Video

Courtesy of Creative Evolution

This Newsletter is light-encoded to assist your journey _()_

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Apologies for the second email this week. Apparently my neglect to resize the big header photo sent the last one to many spam folders. I AM usually good about details, however that skill is fading in this ever-intensifying merge in the Now.

I depart for Mount Shasta this morning, with a visit to Yosemite for healing and stability (El Capitain had a deadly rock fall this week) on the way home. The Pacific Rim is a focus at the moment, with the Bali volcano rumbling and quakes on the rise. We won’t control it, just assisting for as much ease and grace as possible.

This week’s podcast video can be found HERE.
Full article HERE

Unity Meditations this SUNday: Feel the Connection!

Infinite LoveLight to all who are embracing this next level of Ascension. We continue to infuse the Unity Meditations with the highest level activations, healings and amplification possible. Intentions for peace, balance (Pacific Rim focus this week) and the experience of embodiment for all willing hearts will be surged through the field and New Earth grids.

Join us SUNday, October 1 at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PT to connect in Divine Service to the Ascension. Details on the Global Unity Meditation page. Thank you to all open hearts who share these meditations with groups, friends and loved ones. Together we hold this ONEness experience for all.

In Love, Light and Service,

Global Meditations SUNdays at 8:11am PT, 11:11am PT & 5:11pm PT
Every SUNday: Unity Meditations
October 9- 20: Private Sessions available
November 8: Positive Head podcast with Brandon Beachum
December 21 – 25 Final Gateway of 2017
December 21- Solstice (8:28amPT)
December 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift
Emergence of the Divine HUman: New Podcasts
Consciousness-Shifting Influx: Overwriting Realities
Cosmic Factors Affecting our Ascension: The List
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Source: SUNday Global Unity Meditation & New Video

There’s No Stopping Gaia Now…The 5D Shift Moves Through the Gears | Openhand

Courtesy of Openhand

There’s No Stopping Gaia Now…The 5D Shift Moves Through the Gears

The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. You can see it reflected in the craziness at large in the world, as (some) leaders are challenged by events beyond their control. Of course it gets played out in the microcosym, in the only way their consciousness can handle – playground, bully-boy threats and tactics. The ego does this when it senses a loss of power – when the identity is challenged. To me this is just the fizz and the froth, stirred up by great waves of energy, which are now being unleashed in Gaia’s higher dimensional flow. It’s vitally important that we don’t get blinded in the drama, distracted from the blindingly obvious. We must look through the words, wailings and flailings. We must see that which we are not, and attune instead to that which we truly are…

Mother Earth is Saved!

Many people in the spiritual mainstream still speak of ‘saving Mother Earth’, that we must apply our energies to healing this great divine soul. I say to you…

“She is already saved!”

She has now entered an irreversible event line, which will see the 3D cleansed of distorting density, and her magnificent 5D Higher Self Unleashed, in all her renewed splendor.

And there’s nothing anyone, nor any ‘geo-engineering’ organisation, will be able to do to stop it.

Although understandable, it’s still a degree naieve to think that such a starsoul, billions of years old, would somehow depend on the helping hand of humanity (or else be controlled by it) when he’s been around mere nano seconds, in the great cosmic timescale. Yet there is a degree of truth in the misconception – Gaia is holding the space for enough souls to unwind themselves from the density, so that the shift may be as gentle, and all-encompassing as possible.

Here’s a Perspective on the Shift from 3D to 5D Earth

Do not be distracted from the true Source

The important thing now, is that we recognise the underlying movement of energy, the intensity to which it has escalated – reflected in the insecurity shown by the controllers of society; then to progressively allow that energy to carry us internally, to break the bounds of the old consciousness – the anchoring ties – so that our very souls are set adrift, on the surging tide of the realigning flow.

So what about the machinations and machismo shown by our world ‘leadership’ – what part does that play in the Great Shift? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only thing that it can really do is to distract – to make the drama and spectacle so loud and noisy, that you stop looking within, to where the real truth lies.

