The Indigo to Crystal Transitional Crisis by Celia Fenn.

Illuminations Now!!

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posted by Michael Isherwood

Written by Celia Fenn.

I have been asked by Archangel Michael to write this article in order to help the many people who undergo the experience of a rapid shift into multi-dimensional awareness, or, the shift from the Indigo state to the Crystal state of consciousness.
There are people who make the transition in a relatively gentle way, but there are many who experience a crisis when this happens. These are usually the people who have chosen to open up to the higher dimensions. This choice is not made logically by the rational mind, but is rather a soul choice made in response to the available transitional energies of the Earth herself. So, sometimes a person is thrust into psychological, emotional and bodily changes for which they can find no logical explanation. This can cause a crisis. My experience has been that orthodox doctors and psychologists…

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Shift update 1/9



Mit strömen des Gleichgewichts die heute am frühen Nachmittag in unserem Hafen eintrafen, dürfen wir nun in den September springen. Mit der ersten Millisekunde zündet das heilige Feuer, unser Götterfunke brennt und zündet das Feuer  unserer individuellen Essenz. Verbrennung -die Bewegung in unserem physischen Körper- geschieht wodurch wir Verschmelzung unseres Geistes in Richtung Einheit initiieren.

Ida Nadi (linker Kanal der Wirbelsäule,weiblichen Aspekte, Himmelskörper Mond, Farbe gelb) und Pingala Nadi (rechter Kanal der Wirbelsäule, männliche Aspekte, Himmelskörper Sonne, Farbe rot )schlängeln sich die Sushumna (Farbe Diamant, Zuordnung Feuer, transzendent)  hoch und verteilen Prana (Atem des Universum) in unserem Energetischen System – unseren Chakra’s.

Ida und Pingali stehen in Verbindung zum sympathischen Nervensystem (Teil des vegetatives Nervensystem- bereitet unsere Körper auf geistige und körperliche Leistungen vor wie Belastungen Stress und Gefahr), haben die Aufgabe zu reinigen/transformieren in physischer Ebene.   Die  Kundalini aktiviert verstärkt,   Ausrichtung der Reinigung von Körper Geist und Seele – Polaritäten Ausgleich –  findet statt und höhere Bewusstseinszustände aktivieren.

Offensichtliche Blockaden der…

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Do not forget the inner child

Do not forget the inner child.
That child that did not get the love (he /she ) needed.
That child will run around the world looking for situations and people,
where it feels needed to experience LOVE again.
Running around not daring to look inside,
afraid to meet the INNER child

who is crying and weeping.
Take care of your child yourself.
Take care and nourish it and nurture it

and love it love it love it,

and love it again and again.
It deserves it,
until it feels satisfied.

Das Herz fragt nicht. Es ist einfach.

Das Herz fragt nicht, was du tun könntest oder solltest

Das Herz fragt nicht. Selbstverwirklichung bedeutet nicht, sich zu überlegen, wie man sein will und dann alles daran zu setzen, sich selbst nach dieser Vorstellung zu verändern. Das ist der Modus des Tuns. Man formt eine neue Maske, die man sich aufsetzt und redet sich sein, das man das sei. Dies ist Illusion und kann nur das Werk des Egos sein. Wahre Selbstverwirklichung entspringt aus dem Herzen. Erfahre in diesem Artikel mehr darüber, was das genau bedeutet. „Das Herz fragt nicht.“ In diesem einem einfachen Sein existieren keine Gedanken von „Ich müsste/könnte/sollte…“. In diesem einem einfachen Sein existiert Freiheit – Die Freiheit, nichts tun zu müssen und damit im Frieden zu sein. Das bedeutet nicht, dass in diesem Moment nichts passiert oder dass niemals etwas passieren wird. Wenn du aufhörst danach zu fragen, was du als Nächstes tun könntest oder solltest, trittst du immer mehr in den augenblicklichen Moment ein. Du beginnst, dich selbst wirklich wahrzunehmen. Vielleicht  Read more

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Spaß und Spiel sind etwas, was die Engel lieben! Sie leiten Dich an, Dein Leben mit einer guten Dosis Spaß und Freude zu bereichern und zu wissen, dass Vergnügen kein Luxus ist, sondern eine Notwendigkeit. Die Engel wissen, dass Du eine Menge Verantwortung hast und einen kontinuierlichen Strom von Zeit, Geld und anderen Ressourcen benötigst. Durch diese Karte wollen die Engel Dich wissen lassen, dass regelmäßige Dosen von Spaß und Vergnügen Dir helfen können, Deine Ziele zu erreichen. Vielleicht widersprichst Du und sagst, dass Du nicht genügend Zeit, Geld oder Energie hast, um zu spielen. Doch Deine Engel versichern Dir, dass Verspieltheit eine wunderbare Investition ist, die sofort Gewinn bringt.  Wenn Du Spaß hast und lachst, entspannst Du Dich. Diese Entspannung führt zu mehr Ideen, spirituellen Verbindungen, göttlicher Führung und Energie. Mit den neuen Inspirationen und der zusätzlichen Energie kannst Du Deine Wünsche wesentlich besser manifestieren. Deine entspannte und strahlende…

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Illuminations Now!!

