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The world is mixed. Overcome the illusion within and react not, and you will be free. It is within your hearts reach at any time you change the station. What is the sound of rap music when you turn it off? What is the sound of the world news and agenda when you turn off the TV? What is that which you feed the mind with? Stimulus is your opening of reaction and resonance and this patterns itself into your mind and social matching energies.

Whatever beings you are around will match your energies. Even women will menstruate at the same time being in close habitat. All is mental and physical currents of energy. Why do you think that the world leaders and corporations want to control energy? They use microwaves and EMF to control your very moods and minds with frequencies. You humans have no idea what they…

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Dear souls I speak to you. Do not feed your negative imagination for you will create the monster with your own force of mind. Know that if you react you are acting on the notions of others and will empower their perceptions. These will be reinforced with your inner weakness and unhealed bruises. Detach, if you are attached withdraw and study. You then must see your open weak areas as displayed by your emotional reactions. Here lies the key, this is your mirror. So now prepare for the antidote with knowledge at this time for when there is the attachment there is your antidote near the opposite polarity.

So it is all throughout nature, you can find equal energies of magic with knowledge. To escape the game you must change the frequencies and override the programs with knowledge. This is your mojo. Within the brain is the pineal gland, it…

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MORAG – The Arcturian Council – Message For Awakened Souls – 3-31-18

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by Morag,   Guest writer, In5D.com

We are the Arcturian Council. We bring news of the great shift. We seek to reassure that no timeline is set in stone, no decision made without opportunity to transform. We have come to warn of great unrest. We seek to balance our warning with love. We do not want to exacerbate the situation on Gaia. We seek only to affect the outcome of Gaia’s ascension for the positive. We ask warriors of light to release all last traces of fear. There is need for calm. Great swathes of negative energy are clouding the light on Gaia. As more awaken, tearing down the walls of deceit, fear is locking down their energetic systems. We see in colors and we see this energy as grey, dark and heavy. We can see density in its fabric. If these low frequencies are allowed to settle…

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Your part


20161025_164224 (1) crp signd

A very Powerful Full Moon is upon us.
This is an important Energy Portal.
Energy is intense and can feel at the moment uncomfortable.
You may be experiencing pain physical and/or emotional,
Hang in there and be very gentle with yourself.
These are being triggered to release the old limited self, for as we walk through this portal many beautiful changes await us
Weve been working towards them, shedding the old all along incorporating light coming in to reveal more and more of who we truly are.
The time is near to truly unfold..and spread your wings
Opportunities will appear to further support and encourage you to do so.
Pay attention in the meantime to all that comes up. If you find yourself in negative thoughts, they are what remains of your old limiting patterns, remember to shift them immediately to a positive uplifting perspective.
Events recently have continued…

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SUNday Global Meditations & Crystalline Bridge Series – Sandra Walter

Courtesy of Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Happy Full Moon to all. It is a strong passage! In this week’s article was a reminder that this influx flows through April 7. The magnetic grids were adjusted with all of the geomagnetic storms, now we have the Solar flare delivery system turning to face Gaia this week.

Gatekeepers & Gridworkers, let us stay focused this week during this passage of global adjustments.

Unity Meditations on SUNday will be strong as we create the Easter Cathedra: Many pillars of light unifyng as ONE.  Join us in the good work!

Here is this week’s article:
Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part One

Geomagentic storms were strong during the initial blows of these Cosmic Winds. Solar wind (plasma influxes) are consistent; a stream of higher vibrational Source-light-encoded light. Alignments during this passage assist the ever-increasing influx of these plasma delivery systems. This phase is different, however. Energies always rise and grow stronger, that is the shift itself. This new frequency is revealing higher trajectories for many, which in turn levels up the collective Ascension.

As the planetary magnetics shift, it opens Gateways – ancient Gateways – for activation of Gaia’s crystalline core to radiate 5D activations. It also triggers awakened DNA and lightbodies to go into Ascension mode. This is why the body, mind, and emotions are so stimulated right now. This is the new light level consistently blooming, expanding us into the next creation which is already in place. New Earth Now.

