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“The Aging Process is Not Necessary”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the aging process. There are many ingrained beliefs related to the aging process and we would like to help shed some light on the subject at hand. There are many on your world who believe that to age is inevitable; that it is a guaranteed certainty. However we would like to inform you that this is actually not the case.

You see the human body was meant to regenerate constantly and therefore never actually ever experience the process of deterioration. However this belief and understanding has been long since lost with the destruction of both the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. The human body still repairs and regenerates itself from illnesses however your beliefs will always determine what your experience will be. There are many who are searching for the antidote for the aging process, all the while never really realizing that it cannot be found in a bottle or a pill, it can only be found within. This is what we would like to help you to better understand. Read more


Unemployed Coal Miners Install Solar Panels Now

Source: New Earth Daily

Unemployed Coal Miners Install Solar Panels Now

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A group devoted to creating alternative energy jobs in Central Appalachia is building a first for West Virginia’s southern coalfields region this week – a set of rooftop solar panels, assembled by unemployed and underemployed coal miners and contractors.

The 40- by 15-foot solar array going up on a doctor’s office in Williamson is significant not for its size but for its location: It signals to an area long reliant on mining that there can be life beyond coal. Read more

Kelly Rosano

Source: New Earth Daily

Gemini Lunar Eclipse ~ Power of LOVE

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse on November 28 reveals the power of Love. This is our last eclipse in 2012 and the final Gemini eclipse until June 2020. We have a loud noisy party going on. The planets, asteroids and stars are engaged in multiple conversations.  There is a massive amount of information being shared.  However, it is wise to use our discernment in what is relevant, useful and what can be ignored.

Many people are feeling that we have just survived a severely intense Scorpio cycle.  We are rising out of the dark and into the dawn of the new day.  Freedom loving, optimistic and expansive Sagittarius is revealing glimpses of our bright future on the horizon.

The Gemini Lunar eclipse is an opposition between the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (unconsciousness.)  Oppositions create awareness’s that come to us externally. We can own our power and take responsibility for our choices and behavior. Or, we can project our patterns, our unconscious aspects of Self onto other people. We are at choice. The more we practice conscious awareness. We will see that the Law of Attraction matches our thoughts and feelings. Read more

Activate your PHLashLight

Published on Nov 27, 2012 by

What is your PHLashLight? It is a flash of light made of pure love you send from your heart. As soon as you send this love out from your heart you will feel a warm rush of pure joy and love coming back to you. The feeling is of Pure Ecstasy! If you feel led to, share this video far and wide…. for those that feel they don’t know what possible difference that one average person can make in the scope of the whole world, this simple intention done at least once daily will begin to help raise the vibration which will help to CHANGE the WORLD!

Please visit us at or as we will be adding more in the coming days.


We must “Be the Change we wish to see in the World”. (Mahatma Gandhi)


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Earth Chakras

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Earth Chakras and Vortices | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseEarth Chakras and Vortices


Looking at Nature all around us, we cannot help but marvel at its raw beauty and rhythm. Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity. With its own free will, it is meticulously orchestrating a symphony of equilibrium and constant evolution, communicating with all its inhabitants, the solar system and the universe.

Ancient civilizations revered their host as a sacred entity: they believed her to be their “Great Mother” and often built their megalithic sacred monuments in areas they considered “Earth’s Highest Energy Vortexes” or “Earth Chakras”. Structures like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt and Mayan, Aztec, and Incan monuments along with many temples, churches and pilgrimage sites are now considered powerful energetic spots.

Location of the Earth’s Seven Major Chakras Earth Chakras and Vortices

Ancient civilizations and modern esoteric traditions believe that the body of our physical blue planet materialized from a universal energy matrix and has a subtle structure, similar to the human energy field.
This energetic structure peaks in seven major “Chakra Sites” located on each continent, where the strongest Energy Vortexes are situated. Hundreds of minor earth chakras are also spread all over the planet. They are believed to be spherical in shape, expanding in all three dimensional directions in a spiral motion, with a radius extending for hundreds of kilometers. They may either spin clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Their location varies according to different traditions,but most accept the 7 main Chakras as being: Read more