And this will always be a choice – YOUR choice.
Your consciousness – YOUR soul – cannot be boxed and controlled by anyone,
unless YOU allow it to be. Remember, the Great Shift is an internal one, determined by YOU alone.
Here’s How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

Forging of the Soul

That’s not to say the internal shift isn’t reflected into the outer world – of course it is. And it’s in the interplay – the apparent reality of it – that we get to decide who we are, and thereby forge the soul. So it’s not about disconnecting from the theatre, it’s about playing your role in it, but then rather than creating a tepid soap opera drama, what great masterpiece are you given to manifest?

Who are you?
How great can you really become?
What is your soul truly wanting to express?

Right now, all possibilities are open, all landscapes taking shape, that you may forge who you truly are, in this great spectacle unfolding before, and around, us. Watch-out as the machinations of the powers-that-be become ever bolder. But do not fear this either – as spiritual people, we know only too well, that those who try to control, are only ever caught up in greater karmic knots themselves.

So do not be blinded by the drama, do not be hoodwinked into believing it is more important that it really is. Above all, whatever rocket-sized false flags they try to unfurl, do not be distracted from the one true source of authentic creation – your very own being, at the core of you.

How finding the Deeper Meaning can lead to a more fulfilled life

Rapid Shift into Higher Dimensional Consciousness

However, this doesn’t mean that somehow you disconnect from the outer world – who would be deciding to do that? Is not the One intimately engaged, right up until the very end? Does not the gazelle give of its all, right up until the moment where the physical is truly lost?

This is where there is the maximum gain to be had. For thousands and millions of years, the change on our planet has been relatively gentle and progressive, apart that is, from occasional big shifts – 5 (mass extinctions) to be precise. Now your eyes will lay witness to one of the greatest transitions possible – the rapid shift into higher dimensional consciousness.The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then – the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until it’s primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence…

In loving support

PS – If you resonate with the content of this article, and would like support in breaking the confines of your soul, check out…Openhand’s Worldwide Events and Courses

(on behalf of Openhand)
(Publishers – please publish with links intact and the Openhand brief biog. Thankyou <3)

About Openhand
Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.
Join us…Openhandweb, Openhand fb, Openhand TV

Source: There’s No Stopping Gaia Now…The 5D Shift Moves Through the Gears | Openhand

Parallel Lives – Meaning of Parallel Worlds ~ Sept. 29, 2017

Rose Rambles...

Where am I? Why didn’t I post anything I post yesterday? It’s because I AM moving! Finally, at long last our move is occurring NOW. We were delayed by the massive wildfire that was burning beyond control and the new place was located in a fire evacuation zone.

Now the fire is just about out, and so…it’s time to move! So…thanks for your patience for the next week or so as we…move!

Now, onto today’s posts. This is an article from Disclosure News…a spiritual outlet from Italy. Please read this message, think about the timeline of your current life, and…


Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives. By Gerrit Gielen.

When you make an important choice in your life, you are actually choosing between two possible futures. As soon as you have made the choice, one possible future falls away. Right?Or does that alternative future exist as well, in a…

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⭐️ ❤️ Kids Write to Aliens 432Hz 💫✨👽💚☄️🌟🌎 | Forever Unlimited

⭐️ ❤️  Kids Write to Aliens 432Hz 💫✨👽💚☄️🌟🌎

This video contains letters to aliens from children as part of an assignment:“SJ Kids: If aliens landed in your backyard, and they were friendly,
list three things you would teach them about Earth and its customs”.I had a blast going through all of the different things they said…

You can find the full list at the link below:

If you enjoy these videos and feel guided to support me I will leave my paypal link below:

Video Credit:

Song Credit:

Tony Anderson – The Gift of Life 432Hz

Source: ⭐️ ❤️ Kids Write to Aliens 432Hz 💫✨👽💚☄️🌟🌎 | Forever Unlimited

The Frequency of Healing: How to Raise Your Vibration to 528Hh | Humans Are Free

Forever Unlimited

The Frequency of Healing: How to Raise Your Vibration to 528Hh | Humans Are Free

Everything in this Universe, including you is vibrating at a frequency. This is because you and everything around you is energy.

The energy of the Earth vibrates at a 528Hz frequency which is the same frequency as Love, the Universal Healer.

The frequency of 528Hz is believed to be so powerful that it can help repair and restore DNA damage, bring peace and harmony and restore equilibrium to everything around it.

Talk about good vibrations!

528Hz is the sound of Love however, there are many conspiracy theorists out there that believe that modern day music, TV commercials and the like are programmed at a lower and unnatural 440Hz frequency which is designed to stimulate fear, sickness and oppression.

