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Understanding Descended And Ascended Earth Realities

dna activationUnderstanding Multi-Dimensional Earth REALities is KEY
Aloha Unity Light Holders, Change-Makers & Anchors of Our NEW Earth here,

Each Earth continues to experience vastly (Polarity) different REALities, due to the timeline split that has continually occurred over the (linear) years through this collective one that continues to increase now. You will see the significance of this in your own actual experiences and what “out there” in virtual land shows you as alternate realities, as your Universal Mind Body activates your new holographic viewer to see more of this from within you. Your inner viewer can observe multiple dimensions simultaneously and determine what dimensional timeline is represented, what is happening on the different versions of Earths and more. It’s so easy to maintain higher timeline experiences with these ultra-high frequencies as we all fulfill our own Soul’s Destiny now.

Descended Earth is clearing heavy unconsciousness & density (where we all “begin”, to experience our own separation and ego-human’ness), where all continues to become more visible/play out in order to open hearts in ways that can’t be over-ridden by ego anymore. This restructuring process is huge, dissolving the strong energy once held for “cellular collapse” to occur. New Geometrics re-code DNA every time this happens, as each prepares to transition. Transitioning can be in a body or by leaving the body, for our Soul’s are infinite consciousness and just return to the Unified Field of Love. They do not experience separation, we were the one’s that did. The body held the DNA for a physical human experience to play a part in the human experiment that we all agreed to participate in here.eraoflight.com

Those choosing Physical Body Ascension before incarnation/walking-in here, will go through the same transition of “death” to “cross/move over” to “the other side”, yet in the physical body, which means that every particle and facet of each’s being will experience “death” of all unconscious programming, which can be a “torturous and excruciating process” for awhile, as the physical body held so very much density and a purification/cleansing process of all existences must occur. This cleansing process includes the physical reality and all that is not yet “Soul-aligned”. This process presents by way of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and physical pains as the body awakens (LightBody) to become fully conscious and alive/online too. It is the sacred vessel that we all chose to carry us through our Ascension & Soul Embodiment Processes here. It was not originally “built” for multi-dimensionality, so it’s got a lot of work to do. This re-birthing process is a biggie and our bodies go through much to handle birthing new realities, birthing NEW Earth, birthing our higher selves, Universes, Galaxies. It’s been years of birthing, creating foundations and holding these NEW Earth Structures in place. Now we shift into Uniting further to accomplish the Implementation of our Galactic Civilization Schematics, while in-JOYing Heaven on Earth in a multitude of ways.

The deeper into Descended/Unconscious Earth we went, the deeper embedded within us the old Matrix programming was, the less we had any idea of this whole Awakening/Ascension/Multi-Dimensional process of RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS again. Challenging is an understatement for our human aspect that holds limits, excuses, victim mentalities, ego-self-first and exists through focusing on physical world things as important OVER each other and our purest selves (Souls) and resists/fights a process that doesn’t appear to make sense, because it’s not linear, it’s vibrational….

Human aspects going through the awakening/cleansing process “think” that those not suffering anymore do not care. They lash out and try to hold others to their reality, as “misery loves company” (and they are scared), triggering deep survival tactics (root chakra), which we all transcend as we realize that Ascension is an “individual process” that each must do, coming together where appropriate to support, inspire, share and increase higher vibrational experiences through commUNITY and mutually beneficial exchange. What isn’t visible is that we not only care, we are working in every dimension simultaneously, and we are honoring all others (and ourselves) by letting all choose too, just like we did/all have to do, honoring each’s space of however all decide to “do” awakening/coming into consciousness/ascension journey. NEW Earth opens up as we choose to move beyond old earth as the only reality available. It’s in those “rough moments” that our higher self can come through for our human to be open enough to start to listen and honor too.

In the beginning, none of us knew “how to get to NEW Earth” (or that it even existed) and we sure were not willing to do all the work necessary to get here, much-less create a whole new life to experience that was way beyond what our human mind could comprehend.eraoflight.com

Unity Consciousness Realities: We are in the vibration of SHOWING what kindness is, SHOWING what consideration is, SHOWING what loving respect is, SHOWING that we actually CARE, while SHOWING that WE will no longer compromise and play in old program reality/human games anymore. This is your WayShower that must emerge at some point, even if it’s just through your daily interactions with your friends & family, you are the WayShower here. They are too, for we are in the vibrations of WayShowers Uniting and stepping forth to be more visible in every way. To BE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, to BE Ascended Light BEings that WALK a NEW EARTH REALITY, no longer needing to keep experiencing any “lack” of love, respect, kindness, integrity, honor, sharing … so that NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES are the prominent experience now.

