Suzanne Lie

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Living your Highest Point of Perception Arcturian Message


Arcturian Message

Living Your Highest Point of Perception
You may think that your world is the same, but if you look deep into your consciousness you will find that it as greatly changed. Whereas before you looked within and sensed the warning to be careful and even secretive, you now find the message that something has changed. You may not, yet, know what that something is. However, there is a feeling of safety where once there was a sense of alert.
Your body, which has been running on adrenalin for much of this life, in fact most of your Earthly incarnations, is now going through adrenalin withdrawal. It is because of this withdrawal that you feel so exhausted and may even have episodes of anger for no apparent reason.
You awoke on 12-22-12 to a world that was apparently the same, but you did not know what a victory that “nothing” was. Great battles, both mental and physical, have been waged, and many lives were lost in the invisible battle to save Earth from the unseen Service to Self dark ones.
Hence, to awaken to find a world that appears to be the same is a sign that your consciousness has expanded into the resonance of reality in which the Light has won! Remember, ascension does not mean leaving a certain place and going to another. Ascension means attaching your Point of Perception to a higher frequency of reality.
The underbelly of your world is still tainted with darkness and driven by unseen forces. However, you have ascended beyond the tentacles of that reality. You know this is true because whereas once your inner self felt a constant state of alarm, you now feel an inner safety. The years of 1996 to 2003 were the darkest times since the fall of Atlantis. Read more

Sandra Walter

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings from the Eye of the Vortex

by Sandra Walter on December 23, 2012

sandra walterMany blessings to our dear Light Tribe during this incredible gateway. Apologies for not jumping online and updating everyone on my experiences here in Mount Shasta. I have been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, meditating, downloading and spending a much quiet time as possible during these profound unfoldments of the New. We have several feet of snow here and another few feet are expected in the next few days. The snowstorms have been supportive of this internal hibernation – experiencing the truth within deep inside my consciousness.

These posts may not be crystal clear at the moment, but I do want to connect with everyone in some way during this transformation. The eye of the vortex – the big squeeze of Zero Point has me in many states at once. Who knows how we are going to communicate after this passage; for the moment I AM a bit blank, blissful and beloved. Read more

Soluntra King

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Soluntra King


 Love is all there is, the shift has happened and we are vibrating from a lot higher octaves of our unified multi-dimensional self. The old ways will now fall away easily as humanity has made the leap and the Earth is a Star and so are we.
The Sun that we are from our hearts, one with all creation now integrated within us.

For some playing out beautifully for others still asleep the rumblings of change are a coming. Nothing can stay in the old lower vibrations anymore. We are on the fifth dimensional Earth with the love that we are pulsing through us and opening our hearts to live by the ‘Law of One’.
The shift has changed many things and for some it’s very obvious, for others more subtle and for some they have noticed nothing. But the pure love that has enveloped us and assisted us to shift frequency and let got the old paradigm attitudes and ways of operating is here.

From my own personal observation I was made aware on the morning of the 22nd December that the Inner Earth Sun had become liquid light plasma and she was glowing, our Earth had become a Star, and so have we. I was fortunate enough to be facilitating a group of beautiful light beings in human bodies up at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth on the day new birth, the 22nd December. Opening to the Sixth Cycle as it anchored through the top of the mountain, Mt Akum, or Mt Titiroa on its third density name in the South Island, New Zealand.

More on that later but I observed instantly how our EarthSun Body had also become liquid light plasma. The Earthsun Body is created through the union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun through our Heart and Soulight chakras. It is a tuning folk and connects all our bodies to all the Earths’ bodies and aligns one to be open to the higher light octaves and new light codes. Now it has become liquid light as well. Also up until then we would sense the pulse of light and consciousness through our heart from the Galactic Centre, and then connect into the crossover point within the heart and one with the Galactic Centre crossover point all one and we would be through. Now from the 22nd it’s already there in our heart, the heart of the Galaxy is the heart of our heart, no separation.

Our hearts have been opening wider as we know as we heal and unify, but on the Solar Eclipse in November the Earths heart beat changed and so did ours, the higher octaves of light and divine love blasting us from within in preparation.

