The Oracle Report

Saturday, June 30 – Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, changes in relationships will continue throughout the weekend.  Overall, the status of everything is changing – taking shape – but these changes are rough around the edges right now.  Edge is the keyword for the weekend.  Things are “raw” and we will have the tendency to feel pushed to the edge, especially on Saturday.  Sometimes when we feel pushed to the edge, we have to take a leap of faith and just jump into the unknown.  We are always supported by Spirit when we do this.  In actuality, it isn’t totally uknown.  We are bringing forth the best of the past as we jump forward.  The purpose of all of this is to help us get real.  There’s no going back to the way things used to be.  And would we want to?  We are like a diamond in the rough being cut into brilliant facets this weekend.  The beauty that is inherent within us is being brought forth so that we may be of greater service to the planet, ourselves, and each other.

Yesterday we were bombarded with solar energy.  There is a dual relationship, a contract, between the Divine Being Sophia (Earth) and the Divine Being the Sun (known by many names but my favorite is Tzolkin).  The Sun is donating a boost of power to Sophia and Sophia is using it to implement changes within herself and in turn, changes within us.  Our electro-magnetic fields are continually being upgraded.  This produces many things: increased intuition, increased intelligence (via activation of more of our DNA and more of our brain), increased ability to communicate (especially with animals – and if you are inclined to learn more about animal communication, check out one of my dear friend’s site, and most importantly, stronger direct connection with Sophia herself.  This weekend, give a word of thanks to the Sun for this donation and focus on the brilliance of the light being brought forth.


Meredith Murphy

emergence: the end of june

We’re in the VOID. Do you feel it?

The void

It’s that empty space where it feels like nothing is happening when we thought everything was going to start moving and shaking.

Persevere and enjoy. This is a natural part of clearing and changing, and especially after the deep shifts many of us have felt happening since the March Equinox, the Eclipse Cycle, the Venus Transit, the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Solstice, now we’re in a deep period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth. Now is a time to allow these deep changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. To enjoy this still point and just be, trusting that all that we’ve released and shifted will come forth in a new configuration of our experience. It’s a time to breathe deeply and fill our energy field through appreciation of the simple things in life while we allow our bodies to do their amazing work of assimilating all this newness into form.

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The Oracle Report

Friday, June 29, 2012

Prepare for an energy bombardment today. The Sun is unleashing M-class flares, one of which pummeled the Earth’s atmosphere with x-ray radiation yesterday. Today the Sun is in opposition to Pluto and both are squaring Uranus. That’s intense! This is going to produce confusion today. Grasping what is truly going is going to be challenging today. Perceptions are not accurate. It’s like we are walking around in a mist. So we could struggle today and easily become frustrated, or we could metaphorically slip into the mystic and walk through the day without expectation of having a good grip on things. With these astrological aspects, we are accident-prone, people’s emotions run toward the deep and dark, and things can shift rapidly. Anytime Uranus is activated abrupt changes are possible. When Pluto and the Sun are also involved, we have a potent mix. Tread lightly, slow your pace, and immerse yourself in the fog instead oftrying to outrun it.


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Dana Mrkich

Current Energies Summary June 2012

Dana Mrkich
a message from Dana Mrkich
Monday, 25 June, 2012

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We are experiencing back to back eclipses, transits and alignments this year that are propelling us into unprecedented evolutionary acceleration. As the Earth lines up with these super powerful points in our skies, it is like turning the dial on a safe and when you get the right code, click, the door opens. So, with every alignment this year a doorway has opened, often called a stargate, because it opens the way for a rush of galactic energy from the universe, from other star systems and other dimensions, to flood onto our planet, energy that we haven’t had access to for at least 26,000 years if not longer in this exact same way. It is not any one alignment on it’s own that is triggering our shift. However, when we experience a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments – a Solar Eclipse on Alcyone the central sun of the Pleiades, a Venus transit, alignment with the Galactic Centre – this sets up the conditions that led the ancients to foresee that these times would herald great change upon this planet, a great awakening. Continue reading “Dana Mrkich”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase

A confluence of events mix to form today’s energy.  First off, Venus stations direct.  This is powerful because Venus just had its historic transit of the Sun.  So all of the energy that Venus has “captured” from the Sun during its transit is released today.  The Sun is “boosting” this in a sense because a massive coronal hole has opened up and turned towards Earth.  This solar wind will reach us on July 1, just as the Sun comes in to opposition with Pluto for the year.  You can expect major changes in relationships through the weekend (all types of relationships – personal, professional, casual, etc.)  The keyword for working with this aspect is disinvest. Withdraw your energy and let things play out as they will.  This isn’t actually as passive as it sounds.  We are standing up for ourselves by withdrawing our energy.  This act will change the course of events.  So don’t react, don’t feed, don’t consider anything.  Another event adding to to the mix is Jupiter’s alignment with the Nodes (conjunct the South Node and oppose the North Node).  This is a most blessed event and calls for simple celebrations of the spirit (finding beauty in nature, the goddess Sophia embodied as the Earth).  It is kind of like “Christmas on June 27” instead of “Christmas in July,” hence today’s picture  Jupiter conjunct the South Node is closing out the past in a big way.  You can really release something that has been burdening you or stubbornly hanging around.  Nothing is too big to be removed by Jupiter so the sky is the limit with this.  Merry day!  (Special note to Aquarians: be careful of what you say today.  It will spread like wildfire and become more than you bargained for.  It is most important for you to disinvest and keep quiet today.)