Nancy B. Detweiler

Source: The Way of Love Blog


Posted on November 30, 2012 by Nancy B. Detweiler



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

You and I are presently spinning around on one of the billions of planets in our Milky Way Galaxy.  Gaia—the Soul of the Great Being whose physical body is Earth—graciously agreed eons ago to be a prison planet within our galaxy.  Earth humans have been too violent to be permitted the freedom to move around our solar system and galaxy.  We have been quarantined and denied knowledge of our galactic brothers and sisters.  Naively, we have believed Earth humans to be the only intelligent beings in the magnificent cosmos in which we live.  We rejoiced over the first human landing on the Moon, while in reality our galactic brothers and sisters were speeding effortlessly hither and yon from one planet to another.



Read more

TreeSisters – Calling All Women

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What can YOU do?

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4. Get involved in your own community

Calling all women who care! This is the TreeSister call to passion; a call for balance, for increased feminine leadership in this world of ours, for billions of new trees and an invitation to us all to do what is needed to protect life on Earth.

Spread this far and wide!!

We need to get the word out to build a sisterhood that has the power to effect the scale of change that is needed now.

Video created by the Bristol TreeSisters.
Music (used with kind permission) by Urban Myth Club:


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Cat Johnson ~ The Rise of the Sharing Communities

Source: Exopermaculture

The Rise of the Sharing Communities

November 28, 2012

Creative commons photo by Lobkovs

As the sharing economy picks up momentum, its reach has become global. In cities and towns around the world, people are creating ways to share everything from baby clothes to boats, hardware to vacation homes. There are also groups emerging that consciously identify with the big-picture sharing movement. These groups focus on education, action and community-building, and advocate for a cultural shift toward widespread sharing.

From neighborhood-level cooperatives to global organizations, these groups work to bring sharing into the mainstream. They see sharing as a new paradigm; a means to a more democratic society, and they understand that sharing is not a new fad but an ancient practice that technology is reinvigorating. Read more

Gregg Braden

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by

For over 25 years, Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining his discoveries with the best science of today, his original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries.

The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. Personal coherence, also known as psychophysiological coherence, refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are. 

Personal coherence, also known as psychophysiological coherence, refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are. 

Global coherence refers to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the greater community of human beings, while acting in concert with their own hearts, each other and nation to nation in harmony with our living planet. HeartMath believes coherence on a grand scale is highly achievable when large numbers of people focus their heart intelligence on a common goal.




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Shanta Gabriel

Source: Spirit Library

The 12:12:12 Activation

Shanta Gabriel
a message from Shanta Gabriel
Friday, 23 November, 2012  (posted 30 November, 2012)

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Dear Ones,

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now. Read more

Susan Leland

Source: Ashtar on the Road

Ashtar –
Pre-Ascension Preview –
Tues 11-27
“Greetings, Beloved Family! The excitement continues to mount as we observe and feel with you the imminence of your Ascensions! We hasten to add that, although there is one date which is most generally acknowledged, each day is in fact a grand opportunity to advance upon your Paths!!!
“Thus it is that your Ascensions will be the end of your 3D Lifestyles as you know them, but they will also be the beginnings of your Higher Dimensional Lifestyles. You will each continue in your chosen directions, and your opportunities for them are as varied as you want them to be.

“It is your Higher Dimensional Homecomings which we shall be focusing upon when next we gather!!!* Read More

John Smallman

Source: John Smallman’s Blog

The ride towards home is accelerating as the divine Love field continues to expand exponentially, and more and more humans start to engage with it — as is essential for your awakening.  It is amazing to see the Light from each one of you grow brighter and brighter as you strengthen your intent to be only loving in every situation, and thus become more firmly interwoven into the divine Love field by that intent.

It is impossible to overstress the importance of Love!  As you have frequently been told Love is the life-force, the energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  You built the illusion to experience life devoid of any connection to that field, but your Father ensured that it would be impossible for you to break that connection.  However, due to your free will, you were able to shut down your awareness of it, and pretend that you were masters of your illusory domain where you thought you had no need for God. Read more


Higher D Magnetic and Temporal Codes have Activated

29 Nov

Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated. Supreme sensations come rapidly to all Hue-manity. Humanity general also receives these, but activations occur later.