The theory is that the 440Hz frequency was adopted during the Nazi regime…

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ADAMA of TELOS – The Time for Us Coming Together is Near – by Love Has Won – 9-29-17 – via Ann Dahlberg

Higher Density Blog


Special Commentary from LoveHasWon ~

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, confused, doubtful, need some inspiration, joy, need an update on your ascension status, help with raising your frequency, connecting in more with your angels and guides, and get your surprises too.

You can schedule a session with us, for more detailed information and to schedule one of these you can follow this link: Or email

Image by  Love Has Won Blog


Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Adama  who sends greetings to all people on Earth today. It is an honor for me to be able to talk to you and to acknowledge that the time for us coming together is near. We on Telos have long been preparing to welcome you back to the light and that we one day would meet as sisters and brothers again. It has been hard…

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Letting Love Flood Within You

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Kalayna Colibri


Sometimes it feels like the heart opens, only to close again…

The waters of love can come in like a WOOOOSH that plunges through the already opening heart door, flooding the inside of your being on many levels… soul, heart, body, astral body… it’s a feeling as if the sky above you and the ground below you is opening up and all limits parts of you have held for yourself and your life are moving, floating away… out of reach.

Then, as parts of you begin to breathe into this new reality, the oil of past pain and trauma comes up as well. Sometimes it sits in your heart-bed, feeling unwell, feeling unfit to really claim and hold and have all of this goodness. It wants to shut it down somehow, or try to. And sadly, without consciousness around parts of you and how to be with…

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A Message to Lightworkers – September 29, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Friends and Fellow Light Warriors!

We are pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

This week we are being asked to answer several questions. They are interesting issues that the Light Community has been asking in different ways for a while now.

One Lightworker has asked:

“Can you tell me if the Earth has split? Are we in the 5D New Earth?

If so, why are the bad people still amongst us as neighbors, and in our towns and cities? When will we know if it has split?”

This is an interesting and important question.

For many assume that once fifth dimensional energies predominate upon the Earth and Her people, there will be no more disagreement, no more challenges, no more questions asked between cultures, and no more diversity between Light and shadow.

We would say, that while armed conflict and verbal or emotional violence will no longer be a part of your everyday lives, that differences of opinion and interests will remain, as they would in any free will planet environment.

Additionally, in the fifth dimension, there is no longer a dividing between those once labeled “bad” and those labeled “good.”

There is recognition of the extreme usefulness in Earth life of the variety of opinions and outlooks—even those that are challenging and difficult to face at times.

There is also no longer a need for the polarity of feeling safe with certain people and beliefs, and unsafe with others.

In fifth dimensional life, each person comes into their own realization of the powerful co-Creative abilities that they naturally carry within them.

So that the idea of “victim” and “aggressor” or “criminal” passes out of the world view of Earth’s people, as these are ideas that while basic to third dimensional life, have no real purpose in the higher dimensions.

In those dimensions, all take complete responsibility for and active involvement in both the inner and outer makeup of their lives and communities.

You are still seeing people upon the Earth who are termed “bad”—those who seek to destroy and control, and to deny others their human rights—because the Earth and Her people are still in the process of Ascending into fifth dimensional life.

The timeline split you refer to is a complicated one to explain at present, as there are what one might call gradations in Earth realities, and not only one offshoot—one fifth dimensional life that rises and separates from one third dimensional Earth.

There is instead a range of holographic expressions and demonstrations of thought and experience, which Earth groups and individuals live through until they are able to rise to higher levels vibrationally.

This is not to say that you are of a low vibrational frequency, and that is why you are not yet experiencing fifth dimensional Earth.

We would say that that form of Earth life is still in Creation mode, still being birthed at every moment.

And that all of you with your inner determinations, your meditative practices, your increasing connection to and honoring of Mother Earth, your creative expressions, and your intention to reclaim your inherent soul abilities while in a human body—all of this is creating fifth dimensional life not only within yourselves, but on the Earth.

So that fifth dimensional life is not a single Earth event or astrological event that you are supposed to be “waiting for.”

It is as much an inner as outer manifestation—a demonstration of that which you believe to be true, that which you expect as you out-picture your reality, and that which Earth life as a collective force determines as its new expression.