Karen Doonan


We come to guide and support as many are now beginning to see the light at the beginning of their journeys. The light is increasing tenfold across the planet and we guide this will continue to build and increase in due course. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL who are able to embrace our energies and hear our words.

The new energies will now begin to affect the human energy system that is YOU. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

The Oracle Report

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase

Today brings potential for things to surprise us.  This in turn creates emotional reactions.  The energy is like a pressure cooker.  Venus will station direct tomorrow, putting relationships under stress.  Mercury moving into Leo has caused us to think about things (particularly relationships) in a new way.  We are looking at what is best for us, as opposed to what is best for others.  Things could change quite a bit today.  With Jupiter conjunct the South Node, situations from the past are coming into resolution.  The keyword for today is containment.

John Smallman

With the excitement mounting, as more and more of the essential changes needed to bring on the moment of your awakening occur, do take time out daily to relax or put yourselves into a peaceful or meditative state.  Focus your attention on the field of divine Love that envelops the planet, and which is encouraging you to open your hearts to accept unconditionally, lovingly, and compassionately all who are embodied on Earth at this extraordinary time. Continue reading “John Smallman”

D.L. Zeta


Navigating Fifth-Dimensional Spaces with Enhanced Powers of Inner Perception 

This week’s summer solstice continues the wave of transformation that is bringing us to new levels of awakening consciousness and enhanced forms of inner perception. Some may begin to see the movement of energy on the inner screen of their mind while others may experience other-worldly sounds that bring greater communion with life-force energy and the echoes of interdimensional tones. New areas of perception can take many forms and are unique to each person. Sooner or later, new perceptions and inner experiences trickle into our physical reality, triggering profound change. Continue reading “D.L. Zeta”


Anticipating Changes

The intense energies that have arrived since the Venus Transit have had me in a spin the last few days.  Although my life is busy, thankfully it’s without any dramas. There are certain things that I could worry about of course, but I prefer to wait and see what happens. I’ve learned over the years that worrying doesn’t help any situation, as it only brings more of the same negative energy into your life. I just send Light to these situations and trust that they will work themselves out as they are meant to.

Over the past week, I have had vivid dreams which have totally vacated my mind and memory by the time I wake up – causing temporary frustration – and since the blissful experience I wrote about in ‘A Quantum Experience’ a week ago, my meditations have been quite jumbled and confusing. Since Friday however, I have had a sense of excitement and anticipation I can’t quite explain. I’m finding sleep extremely elusive, whilst my mind churns everything that’s happened during the day over and over again. I try to meditate and clear my mind, but even that has not been very successful. Strangely enough, I don’t seem to suffer with exhaustion as much as I normally would. This could of course be due to the sense of nervous excitement I feel. Continue reading “Gabrielle”


Accepting and Allowing

In the past few weeks, I have come across a couple of meditations that have gone viral, in an effort for them to become global. The people who wrote these articles and meditations are obviously lightworkers with the best intentions.  However, they tell us that these meditations must be done a certain way, and not to change what you visualise, as it will not have the desired effect otherwise. Well, the focus is brilliant, the article is well written, and as I said, the intent is good. But why does it have to be done their way? Are they not aware that the only thing that is necessary for any meditation to have the desired effect, is for people to have the same focus and intent?

Something I have taught for many years is that the spiritual path is a path to freedom – spiritual, mental and physical freedom. Because it is a path to freedom, it makes little sense to set rules on this path and I have always helped and encouraged people to find their own way in to their spirituality. My way works for me, but it doesn’t necessarily work for others. How can we find freedom when we start by restricting ourselves with rules? Aren’t we trying to free ourselves from the many rules which have tied us down all of our lives? Why should we have more rules? We’ve not even managed to stop one system from controlling us. Do we really want to go from one system of control into another? When like me, you have worked for many years to free yourself from the rules that others had set for you all of your life, the last thing you need is for someone else to try to tie you down with their rules. I’m quite capable of setting my own rules – IF I feel I need them.

According to the articles, the meditation ‘won’t work’ if people visualise something else, or do it differently, and then the desired effect won’t be achieved. In my experience however, all that is needed for a meditation to work is FOCUS and INTENT. Their way may work for them, and no doubt for quite a few others, but it won’t work for everyone – including me. As they reckon that they need 144000 people to take part to achieve the desired effect, we are dealing with thousands of different people here – and therefore many, many different ways of meditating, as everyone meditates in the way that works for them. The last thing I expected to see among lightworkers is an attempt at control, and I wonder whether they feel they can force a kind of Unity consciousness this way. I would say that these thousands of people can meditate in their own way, visualise what feels right for them, and bring their Light and support to the joint focus in whichever way feels right to them. Is the Light they bring any different from the Light that the organisers bring themselves? I don’t think so – the Light is the Light and is the same for ALL. We are ONE Being, but different cells of this ONE Being, as WE were created to be!