Movement to Higher D elevations occurs readily now, as old paradigm patterns dissolve. Illusion is no longer supported in any aspect and rapidly appears, then dis-appears, from consciousness.

“Second-class” or lower choices are not supported, rather only those which are connected to Higher Self.

Gaia shines with the Joy of Highest Fulfillment.

Be… at Peace.

All… is well.

Ceremonial Chiefs of the Yankton Sioux Say It’s Time to Share Knowledge with the Public

Published on Aug 1, 2012 by

Many Indigenous Chiefs, medicine people and wisdom keepers will speak at the next Star Knowledge Conference. Go to




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Sandra Walter

Published on Nov 22, 2012 by

Busy folks: go to 13:30 for a direct message. Excerpt from a very important intel update on the 12-12-12. Preparation is key to receiving in December.

If guided, take the eCourse at Many blessings to all of us for a divine expansion of our consciousness _()_

Music graciously provided by


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Bill Ballard ~ 12-3-12 Global Meditation

Published on Nov 29, 2012 by

We are coming to the 12/3/12 Global Meditation and Focused Intent these next days. Everyone knows we are also coming up to our spiritual benchmark for this cycle’s rate of expansion of concsiousness. How about if we set our intent for the 12/3/12 meditation on having the current level of consciousness expansion continuing at the rate we are presently experiencing for the remainder of time and throughout this next cycle or more. We are manifesting our reality! That is like being asked what you would like for your 3 wishes, and the first wish would be to have wishes forevermore… Just a thought Im putting out to the collective and other MEs our there! LOVE!




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Bill Ballard

Published on Nov 29, 2012 by

The Full Moon Eclipse last night certainly cleared massive amounts of lower vibrations from the field leaving it in a pure most pristine state! Today’s energies are like I have never experienced but in slight glimpses before, in small tastes and glimpses of that home feeling! WOW!
WE have 3 more CMEs incoming, so far, as we continue stepping up the energies til we arrive at the next big shift on 12/12/12.
I spoke of Sandra Walters newest videos that are fantastic and here is the links:

And here are links to the Star Knowledge 12/12/12 Gathering I will be at:

My Facebook page for those asking:

I do accept donations for my work on PayPal which my PayPal and email address is the same:

Bill Ballard




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Laura Bruno

Source: Laura Bruno’s Blog

Off-Loading Karma and Cellular Memory

Posted by laurabruno in Past Lives.

Just a quick heads up: today’s eclipse and the next three days offer an exceptional window of opportunity to off-load a bunch of old junk — especially past life junk. I’ve noticed this in myself and during some sessions this week: the veils between lifetimes are particularly thin right now. If you’re experiencing major emotional or physical symptoms that have you stopped in your tracks, use that pause to inquire, “Is this even related to my current lifetime?!” Notice your body’s response. If you feel an immediate shift of the energy, a lightening of your load, or prickles of relief and hope, I encourage you to send that baggage off with the Universal Bellhop.

You are a VIP in your own life … this life … and you have arrived! Kick off your shoes, fluff up your pillow, open the curtains, and smile at your good fortune. If the Universal Bellhop loses your luggage, no worries there. You didn’t want that old junk anyway, did you? Go ahead, open the closet in your penthouse suite. Everything there’s a perfect fit for your new, healthy body. Take a deep breath and let your your heart feel glad. Savor your new surroundings while you contemplate what “home” means. You’re not quite there yet, but you’ve moved out of the old digs. No need to drag the past — even the lengthy, distant past — around with you anymore. Read more

Brenda Hoffman

Skipping Through the Dimensions

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s 11/25/12 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Perhaps you continue to experience pain and loss. Something you didn’t expect after you cleared your personal and global fears. But the higher dimension you select as your comfort zone, the more cellular fear you will wish to clear.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for ”Physically, the New Age Isn’t What You Imagine”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show presents different channeled material than “Brenda’s Blog” even though both might be about a similar topic.

Dear Ones,

You are fast approaching the date you have declared as the end point of many aspects of your world. Earth is not going to explode or implode. Nor are you donning white gowns and floating into the ethers. You have selected this date to expedite your movement into the New Age.

