Montague Keen

Montague Keen – March 31, 2013

Montague KeenMy dear, I was delighted to be able to organise one or two surprises for you this weekend. I wanted to say thank you for your devotion to our work. It is important for you to spend time with family and special friends this holiday weekend. You need to relax and put work aside for a few hours.

Important connections are being made and the right people are being brought forward. Significant information is being shared. You were told an important connection with Canada would be made, and within hours, such a connection was made. All the sacred sites around your world were once connected, but this connection was temporarily destroyed and this left you in darkness. Now, you are hearing of good people across your world who are aware of this and are busily reconnecting these sites. This will create the energy necessary for the light to remove all the evidence of darkness, forever. We in spirit, work with these people. Their sole purpose is to restore the light. Continue reading “Montague Keen”


Ariah Velasquez's Healing Blog

My first instinct was to look at the pagan roots of Easter since so much is distorted now a days by many organized religions.  And of course, the name Easter comes from the Goddess E0stre who’s totem was the rabbit which represents fertility. She is said to merge today with the divine masculine (the SUN), and then birth her child in the winter solstice. This is all symbolic for spring of course and the growth that comes with connecting with the sun. So how can you merge today with your heart and ask for growth spurts in your life? Call in the Goddess Eostre of the light to bring in those gifts and activations today for the energies are strong for this to occur.  I recommend doing this in a calm space for 11 minutes.

Now today, I woke up and immediately felt summoned by the Ascended Master Jesus Christ…

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Jesus through John

One is the number of God’s creations, but One is not in any way limiting — it is infinite.  This is a very complex concept for you to grasp let alone make any sense of; in fact, it is rather a paradox while you remain constrained by your physical bodies, so don’t even try — it is quite unnecessary.  Just accept that it is so.  Surrender to it and know that you are not being misled.

You do understand and accept that what each one of you thinks, says, or does, has effects way beyond your immediate vicinity because your modern science of physics has proved that to the satisfaction of the brightest intelligences amongst you.  And if this is so, as it most definitely is, then it follows that all are One, and that One is the number of God’s creations – One embracing infinite multitudes if you prefer…

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aisha north

As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from…

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gaia_energy1Awakening Stars within individual Hue-Beings connect to new Gaia portals within 5-7 D levels. Bodies of Radiance become visible to these Beings, and become visible to others with Higher Sensitivities.

Such Stars of Radiance become commonplace among Gaia planetary teams as Higher Level missions are acknowledged and accepted.

This occurs in the Now moment.

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gaia_energy1Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. “End date” being flexible as required.

Post-layer-removal brings clarity of Higher Thought, Higher Purpose, Higher Awareness. And will feel to the Higher (and 3D) Senses as a clear, bright sky, and cool breeze.

Gaia Ascension Process is in full movement at this time.

We encourage releasing of all prior concepts regarding the nature of Ascension. “Allowing” and “accepting” and “conscious participating” are key.

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Oracles and Healers




Grounding.  Grounding and centering.  A new month is now upon you , my dear friends, in which we cannot stress enough the importance of these practices.  Walk in nature, if that is available to you.  Meditate and ground your energies with gratitude to your dear mother, Earth.  However you have learned to do these things, do them now.

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The Oracle Report

Saturday, March 30 – Sunday, March 31, 2013


Saturday: Full Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio   Sunday: Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

The weekend’s energy will predominantly affect relationships.  Venus is rapidly approaching Mars while making a square to Pluto, so relationships continue their transformation.  With the Sun close to the position of Uranus in the sky, relationships are taking unexpected turns.

We continue to process and release anything that no longer serves the highest and best expression of our lives while we are tieing up loose ends and taking care of things that are incomplete.  We want to do the best we can with this because the lighter we are when the New Moon energy enters, the better this will be for us.