What I see happening here, is people using 3D concepts and an attempt at control to organise something that should be at least fourth and preferably even fifth dimensional. To bring ALL together for a unified focus, we MUST ALLOW everyone to be who they are and ACCEPT them exactly as they are! Therefore there cannot be strict rules – or even any rules – as to how something ‘should’ be done! ‘Should’ belongs back in 3D and is now in the past for those of us who have, or want to move into 4D and 5D. I refuse to go back there just because someone claims that their meditation ‘should’ be done their way. I’d rather do my own meditation, because I know I can do better without their rules. I’m happy with the focus and with joining any global meditation, but I’ll visualise what I feel is right and meditate in my own way. This won’t stop the desired effect being achieved at all. In my opinion, if everyone felt free to do it their own way, I think we would achieve the desired effect far quicker. Unity consciousness will never be achieved through control, only through accepting and allowing people to be who they truly are. Humanity is like a rainbow of many different colours and must be accepted as such for the richness of colours to shine!

Montague Keen

June 17, 2012

My dear Veronica, it is never easy to accept that all that you had accepted as true is, in fact, false. The extent of the corruption is far greater than you expected. I tried to prepare you, by constantly reminding you that nothing is as it seems. Because people accepted what they were taught without question, they are now having difficulty accepting the truth. It is only when you have the full facts in front of you, that you can deal with the situation that has been engineered so that the corrupt cabal can take full control. Do not expect compassion from them. They are not capable of it. You have each got to be there for each other. Always remember, you are the 99 percent.

You had to deal with this, first-hand, when I passed to Spirit; now, you will have to deal with it on a world scale. They did not succeed in destroying you, and they will not succeed in the destruction of the world as you know it – you have my assurance on that. They have done much to prevent you from seeing what they are up to, but your desire for truth is so strong that it has opened the floodgates. Now you can see all the obstacles they had cleverly placed before you, to keep you as sheep: there, only to serve them.

I always said it had to start in Ireland. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

Karen Doonan

SENTINELS message for 22nd june

22 June 2012 – 12:51pm |  onecalledk

We come to guide those who are now moving closer and closer to TRUTH in their hearts. From the outside the planet earth may appear to be in chaos but inside of YOU there is a restructuring that is being done from cellular level outwards. We are the Sentinels and we come to guide as more and more prepare to move to the new world that has been born.

Our role is one of guide and not of leader, for that serves no one. We sit on the outer edge of your vision, guiding, whispering and nudging for we can SEE in ways that YOU are now only beginning to imagine. For those who are now restructuring SELF this is a challenging time but it is also an expansion of SELF, it is a growing, a reconnecting and a SOUL growth.

We sit as gatekeepers to the portals of new worlds, our role is one of emissary, we are not here to make rules and regulations to prevent the entering of the new world, on the contrary we are here to help you shed that which no longer serves in order to gain access to the new world.

As the humans on planet earth now shed their distortions, embrace the new energies and begin to harmonise with all of the universe the change in their energy signature is vast. Those who are now moving in elevation can FEEL this elevation, a lightness in their step, a lightness in their BEing as they begin to remember who they ARE. For the movement to a new planet is the movement that is dreamed of and those dreams are now unfolding for many across planet earth.

The energies that now sweep across the planet are cleansing and they are clearing, this is done at all levels through all dimensions and all timelines. This cleansing and clearing is down to as we have guided cellular level, it is not possible to enter a new world with the programming of the old world existing within your very structure. For you are the world, the world is you, you contain the frequencies of the planet that you exist on and that planet is now restructuring from the inside out.

The frequency of mother earth is now shifting and expanding, the ability to increase the energy that flows through you is now being shown to you and we guide for all to be aware and to embrace this new energy. Allow the frequencies to begin to shift and allow the heightening of the senses that occurs when this happens. The abilities that you have as human BEings are now expanding, that which is your natural state of BEing is being shown to you at ever deepening levels.

We are here for you at all times and we guide for you to journey to meet us. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

John Smallman

At present, waiting is the name of the game.  Yes, it is tiresome for you, but it is also unavoidable because the illusion is time-bound, just as you yourselves appear to be.  Within the context of the illusion, where you are experiencing an unreal and threatening reality due to the fear of scarcity, disease, suffering, and finally death, it takes time for events that you anticipate to occur – the apparently irreversible arrow of time!

Remember, you chose to manufacture the illusion to experience separation from God, from Reality, and as you have been frequently told, in the moment that you made that choice God instantly provided the escape from it — its resolution, your way Home.  In Reality you are always at Home with your loving Father and all of His divine creation.  The illusion was but a momentary aberration that you built to amuse yourself and into which you projected yourself in myriad forms, and with a time-line to follow; and that time-line is coming to an end.  When it does, you will awaken from the illusion to discover that but a moment has passed since you fell asleep, and that while you were sleeping nothing occurred to disturb the eternal peace of God’s divine realm. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Shanata Gabriel

Sparking the Sacred Empowerment Within

29. Mar, 2012 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel 0

Dear Ones,When you deepen in the fire of pure awareness you create the circuitry that sparks the presence of Sacred Empowerment within you. This fire is that which is over and above all being, existing beyond consciousness, beaming forever as a sun rising in the truth of Divine Awakening.

Creation of the Sacred is born from the balanced flow of the Divine within all things. Birthing new life on a planetary scale is the awakening spark of energy facing all of humanity at this time. Choices are being offered, many forces are empowering your action in the world and multitudes of possibilities exist. Alignment with the Universal Being allows you to know what constitutes right action and you are then guided to take the steps in the world necessary for your new birth in the Grand Cycle that is awakening at this time.