What does that mean for you? The New Age is available for all who wish to partake. But part of the New Age being that is you includes selecting the dimension that feels most comfortable. Some of you are comfortable in the 4th dimension. Others will wish to transition into the 5th dimension and beyond. Continue reading “Brenda Hoffman”

Irma Kaye Sawyer

Cosmic Weather – Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Report, 11.28.12

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer
a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer
Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

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Hello friends. Well we sure have packed a lot of powerful astro-weather in just one month haven’t we? We have yet *another* significant event with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

This Full Moon in in the sign of Gemini in which change and communication are highlighted. The Power/Totem Animal that is also associated with Gemini moon is “Coyote,” which brings a fun, changeable mischievous kind of energy to the fore. Both Sagittarius (our current Sun) and Gemini have to do with *signs,* and sometimes they may come in the most unlikely of places. Be open to hearing divine guidance through that song on the radio, a billboard, or even a cryptic message from a passing stranger. This moon brings its own special kind of “mercurial” magic, and this may show up in waking or sleeping dreams, meditation experiences and in a myriad of other ways as well. Continue reading “Irma Kaye Sawyer”


Releasing the Goddess Energy

This morning’s meditation showed me once again that we will experience what we need to experience, no matter where we think we are on our spiritual path, and no matter what we may expect. Although this experience is quite personal, I’m writing about it because I know there are many people, especially women, who have gone through similar, and may be helped by my experience.

I was once again confronted with the pain and problems of my teenage years. I dealt with and healed myself years ago of the abuse – of all kinds – which I had suffered, and wondered why I was again confronted with it. However, there was no emotion attached to revisiting it this time and Spirit told me that it was necessary because I needed to realise how this abuse had injured my feminine side. I was shown many instances where it was always my feminine, loving side that was abused, and how my masculine side had tried to protect me, even though I was too young to have any defence against the abuse. What had happened in the end was that my feminine, loving side was so deeply injured that it totally retreated inside of me because it couldn’t cope with the emotional abuse, leaving my masculine, protective/defensive side to take over.

Spirit showed me that my body still held much of the pain this had caused me and said it was time to remove it. I was shown that most of it was attached to my feminine parts and could just be pulled out. I was surprised how easy it was to do this, as it came away without any problem or emotional attachment and caused me no anguish at all. I was then told that I could now release the goddess in myself – my own goddess energy. Continue reading “Gabrielle”

DL Zeta

Gratitude Activates Timelines where our Highest Visions Manifest
The last weeks of 2012 offer portals into new and expanded realities where we are living the dreams and visions we have held throughout time. These visions represent our spiritual purpose for this lifetime and are ready to be manifest.

Those who have spent decades honing skills will now find their footing on the path to deeper levels of mastery. Intuitives, artists, writers, inventors, musicians and others will find new ideas, potentials, inspiration, creativity and resources ready and available now.

Lower Frequencies aren’t Compatible with the New Time

All that waits in the wings now resides on the energetic frequency of the new time. As we step into this time, we are asked to release past limiting behaviors, beliefs and ways of being. If we are holding onto old energies, these will bind us energetically to lower frequencies that are incompatible with the new time.

Gratitude is a ‘Fast Track’ to Healing the Past Continue reading “DL Zeta”

Trinity Bourne

Source: Openhand

Bringing in the Divine – are you grounded?

Submitted by Trinity Bourne on 23 November, 2012 – 07:59

Coming back to Earth

I have always been somewhat ‘ethereal’ in nature, very comfortable in higher realms. In the past, it always seemed that I only need to close my eyes to transcend the limitations of the third dimension. Now it is with me always.
Being ‘etheric’ presented a lot of challenges in the early days of awakened life. Something that I learned early on (the hard way!) was the importance of being grounded…

The Earth connection

Without being earthed, these powerful transcendental experiences had a tendency to short circuit my system sending me into a tail spin, often taking hours (or even days) to recover from. The truth is, that when I first started having conscious higher dimensional experiences, I was ungrounded to the point where I didn’t want to return to my body. When I did, I would ‘crash land’ without a frame of reference to relate to the world. I neglected to maintain my connection to the Earth. I guess, when you have wild and cosmic experiences as I did, it is understandable there might be quite a resistance to being restricted to the limitations of a human body. Read more