To begin this new life, you do not have to “wait” till the dark hats are led away by the Ashtar Command, or anyone for that matter.

We would say, how are you expressing your fifth dimensional self, right now?

Are you taking time each day to connect with Nature, to speak with your Spirit team, to get quiet and concentrate on your breathing, or practice other meditative practices?

Are you practicing yoga or tai chi, to align the chakras and open the way to further develop the Lightbody?

Are you asking to see fifth dimensionality as it increasingly expresses all around you?

Or are you waiting until life is suddenly easier, and there is an announcement on television?

We would not depend upon the outside world to hand you a 5D Earth, or any higher dimensional experience.

In the higher dimensions, you do not wait for anything: When you desire to experience something, you actively create it.

And so, we would say, fifth dimensional Earth is in the process of unfolding.

Though disasters are occurring in the form of apparently natural expressions of storm, flood, fire, or quake, that is never the full story.

These are occurring in part as Earth cleanses Herself of the old toxicity, and in part as the dark hats try to lower the vibration of Earth’s living beings, and of the atmosphere surrounding the planet.

They are failing at this, and know as much.

No one can stop the rising frequency of Earth now, come what may.

And so—are you beginning now to visualize and live out what you imagine fifth dimensional life to be?

Are you embodying it and expressing it within and without, so that it is able to out-picture on your world all the more powerfully?

Or are you “waiting”?

We would not wait, dear ones. That is not who you are, as powerful co-Creative beings.

Tell your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self that it is time that you began to fully realize Who and What you are, and to act and feel within that.

There are no victims here—all passivity now passes away.

That is how you will know “the split” has occurred—when that label no longer applies to anyone.

We have also been asked by another Lightworker:

Can you tell us about this currency the Bitcoin. Should we invest in that?”

First, it is not our place nor our role to tell anyone how to invest their money, though we do encourage all to move their funds to a credit union, rather than a traditional bank, as the energetic matrix of banks is a very dark one, in addition to their failing financial status.

We also caution that the stock exchange investment route is a very dark one, with monies often used (as with the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe currency scam) to fund covert military operations around the world, as well as private corporations and individuals deeply woven into the dark matrix.

We encourage all to divest energetically from that which pulls their energies down and connects them to the very dense aspects currently operating on this planet.

Again—speaking with your Spirit team each morning will clarify these and other issues, and your decisions regarding them.

If you cannot hear them in your “inner ear,” make clear that you expect higher guidance and wisdom on these issues, and that they must infuse your thinking and realizations with their higher reasoning and understanding, popping ideas and realizations into your mind and heart with a “light bulb” clarity that makes things unmistakably clear.

You must then have the courage to hear and follow that higher intuitive wisdom, even if your left-brain aspect is arguing that it isn’t logical or “what we’ve done before.”

Experiment with hearing that inner voice, and following it. It will be get clearer and all the easier to access, the more you pay it heed and respect its messages.

This is really just you speaking, in your higher aspect, and not someone coming in from outside of you, telling you to do this or that.

Be aware that most outer advice regarding finances and investments have to do following with following something outside your own high-heart thought and wisdom, and that these trends and ideas change rapidly, and do not necessarily profit those who follow them, despite appearances at times.

The full enactment of NESARA law will utterly transform all money issues, and even the substance of money itself, in Earth life.

Live in joyful expectation of NESARA, but not in the sense that “quit” your present situation, and stop bringing in money, stop caring about how you spend money, stop staying in control of debt, or simply sit and wait for something to “happen.”

This is not the energy or the spirit of NESARA, though many have been led to believe that it is.

The energy of NESARA, where money is concerned, is utter involvement in one’s community, active choosing on the part of individuals how they will live and what higher purpose they will serve, and complete accountability on all sides regarding how money is used to serve Earth and humankind, rather than the opposite of that.

Bitcoin carries some of this new spirit, in that it stands separate from the mainstream money power structure, to a degree. 

But be aware that there are very few money structures at present that have not been infiltrated to one degree or another by the old power structure, and that only your higher instinct regarding your own higher good can truthfully tell you where to put your money or how to use it.

Were we to answer this question definitively for all Lightworkers, it would immediately be a false answer, as each person must follow their individual path and do as their higher self leads them.