The Mother Earth is experiencing the upheaval of birth and humanity is in labor with her. Are you coming to this sacred moment in a manner that honors the Divinity that exists in all of Nature, including your own being? Continue reading “Shanata Gabriel”

Karen Doonan


Dear ones we come to guide and support as many are now FEELing the new energies, they may show up in your life experience as “losses”, as “frustrations” but in TRUTH they are breaking through the density that YOU have embraced in the human life journey. Many of the teachings of distortion appeared to be TRUTH, many appeared to be LOVE and many, many human BEings absorbed them without question. These are what is dissolving for YOU at this time dear ones and these are what are now pulling YOU out of the gloom and into the brightness that is YOU.

As the teachings are shown to YOU then YOU have a choice, YOU may try to absorb them all over again or YOU may choose to dissolve them. Absorbing them will cause chaos and frustration to arise within YOUr BEing as the energies that are the teachings of distortion are lower vibrational frequencies that no longer resonate with human consciousness. The more that YOU work on them to absorb them the greater the discordance that will appear in YOUr human life journey. This is causing much friction in many human BEings and why we have now stepped forward to highlight the frequencies that are now shifting across the planet earth.

That which is not TRUTH will dissolve, it will dissolve in due course but to speed up the dissolving and to anchor PEACE within YOUr very BEing we guide for YOU to detach from them. As it is not possible to see something that is hidden the new energies are now highlighting that which no longer resonates. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Ute Posegga-Rudel

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012



Dear ones,
Now is the time to melt duality, appearing as good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine, into One. Now is the time to transcend that dualistic mind through true and authentic heart-feeling, which is Love. Love has many attributes, and appears as joy, bliss, happiness.
If you want your path to be sucessful in these times where the battle between opposite forces are at their peak, allow the truth of the  inherent unity of all things and beings  to govern your heart. As long as you divide in dual pairs and fight against the “other” side of the coin, you give power to it!
So the only way, to truly achieve victory on your planet and support Gaia’s ascension and Her surrender to the Highest Consciousness, is by releasing any thought and emotion that is based on division and judgment. Continue reading “Ute Posegga-Rudel”

Sarah Jane Grace

Mountains and Molehills

Sarah-Jane Grace
a message from Sarah-Jane Grace
Monday, 18 June, 2012  (posted 19 June, 2012)

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There can be no denying that this is a time of great shift and change; from the tiniest atom to the most majestic mountain, everything is shifting, moving and evolving. Of course, this has been the way since the dawn of time, but things seem to have intensified and quickened now.

As each of us continues to embrace change, like the drifting continents and the growing mountains, we are evolving and expanding both within and without. In many ways this suggests a slow and gradual process, but when looked at in the terms of Universal time, this is but the blink of an eye, and in this particular blink of an eye we are changing beyond recognition!

Life presents challenges to face and mountains to climb, but as we continue to move mountains we can see that we are creating our very own snow capped mountain range with its own beauty and majesty. In other words, our efforts are reaping benefits, and whilst it feels like a long and drawn-out process, things are changing.

As we now take another step forward on the path ahead, there is a feeling of hope and optimism rising up and welcoming us like the rays of a new dawn. The waves of change are not always easy waves to ride, and there are times when we may feel like the ebbs are pulling us off-course or worse, but with strength and focus, we realise that we can move beyond the eddies, to the stillness and peace of the mountains.

Of course, even the mountains move and shift, for nothing ever stays the same, but in the relative stillness of the mountain air we can collect our thoughts, re-focus and begin to gain a truer sense of Self. As we gaze at the magnificence of our very own inner Himalayas, we can celebrate at the monumental journey that we have made to Self. Whilst this journey is on-going, this doesn’t mean that we cannot take a while to breathe in the mountain air and be thankful for all that we have.

As we pause to gaze at the awe-inspiring site of the mountains, we can see the many inner walls that we have broken down, the rivers that we have re-directed and the dams that we have allowed to run free in the process. With each passing day we have taken a step closer towards Self and a breath nearer bliss. The sight of the mountains is a sign that we have reached a milestone within, for we have opened up to the power of our intention and the Truth of our existence.

It is important to realise that we have not been sitting powerlessly on the sidelines of life waiting for this to happen though; we need to acknowledge our own role in the process, for it is through our own grit and determination that we now find ourselves in a different world. Continue reading “Sarah Jane Grace”

Ute Posegga-Rudel


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear ones,
Now is the time to melt duality, appearing as good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine, into One. Now is the time to transcend that dualistic mind through true and authentic heart-feeling, which is Love. Love has many attributes, and appears as joy, bliss, happiness.
If you want your path to be successful in these times where the battle between opposite forces are at their peak, allow the truth of the  inherent unity of all things and beings  to govern your heart. As long as you divide in dual pairs and fight against the “other” side of the coin, you give power to it!
So the only way, to truly achieve victory on your planet and support Gaia’s ascension and Her surrender to the Highest Consciousness, is by releasing any thought and emotion that is based on division and judgment. Continue reading “Ute Posegga-Rudel”