David James Lees

Source: Waking Times

The Tao of Trusting and Letting Go

November 28, 2012 | By | Reply

David James Lees, Guest Writer
Waking Times 

Trust is one of the most profound emotional energies that I encounter throughout my professional career and it forms a fundamental part my ‘Wu Wei Wisdom’ model of personal and spiritual development. In my client sessions and public talks and workshops I’m regularly asked: “how can I trust…?” (often in relation to uncertain future events)” and “how can I let go..?” (in relation of being less ‘controlling’ as individuals and also releasing old dysfunctional and negative thoughts and beliefs).

I’d like to explore from a spiritual Taoist perspective why difficulty in trusting is for many people a misguided method of self-protection; how a lack of trust is harmful to your self-worth and your personal and spiritual development; and what steps you can take right now to open yourself up to life’s opportunities through the process of trusting and letting go.

 The Wu Wei of trust and letting go  Read more

Lena Stevens and Pat Liles

Full Moon – Ecliplse Update 11-28-12

Dear Friends,

The full moon with a lunar eclipse is Wednesday, November 28 at 7:46 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time). This is a very potent moon and the eclipse is a marker for deep change. Celebrate. Do something higher centered and involving art or music or nature or love. Engage in physical life fully and appreciate every moment. This is a good moon to pray for what you want. There is a window of manifesting something of the heart, something new you never thought you could have.

This moon launches the final stretch of preparation for a new cycle to begin. Between now and the winter solstice on December 21 is a crucial time of letting go, revisiting priorities, separating yourself from what is not in your best interest, and reaching for a higher vibration in all things. Think of this time as the final exams before graduating from whatever group of lessons we agreed to as represented in the current cycle.

The new cycle will be like starting a new school; a lot of unknowns and some degree of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty as well as a commitment to do your best. Meet it with enthusiasm and openness instead of fear. And be as prepared as possible.


Lena Continue reading “Lena Stevens and Pat Liles”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

(Note: I’ve learned that when I “lose” the daily report while trying to publish it to the web, it’s a particularly effective one, one that those who stand opposed to what I am doing attempt to block.  I had a beautiful report written about how to handle the energy of the Full Moon.  I reveal this because I think it is enlightening.  The second go-round, the report here, is not beautifully written.  Overall, this f’ing pisses me off and believe me, things are going to f’ing piss you off this Full Moon, too!  But we are going to find grace, even though we may curse at first.  Herein lies the lesson.)

Today’s Full Moon conjunct the Black Moon and Jupiter has a way of taking us down – far down – and this report is deep.  But if you have read my book on the Black Moon, you know that the Black Moon is generally misunderstood as a “bad” thing.  It’s much more complex than that.  The Black Moon encapsulates the fall AND rise of the mythical phoenix.  It descends in fire and rises from its ashes.  Today is the descent.  The heaviness and “darkness” of the energy will be strongest today, but it will linger to some degree throughout the Full Moon phase.  There is only one way to handle this energy: surrender to it and work WITH it.  At this stage of our month-long journey (vision quest) we find ourselves at midnight, waiting for the Full Moon to enlighten the night and help us see our way.  The Black Moon and Jupiter, as gatekeepers on the journey, halt us.  They tell us there is more to gather before we move on.  This is not comfortable and it is going to test the skills of spiritual warriors/wise owls.  Instead of stepping back, going inside our tree and observing, this energy forces us to perch high on a bare branch and blanket ourselves in the night.  I specifically choose the term “blanket” because it is human nature to feel less safe in the dark.  It’s a hold-over from our early development.  But we are no longer in the early stages of development, and we must now begin to integrate the complexity of the concept of darkness.  The first thing to understand is that everything is birthed from darkness – the cosmic well of creation.  The second thing to understand is there is immense, untapped power there.  It’s untapped because we are afraid to go there.  The third thing to understand is that darkness – nightime – is the time of dreaming.  We are recreating our dream – the dream of our lives that is in alignment with the dreaming of Sophia.  This Full Moon phase needs to be seen for what it is: a beautiful opportunity.  We will do this by changing our minds from the floundering fall of the phoenix to a purposeful, graceful dive with full knowledge that we will rise to new heights.  The only way to handle the energy of the Black Moon is to surrender to it.  If you fight it, it will only turn that back on you.  Emotions will be heavy and strong.  People have been acting from their most primitive, ugliest sides.  Mars conjunct Pluto combined with the energy of this Full Moon phase will bring out full lunacy.  But we are going to weave a more complex, glistening dream (vision) from all of it.