This higher voice with its higher reasoning is you, in your full and Light-filled aspect.

There is no fooling this brilliant higher being that you are, and no avoiding what it is that they will remind you that you came to learn, experience, create, or contribute to.

So call upon your higher self and demand clarity and wisdom on this and all issues.

You are never alone in this.

You have no need to ask questions of us or any other presumed “authority” regarding what you should do.

You are the only true authority in your life. 

We are here only to illuminate, to lead you more fully onto your path.

We cannot walk it for you, nor would you want us to do so. You did not come for that.

Namaste, dear ones!

Your power is just now coming into view, and as this beautiful New Earth unfolds, we are with you, always.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Emergence of the Divine HUman: New podcast

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The effects of the Equinox Gateway passage are anchoring into the collective consciousness. The Cosmic Mother/Divine Feminine energies bring us fully into the experience of consistent NOW dynamics; the absolute Presence of the Multidimensional Self.

While the newness and beauty of this state of BEingness is difficult to convey, the key quality is it’s unshakeable nature. This consistent Zero-Point awareness demonstrates the new phase of our embodiment. Many Wayshowers are experiencing this merge of past, present, future and multidimensional aspects of Self in synchronous time. A true taste of consistent 5D consciousness at last.

Embodiment of the Divine Multidimensional Self has been the goal of the Wayshowers, in order to anchor this state into the collective, the grids, and beloved Gaia. This has been a message for years: Embodiment first, then a profound acceleration of Ascension can unfold. The continual amplification with every Gateway this year is palpable for many. Strong Cosmic factors are assisting us along this path, however the shifts to Christed/Unity consciousness are a Divine HUman choice.

Remember we are here to demonstrate what is possible with Ascension, as well as transform realities. Divine HUman DNA, the miraculous crystalline DNA, is a powerful conduit for Pure Source consciousness. When we pair it with the availability of Primary Christed timelines, which don’t feel like timelines in this state, we open brand new Gateways within the cosmos for brilliant unfoldments to occur.

Podcasts with the Sedona Tribe

I depart Sedona this day, so I will write more about these new experiences when I return to Mount Shasta next week. Kindwhile, the Presence is described – and perhaps felt – through a podcast recorded this week with a beautiful Sedona siSTAR.

Emergence of the Divine HUman: Podcast with Giselle Koy

Giselle is the creator of the Conscious Media Festival, an event I had the pleasure of presenting at last year. She is also a dear Soul siSTAR who attended the Sedona gathering and New Moon ceremony. We share experiences during the events, the new embodiment level, and what is unfolding with Ascension.

Watch & Listen HERE

Unity Meditations this SUNday

Infinite LoveLight to all who are embracing this next level of Ascension. We continue to infuse the Unity Meditations with the highest level activations, healings and amplification possible. Intentions for peace, balance (Pacific Rim focus this week) and the experience of embodiment for all willing hearts will be surged through the field and New Earth grids.

Join us in SUNday, October 1 at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PT to connect in Divine Service to the Ascension. Details on the Global Unity Meditation page. Thank you to all open hearts who share these meditations with groups, friends and loved ones. Together we hold this ONEness experience for all.

In Love, Light and Service,

Global Meditations SUNdays at 8:11am PT, 11:11am PT & 5:11pm PT
Every SUNday: Unity Meditations
October 9- 20: Private Sessions available
November 8: Positive Head podcast with Brandon Beachum
December 21 – 25 Final Gateway of 2017
December 21- Solstice (8:28amPT)
December 23 – Cosmic Trigger, Timeline Shift
Emergence of the Divine HUman: New Podcasts
Consciousness-Shifting Influx: Overwriting Realities
Cosmic Factors Affecting our Ascension: The List
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Source: Emergence of the Divine HUman: New podcast

Galactic Light Signals are Contacting You with the Shambhala New Earth Mission > Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Courtesy of Spirit Library

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Shekina Rose and The Blue RayTransmissions

Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Light, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.

The Blue Ray Transmissions gives channeled information for the ultra sensitive, empath, Star Being and Light Bearer of energy shifts, ancient sacred technologies, Goddess alchemy, transformation and ascension.