This is additional information to the 1213 Charter, along with other important information. I stated in “The United States Is Still A British Colony”, that the king gave his holdings to the Pope. I also stated that the 1215 Charter was made null and void by the Pope. I have new information that may surprise you on this subject. You will see the letters of correspondence between the Pope and King John, concerning these two charters. You will also read information connecting our flag to Britain’s, through the colors, and the direct connection these colors have to the Pope. You will see new information connecting American lawyers to the British Bar, and tacit connection to the Pope.
American and World history have been rewritten, by the exclusion of historical events, for the protection of special interests named in this paper. In this paper I’ve uncovered some of these lies and truths not told. In some cases a lie can also be withheld truth. I have dealt with both modes of deception in my book. The two charters mentioned above have much withheld truth. The quoted portions of the personal correspondence between the Pope and the king deal with claims I have made regarding these two charters.
It’s not my purpose to tell you what, or how to think, but remove the barrier keeping you from thinking outside of the box in which you live, your mind. A box filled and shaped with information provided by those that wish you to think a certain way.

Before you read these letters and the other important information I will deal with in this paper, there is some hidden knowledge you need to understand, it deals with the human mind. What I’m going to tell you will help you understand not only this paper, but any information you read, or hear. This information is short and is contained in this brief forward.
In this paper I’m going to challenge the very foundations for which you base your beliefs, concerning the Constitution and your freedom, and your religion no matter what it is. I call these subjects, “the building blocks of human understanding”; every human is programmed with these building blocks, to a greater or lessor extent. A great deception is taking place, and the executors of the deception are three organizations most trusted by the public; government, media and religion. Only after you come to the realization that you have been deceived, will you be able to think outside of the box which has been provided through education and other mediums, for you. Through the government, media and religion you have been brainwashed with predetermined information, the building blocks of the human mind, your programming.
My purpose for sharing this information is “truth”. Keep in mind I was taught the same information as you. Thoroughly indoctrinated by the public schools, television, organized religion and any other medium of indoctrination that formed my beliefs, including the United States Marine Corps. I would say I have had more to overcome than most people, as to the brainwashing I received. Only through making God Almighty’s Word my foundation, not Man’s indoctrination, was I able to see beyond the box, the reality created for me.
I wish I could MAKE everyone understand how the human mind works, a subject so simple, it is difficult to understand and explain.

As I said above this deals with brainwashing, through indoctrination and programming. I know the subversive term brainwashing automatically triggers disbelief and suspicion; I ask you to bear with me. Whatever your programming has been, it is the reason, the cause, for the way you view and disseminate information. This is the reason there are so many different religions, types of governments and social experiments. The people under these different systems, will go to their grave thinking they are right, simply because of their programming.
Have you never wondered how a Muslim could strap a bomb to his body and kill himself and many others? It is due to his programming, that began at birth. The Muslims have been taught they have 70 virgins waiting for them after they blow themselves up, among other things, and that they are doing the will of God, and will be rewarded for their sacrifice. Only religion promising a reward greater than the suffering here on earth, makes it possible for a human to be programmed in such a way, willing to kill him or herself, along with many innocent people. I am sure there are those in the Muslim religion, amazed how we could believe the Christian religion and do the things we do.
As an example, the Pope promised the crusaders that if they would fight against the Muslims, that he, the Pope, would pray their souls out of hell and that they would go to heaven. Do you see any difference between this and the belief of the suicide bombers? Christian’s were foolish and ignorant enough to believe the Pope. How was it possible? Through the twisting of God’s Word by a man claiming to be the equal of Jesus Christ, the Vicar of Christ. Deception can only take place where there is a lack of knowledge. To prove brainwashing is not restricted to foreign governments and other religions, as an example I’ll use the USMC (U.S. government). In just thirteen weeks, the time spent in USMC boot camp, an average man that is self centered, concerned only with his own life is transformed into a man that is willing to charge a machine gun nest without hesitation, kill without discretion, or give up his life retrieving a fallen Marine. Brainwashing is necessary in a war setting, but should not be used on the public. To prove brainwashing is used, I heard with my own ears in a Congressional hearing several years ago, a Marine Corps General being questioned, and he offered up this information, that the USMC uses brainwashing to get Marines to charge into a deadly situation when told to do so, to follow orders without question. I’m not arguing right or wrong, my point is, any mind can be brainwashed.

If brainwashing can be done in such a short time, think of what years of public school have done to you, not to mention television, without your knowledge. I laugh when I hear someone in government talk about the extremists in other countries, or even in this country, about their being brainwashed. Strictly because they disagree or oppose the public policy in this country, or their beliefs are contrary to Judeo Christian beliefs. For the average American to get a full picture of what it means to be brainwashed, they need to look in a mirror, examine their own thoughts and beliefs, and how they came by them. The mind set in this county is, it is only others that can be brainwashed; this is what makes me laugh.
The indoctrination sponsored by government through the public schools, and the social engineering by government to create a Country of mind numb robots, that function as the renewable resources they are legally defined to be, is a crime.
No one wants to think they could be so easily manipulated, but you have been, just as I was. Why is the public manipulated in such a way? Because they make better slaves. Just as it serves those that orchestrate this maniacal system, to cause strife between the races and religions, the blacks to hate whites, or vice versa, the poor to hate the rich, or vice versa, the Protestants to hate the Catholics, or both religions to hate all other religions, and vice versa. They keep everyone, distracted with a multitude of issues, so busy earning a living, they have no time to educate themselves. Just as Thomas Jefferson warned, we would be satisfied with the crumbs from our masters table, and the sixteen hours a day it would take to earn them.