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Sungazing – Hollow Earth News

Higher Density Blog


In July I posted an article by NASA about the “Super Human Benefits of Sun Gazing.” –

There was much interest, and our friend, Fred, of The Twin Flame Project,
launched right into notes and comments about his SunGazing experience
and the supportive practice of walking barefoot. –
Somehow, all of this information “got buried.”
I just had an inquiry about this and have set up a new page: SUNGAZING.
It will all be there now for you – not to get lost again.
This is a a very valuable tool that Sananda and I wish you to have.

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STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Embracing the God Within Us”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Art-102-700x325 (2).jpg

After penning the piece “Does Religion Matter?” my inbox was quickly filled with comments and questions that led to many thought-provoking subsequent conversations with respondents. The majority of comments came from those who believe that religion doesn’t really matter as much as the connection one feels with the God-presence, or the God within us all. I respect all ‘paths to God’ and love engaging with readers. In fact, so many of you helped me spiritually grow by sharing your insights, let’s explore this concept a bit deeper.

Exploring the Idea of the God Presence Within

Each of us has our own idea of God, and perhaps the greatest debate concerning the concept of ‘oneness with God within’ stems from a well-known a verse of the Holy Bible from Luke 17:21, which I’ve seen scholars, theologians, and everyday people heatedly discuss. When asked by disciples about the ‘coming’ of the Kingdom…

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LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Rebuilding Foundation”

Dreaming With Dolphins


“Like hot metal being forged by the highest red hot flame in order to bend into new shapes, the spiritual forging of a human being produces a host of new characteristic human strengths and skills. The spiritually forged human that adapts to transformation and change, has the potential capacity to evolve into a divine superhuman, which is made possible through conscious participation with the bio-spiritual ascension process.”  

~Lisa Renee

This summer has been leading us through another one of those Spiritual Ascension developmental phases of feeling that some area of our life is under construction, and every item is being continually evaluated for its energetic resonance and future direction. Many of us have to stand back with detached observation while the invisible demolition derby shows up with a wrecking ball and a bulldozer, revealing in the moment, what’s staying and what’s going. For others, we have been waiting patiently for…

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ROMEO BARON: “Frequency Activation Into The New Earth Reality”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Frequency Activation (2).jpg


We are in the final count down into the number of days left before Everything Begins to Change. A while ago, our OverSoul Family placed protective seals on our DNA template until the time came when we would be truly ready to access our highest DNA potential. The reason why protective seals were placed on our DNA was because when the seals are unlocked we all have the potential to be instant manifestors of reality. It was decided that we would be ready to begin unlocking the seals on our DNA in September 2016.

The reason why we needed to wait until this time where there is more Light than darkness, is because the Guardians knew we would manifest horrible things if we were given the freedom of manifestation before this time. Something else must take place in our consciousness before we are given this divine ability. Each individual…

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Pleiadian High Council of Seven ~ Open E.T. Contact ~ August 30, 2016

Rose Rambles...

eclipses to equinox

By Daniel Scranton

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

It will be quite some time before you engage fully with the extra-terrestrial beings who have been watching and who have been manipulating your genetics. It is more important for you to interact fully with yourselves and with each other than you might think. In other words, no one is coming to rescue you, and that is how you want it.

Some of you do, on the level of your ego, want the ships to land and want the E.T.s to come and make everything okay for humanity. But most of you understand, on every level of your being, how inappropriate that would be for your evolution. When you believe that things are so bad on planet Earth that you need higher-frequency, or simply more intelligent beings, to…

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Denise Le Fay – September 2016’s Preparative Energetic Pushes

September 2016’s Preparative Energetic Pushes

stair steps6

After the 2016 Lion’s Gate stampede, I’ve felt that rare but oh so blissful sensation of feeling mildly drugged (zero drugs people, just an energetic side effect) and absolute need to fall asleep and get out-of-body for as long as possible throughout the day. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks and is that wonderful phase where we integrate and recuperate, acclimate and adjust to the latest inner evolutionary changes. This is not the common Ascension symptom ‘tired and wired’ where you’re totally exhausted beyond all comprehension but are being fried alive inside out by higher energies and your mind races nonstop the whole time. No, this is different and feels all warm and fuzzy and the mind goes quiet, comatose in fact, and it’s a very pleasant sensation of resting and being nurtured in the highest of ways while your mind blessedly goes nigh-night. Just absolutely wonderful Ascension related side effect… and then the next higher round arrives—as they always do—and you’re back in it again. R&R time is over, back to evolving everyone!