On Christmas day I was spending time with my mum and she will always asks about my dad, her husband, and her parents, dads parents and her brothers and other relatives who have passed over. In the past they would appear to me dressed and looking like they did on Earth. Over the years they have been in a healing process gradually improving. My maternal grandmother was in a hospital for awhile, my uncles both who had experienced a lot of trauma and sadness in life were doing different things to get better, one was always building a house. My dad had instantly gone to higher realms on passing and was always fine in fact I worked with him at times in bigger picture. This time when I went to say hi to them and pass on messages to my mum they were all in light and appeared as light beings. They also spoke with wisdom and deep understanding and compassion. They had all made it through as well.

Other things I notice, in my own life I have always followed my joy and was not able to do tick tock as it was too limiting and stressful for me. I was always busy with my spiritual mission and so trusted for abundance always. But now I notice people I have know who were still not able to trust are now doing so. I and everyone I know are regrouping about how we operate and creating a joyful, easier way of doing things and getting more of a life. A life of experiencing living in the fifth dimensional Earth full  of abundance, joy, love and peace, we have now graduated to be who we truly are still in a body. Read more

The Oracle Report



Monday, December 31, 2012


12/20/2012 Audio Update


Full Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

We’re still in the Full Moon phase and wisdom is streaming all around us.  What needs to come into balance for you?  The Sun, which has been very quiet for some time, made the conjunction with Pluto this weekend and brought out heavy-duty emotional purging.  Things came up from the deep!  The energy will calm down as the Sun progressively moves off Pluto.  The theme of “home” and what home means to us is strong today.   Fears about home (keeping a home, maintaining a home, etc) are also present.  We are naturally focused on our immediate physical circumstances, but there is something greater involved here. In truth, we are all home because the planet, Gaia-Sophia, is our home.  I talk about this all the time, but we are engaged in a process of remembering and integrating the true story of our origins and we need to be reminded (a lot) that we are fully supported at all times.  We’re “glowing home” – radiating the frequency that is in resonance with the planet and her vision.  If you are struggling with issues at home or with home, shift your perspective downward – toward the planet.

I will be recording a New Year’s message later today so be on the lookout for that.

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James Gilliland

Source: 2012:What’s the ‘real’ truth?
james_gilliland1It is now common knowledge we live in an electric universe yet lets take it further to say we live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and affected sometimes instantaneously. There are influences daily many unseen affecting our daily lives. There are planetary influences and alignments, massive Gamma and Xray blasts from other systems as well as energies coming in from other dimensions. We are multidimensional beings with mental, emotional, astral, etheric, and higher spiritual bodies. The consciousness, light and energies coming from all levels affect the entire vibrational continuum. Changes in consciousness, “Cause”, affect everything down to the physical. Incoming light and energy also have an effect as well as magnetic energies due to planets, suns and our relationship to galactic core. Solar flares, CMEs coronal mass ejections have the greatest impact on our bioelectric fields, weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. Watch the activity of the sun and observe your own emotional state during solar flares. People ride the highs and lows of the waves with emotional outbursts, agitation, followed by lethargy. These releases of energy including the Earth’s pisoelectric waves during major quakes can even make people sick, feel disoriented, dizzy, have muscle or joint pain and heart palpations. Many sensitives use their bodies as tools for divination. Continue reading “James Gilliland”

Marlene Swetlishoff


December 30 – January 6, 2013

Beloved Ones,

hilarion2The air is alive with wonderment and magic. There is a pervading feeling of the anticipation of something wonderful coming. You have arrived at your destination and are now settling in. The changes within you and in your personal lives are occurring on the subtle levels of your Being rather than in dramatic shifting into a whole new reality. This is as it should be, in order that those you are traveling this adventure with have time to notice the difference and become aware that something profound has taken place.