You can take any child, I don’t care what nationality, keep that child from the teachings that are indigenous to his people, teach him the contrary and that child that grows into an adult, will reject the beliefs that are indigenous to his people, in preference to his indoctrination. Take an Anglo Saxon, Catholic or Protestant that has no knowledge of the Muslim faith, indoctrinate that child in the Muslim faith, and that child will be a Muslim till death and will be capable of taking up arms against a non Muslim, or Nation.

This is THE truth, I don’t care what religion you are, or what ethnicity you are, nor does it matter the level of your intelligence. Whatever was programmed into you as a child, into the human mind, God, god, or lack of a God or god, country or religion. Brainwashing subjugates that person’s beliefs the rest of his or her life, and will determine how they disseminate all information that comes to them later in life, either accepting it or rejecting it, based on whether or not it agrees with their programming as a child and young adult. Only through deprogramming and reprogramming can this be changed. As an adult you can be reprogrammed, if certain procedures are used, as I pointed out above, describing the USMC. How much more susceptible is a child? A child’s mind is a empty hard disk so to speak, it will accept whatever operating system you install on it.

I wrote the following analogy several years ago, I think it may help, more now, since more people understand the function of a computer.
“If you have some knowledge of computers, you know that the operating system; I’ll use DOS as an example, is at the lowest level on the hard drive, it is the foundation on which the rest of the data is built and disseminated. The human mind is no different, your operating system is your core beliefs, God, parents teaching, school; with many in this country you can substitute government for God.

Before your mind accepts any information, it is first disseminated by your core beliefs and rejected if the information coming in is in conflict with your core beliefs. Just as with a hard drive, that is programmed with say DOS 5, all programs installed on the hard drive, have to be accepted by DOS 5 as compatible and not harmful to the operating system. If DOS 5 finds the program your trying to install is in conflict with the operating system, it will be rejected. Likewise, if you input certain information into the human mind during the programming years, you will have predictable behavior by that person, just as with the computer, from birth all the way to the grave.
The only way to change or modify the core beliefs of a human, is to override the existing information with new or modified information, that has to come from such a reliable source, the human mind will allow itself to be reprogrammed, causing the belief structure to be changed. Just as the computer will not allow DOS 5 to be upgraded to DOS 6, unless it recognizes it as coming from its creator, Microsoft. The most reliable and reputable source as far as the computer is concerned. With a human mind, it depends how far down you are going into the program, and what are the predominant core beliefs. The core beliefs in place will determine the level of reliability as well as the source of the information needed, before the information will be accepted. It’s sometimes necessary to deprogram the human mind, just as you would format a hard drive, figuratively speaking, to remove faulty data or software. This is very similar to what takes place with the human mind that is deprogrammed, you then reinstall the program you want, reprogram the mind. Just as you would install a new operating system on a hard drive, after you format the drive.

Let me give you another example as to how this works. I know through understanding this principle, through self examination of my beliefs, and the information that created them, that the Bible and Jesus are THE ONLY reality, and that Satan is the orchestrator, the manipulator of the governments, thereby responsible for the World in which we live today, but allowed by God Almighty for the fulfillment of His Son’s Word, and the operation of Jesus’ Kingdom, in which he rules the World and controls the governments of the World with a Rod of Iron.

Now, examine how the statement above effected you, how did you react, but more importantly, Why? I know you reacted, in an instant of time, without any effort or forethought on your part, and with no awareness the process was taking place. You formed an opinion, the information was either accepted or rejected.

WHY? You had no idea while reading the above paragraph, that your thought process was being manipulated, causing you to react a particular way. Folks this happens to everyone daily, your response is predictable. Based on how Americans have been programmed as a child by their parents, and later by the schools, churches, media and government. I want you to be able to recognize this, this is the only way you can be truly free. Be honest with yourself here, no one knows but you. What sets apart your reaction, from say a Christian’s, from a Muslim’s, or a Baptist’s from a Catholic’s, etc.? How do you know your reaction is correct, and that the information you learned years before was correct? You just used your prior programming to disseminate the statement I made above. Are you correct? Have you checked it out? Do you have proof? Did you not react to the statement I made above with the information you were programmed with? Would not your reaction have been different if you were raised as a Muslim versus a Christian, or an Atheist? Be honest, think about your immediate reaction to what I said, compare the reaction you had to what you could imagine coming from yourself if you were programmed another way. All humans are the same in regards to their creation, the mind of a Muslim works the same as a Christian. So why are there different reactions to what I said above? Programming, brainwashing to be blunt. The example I gave deals with religion, but replace religion with any subject, any reaction you have is based on your prior programming. Until you understand this you will never be free and be able to think outside of the box. To go against the way your programmers want you to think.