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Jesus through John

As amazing changes keep occurring all over the world the mainstream media is becoming less and less able to ignore reporting on them, and that is an excellent sign. Most people rely on the mainstream to keep themselves abreast of the latest news, and now the really important news is beginning to go mainstream which means that everyone will be looped into what is happening.  Information is the key to worldly power.  If you can sequester it you have control; if it escapes, control is lost.  And control is being lost by those who would control humanity, and this will enormously benefit all on Earth.

This explosion in the reporting of corruption and dishonesty in high places is bringing into everyone’s awareness the realization that the old hierarchical methods of running organizations of any kind are latently corrupt and dishonest, and need to be discontinued.  New and transparent methods are…

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aisha north

So here we are dear friends, ready to begin another day in paradise. For that is truly what it is, is it not? We do not say this in order to offend anyone still in the throes of the last birth pangs, we just say it as a little reminder that you are not left out, any one of you. For you are already in paradise, and even if you for some reason have yet to come to the same conclusion yourself, let us just say that deep within yourself, you have, and soon, the rest of your awareness will follow suit.

Let us explain. As we have stated on so many an occasion, if you venture to look for paradise outside the confines of your own self, you might find quite a lot of traces of it, in the beauty of nature, and in the loving look from another…

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Bill Ballard

3-28-13 Bill Ballard ~ Observing the Shift ~ The Perfection of Each and ALL of US as ONE Being

pearls2upearls2u·168 videos


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Published on Mar 28, 2013

The energies are amazing as we continue through this shift and ALL of humanity is going through their ascension process whether they realize it or not. Just over a year ago and before, those of us who knew we were here for Ascension felt there would be 2 different worlds, as that was the timelines we were on then. So many of us had and held the vision that ALL HUMANITY would come through along with Mother Earth and there would be no separation of the worlds soon. Those who held that vision did so strongly that ALL OF HUMANITY IS INDEED ASCENDING. This has never been done before in the way we are doing now, and without dropping body…

With that, the shift can become very uncomfortable as our bodies transfigure, and for those of us who are activated, walls down, receiving and transmitting the Light and Energies coming to our fields. It is so interesting to watch all on their various levels of ascension. Please allow each to go through what they are going through, helping them IF asked, and expressing your experience on your own videos, blogs, radio programs or whatever means you do… Just please be respectful and don’t FORCE your belief on others… Those who are searching and resonate will find your work. If you don’t like what someone is saying, let it be… Don’t comment negatively or TELL another how they should be please… It takes that kind of respect as Ladies and Gentlemen to make this shift go so much easier… and over all, BE LOVE!

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The Oracle Report


Friday, March 28, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Scorpio

Did you find beauty and respite in nature yesterday?  Were you lucky enough to see last night’s Moon? I came upon it suddenly as I rounded a hill.  I can recall few things that have taken my breath away, but this Moon left me suspended.  This is the best photo of it I could find in the time I have to look.  Perhaps other photos will surface on the net as the day goes on.

The energy today is restorative.  Pressure is relieved.  People, places, things and situations will come back in to bounds.  This includes emotions.  We’re rectifying.  This is welcomed because we need to take care of things that have been hanging over our heads – loose ends, things we’ve procrastinated about, things we’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time, anyplace where we feel like we’ve “fallen down on the job.”  We need to complete these things by April 5.  On April 5, the transiting Black Moon will begin the cycle of death and rebirth that comes from it’s opposition to the Galactic Center.  The “death” or “degeneration” part of the cycle will last until May 7.  Each of us will come to have a deeper understanding of the core of who we are.

Note that this begins right before the New Moon in Aries that I have been discussing all this week.  We know that we will begin to emerge from an energetic “cocoon” at that time.  The process culminates with the Black Moon making exact opposition with the Galactic Center on May 7, just before the New Moon in Taurus.  I will go into this more (and how the archetypal energy of Pallas Athena and the new Mahavidya who is coming on duty play into all of this) in an upcoming audio file.