These changes are taking place continuously within each of you. There are rhythms and waves to the downloads of energies, so that assimilation can occur before the next onslaught. Become aware of the ebbs and flows of this process as they occur and it will help you to know when to expect the now familiar symptoms of activation and assimilation. Listen to your body elemental during these times and follow the inner promptings. Many of you are experiencing increased drowsiness throughout the day and it will help to honor this feeling by actually lying down or sitting quietly for a short time in order to allow integration to happen with relative ease. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Marilyn Raffaele

DECEMBER 30, 2012

Greetings to all who are drawn to the Arcturian messages for we welcome  you with great love and light, dear ones.  We see your disappointment that all did not change on the day you had determined was to be a day of  much manifestation.  You must realize however, that  much of what you expected was of your own  creation.  Many of the predictions from pure channels will indeed  manifest, but only as  mankind embraces more truth and light.  Much has and  still is happening, but on a third dimensional level  you are as of yet unable to see it.  Many  are feeling these higher frequencies but do not fully understand what they are feeling.  Some are experiencing unusual physical issues at this time that are actually massive clearings of old energy, preparing the physical to become crystalline and lighter.  Change is gradual, but is definitely taking place.
You may find yourselves becoming  aware of subtle changes in the attitudes others– many of whom you thought of as being very stoic and rigid in their beliefs and you will say; “How did this happen?”.  Well those  changes in an individual’s thinking are the result of new energies now  silently and gradually penetrating  world consciousness, dear ones.  New and higher frequencies of Light energies are  pouring in and if you open yourselves to receive, you will.  Continue reading “Marilyn Raffaele”


Matthew Ward – December 29, 2012


matthewDecember 21st reactions, actual effects; beliefs create reality; aftermath of darkness, clearing away “debris”; expectations; God in charge of ET arrival; information sources; ascension smoother from now on; soul and science, same energy

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. December 21st, the date long awaited with excitement and musing about what would occur, has come and gone.

Individual experiences that day were as personal and unique as each soul itself is. Nevertheless, the majority of sensations felt by lightworkers can be described as moments of heightened spiritual attunement for some; a sense of peacefulness and well being for others; and disheartenment for those who expected to see momentous changes. Except for the “doomsday” concept followers, the general reaction of the rest of Earth’s population who gave any thought at all to the Mayan calendar was, I knew nothing out of the ordinary would happen.

Our beloved Earth family, something absolutely out of the ordinary did happen! Everyone in your world would rejoice with us if they knew that the powerful energy that was anchored on Earth during the solstice illuminated many millions of souls. They include those who have no knowledge of Earth’s ascension or are in the “fence-straddler” ranks or have been edging toward dark ways. Albeit unknowingly, all of them have intensified in the collective consciousness the desire and determination to right the wrongs in your world. Continue reading “Matthew”


Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia

30 Dec

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia. These widened channels part of process of Gaia upliftment into 5D. Sensation of floating, and/or “not being present in 3D” are currently the norm.

As these sensations are embraced, as much as possible, infusion of 5D energies into Gaia occurs.

“humanity (small ‘s’)” dissolves. Hue-manity awakens.

Bill Ballard

12-28-12 Bill Ballard ~ Remain Focused on YOUR Ascension Expansion to Best Affect Others

pearls2upearls2u·121 videos


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Published on Dec 28, 2012

Things are so mellow right now as so many persons have shifted into their higher ascension frequencies along with Mother Earth. Well, the excitement of the intensity leading to the end of 2012 seems to have waned, although we truly have only just begun the shift. Do you miss the excitement of what we did in 2011 or 2012? HA! Well now it is time to focus on personal ascension, raising our frequencies to the highest we can as that affects all else. Persons are telling me that this HolyDay Season with their families has been so wonderful and like no other, but are wondering about they family members personal ascension… Focus on YOURS as that shifts all other… What you do for yourself spiritually you are doing for all else, see? LOVE!

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Jim Self

Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 – Excerpt #2

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Published on Dec 28, 2012

Excerpt #2 from Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 Edition from The Sandie Sedgbeer Show.

2012 has been a very eventful year, and the good news is that we’re all still here! Throughout the year, international teacher and author Jim Self has been providing us with monthly updates featuring his ‘take’ on the Shift. Looking back, we can see that everything Jim has pointed us to has come to pass. So now it’s time to take stock. 12-12-12 will soon be over, and 2013 will take us right into the “eye” of the Shift. So what have we learned from 2012? Where should we put our attention in 2013? And how can we apply what we’ve learned to creating a better world for humanity and for us?

Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 – Excerpt #1

Awakening Zone – Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge

12/20/2012 Episode, Guest: Jim Self

Mastering Alchemy (Sign up for free membership and access to informative audio programs and articles!)

Mastering Alchemy Facebook Page

Mastering Alchemy – Tools for The Shift and Beyond – Intro & Preview #1

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The Oracle Report


12/20/2012 Audio Update


Full Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

The Moon is shining particularly bright this phase, so make sure you go outside and catch a glimpse if skies are clear where you are.  This photo was taken Christmas night from Brazil and posted on spaceweather today.  It shows the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon.  Over the Full Moon phase, we are going to leap forward in some way with our personal development.  Wisdom will be gained.  You will want to pay close attention to what you hear and what you see.  Signs and synchronicities are going to aid this process.  There really is only one goal in our personal development: to align ourselves with the planet Sophia and to fully express our individuality in service of her creative vision.  The leap will come within this context.

As I mentioned yesterday, despite this being a wonderful time in the history of humanity, forces that stand opposed to humanity are in high gear.  They are bombarding us with all sorts of things.  It is causing many, many people to get sick and stay sick for a much longer time than usual.  Some are beyond depressed.  Some are so exhausted they want to sleep all the time and others can’t sleep at all.  Listen to your body and rest if you are tired.  If you can’t sleep, use the time toward something that you’ve been wanting to do.  If you are sick (but able), go outside briefly and ask Sophia to assist in your healing.  Talk directly to her.  And by all means, use the “skill” we’ve been practicing of shooting mental arrows at thoughtforms or situations that do not serve you or serve light.  Fight back.  This energetic bombardment is likely to last for a while.  But asvwe adjust to it, we will learn to deftly move around it.

The energy will be intense over the next three days with the Sun making a conjunction with Pluto. This conjunction happens once a year and it can be heavy, but it is also rewarding.  The insight/wisdom we gain for the leap in development will be profound due to this conjunction. 

Let’s all bathe in the light of the Moon and prepare to make a leap.

(Note:  I will be taking a break from the report this weekend, but will return on Monday, December 31st.)


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Sandra Walter

Source: Creative Evolution

Honoring the Divine Birth

by Sandra Walter on December 18, 2012

121212 Gatekeeper Experience

sandra walterThe Key and Galactic Codes, Crystalline Consciousness Templates and 12 strand DNA activation codes were effectively received on the 121212 by many Gatekeepers and Lightservers. Hooray for HUmanity and those dedicated to serving the collective in the small hours of the morning. My experience was both profound and bizarre; these golden-crystalline light streams had unique frequencies which put me in a suspended state between divine grace and going completely unconscious from the afternoon the day before until 4pm on the 121212. For a few days I had exhaustion and detoxing accompanied by deep states of Christed Consciousness. Three days later the codes were delivered to the Crystalline Grid, and they now accompany Gaia on her Ascension.

At midnight on the 121212, in the freezing night air of Mount Shasta, I sat inside the portal I created for this event and began to receive the Illumination frequencies. Gaia started to send me that 5D/6D vibration that is so uniquely hers – the unmistakable feel of our beloved planet. I closed my eyes to feel her embrace, then experienced the codes coming in and her Ascension – a weave of cosmic trigger and respect for the transformation taking place.

Gaia asked me to open my eyes and see the truth. When I did, the woods around me became still; it was the energy signature of a place I have visited many times; the New Earth, her 5D expression. It was right there, seamlessly present all around me. Gaia then whispered, You are going with me. This touched me deeply, because my pure intent is to serve her Ascension. She is an amazing being taking on a brilliant creative transformation, and to accompany her on this journey fills me with joy, grace and pure love. Read more

Lisa’s Blog

Source: Lisa’s Blog

The Noble Eightfold Path is a foundation guideline of which may help one to delineate a way to discipline the mind and accelerate personal focus to a direct alignment to the Unity Source Field. This is a Quick Map to lead you into experiencing spiritual support pronto. This guideline is a core practice that is developed for the newly initiated and leads all the way to the advanced meditator.

