Finding the Balance Between Action and Inaction

Sri Aurobindo Studies

The Yoga of knowledge emphasizes the importance of withdrawal from action in order to focus the attention and achieve the necessary mental and vital stillness for the achievement of spiritual liberation. There can be no doubt that the seeker must at some point undertake this focus and the ability to withdraw from the outer world’s demands is clearly helpful, if not in fact totally necessary.

At the same time, the Yoga of knowledge has tended to treat the withdrawal or renunciation of the outer world of action as a goal unto itself, and has thus condemned the outer life as being either of lesser importance or reality, or an illusory existence from which the seeker must escape.

Sri Aurobindo observes that for the integral Yoga, which accepts the reality of the world and its spiritual purpose, a total abandonment of that world is neither necessary nor desired. “The seeker of…

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Lisa Transcendence Brown | Infinite Shift | Ascension | First Wave Volunteers | Starseeds | Lightworkers | Blue Rays

“Aloha sweet Ascending Family of Light!
We’ve been VERY BUSY in the SLEEP state together lately and clearing collapsed timelines with these huge Light Activations that are continual in every moment now. Lots going on in every direction, in every moment…”

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God’s Will, Not Mine

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God hears our prayers
knows our every need.
He whispers, “Wait, not yet.
When the time is right
you will receive.”

God listens to our pleas
says, “No, I have something
better for you. Please trust me”
then dries our tears.

God understand and grants
our prayers when what we ask for
is what is best for us
as only He knows.

We must surrender
to the Lord who
hears our prayers
asking always to understand
God’s will and for Him
to grant us the power to
do as He has said.

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Message from Yeshua – You have reached a very crucial time in your development – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 10-29-15

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Message from Yeshua   –   You have reached a very crucial time in your development   –   Channeled by Fran Zepeda   –   10-29-15



Now is the time to take stock of your beautiful accomplishments in this, your journey of ascension. You may feel all is in chaos right now, or perhaps you feel you do not know yourself anymore. All good, dear ones, for you have entered yet another phase of your ascension.

Let it be told and let it be known that All is well. All is as it should be. You have reached a very crucial time in your development and it is time to acknowledge all you have accomplished and all you have endured on this beautiful journey of ascension.

With each step up the ladder of ascension, you encounter new vistas, new ways of looking at things, and it may seem like all has…

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November III – Let My Limits Go

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As Lightlover explains, 11 November isn’t just a New Moon…

“With thanks to Soulspeak ( ) for the introduction.  Nothing there I would question, and I recognize many threads that I’ve been writing about.  I don’t usually read or understand “Ascension” material, but this one rings clear as a bell from start to end.”

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She – Fullness of Goddesshood

Judith Kusel

Now she claims her full Goddess hood, and she claims all that she is, and she no longer shrinks away from the power of womanhood, but she embraces it all.  She stands there fearless, and stands firmly rooted in Mother Earth, as she is firmly rooted in the Divine Cosmos, and all that is, and will ever be, and she does not need to be validated for who and what she is!  SHE IS ALL.Therefore, she will love fiercely, loyally, and with her whole heart, mind, soul, spirit, body and being the man who is fearless in loving her too. The man who is willing to love her totally, complete, and not shrink away from her power, but stands fully in his own manhood and power too.

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She – Fullness of Goddesshood

Judith Kusel


She is no longer looking at men to validate her worth

.She is no longer begging to be loved for her soul, and all of her being, for she understands that her soul is infinitely connected with All-that-is.

She feels deeply and profoundly, for she is that heart-felt Being, who creates with great love, and all whose lives she touches can drink from that eternal fountain and find the love that is expressed in trillions of millions of ways.

She loves what she does, and she does what she loves, and she is not waiting anymore for the approval of others, for she understands that she is unique and special, and needs to live what she is truthfully and from her heart and soul.  Whether others understand this, or not, is none of her business – her business is to live her life as best she can, with all that…

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MOTHER SEKHMET – Great Council at Shambhalla – Changeover on Earth – via Elizabeth Trutwin – 7-14-15

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MOTHER SEKHMET   –   Speaks with the Great Council at Shambhalla   –    Changeover on Earth  –   via  Elizabeth Trutwin   –   7-14-15

Hollow Earth Network

When we originally began the Grand Experiment of Duality, MotherFather Gods first born named Jehovah and Lilith were sparks. They were souls that were complete and whole unto each other. TwinFlames in one ball of light. They flowed along side each other in the light matter Universe. We all were Created together as TwinFlames complete and Whole at this same time.

As they developed and grew from plasma sparks of light into Spheres then they gained Wisdom and grew more. Jehovah (Yahweh) was then part of the light. He began to have miscreated thoughts that maybe when he was created he was not the same as his Father and Mother. Maybe something had been held back. This anguish he felt made him want to Dual…

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