Shanta Gabriel

Source: Messages from Archangel Gabriel

The 12:12:12 Activation

– November 23, 2012 in Messages from Archangel Gabriel

12:12:12 Activation - Shanta Gabriel

A powerful 12:12 activation from Shanta is available in the Resource Center here.

Dear Ones,

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now.

The 12:12:12 represents an activation of Divine Love within, through and around you. When Divine Love activates the light-encoded filaments within your being, there is a communion of awakening. It moves the body into the 12-helix system and allows the connection of the DNA strands. This activates subtle energy that unites the new 12-chakra system. Light alone cannot create the connection, even though the Divine Intelligence is there within the Light Force. Divine Love is required to awaken the coding of your Soul’s union with the completion inherent in the Twelve. This is the awakening of the Christ Consciousness.

Divine Unity

Through the 12:12:12 there will be a sense of being reborn into unity with all aspects of you. Greet yourself with a new level of respect and honor your commitment to this life. Your willingness to proceed on the Path of Light throughout time has brought you to a completion of one aspect of your soul’s journey. Your task now is to take this new fullness deeply into your being to empower you. Let the Christ Light permeate every cell and create a new healing force that will pervade your consciousness. When you integrate this alignment within you, the Divine Love in your energy fields will activate your DNA and become so pervasive that your world will literally begin to change around you.

Begin to use this new connection to the Christ Energy, which contains the Light Force of Healing and Compassion. Bring it to all your stories, all your relationships and all the places in your life that still do not appear to radiate with all the goodness that you have imagined. Use this Golden Light to strengthen yourself with true forgiveness and compassion. No matter what is occurring, focus on the Oneness within the true Light of the Christ and bring this Divine Love and Compassion to yourself. Create a habit of doing this before any other reaction can take place and you will discover that this truly is a new time to be alive. Read more

Karen Doonan

High Council of Orion 26th nov

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to further support ALL at this time of major transition and shedding of what has been taught as TRUTH. Many of you may now be in the midst of chaos and the midst of shedding layers of “who you thought you were”. This is vital in the transition process into the new earth for all that exists is TRUTH and much of what the human race has been taught is NOT TRUTH. The ability to go within and to allow this process to unfold is vital at this time. For as you begin to dissolve the layers of who you think you are you unfold that which YOU ARE IN TRUTH.
As the lenses that you have placed upon your inner vision are dissolved then you are able to see the earth and the human race in new ways. The ability to see beyond the veils increases dramatically and we guide for all to be aware of this. There are many who have now moved way beyond where they started and we send much LOVE and many blessings for their continued TRUST in the process. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”


Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light

27 Nov

Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity.

Celebrations follow quickly.

Full-Moon Eclipse – James Tyberonn

Source: Galactic Free Press

glr_Andrea's picture

By glr_Andrea – Posted on 27 November 2012

Full-Moon Eclipse 28 Nov 2012 by James Tyberonn

Full-Moon Eclipse 28 Nov 2012

by James Tyberonn

A penumbral lunar eclipse on November 28, 2012, will be the last eclipse of the
year. People in Alaska, Easter Island, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia
can see the eclipse.


To view the Lunar Eclipse one must be in Alaska, Easter Island , Hawaii, Australia,
or east Asia. Observers in western Canada and the USA can also see the eclipse,
with the moonset occurring sometime after mid-eclipse. Eastern Canada and the USA
will miss the visible aspect of the eclipse since it begins after moonset. However
the extraordinary energy of this Lunar Eclipse will bath the entire planet and
all of humanity. Read below for more information on the eclipse energies. Read more

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