Acquired factors 1. Superior Right Knowledge 2. Superior Right Liberation

Wisdom (Third Triad Practice)
1. Right understanding
2. Right intention

Ethical conduct (Second triad Practice)
3. Right speech
4. Right action
5. Right livelihood

Meditation (First Triad Practice)
6. Right effort
7. Right mindfulness
8. Right meditation

FIRST TRIAD: MEDITATION: Being newly awakened, the first triad to focus upon is building your spiritual house by laying the base foundation. To begin to build your spiritual house, the commitment is to the Meditation practice with a focus on Right Effort (discipline your will and be consistent), Right Mindfulness (take the ego out of the driver seat and clear fear programs), and Right Meditation (how this is achieved). This first step is generally when a person is working within the 4-5-6D lightbody functions and anchoring that frequency quotient fully into the physical body. The majority of humanity is at this frequency level now. A consistent and true desire to align with your soul will yield great results very quickly in the new energy. You will experience a significant burst of transformational energies, assigned guidance and inner change if you commit to this as a lifestyle. The 12 D practice is an excellent technique to lay your foundational meditation practice. View the 12D Video Here.  Read more

Ronna Herman

Source: Star Quest

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Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-01-2013

Beloved masters, the God Rays which RAY-diated the Divine Blueprint/Seed Atoms for the Piscean Age have gradually diminished in power, for they are no longer receiving the Sacred Fire Seed Atoms of Creator Consciousness supplied primarily by the luminous frequencies of the Sixth Ray. The major focus for humanity during the Age of Pisces was the lower emotional nature. Humanity had emerged from the stupefying, vibrational forces of the lower, instinctual animal/human nature whereby the focus was on scarcity, survival and security. In the last 500 years of the Piscean age, many of the more mature Souls were beginning to tap into powerful forces of the Third Chakra / the physical Solar Power Center. They began to concentrate on their earthly-mental/human nature, developing their creative abilities on the physical plane of existence, and acquisition of material goods became their major focus. Some of the even more advanced Souls began to tap into the vibrational forces of the Heart Chakra, as well as the Solar Plexus Chakra, thereby initiating the development of their Spiritual Power Center (the Solar Plexus, heart, throat and thymus gland) as they gradually began the process of spiritual awakening. Read more

Bill Ballard

12-27-12 Bill Ballard ~ Shift of Ages vs End of Time ~ The Difference

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Published on Dec 27, 2012

It has become certain now that the Shift of the Ages and the End Times or End of Time are two totally different events. We have indeed just experienced the Shift of the Ages while we are continuing to cycle ever closer to the End of Time or when Mother Earth shifts polarity and her spin of rotation. Many things have become visible since 12/21/12 and here are a few I have noticed. If we stay focused and centered in our energies as we near and arrive at the End of Time we can make this transition in a far greater and more graceful way… Please join with your focus preparing for this coming shift.
The Movie I refer too in this video of the reversal of spin of Mother Earth
“2012 A-Z” – A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion

Ronna Herman’s Archangel Michael’s Message I refer too:

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The Oracle Report



12/20/2012 Audio Update


Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini/Cancer

Let’s re-group by reviewing what’s been happening this lunar month – the time since the New Moon.  Here’s an excerpt from the report written on the first day of the New Moon – December 13:

Fresh energy arrives today with the New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a brand new cycle – one that is going to find us streaking across the sky just like the Geminid meteor shower that is currently underway. This photo was taken last night by R. Shawley in Pennsylvania and posted on These are heavenly fireworks and we will start to make some fireworks of our own this month. Using the traditional location of Earth, the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurred today at 21 degrees 45 minutes of Sagittarius, and in astrology we “round up” to 22 Sagittarius. But something is off here. The Earth is not located where she was. You may have seen the evidence over the last few years that the poles have shifted a bit – at least 15 minutes in my estimation. This New Moon is actually at 23 Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for 23 Sagittarius is immigrants entering a new country. This is exactly what is happening. We are entering into a brand new world this month. Last month’s mental journey of the vision quest activated something in us that now puts us in new territory. Energetically, it is a massive paradigm shift because the boundaries of the mind – the controls that have been in place – are coming off, leaving us not only free to express ourselves to our fullest potential but simultaneously activating co-consciousness with the planet for the collective of humanity. In other words, the hundredth monkey effect goes into effect this month (or, in yesterday’s Oracle Report terms, the 1,000th owl effect). Picture a blue planet suddenly lit up along grid lines as if plugged in to an electrical source and you’ll get the idea. Does this mean that every being on the planet will become enlightened? Yes, to some degree, by virtue of being part of the collective. Does this mean that every being on the planet will miraculously act enlightened? No, because being suddenly drawn into light is blinding. Being blinded by the light causes a sort of insanity until eyes adjust. But the thing that has changed is that we are now going to be able to move around the swirl of chaos like never before. The “matrix” simply isn’t going to have the power over us that it did.