When you set out to EXPERIENCE your day, your vibration dictates the Version of Earth that you walk in, inner-act with, receive…. When you awaken each day, you have the capability to SET YOUR OWN VIBRATION and hold it as high as you can, treat all with kindness and love, experience the happiness available as you release all that is not. Your understanding that if a moment “is not awesome”, then it’s your old Unconscious You/Realities coming up to “see” and “resolve/release” and that it’s only your current version if you get caught up in it, allow it to continue and “believe it” to be your current reality, which still is important for shifting your own consciousness from one state to another with greater ease. A huge part of this process is learning how to intentionally shift to a much higher vibration through expanding our consciousness instantly, until this becomes our new vibration/way.

You now get to choose…. Heaven, Dreams, Happiness, Peace, Love, Unity or the re-creation of an old program reality, just through observing yourself, observing the outside world to show you which Earth your body is currently vibrating at, so that you can re-tune and shift faster/easier, if your current reality does not support what you SEE as important for supporting you and your Soul’s Purposes/Galactic Missions here. Your dreams come into fruition easier as you embrace these things over your old human’s mindsets of what you “thought” reality was. You will have to release all duality, judgment and unite fully inside and put this into play (all of the time) in your own physical reality world.

NEW EARTH is Your Ascended Aspect, the ONE that HOLDS Christed/Unity Consciousness as a way of BEing in every exchange, the one that CHOOSES to UNITE instead of playing separation-ego-games. Heaven becomes visible as you EMBODY, as you live your life this way, as you open up fully to start to become an integral part of CREATION, SHARING, SUPPORTING and making a difference here. Starting small is “opening the portal”… the rest unfolds as we all do.

Heaven is the GIFT we gave ourselves to INJOY as an actual PHYSICAL REALITY here. We cannot “get to Heaven”, if we are holding on to all that is not able to align with the PURITY of our Own Soul… which is Unity, Love, Peace, Kindness and stepping up to fulfill our roles in every way. Heaven is where we get to play, while nourishing our LightBodies and working in-service as humanitarians here. Anchoring the higher realms into our bodies is a full-time job for awhile, which gets easier, yet we will always be integrating higher light frequencies. We just learn how to acclimate easier and function in new ways that are vibrational instead of linear.

Descended Earth is the opposite and is working diligently to awaken those still holding on to maintaining unconscious/separation/dualistic states (heart-mind closed). These Cosmic frequencies increasing the amount of Light/Unity/Christed Consciousness love flooding in, which increases the intensity of visible separation to shake-up and stir-up and release the strong hold that unconscious matrix programs held in place. As human experiences/experiments continually come to a conclusion beneath the veils, hearts are opening for the body to release the safety/security mechanisms, the limiting mindsets, the selfishness/greed, the ulterior motives, the not caring because their human was asleep (soul not integrated), just like ours was and many of us went through abrupt/harsh awakenings and immense physical reality/physical body collapse too, to bring us into consciousness again. Collective awakenings get more attention, because it’s on a grander scale than just the visible forerunners/gatekeepers experienced, so it “seems” worse to those going through this now, because at which the volume it’s occurring to get each’s attention at how important Ascension & Multi-Dimensional existence and transitioning over to NEW Earth is. Basically, multi-dimensionality is now more visible, because of the huge collectives transitioning over to join together for a grander Unified Earth Experience here now.

YOU have the ability to make a difference, by being love, by being kind, by sharing, by touching the hearts of others, by re-educating as love, by respecting other’s decisions for their own journeys, by opening portals and closing them too. You have the capability to BE THE EXAMPLE of what Christed Light is, by using your reSOURCEs to reach others, by investing fully in NEW EARTH for all of us to come to be here together again.

Living abundantly means FEELING ABUNDANT inside. It means your every cell is appreciative, filled with immense gratitude, experiencing fully what’s always available when we are PRESENT and in-tune. Taking advantage of nature, sharing happiness and really truly caring when we connect, putting yourself out there and not holding back from a place of protection and lack anymore, as those were just old illusory programs perpetuated by matrix structured fears…..