Unique to Shekina Rose are her voice transmissions; analyzed by Physicist, Attiqe Choudry, who analyzed her vocals resonate at 528 Hz Love Solfagio, the frequency at which transformations and miracles (DNA) occur – the frequencies of the Grid of God. This level frequency of sound can heal cancer, raise Chi or Om Energy beyond comparison and awaken the soul to its highest potential.

In 1990, Shekina Rose had a prophetic encounter with her Star Family who conveyed that she was a star seed, and began the activation of her innate higher senses and abilities. Several years later, a second major transitional shift occurred at the time of a near death experience; Shekina was enveloped by the all encompassing Light, which created within her a vibrational attunement to the Language of Light and an opening to the higher realms for transmuting negative blocked energy instantly.

Shekina Rose is a direct voice channel for Mother Goddess Shekinah in the Language of Light, and is supported by the Angelic Star Tribes with a vibrational choir of healing frequencies. In her Sacred Ceremonial Sound performances in the “Concert of Souls” and “Language of Light”, Shekina Rose activates within the individual his or her “Divine Original Blue Print” or “God DNA”. Many participants report having instant healings and awakenings and feel the blessing of Divine Mother Goddess Shekinah and the Angelic Realms.

Shekina Rose channeled Blue Ray Transmissions appear in Planetary LightWorker, Sedona Journal of Emergence, Paradigm Shift Magazine UK and numerous radio and media publications. Her sacred events include “Gathering of the Celestial Star Tribes”, Communion with the Great Mother, “Sisters of the Sacred Rose” Ceremony and Initiation; she performs throughout the US.

Shekina is the founder of “Shekinah, Sisters of the Sacred Rose – Priestess Training of the Light” which initiates women in the sacred lost art of the Goddess ~ teaching you how to “Be in Your Divine Power Now”.

528 Hz Love,Miracle & DNA Repair,Blue Ray star beings,

Source: Galactic Light Signals are Contacting You with the Shambhala New Earth Mission > Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

Magic and miracles

Courtesy of Shelly Sharon



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Hello Cyrus and your beautiful heart, 

I’ve come to prefer magic to miracles.


Miracles sound like an experience that “shouldn’t have happened”. Some oddly or saintly intervention that leaves you out of the picture, it is doing it for you but without you. Maybe it was something we’re not really worthy of it, and it happened anyway.


In magic there’s breaking of the rules, the rules of logic, the rules of research and common knowledge, the unspoken rules of what’s expected from you.


So I prefer making magic than having miracles.


Not that I would refuse a miracle if one happened to me, but I’d rather be working with natural forces and in the process discover what I’m capable of, maybe a new talent I didn’t know I have within me.

Maybe a stronger conviction in my way to be the right way, for me. I call that magic.


Shifting anything in your life by following your inner knowing you may discover that magic is not preserved solely for the mystics.


Letting go – I call it magic.

Finding your true North calling – I call it magic.

Loving the ones who are difficult to love – I call it magic.


Having magical moments or events in your life has nothing to do with your belief in a godly presence or esoteric mantras.


Instead of arguing with your beliefs about magic

start believing in yourself







Magical blessings to you 


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Letting go – I call it magic
Instead of arguing with your beliefs about magic start believing in yourself because you are magic



No one knows

No one knows how many times

we’ve learnt to die

before learning to live.


No one knows how many ways we’ve learnt
to die
before learning how to come back to life.

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Monthly meetings in Zurich Switzerland

The wild heart like a fateful lover, like the ultimate compassionate mother, awaits us all our lives until we’re ready to discover it and rejoice in it.

The wild heart is the voice from within, the strong knower, the true north of the ultimate love that we are.

I invite you to join me to a Wild Heart group session to come back home, to your own embracing home. 

The session includes meditation, heart to heart connection with oneself and others, some gentle movement to healing sounds and satisfying fun.



Sometimes we need a facilitation to realise feel or express, an encouragement to open the heart, a role-model for a free life or a new pair of perception-glasses….

What ever it may be for YOU SHELLY is ready to inspire you, facilitate insights and bring about inspired life changes.

Photo credit: Karin heer

Source: Magic and miracles

A One-Woman Band

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

I remember when I was playing gigs with a fellow musician, a gifted electric guitarist, I would relish those times when we set up our equipment, and we would practice and record songs.  It was all evolving and each time there was something fresh and new that evolved from working with someone else.  It was synergistic.  There were clashes of intents at times though, and it was frustrating.