The divine goddess embodied as the planet is awake and her name is Sophia. All those who need to be awake are awake and ready to take Sophia’s grand experiment for humanity where she intended it to go. Everyone’s on stage now. Now we take our roles. We are going to express the fullest potential of our individual radiant codes. If you are a musician, play music. If you are an artist, create art. If you are a communicator, communicate your thoughts. If you are a healer, heal whomever crosses your path. If you are a mother, mother all those who come to you. If you are a protector, protect those who need it. In our totality, we are many things combined. Now is the time we engage life – with presience. It’s time to fall back in love with life and start living our lives with great abandon, wild colors, and bold brushstrokes – and it all starts today.

So we are approaching the Full Moon phase, which brings us full light to see things more clearly.  This includes things in our personal lives and things that are happening to the human collective.   Be patient.  Wisdom is on its way.  Look at the pattern that is progressing.

I’d like to make a note about the 1,000th owl, since it was mentioned in the New Moon report back on December 13th.  Sometime in later October or early November, if I correctly recollect, Andrew, who started and administers the Oracle Report Facebook community, emailed me saying he was putting out an intent to have 1,000 members by the big date: 12-21-12.  Now, there are other communities with many more members, so this doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  There are about 8,000 wise owls out there who return to this site daily.  So, most are not members of this community’s Facebook page.  Even so, when Andrew set the intention, I fully supported it but I thought it was a short amount of time.  I have learned to never doubt Andrew with anything.  He’s a shamanic wizard.  And when the 1,000th person did join, the message was clear: the most unsuspecting people will come to Sophia’s vision.  Sophia was grinning like a cat.  You see, we’re supposed to lighten up a bit.  Life’s a playground now, remember?  The Archons are pulling out the stops, no doubt about it.  It’s on.  But of course they would pull out all the stops at the exact time when their power was about to be over.  When else would you do that?  You launch everything you’ve got when you know you’re about to lose.  Their power is beginning to wane because their tricks are patently clear.  But the tricks are only clearer because Sophia has chosen this time to awaken and engage the mass.  The “1,000th owl effect” is real but it isn’t the only thing in effect.  It’s happening with groups of people all over the world in various ways.  So this is why we need to lighten up and enjoy life (fall back in love with it) as much as we can.  Reason enough?


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Phillip Lindsay

Source: Esoteric Astrologer Newsletter

phillip777 smallerCAPRICORN 2012


“Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.”

Full Moon: 5.21 am, December 28, 2012. New York, NY.


“It’s the end of the Mayan calendar, the Capricorn solstice, Christmas –
and it’s the seven-yearly festival week of the New Group of World Servers;
this latter event is by far the most important of all – for those who are
consciously in touch with and serving the greater Purpose of spiritual evolution.”

Capricorn: Goat, Crocodile and Unicorn
The Capricorn Solstice and Initiation
The Seven-Year Cycle of The New Group of World Servers, 2012
The New Group of World Servers and the Law of Group Progress
Invoking the Avatar of Synthesis
The Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Avatar Quetzalcoatl


Capricorn: Goat, Crocodile and Unicorn
“It is the sign of the Goat which seeks its sustenance in the most rocky and arid of the world’s places and it, therefore, relates man to the mineral kingdom; it is also the sign of the Crocodiles which live half in the water and half on dry land; it is spiritually the sign of the Unicorn which is the “fighting and triumphant creature” of the ancient myths. Read more


Dani DeVere

FreelanaLake Louise Transmissions
By Dani DeVere
Copyright 12/24/12

A musical composition called “Lake Louise” by composer Yuhki Kuramoto came to my attention 12 years ago. Ever since then it’s represented much more than paying attention to a demo of it on my Yamaha Clavinova keyboard in the beginning. For instance, the projection of a mysterious and rapturous equanimity.  Like the subtle yet powerful buzz I’ve had the fortune to experience at Stonehenge.