This Divine Will influx is significantly altering the magnetics and grids of Gaia. Note the consistent solar wind and geomagnetic storms all throughout the Equinox influx from March 15. This is strong energy, powerful dimensional-shifting, consciousness-raising light. On the evening of March 16th I experienced six hours of watching the lightwave come nearer, activating extremely pure planetary and star toroidal fields in nearby systems. There were also vast fields of sparkling 5D-rainbow plasma flowing with this activity. More on that in the next article.

These pure phototonic deliveries are unlocking the magnetic stronghold which held old systems in place. As above, so below, Beloveds. Old game over, both externally and internally. This is why your lifestream is demanding change on a personal level. This is why you cannot create with the old energy, or why it feels uncomfortable to do so. Our higher trajectory, Primary Christed timelines, are doing what was intended; empowering the creators and active participants of this experience to raise all willing hearts into Unity consciousness.

Deconstructing the Old Architecture, the Old Storyline.

Think Universal, act local. The collective demands change on all levels. This is a reciprocal effect; the energies coming in create change, the Divine return of a pure experience of Source. Ascension is a command from Source; our entire Universe is shifting. The collective responds to the triggering light by seeking truth.

This has been going on for decades; the revelation of that which was hidden. The intensity increases; more light provides more exposure. As distortions, time-loops, uncomplimentary timelines and holographic inserts/imprints are removed, the collective consciousness catches up to the true level of light; the Divine Truth. Revelation begins to accelerate, the energies amplify, and our body-mind-spirit complex adjusts.

Part of the Gatekeeper credo is ensuring that everyone is provided with the opportunity to explore their Ascension without boundaries or control systems interfering with their path. This is what is occurring right now with Ascension. Everything is being cleared so that the collective experience of Ascension is wide open for exploration by all.

Anxieties and Insecurities

This current energy is aimed at global, palpable awakening and transparency. Insecurities, lack of confidence, emotional deep purging may get intense right now. Yes, it is part of the process and DNA/lightbody upgrades. However you may have noticed that it feels different, almost too intense in some moments. This is happening at the same time that many of us are experiencing intense bliss. Global magnetic shifts also alter your personal magnetics, however there is more going on.

As we move into unity consciousness, we can feel the collective field. Much of the insecurity, egoic clearing, and confidence challenges are a reflection of what is occurring behind the scenes. Those who believed that money and control were the most important thing, have no heart platform to stand on as the timelines shift. They feel they are losing everything by losing their material belongings, social status, financial status, or belief systems about how this was going to unfold. They are afraid of exposure and judgment. These HUmans have a deep ties energetically to nearly everyone on the planet. The core-shaking loss that they feel as the New Light takes over the plan is palpable.

We have experienced loss, reevaluation of all that we are, and the release of egoic-level attachments through our Ascension process. That same process is available to those who have chosen lower timelines. However, when it hits the powers-that-were in such a strong way, there are collective reverberations of those emotions and constructs being released. Those who are completely enamored and entangled with control-as-power, manipulation-as-power, are suffering. We must remember this is a collective release of what was created here, on overdrive.

There is much deep soul-searching as old structures collapse. However here is the point of mentioning behind the scenes in this article: Because we are all One, because the energy is doing the exact same thing to our personal lives that it is doing to the old structures, and because those systems had energetic ties to the entire collective, we feel it removing the old foundational platforms based on control, ego, and survival. This effects us on an individual case-by-case, person by person level. Clemency, forgiveness, emotional and psychological breakdowns from those transparency operations are palpable.

The energy does the same thing to our journeys as it does to larger operating systems. The questioning, the doubts, the fears, the insecurity, the lack of confidence … You see that this is all a reflection of what is happening on a mass scale. When folks at the top feel wounded and insecure, we feel it too. It teaches us empathy and compassion. In order to fully become a Christed being, we demonstrate non-judgment and forgiveness. False confidence or a false sense of power are falling away. This allows us to re-examine everything in this new light. Constructing new realities as we de-construct old ones is a mighty task for the lower Self. Have patience, follow the flow of this new light and let it change you.

Addiction to the old reality is breaking apart. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual distortion is surrendered so the palpable experience of a new path may be attained.

Spiritual Maturity, Spiritual Disclosure

The challenges to our spiritual maturity, our hearts, our relationships, releases the magnetics of the past. If you feel un-glued, that is exactly what is happening in your fields (and Gaia’s). Yes, the filters for our Ascension get finer and finer as we go through this process. That has been consistent. However this year, when we’re dealing with larger numbers in the awakened collective, the experience dissolves storylines and beliefs about who we were, and how we were going to walk through this.