For now, continue the clean up.  Clear out, purge, release, forgive, forget, and take care of what remains.  Look for the Moon.  Notice the gradations in the colors of nature.

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gaia_energy1Quelled energetics in lower dimensions lead to refueling of Gaia inhabitants. Sensations of these energetics are noted, yet these are temporary.

Higher Dimensional sails are being unfurled in all Hue-manity. Even non-aware ones feel the unfurling.

This unfurling leads to Higher Awareness in the non-awares.

Step stones these are for Hue-manity unfoldment, and are best embraced and utilized, rather than resisted.

“Joy paradigm” alignment empowers all during this moment of unfurlment.

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aisha north

Dear friends!

It is difficult to describe how I have experienced myself these last few days, it is a sort of mixture of just floating serenly in the Pond, while at the same time barreling fast forward down rapids shouting with joy. But today, there is this strange feeling of “pause”, like the stillness between an exhalation and inhalation. So I checked in with the CCs as usual and this is what they said: ” You are correct in surmising that you are in a sort of suspension at the moment, between the ebb and flow of these great cycles or waves of energy that are coming your way. It will not be long now before you feel a new surge of energy coming in, but this time it will not come crashing in, rather, you will feel how the momentum starts to build ever so slowly, before it comes…

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Ron Van Dyke


Ron Van DykeRon Van Dyke·839 videos


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Published on Mar 28, 2013

All of my life I have been influenced by what I thought were the rules, the definitions of what it meant to be properly human in a spiritual sense. Even after becoming somewhat liberated from my fundamentalist training, I still found there were pretty dogmatic rules by which I judged myself and others. We talked about this in our discussion last night at the Mary Horgan Center, which is also my home. Even though there were points of disagreement, I feel we generally agreed that we all have a tendency to beat ourselves up when we don’t measure up to what we feel is the proper standard. This is probably a common human experience, at least for people trying to be spiritual. I summed it up near the end of the discussion by saying that I still get the message to loosen up or lighten up. It’s not about getting it right, but about being in integrity in any given moment. Allowance is a form of grace that gives us permission to be real, without the inner cop forcing conformity to external rules and dogmas about how we are supposed to be. Is everyone else neurotic too?

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The Oracle Report

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Astrology defines electromagnetic energies that planets emit, paying special attention to the times when the planets make angles with each other.  The angles cause unique effects in and of themselves.  They have lives of their own.

Today we have complex and powerful angles.  The effects will be clearly and in many cases dramatically visible.  In general:

  • people will be attempting to communicate to heal a place they feel vulnerable, but this will be rather difficult to accomplish
  • vast and raw power is present in this confluence of energies; struggles with it are demonstrated by ego issues; leave the ego behind
  • humility and a softer approach is the directive in all actions, but the principle of FREEDOM is at the heart of all matters and manifests a purer or more refined effect on anything that comes from this mindset
  • a feeling of being on heightened alert or in a defensive posture is natural and it is good because it is a close contact with Gaia-Sophia today; however, we need to maintain fluidity because there is no real and true danger (since we are part of the collective and the collective will experience this energy in many ways – often through fear of rejection or disapproval -it is good to be aware.  We always maintain a strong shield.)
  • relationships are definitely a focus of this and issues related to love, sex, power, and control are intertwined; Gaia-Sophia will use these electromagnetic frequencies (which are Archontically-dictated) to her end.  At this particular time she is engaged in orchestration of a massive upgrade to the human experiment in order to make modifications and co-create with the experiment itself (us).  The upgrade begins on April 10, 2013 (the New Moon in Aries). We do not need to worry about anything (as the energy would tend to have us do if we didn’t know what was happening.  Hacking the matrix is good, huh?).

As always, find beauty and respite in nature.