While I’m still in this latest integrate and recuperate phase before the September 2016 blasts arrive (feeling them already), I wanted to get something written in case I’m not able to sit up and string some words together, sensibly, for a bit. Oh it’s happened many times over these ascension years, periods where I was profoundly grateful to those non distorted Ascension Teachers for picking up the slack and writing much-needed articles during the extra difficult moments when I was flat on my back in too much pain to do anything other than try to survive the latest Stair-step change or Wave. We’ve all been tag teams for each other during these Ascension decades; tagging out when we absolutely had to and others tagging in to carry on, giving us time to live through it ourselves yet continue the Ascension information production and distribution for those that needed it. Cosmic Light tag teams.

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AstroFlash! Astrospirit by Jacqueline Lasahn

Forever Unlimited


pssssssssssssssst………astrospirit!………pass it on……………..

Virgo Solar Eclipse   September 1, 2016   2:03 am PDT
Mercury retrograde in Virgo   August 30 – September 21

Matrix of divine order and cosmic chaos,
planetary cycles seed and crest.
Solar Eclipse cleans the slate
and gives birth to what’s been repressed.

On the edge where light meets darkness,
this New Moon feels like a Full Moon.
Complex, stressful and stretched.
Persist. Review. Clarify.
Invoke ease. This too shall pass.

Priorities, schedule, here and now.
Virgo New Moon focuses on the skillful synthesis
of discerning mind, healthy body and application of work.
Organize and assess.
Bring perfection into the continual mess.
The intelligence of form and function,
usefulness and efficiency are energized.

:: Virgo Eclipse Contemplations ::
How are the current circumstances in my life demanding a new point of view?
What must I release as a part of this new start?
How may I…

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The Accelerated Timeline has been Chosen by Jenny Schiltz

Forever Unlimited

The Accelerated Timeline has been Chosen
by Jenny Schiltz


We come with the exciting news that indeed the accelerated timeline has been chosen. Each of your higher selves were questioned and the consensus was that as a whole, humanity is ready for this big step. The higher energies have begun already and those most sensitive among you are already feeling the shift.  It is important that each of you bring forth the highest possible reality within your own personal being. To consciously make sure that all of your being, your thoughts, words and deeds reflect the highest timeline, one of full embodiment.

The greatest concern at this time is the amount of fear based information that is circulating. Understand that this information can be helpful in that it triggers within you what needs to be healed and changed. However, it can also serve to keep your…

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Peace Precedes Accomplishment | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Peace comes first. Make peace your priority, and not so much getting things done. Getting things done is not more important than peace. Getting things done does not begin to be as important as peace. Through peace, you strengthen yourself. Through emphasis on getting things done, you weaken yourself.

Truly, I understand that you have obligations. I support you to fulfill obligations. You also have a responsibility to create peace. You are a responsibility of your own. Become responsible for settling yourself. Calm down.

You are responsible for peace-gathering. You will accomplish more in your life and work-life when you keep peace close by.

Keep peace near you, and you will fritter away less time and energy. Your focus on accomplishing results without peace stresses you out.

Start thinking that you are at peace. In peace, you will accomplish more. You will contribute more. Your prime project to…

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Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome | Divine Cosmos

Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome

Early in the awakening of many they become hyper-aware of the deceit, manipulation, and control going on in the world and they are appalled and angry. Although awareness is good, a fixation on this is not — here’s why and how we can move beyond it. Read more

Source: Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome | Divine Cosmos

…the bliss that is you in all your glory.



The higher dimensions co-exist right here with us.
They just vibrate at a much higher frequency of light
that you can only see with your inner eye
and when you open that eye . . .
you will feel the bliss that is you in all your glory.

Photo & text credit: GODDESS CENTRAL

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Peace from Pieces 

Souldier Girl

​I would really like a piece

of your peace
That you carry with you everyday
Over your shoulder, in the ease of your smile
My burdens turn steps into miles
While you turn stones into water
Just give it over, give it over
…You say
To hold it does not serve you
…You say
As you dance above the fray
Adding hours to an elusive day
Sunshine upon a sunken face
My tear drops turn into storms
While you make roses from thorns
I would really like a piece
of your peace
Just give it over, give it over
…You say
As a weight is lifted from my shoulders
And I slowly melt into to the falling waters
While you make peace from pieces
Taking the heaviness from your daughter
Turning sorrow into laughter

* thank you my WordPress family, for welcoming me back with such love and kindness. Each…

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Your One True Mission ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

As you continue along on your journeys, do remember that you have only one true mission that you are here to achieve. Your true and only mission is to see yourselves, others, and your world through the eyes of Source. When you have uncovered and unlocked that ability, nothing else is going to matter. You are not going to care about what you do, what you own, or even who you are with.

You will be too enraptured by your own energy as you hold the Source Energy perspective to care about anything else. You give yourselves glimpses of this perspective from time to time, but they are usually state dependent. It is easy to see your beloved romantic partner, or your newborn child, or even your pet, through these eyes…

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