This is a beautiful Mastery initiation to infinite possibility. We place our hearts on the feather scale. What has been learned and did we apply it properly? Is there anything that needs to shift to accommodate the higher trajectory?

We keep refining what we are in order to merge with our Higher True Self. Those of us feeling and creating this pull to the higher level, must respect and honor it. The High-Vibe Tribe reaches out multidimensionally to create highest outcomes for all.

Relationship with Source: Apply Multidimensional Awareness to Everything

Our relationship with Source is tested. Relationship issues are a reflection of the relationship with Self, which is a relationship with Source. The Divine searches for its own reflection, amplifies the Sacred mirrors and corrects distortion.

As this pure Source light returns, we deeply honor our relationship with Source. We feel and honor our relationship with creation, everything as God, as Self. Our relationship to Source is completing and aligning relationships in form because the Higher Self relationship is purifying with Source.

We are learning during this bifurcation process how realities are separated, and how they arise into something else. We remember our ancient creation, and how to create again in alignment with Source. We are reaching for the highest truth, the highest expression. Anything which limits the full expression of your highest trajectory is exposed.

Focus on multidimensional awareness and apply it to everything that is presenting in your lifestream. All situations, interactions, emotions, behaviors, words, projects, and creations. This is the emergence of our consistent presence as one unified consciousness. Everything traverses dimensions; apply this knowledge directly to what is presenting.

The new light level can be intense in some moments; both intense bliss and intense realignment with the Christed/Crystalline/Unity timelines. Our vibrancy is tested. Authenticity is tested. Spiritual maturity is tested. Oversoul groups are raising as many as possible into the higher experience with ease and grace. The brighter we glow, the easier it is for others to see the light.

Primary Christed timelines are very high vibrational creations, and by quantum effect they raise our experiences into zero point. Remember they are a part of bridging the worlds; we use them to Ascend to 5D. As always,the vibrational pass-key is the Christed/Crystalline HUman Heart.

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the Sedona April 14 High-Vibe Gathering are going quickly. 

Many Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are attending. This feels purposeful as April provides unique interaction with the crystalline bridges to 5D.

Please buy your ticket Now –  I cannot guarantee seats day of the event.

SUNday Unity Meditations
Join us in our Global Intention for Peace, Harmony, Divine Love, and Ascension.
8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm PT. Details on the banner below.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,

Admissions: A Film for Peace ~ March 31, 2018

Rose Rambles...

We 3D humans become fixated on making judgments of others for our various life situations. when really…we have no one to blame but ourselves. When we become aware of this fact, peace follows because, well…love is already omnipresent throughout our world, but not realized nor perpetuated by our controllers!

The link to the movie “Admissions” is below that has been created to show the world another face Hollywood can have. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a cadre of films made by Hollywood that promote Love and positive attributes?

Please watch this film, know that there is NO deed that escapes the Love of our Creator, and…



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The Kali Activation (Easter 2018) ~ March 31, 2018 | roseramblesdotorg

Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

After moving through the Equinox Golden Gateway, many starseeds have begun to activate a certain codex within the DNA structure which is a powerful keycode into the building of the crystalline sili…

Source: The Kali Activation (Easter 2018) ~ March 31, 2018 | roseramblesdotorg

March Blue Moon ~ Unlock and Release ~ March 31, 2018 by cindyloucbp

We Signed Up For This

A Blue Moon happens when we have two Full Moon’s within the same calendar month. While Blue Moon’s are fairly rare, this is the second Blue Moon for 2018.

Falling on March 31st in the sign of Libra, the Blue Moon is going to deliver us a big dose of lunar energy to work with.

While a Blue Moon is no different from a regular Full Moon, having two Full Moon’s in the same calendar month signifies an opportunity to really release and let go under the vibration of that month.

Seeing as March is a number 3 month, it seems that we are all being guided to tap into this number 3 energy and begin releasing all that is blocking us from bringing this “3” energy into our lives.