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Méline Lafont


Méline Lafont ~ welcome to your magical new world ♥



We have shifted big time !  That is what, in several ways, is coming in these past 3 days and nights. All sorts of messages and clear hints saying that in fact the shift is present and happening BIG time.  Since the spring equinox I have felt, seen and experienced so much that is beyond my control and my comprehension.  The only thing that I can explain will be these following  sentences, explaining  to you my messages and feelings that I have received during these days.
As the equinox was taking place, lots of energies were pouring in and through our bodies.  I have been experiencing sudden different ways of heart beatings, like first my heart would skip beats to then take a leap into a race as if an explosion would result from  it, which was fortunately not the case.  It is clear that you do not have control over this whatsoever and luckily this is the case, or we would hold on to fear too much or block our way to Ascension. Read nore

Galactic Free Press Update

Source: Galactic Free Press

The Galactic Free Press Update: Good News!

FatherMotherGod Amon Ra's picture

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 27 March 2013

Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

 The Full Moon for March is all about LOVE Love is the Key and the Way! Quoted from Judy Sartori

Greetings Love Beings, When We said we were in Intense Energies, We Were not kidding. We have been experiencing lots of Huge Shifts with no signs of stopping. The Energy with the Equinox and Now the Libra Full Moon has Kicked us Into High Gear. Next Up will be Easter which represents Resurrection. This is a perfect representation of the ego death and the Phoenix Rising. The Real Being will be rising from out of the ashes. This is what is occurring Now for those First Wavers Who are Ready for Full Activation and are going through the Transfiguration Event to Connect to the Higher Grid for a New Paradigm Creation. We are In the Year for Unity Consciousness and this is exactly what is unfolding. The Good News is, We have Many of The First Wavers Almost ready! These Next Few weeks and Months many Will Come On Line and Begin their Next Missions On Planet Earth=Heart, The Co~ Creation of the New Earth. Yeehaw, for those who have done their clearing, Have Chosen Love and Are Prepared for the Next Facet of the Divine Plan.

Quoted from Meline Lefont “It is with the greatest of pleasure that I may announce to all of you, precious hearts, that a huge shift has taken place and is currently still unfolding. A wonderful progress has been made in the hearts and in the collective of humanity. Big leaps have been taken by many hearts and countless awakenings are still occurring thanks to the energetic influx of the spring equinox and to the energies coming in from Galactic center.

A large number of awakened souls have diligently participated in this process and have enlightened their soul in such a way that a big part of the collective have instigated a new Ascension process. As we now enter into this profound and refined world of our Being, all preparations have been made for the next step leading us ever further into the magic of our Being. Numerous influences of the Light have been birthed which will assist everything on Earth to evolve in a more explicit way, Read more

Kate Spreckley

Source: Spirit Pathways

Energy Report for March / April 2013 – by Kate Ann Spreckley

The energies of March and April are accelerating the dissolution of old structures, patterns and beliefs giving us access to more and more of our new paradigm rooted in Unity / Christ Consciousness.  With this acceleration our awareness is deepening and we can clearly see and understand that the cause of all our suffering and crisis has been the absence of consciousness. Read more

Jim Self and Strewart Pearce

Conversations With … Jim Self and Stewart Pearce

MasteringAlchemyMasteringAlchemy·90 videos


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Published on Mar 22, 2013

In this episode, Stewart and Jim will discuss:
* Atlantis and the Rays of Creation and sound templates that are now beginning to turn on aspects of the brain that have not been available to us for millennia
* Human and planetary evolution
* The Master Code sounds that provide us with the potential to connect with certain supreme states of consciousness

And more…

Link to the full Conversations With … Jim Self and Steve Rother episode….

Stewart Pearce’s website

Jim & Roxane’s Book – What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? Why Now is the Time to Release Who You Are Not and Remember Who You Are…
– Also through Amazon…
– Barnes and Nobles…

Mastering Alchemy (Sign up for free membership and access to informative audio programs and articles!)…

Mastering Alchemy Facebook Page…


gaia_energy1Exceeding expectations embodied by the mass of humanity (small h), individual Hue-mans complete initial missions with Gaia and prepare for “next level” missions.