Why did God Almighty create Man, including Woman with this feature? To protect Man from error, which would bring about Man’s separation from God Almighty, and ultimately cause Man’s death. The circumvention of God’s creation is what happened in the garden of Eden, “reprogramming”. Satan understood this principle, and used it against Man, by enticing Man to see with the flesh instead of his spirit and programming provided by God Almighty, by asking Man, “hath God Said”, just enough doubt to question God Almighty, to get Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. What else did Satan say? “You’ll be as God, knowing good and evil” from that point, the programming and the built in protection given God Almighty’s creation, was perverted and used against God’s creation, Man. What is the relevance? The same mind created by God Almighty, will believe anything it is programmed with, truth or a lie, good or evil. Without God’s Word and Spirit, Jesus as your foundation, any programming is possible. As I said above you can take any child, and create anything from a Jeffery Dommer, to George Washington; of course I’m speaking of morals and core beliefs, not intellect. The human flesh is capable of any evil or atrocity, we have many historical examples of this. Many have been perpetrated by the different religions and governments. Only through understanding the human mind and how it works, and that there are forces in the World using this understanding of the mind against you, will you be able to think outside the box, only with the correct building blocks, the foundational programming provide by God’s Word and His Son Jesus Christ can you disseminate the information being pumped into you, no matter what medium it comes at you, through government controlled schools, through the media or through religion. There are many different mediums of indoctrination. I hope through self examination you will be able to analyze the beliefs you hold. Beliefs that have been provided for you, which you have accepted as truth without confirming the information. Beliefs you have accepted solely because of supposed reliability of the source, in the belief the source would never lie to you, or that the source has your best interest at heart.

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Open Letter to Our Military

Posted on 06/16/2012


There have been several tasks given to different people through military command.  To date all have been either completed as requested or are still developing.

This is an open letter to those who requested these specific missions.  At the onset of these missions, extraordinary efforts were expended in just their start up.   Each of these required a similar expending of time and effort to complete, all on a voluntary basis.

There were very few objections as to following mission parameters and instructions.  Real patriots seldom complain of any hardship involved in any true patriotic effort either.

We The People have done as requested, and yet there is a great and growing concern.   As many as possible have been contacted, groups, militias, and freedom loving individuals.  These number in the millions here in the states, with many more millions world wide, watching closely.

Our efforts are looked at as the cornerstone to be built upon for all nations.  This was only a dream of a hope for those of us most directly involved in all this.  It seems that everyone is looking to us to lead the way, just as happened in part because of our war for independence.

There is and has been growing concerns as to the military’s not taking action that the people see as both vital and timely.   I have offered the tactical complexities, both in house and outside, as a possible reason or cause for this delay.

However, there are a growing number who are beginning to believe that there never was any intent on the military’s part, to help the people in their efforts to restore our foundations, etc. This is where things are at presently.

The request is major, both for you and the people.   In order to restore the faith in the military helping the people, an official statement of this intent needs to be made.

I understand all the ramifications involved in an action of this nature. Therefore, I have decided to go farther out on the limb I’m presently on, and offer you to directly contact me.

I was asked to offer several things in my broadcasts on internet radio as a help in the overall plan.
  •   I have accepted the risks involved in the same light as our founders.
  •   I pledge my honor, life, and fortune in this effort.
  •   I can do no less for my country and my countrymen

We The People now respectfully request the same from our military.   Note that this will be sent out to everyone I have been asked to contact.  Thus, the quicker the reply, the better.

The country looks forward to your reply,.

        ~ Drake

Published on Jun 9, 2012 by 

This is a compilation of individual and collective declarations at the table of the Council of the Warriors of the Rainbow, with the off world forces of Creation, Creator, their children, the Supreme Being of Heart and Mind and their children. Let it be known that extractions of the cabal have already begun to aid those on earth on mission to restore the earth and free humanity. These extractions by off world forces, will continue until their extinction or their surrender before June 21st. (Not a channeling).

We are the Warriors of the Rainbow


The Oracle Report

Monday, June 18, 2012


Balsamic Moon Phase

Today’s energy requires a bit of discipline because emotions are running high, causing people to be somewhat manipulative, controlling, and bossy. Impulsivity is also heightened.  Wise owls will use the energy and whatever develops from it to feel relief from pressures that have been building and for second chances.  The reponse to Saturday’s post about the Earth aligning with the Galactic Center has been amazing.  Many people had fantastic spiritual experiences and unusual encounters with white animals.  I love hearing from everyone and am still responding to all of the mail.  It is apparent that Sophia is communicating with individuals more and more.  And it was fun to be a part of the party, even though entities opposed to our connection with the Earth created mischief with the website in an attempt to disrupt the message.  No matter, it doesn’t stop us.  Today is the last day of the Balsamic Moon phase; the New Moon is tomorrow.  Balsamic is the magical time of the month, so continue to be on the lookout for magical happenings and magical white animals.


Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Journal

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

June 18 to 24, 2012

Highlighted Aspects for This Week

Wednesday: Pluto quincunx Venus, Saturn square Mercury, Sun enters Cancer/Solstice 4:09pm PDT, Uranus sextile Venus, Venus semisquare Mercury; Thursday: Mars sextile Mercury, Chiron sesquisquare Mercury; Saturday: Saturn sesquisquare Venus, Ceres enters Gemini, Neptune trine Sun; Sunday: Pluto square Uranus, Saturn stations direct 11:50pm PDT 

MANY THANKS to everyone who joined in on our teleclass last Thursday! And thanks, also, to each of you who sent me an enthusiastic email afterward — I’m so glad you enjoyed the class and found it helpful!