In numerology, number 3 represents the divine trinity, and is all about bringing balance to your mind, body, and spirit…

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Feel the Shift ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

We Signed Up For This

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. You are the first humans on planet Earth to start, and eventually complete, the shift in consciousness to the fifth dimension. Y

ou have no idea the enormity of this particular task, because to you it is just life. It has been life as you have known it, and yet, you can see how different this experience is for humanity than at any other point in human history. This is an advancement that goes far beyond what you’ve been able to achieve with your technology. This is a complete game-changer, and so of course it is challenging.

You wouldn’t want it any other way. You wouldn’t experience what a big difference the fifth dimension will be unless you first had the experiences that you are having. You wouldn’t be able to feel the enormity of…

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ARIEL SPILSBURY – New Earth News – Receivers Of The Mythic Call – 3=31-18 In5D

We Signed Up For This

by Ariel Spilsbury,

A mythic call was sent out to countless beings in the Universe. A great circle of these called beings gathered from far and wide. The Joy of the Universe then entered their circle, gracing them with a ravishing light and said the following words…

“You are being invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation is taking place. You who respond and embody this call will go to a place where the illusions of fear and separation are being played out and a great cycle of evolution is coming both to and end and a new beginning. I am calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there, to lift and transform the frequencies of planet Earth, simply by embodying and anchoring my presence there. You will, by your very presence, transmute the vibration of fear that now blankets…

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The Inner Resurrection

Heart Star


Dear All,

Coming into April 1st Full Moon and Easter Sunday, we’d like to speak a bit about the deeper symbolism and process of resurrection and ascension, the Golden Flame and the White Flame of rebirth.  Sananda, while embodied on Earth as Jesus, said to people, “Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most high,” and “the kingdom of God is within you.” He walked on the Earth demonstrating within the duality field (and transmitting through it) the vibrational state of Oneness, of consistently held inner union with the Divine, the Inner Divinity which he expressed and gifted to those around him, as existing within all…and that when this union is aligned, full open and freely flowing, then abundance, well-being, joy, the inherent state of love and empathy in all life beyond and behind the veils of distortion, naturally radiates through our beings, through all life…

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SANDRA WALTER – Crossing the Crystalline Bridges, Part One – 3-31-18

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Obviously it has been an intense few weeks as this next light level flows in. This series of intel addresses the mulitidimensional levels of what is unfolding for the Ascension in this now. I AM about to travel to Sedona for High-Vibe gatherings, which feels well-timed as April provides unique interaction with the crystalline bridges to the New Earth experience. Kindwhile, this series of articles may provide clarity and support.

We are experiencing major releases of plasma light pulses. Ancient codes are stepping forth for higher timelines. Unlock what you planted here for Ascension, beloveds. The Crystalline Grid is adjusting the New Earth Grids for stability; Intend flow, ease and grace.

Meditate to feel the bliss, expansion and soothe the clearing activity. Focus on the heart as the energy field stimulation is very strong, especially for embodiers of the Christed frequency. The…

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Entering Into Transformation – Master Djwhal Khul

Courtesy of Walking Terra Christa

Entering Into Transformation ~ March 31st Festival of Lights ~ Master Djwhal Khul   1 comment



Ascension Mastery Message for the Festival of the Christ Full Moon of Libra in Sun of Aries. Channeled transmission by Rev. Christine Meleriessee of Walking Terra Christa.

On March 31st, 2018 we arrive at the first Ascension Festival of Light, known as the Festival of the Christ. This festival represents Love, Resurrection, and Contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy. This Full Moon is in Libra within the Sun of Aries occurring at 5:37 AM Pacific, 8:37 AM Eastern, and 12:00 GMT.

Master Djwhal Khul’s Keynote for March 31st:

“I allow my Higher Mind to come forth to become one within my Physical Consciousness as I transform myself into the Light I Desire To Be.”

Lord Kuthumi with Lord Maitreya of the Office of the Christ bring forth the Divine Connection of the God Force through this first opening towards the Wesak energies. It represents the ability to fully see the darkness of energies within the Etheric Self in order to uphold the Divine Love that the God Force personifies representing the Higher Essence.

It is a time to truly make the necessary changes that are necessary to prepare for the next step of your journey as an Initiate.

Since the Equinox of March, the planet has been infused with huge light frequencies directed through the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic levels called the Rainbow Arcs of Light.