Once we are fully connected inside again, abundance is a wealth of everything …. and it’s this that “grows” more, because we are not in survival mode, we are honoring others, their worthiness, showing them how much they matter, showing them through our actions what it’s like to LIVE and EXIST in a society that is love, respect, kindness, consideration and sharing again.

We move into “more consciousness” and every EVENT is to unify us all more substantially too. Resistance/insistence has to dissolve or be broken, so it’s important to see where you hold this inside of you. This will determine the experiences you/we all have on a daily basis, as everything transmits out to create the reality we actually walk in and experience here now.

I am wishing you a magnificent September. I’ve many updates to send as “time” allows on my end here. Continual dedication as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper, my every moment is spent honoring what’s truly important for us all. This means me pulling away more, to maintain more balance in every way.

For all writing in over the last year, there’s basically no one to reply, which is how it has to be for awhile, as my own energy/focus has to be on continually anchoring & integrating these highest timelines and as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper, part of my role is sharing the vastness of what’s important along the way for collective consciousness, which takes much time & dedication on our part for all of humanity here. I had to let something go, to keep up the pace of these mega-Quantum Realities, and so many do not understand how it is for us as Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers and our work here. Please watch my website, daily writings, Facebook Posts, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and newsletter announcements. We are always doing tons, it’s just not always visible, because it’s spread out in every direction/dimension/galaxy. I’ll share more on this in-depth process in a later update, as it’s important for many to understand how our Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/NEW Earth Relationships/Realities work, especially since all will go through this in their own way to come fully online too.

More soon! Keep anchoring, getting out there to experience and observing any old programs/patterns/safety mechanism you’ve still got too. See where you are being shown to “move on”, as this September Equinox is a huge gateway where “you can’t bring any old unconscious programs/realities through”.

I love you!!!!!!! Come together… your NEW Earth Experience requires it! ♥

With love from above and beyond!


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Source: Understanding Descended And Ascended Earth Realities | Era of Light

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Lisa Renee ~ Bifurcation of Time

House of Ego

September 2013

 Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change causes the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) to change. The comprehension of the mathematical change that is currently shifting the geometric value of frequency, which further, generates a bifurcation in the structure of time and space, is very relevant to us now. This is directly related to the forthcoming split occurring between timelines which govern our continued consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane as it is moving into future time. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

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Denise Le Fay – Equal Arm Cross of Ascension

Thanks to roseramblesdotorg

Equal Arm Cross of Ascension


Equal Arm Cross of Ascension

I’m not and never have been a religious person, but the Equal Arm Cross has been emblazoned in my Higher Awareness and HighHeart for years now because it’s what some have lived for many years via the evolutionary Ascension Process. We’ve been, and continue to, integrate and resolve polarity/duality in ourselves individually no matter which sex body we incarnated into during this time of planetary and species-wide evolution induced Ascension.

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Jennifer Hoffman – July 2016 Energy Report

If you haven’t signed up for this month’s Energy Mastery call, a live and recorded call where I go deeply into the month’s energy report, you can sign up here. The call is July 6, 2016 at noon US Eastern time.

cactus_flowerWhen I think about July’s energy I am reminded of what happens when a developer tries to build a parking lot and accidentally uncovers an ancient city. All of the parking lot work stops while archeologists come in and carefully remove the artifacts of a long forgotten culture. The process of excavation we will encounter this month will uncover many different facets of our emotional history as we enter a month whose theme of emotional clearing may take us to depths we have never experienced before so we can rise to heights we have never imagined were possible. It’s going to be a very busy month energetically and we’ll see this in the amount of emotional energy we process. It’s all good though, because we’re now in the second half of 2016 and preparing for new beginnings in 2017. We cannot enter higher dimensions with the baggage of our past and our biggest baggage is grounded in our emotions. Let the clearing begin!

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Lisa Renee – Externalization of the Krystal Star

Externalization of the Krystal Star

January 2013

By Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Dear Ascending Family,

For many years those of us directly working for the Ascension timeline have undergone persecution, misunderstanding, constant psychic attack, isolation, betrayal and excruciating pain in order to meet the requirements that these incredible circumstances have placed upon our mind, body and spirit to finally make it to this very important time for the planet and humanity. The only way to survive and be sane in the Ascension process when your number has been called is to always remember, “You are in this world, but You are not of this world.” As with the Biblical reference which is highly misunderstood, Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world.” What is being referenced in this verse is that the Christ consciousness, the Krystal Star presence, is not of this world, not of this earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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