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A Time of Creation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

A Time of Creation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have awakened within you a tendency to seek more from life than what you tended to believe was possible before getting activated by our energy.  Read more

Source: A Time of Creation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Blue Dragon Journal

A New Food Label Is Coming Soon And It Goes ‘Beyond Organic’ by Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Forever Unlimited

A New Food Label Is Coming Soon
And It Goes ‘Beyond Organic’

Source: A New Food Label Is Coming Soon And It Goes ‘Beyond Organic’ by Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association | Blue Dragon Journal

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017 | Forever Unlimited

Courtesy of Forever Unlimited

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:  take action, step out of comfort zone

Moon in Capricorn

Sun: 06 Libra – “a man watches his ideals taking concrete form before his inner vision”

True Alignments:  ideas made manifest (and often tested), the powers of visualization and will, seeing what is truly valuable, facing something, the inner brought to the outer

Catalysts for Change:  devalued, unsatisfactory, unable to see self clearly, delusions, emotional challenge/instability

Earth: 06 Aries – “a square brightly lighted on one side”

True Alignments:  thinking outside of the box, seeing what is missing, ability to transform, objectivity, making needed changes, bringing things together

Catalysts for Change:  lacking discernment, fear of change, seeing only one side, feeling boxed in or trapped, frustration, power and control issues

Today the powerhouse that is Pluto stations direct (appears to move forward) in the sky once again!  This is a happy thing!

Pluto will station direct at 3:36 pm ET/7:36 pm UT at 17 Capricorn, “a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.”  Pluto has been retrograde since April 20, 2017 – a lifetime ago, it seems – and it retrograded at 20 Capricorn, “a hidden choir singing during a religious service.”  Since April, Pluto has been working to help us unify our voices and release ourselves from limitations and restrictions.

The day a planet (especially an outer planet like Pluto) stations retrograde or direct can be chaotic and intense.  Pluto is “underworld” energy, so things can come up from the depths.  As the planet stations direct, it has a slingshot-like effect, releasing things that have been pent up, blocked, withheld, or concealed.  Things that no longer serve the highest and best are being “thrown off” and cast to the four winds.

The locations of the Sun and Earth today add ample power to the cast-off.  The Sun brings us the power to make things a reality, and the Earth brings us the power to see something clearly or solve it.

It is hard not to overuse the word “power” with Pluto.  I have already used it four times in this report.  Pluto’s power is the power to transform.  It forges inner strength through a gauntlet of tribulations.  It brings about “the ultimate.”  Those born between January 4-14 have been under tidal forces of pressure to transform into something much greater than they were when Pluto began its transformation for them in 2014 (yes, it takes that long for Pluto to do the job).  These wise owls have earned their Wisdom Wings.  We salute you and the services your newly-transformed self will bring to the world!

The Moon will make conjunction with Pluto at 10:27 pm ET/2:27 am UT, completing Pluto’s transformation.  It is important to know that with Pluto, the sharp stinger of Scorpio is present.  This means that Pluto stationing direct may incite the Scorpionic themes of anger, withdrawal, darkness, depression, power plays, testing others and getting testy, sexuality, money, figurative death, the subconscious, and chthonic forces.  Pluto in Capricorn brings control issues (let’s let those go).  We will want to give people wide berth today, as the energetics may be unsettling for some.

With all of these energetics, there is every reason to dream a bigger dream today, as it will soon be “taking concrete form from our inner vision.”  Release your mind!

(And stay tuned for tomorrow’s opposition between Venus and Neptune, which is a festival of loveliness!)

Source: THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, September 28, 2017 | Forever Unlimited

You Are A Universe Of Feeling

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Raphael Awen


You’re feeling a lot right now.

You may not think you are, but thinking is different from feeling. It comes from a different apparatus, one being the head and the other being the heart.

If you pause in any moment (like this one), for a moment….. to feel … can immediately get a sense of what you, or what a part of you is feeling, or maybe rather, resisting feeling. Being on Facebook is a big world of feeling, that you, as another big world of feeling are interfacing with.

But what specifically are you feeling right now?

What are you hoping to feel by continuing to take in my words? What drew you a moment ago to ‘go online’?

If you’ve been numbing down what you are feeling then asking that question will begin to open out your awareness to the world of feeling that you…

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