This light formation has brought forth massive amounts of higher light energies into the planet and within humanity. The Solar Storms and Flares that occur are directly assisting the earth even though many individuals may feel it is causing more harm. In fact, the Great Central Suns are assisting each of us on this pathway to move into higher levels of acceleration through our Light Bodies to be able to hold more frequency of light. There is no other way of experiencing these changes as the God Force as deemed it necessary at this time to increase the frequencies to assist in planetary ascension.

The reality of all of this is that the Inner Work must be done. This means that the Etheric Self is opening itself up to allow the light infractions to heal the many timelines and lifetimes it holds in its consciousness. It will directly affect the physical body in ways that our walking upon this earth must move into a higher dimensional frequency. Many individuals are going to be feeling this energy in many adverse ways. So it is imperative that each of us take responsibility for our own four-body systems so that we can accept the higher frequencies and not be physically ill or out of sorts emotionally and mentally.

The Rainbow Arcs of Light represent the 330 Rays of God that are directed through the Great Central Suns.

They are being infused within the Core of Gaia to assist her planetary ascension. This means that it is imperative for every Initiate to fully adhere to the first seven Rays of God in a more personal manner. This needs to be done through allowing the focus of the Seven Flames to enter the Antakaranah Bridge (coming from the 144th Dimension of Light via the I Am Presence and Monad) into the Soul Star so they can be emitted into the Central Canal of all the Chakras.

This will assist each Initiate’s Etheric Self to become more balanced, allowing for the transmutation of the elements held within the Etheric Body. It also will help with the cleansing process so that the other bodies of the Physical, Emotional, and Mental will be able to clean house so to speak.

The Seven Flames are representative by the Spectrums of Light and the characteristics it represents within our physical consciousness. There is a Ray Chohan, Elohim Masters (masculine and feminine) and Archangels (also masculine and feminine) for each ray. The flame is ignited through the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace from the 49th dimensional frequency of light.

1st Ray of Will and Power within the Flame of Blue represents strength and courage, the Decision to Move forward with Master El Morya, Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, and Archangels Michael and Faith with the Elders Lord Alura and Lady Aluri directly aligns with the Throat Chakra.

2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom within the Flame of Golden Yellow brings forth illumination into the Lower Mind to allow the Higher Mind to be acknowledged, allows an individual to feel more Divine Love, Expansion of the Christ Light, allowing for Patience in all endeavors; with Masters Djwhal Khul and Joshua Stone, Elohim Apollo and Lumina and Archangels Jophiel and Christine with the Elders Lord Ralya and Lady Ralyio directly aligns with the Crown Chakra.

3rd Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence within the Flame of Deep Pink brings forth the power to create ideals to be manifested, having Perseverance, Mental Illumination, and the ability to produce through Love and Adoration; with Master Paul the Venetian, Elohim Heros and Amora and Archangels Chamuel and Charity with Elders Lord Seelea and Lady Seeleo directly aligns with the Heart Chakra.

4th Ray of Harmony and Balance Through Conflict within the Flame of Crystalline brings forth the ability to be very creative, representing balance and equilibrium through the doorway of resurrecting old elements that no longer serve the Initiate in their present consciousness; with Master Serapis Bey, Elohim Purity and Astrea and Archangels Gabriel and Hope with Elders Lord Estella and Lady Esteelo directly aligns with the Root Chakra.

5th Ray of Science of the Higher Mind within the Flame of Green/Golden-White brings forth the ability to understand ideas and perceptions from the Higher Self, not the Lower Mind, accessing the deeper ideas from the Higher Consciousness, allows for Divine Truth to be acknowledge through the Harmony of the Spheres within the action of Concentration and Consecration; with Master Hilarion, Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary with Elders Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia directly aligns with the Third Eye Chakra.

6th Ray of Inner Devotion and Spiritual Idealism within the Flame of Ruby Red/Gold brings forth the learning process of devoting yourself to the cause of forgiving love and grace, representing strong spiritually-based ideals and being above to overcome the waters of emotional nature, accessing a deep strength leading to truth, tolerance, serenity and balance; with Lady Nada, Elohim Peace and Aloha and Archangels Uriel and Aurora with Elders Lord Astia and Lady Fratia directly aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Discipline of Sacred Living within the Flame of Violet-Purple brings forth the ability to create a pathway of sacredness of Divine Structure, Grounding, having skill and precision to manifest the ability of being a personal alchemist; with Lady Portia, Elohim Arcturus and Victoria and Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst with Elders Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio directly aligns with the Sacral Chakra.