The theme of such “next level” missions is “Joy Within”. All “next level” movements are best viewed from the basis of this theme. Gaia is fulfilled by the movements in Joy at this time… In this moment.

Facile movement, Intra-Gaia, Inter-Planetary, Inter-Galactic, Intra-Dimensional, Inter-Dimensional, is now fully supported by the “Joy Within” paradigm.

Gaia Brilliance and Illumination is now fully supported by the “Joy Within” paradigm.

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The Oracle Report

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Virgo/Libra

Today it is very important to stay open to ideas or input that is completely out of the normal range of consideration.  Information blows in from out of the blue and should be taken into account.  This is Gaia-Sophia’s way of interacting (playing) with us.  What are the new/different solutions and inspirations.that are presenting themselves? 

Make sure you don’t mistake the feeling of being “off course” or “off track” as negative.  Remember that a process of deep change and transformation is underway in preparation for a new activation at the next New Moon. Changes are happening at the energetic level.  Beginning at the next New Moon and continuing througout that lunar month, dormant DNA and unutilized areas of the brain will engage.  This progression has been happening at regular intervals for some time; now we are able to see when these “upgrades” will occur.  So we are clearing out and releasing the past so that emotional blockages do not impede the fullest manifestation of this.  The more we clear out now, the more we can experience the uplift.  This means clearing out clutter.  Clutter builds up in our bodies, minds, and surroundings.  Clean out your closet, your desk, your body, your mind.  Plow your inner and outer landscape for a complete refreshment. More on this as the time approaches.

As far as removing blocks that have turned into sore spots in the body, I was gifted with the Rumble Roller last week.  I am not one to peddle products, but this has changed my life.  If you invest in one, don’t be like me and overdose on it the first day (the muscle release was so intense that I couldn’t stop!).  Take it slowly.

Finally, sincerity goes a very, very long way today – much farther than normal, and the conflictual energy that was dominant yesterday begins to abate.  Enjoy the playground of life with Gaia-Sophia today!

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The Signs of Change Are Appearing

The Signs of Change Are Appearing

GalacticCentralGalacticCentral·326 videos


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Published on Mar 25, 2013

Greetings Love Beings, We shared In Our Previous Update of the Intense Energies and they are not letting us down. We just went through the Equinox, which was our Most Powerful yet energetically, so the Next 2 days will be Very Intense. What is currently underway is a massive clearing of the lower dimensional energies as we make room for More LOVE. We Feel We are Going to end March Roaring, However it Looks! More:…

Maureen Quinn

 Saturday, March 23, 2013

BRIGID: The Light of Atlantis Returning

Greetings dear friends and soul family!

Time continues to fly by at dizzying speeds and I have certainly not been immune to the intensity of some of the incoming energies that seem to be rocking our world in 2013. Yet in spite of the sometimes challenging elements of continuing to live as a human during these shifting times, I do feel a real and palpable sense of excitement as the new world we’ve been creating together begins to reveal itself. The messages that have been flowing from our other dimensional friends also seem to offer affirmation that we are in for some wonderful experiences as we embrace living in the new energy. Continue reading “Maureen Quinn”

A Cosmic Ride


…….It is true, we do live in a compassionate universe.

Acknowledging then, that life is the ultimate teacher, I offer here my humble suggestions and thoughts on the nature of this love business. I believe that this subject, love and the rules that it operates through, is SO supremely important that it’s worth listening to anyone’s insights. I’m no expert on the topic – any more than the next counsellor or divorced, separated, married or old person is.

You might have discerned a thread there.  It could be called ‘life experience.’  Any of us who have lived through relationship making and breaking, or who have listened to and emphathised with others who are in the pains of relationship making and breaking, have accumulated some experience on the subject of love. This is where I am coming from. Because a lot of my work in astrology is centred on relationships, I…

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