If you attended, I hope your experience of the rest of 2012 is enhanced through knowing what’s going on astrologically.

If you were not able to attend the class, you can still purchase access to the audio replay and the PowerPoint slides (in pdf format). Just send your request to, and I’ll reply with details.

Your purchase of the teleclass replay ($25) also enables you to receive the Special Teleclass Discount on your Personal Transits Reading (if requested by July 15). If you’re interested, please include that request in your email.

Now, on to the week’s news from the solar system!

THIS COMING WEEK is one of the biggest weeks of the year, astrologically speaking. And that’s saying a lot, given that we’ve already been through two eclipses and the Venus-Sun occlusion.

The main event is, of course, the Pluto-Uranus square we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks. This is one of those events that has effect far beyond the date the aspect is exact, so we’ve been working with its influence for a while now. Still, the week before and the week after a major aspect is exact often hold the most energy and information for us to work with.

IF YOU ATTENDED last week’s teleclass, you know that in addition to talking about the planetary influences for the next six months, I also pulled a tarot card to help us anchor into the greater meaning and intention for each month. For this, I used one of my favorite decks — the Osho Zen Tarot.

The card I pulled for the last two weeks of June shows the image  of a flower growing out of rocks. The title of the card is “Courage,” and here’s part of the interpretation:

“The seed cannot know what is going to happen, the seed has never known the flower. And the seed cannot even believe that there is the potential to become a beautiful flower. Long is the journey, and it is always safer not to go on that journey because unknown is the path, nothing is guaranteed…But the seed tries, it makes an effort; it drops the hard shell which is its security, it starts moving…The sprout starts towards the unknown, towards the sun, towards the source of light, not knowing where, not knowing why.”

“The flower shows us the way, as its passion for life leads it out of the darkness and into the light. There is no point fighting against the challenges of life, or trying to avoid or deny them. They are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them. Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.”

When this card came up in response to my request for guidance for the last two weeks of June, I thought, how perfect. Above all else, perhaps, we need Courage as we go through the challenges of the Pluto-Uranus square — especially those of us who are working directly with the effects through transits to their natal planets.

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The Oracle Report

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Third  Quarter Moon Phase

An M-1 class solar flare was released yesterday and is headed for Venus, Earth, and Mars.  Scientists say the CME will not reach us until Saturday, but since the Universe is plasmic and electro-magnetic, the effects are already in play.  When the Sun sends a coronal mass ejection, it intensifies the energy.  M-class flares are moderate – classified between weaker C-class and stronger X-class flares.  M-1 is the weakest M-class flare, but that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed.  We look at the zodiacal degree of the Sun for a clue as to what we can expect.  The Sun was at 23 Gemini when it released the flare.  Yesterday’s energy was about discovering new ways of doing things and gaining clarity/insight.  Today the Sun will contact the degree where Venus stationed retrograde and Jupiter is still in the wherabouts of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Ring of Fire (which is strongly activating the Ring of Fire in the Pacific and keeping open a portal for all kinds of mischief and trickery).  All of this means that things we’ve been trying to move away or move forward from will have a way of making themselves known again (revisiting).  We are finding new ways of doing things and new ways of being, but we are going to have the opportunity to make sure of what we want.  We could face a few challenges today or feel like we are not on solid ground.  This is a natural by-product of heading into new mental and emotional territory.  Remember that we are trying to regain a sense of balance between all the things we have going on in our lives.  Communication is highlighted in fluorescent neon, so you may hear some important, life-changing information.  All in all we are being swept up to a new level.  Some would call it evolution but I call it ensconcement because it takes us deeper into the fold of our Source.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Third Quarter Moon Phase

As we continue to adjust to the energy of Jupiter in Geminin, we are trying to come into balance.  Things are trying to correct or “right” themselves.  We are trying to upstand.  Jupiter will be at the degree of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Ring of Fire for a little while, keeping the ring (vortex) open for negativity.  Dark forces are certainly strong right now.  Stay vigilent and positive, grounded and centered with the Earth to counter anything that might be around.  Darkness is attracted to bright light.  This is a tough transition of energy, and it breeds frustration, anger, and hopelessness.  Remember that we are just in a balancing time and things will settle out.  Stay on the light side.

Freer Spirit

Reigniting the flame

Posted by Freer Spirit on May 31, 2012 · 13 Comments

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After diligent focus and intent, I finally saw my twin flame soul mate in public two weeks ago. She initiated contact with a friendly “hello,” opening the door for further communication. We have been communicating via text messages for the past two weeks, and tomorrow evening we are going to see each other (alone) for the first time in four years.

I am asking for your thoughts, prayers and positive vibrations. As many of you know, one of the most difficult things for twin flames to do is reunite into harmony. And, as many of you also know, when harmony is accomplished, this energy of the reunited sparks tons of positive energy into Mother Earth and all across the planet.

We need all the blessings, positive vibrations and prayers we can get. Please envision us together, happy and harmonious, if you will, tonight and tomorrow. We are meeting at 7:00 PM EST (New York).

Thank you, so much, everyone, for your assistance. We are part of the Pleiadian Ring of 500, which is comprised of 250 pairs of twin-flame soul mates. One pair of our incarnated twin-flame soul mates has already reunited. As more of us come together, our collective energies will make it easier for more and more twin flames to reunite.


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