[See some photos of the lake and surrounding area accompanied by a keyboard demo version on the #1 You Tube link below.]

In a concert with Kuramoto there is flawless reverence to the essence of Lake Louise. The accompanying violinist floats in a state of dedication to Lake Louise’s emanating transmissions as a sacred gift.

[See #2 You Tube link below.]

A guitar player, Jeremy Choi, seems to express the elegant beauty of Lake Louise as he gives it the honor it deserves.

[See #3 You Tube link below.]

Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto

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Uploaded on Sep 27, 2009

Hello friends!
First and foremost I will extend my heartfelt thanks to Andra (AndraNature) for making this video Possible….. A million thanks Andra for all the efforts and time you’ve given me. Thanks ma’am…. hahaha!

This is my first video with my new Adobe Premiere Pro. Hope you enjoy…. Wishing you a relaxing day!

Best regards,

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David G. Arenson ND

You are the Creator
by David G. Arenson, ND,
ATH Co-Editor of Sacred Living

Editor´s Note from David Arenson: For too long the traditional channels of communication have made us think and feel small. This has served their motive to control us and keep us subservient. So long as you believe yourself small, you seek their product to improve your life. Now time’s are changing. We are embarking on a new age.

This is our time. Our time to choose. Our time to flourish. Our time to take responsibility for our lives and our beloved planet.

2012 has been an intense. I would like to thank all our faithful readers personally for all their attention and support. I am looking forward to engaging with you more in 2013! Travel safely…

You tell stories. You believe them.

They are just stories you have created, and will continue to create, unless you become “aware” (conscious) or awakened. Continue reading “David G. Arenson ND”

The Oracle Report


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


12/20/2012 Audio Update


Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

It’s a bit of a heavy day out there today.  Venus remains in close opposition with Jupiter and the Black Moon, and Saturn is in exact sextile with Pluto.  The energy is pressing and oppressive.  When things are pressed to the forefront, they happen to bring about resolution.  Emotions are running deep and some are struggling against an onslaught.  It may seem worse because of the talk about December 21, 2012 and all that it brings because it is in stark contrast to the way some are feeling.  The holidays also force a lot of expectations, which in turn can lead to disappointment and depression.  All of these things make for quite a concoction of energy.  But let’s keep this real.  Even though we know that Sophia is awake and engaging with anyone who cares to engage with her, each of us is at a different level with this (primarily due to the length of time we’ve been working with her).  The degree to which the “real world” affects us is proportional to the degree to which we are in communion with her.  When we are aligned with the divine being, our perspective about what is truly real and what is truly important shifts.  If you are having difficulties, the answer is always to go outside into nature and then go inside yourself to connect with her from the core of who you are.   This will automatically settle you.  Ask to see things a different way.  Then wait and see.  There is beauty all around us and from there we can always change our perspective.


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David Icke

David Icke – The Future Beyond 2012

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Uploaded on Feb 16, 2012

One of the best and most important messages from David Icke. This section was taken out of the Lion Sleeps No More Lecture which can be viewed here

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Subtleties in Tone are Enhanced

Subtleties in Tone are Enhanced

25 Dec

Subtleties in tone in all senses are enhanced as “experiences” become increasingly in the 5D realm. Separation from all formerly embraced 3D aspects will be the normal state for Hue-manity, and for humanity general. The illusion can no longer be embraced.

Attunement with Higher D Gaia is most helpful to Hue-manity development, as all individual Ascension processes are intended for Gaia Ascension. Flowering of seeming lower entities occurs as this collective “Attunement with Higher D Gaia” intensity rises.

Fantasies are dropped. Myths are seen for what they are. The reality of Higher Gaia manifests.

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