It is advised through the God Force and Master Djwhal Khul that each initiate work with these energies to assist them through this period of great transformation (please see below for his message).

The Full Moon of Libra with Aries also presents the same criteria as what the Festival of the Christ brings to the Ascension Mastery Pathway. This moon is being called the Blue Moon of March as it is signifying the power of transformation to remove your fears and release them from the subconscious creating a more positive thought process. It is a Divine second chance to “double down” by going within using the Rays of God to bring Higher Spiritual healing instead of just being a passive recipient that gets buffeted about by these intense energies.

Aries represents the “self” while Libra represents the “other”. So there is a conflict of energies occurring during this cycle. Aries signifies self-assertion, whereas Libra brings forth the awareness of compromising and balancing relationships. Aries is reflective of the Physical Consciousness, or Lower Mind and Libra represents the Higher Consciousness, or the Higher Mind.

It is at this juncture that independence of the physical self is challenged in order for true harmony to result as the Higher Mind is the ruling energy towards transformation.

It is up to each individual person of whether they are going to allow their Spiritual Self to integrate and blend within the Physical Self. As stated earlier, the influx of these higher light energies is creating every soul upon the planet to stand up to their Higher Mind and allow the integration of planetary ascension to be the focal point in each lightworker’s pathway. Without it many will get swallowed up in the energies, will tend to complain, have issues with their lives, and not realizing that there is something that can be done.

This work can be very intense, but it is at this time that the God Force and the Creative Source of Oneness feel like it is now or never. It is a powerful time of acceleration and each of us is being assisted to walk as One with the Masters of the God Force.

Ascension Message from Master Djwhal Khul:

Greetings with Deep Love,

I Am Master Djwhal Khul sharing my essence at this most magnificent time of the Earth.

We, in the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light, are very excited about the upcoming energies into the Core of Gaia. It is a time of great anticipation and connection to each of you.

The Festival of the Christ with the combined energies of the Blue Moon of March 2018 is bringing forth more acceleration than any one of us could imagine. We are in a state of transformation that is unheralded like any other time we have experienced. With the integration of the Rainbow Arcs of Light, along with the present moon cycle humanity is being given quite a gift to heal in miraculous ways.

The Rainbow Arcs of Light are being more focused with the Festival of the Christ, so it helps individuals to realize the potential within themselves that change can occur. It is assisting many souls to wake up to these realizations of what transformation represents for them in a personal way. The intensity of these energies is already being felt by many lightworkers upon the earth. The main element we want to convey is that they are not here to be the end of all for the planet. In fact, they are here to wake up everyone’s four-body system so that these elements of debris within each soul can be released so that the full entryway of the Christed Self can occur within each individual that chooses to allow them to be part of their life experience.

Many souls may choose not to adhere to the guidelines that we share, but yet those of you that want to see more of their Light Body to be realized within themselves and step unto the Mastery Pathway on a deeper level must accept that change is inevitable. The planet cannot go on the way that it has presently. There is so much duality within and around the earth that it is causing each of us to be greatly concerned.

This year representing “Mastery” means that the alignments that will be occurring will come into position so that each soul is given the grand opportunity to step further into their own spiritual awareness. It is a time of great acceleration and we all know that it takes a lot of effort for the physical consciousness to grasp the energies while trying to understand the process they are going through.

The main element through all of this is that you will be affected physically, emotionally, and mentally due to the influctuation of the energies. It is important to work through your chakras and Etheric Self to remove the negative programming that has been instilled within your soul’s experience due to the many lifetimes and timelines that you have experienced. So many initiates need to realize that what they are experiencing is not about this lifetime but the multi-dimensional self that is trying to be realized within the process.

This full moon cycle with the Festival of the Christ is the perfect combination of energies that will allow an Initiate to be able to move through the transition of their transformation. The energies are heightened to a point of allowing the Soul’s Essence or Higher Self to become an integral part of the relationship of being human. It is also in preparation for the Festival of Wesak in which the Rainbow Arcs of Light with the first Seven Rays are now all being grounded into the Core of Gaia.

The focus is to take the time to truly allow yourself to heal through your emotional and mental bodies, of letting the Feminine and Masculine Divine become a more integral part of your reality. This is the first step in allowing the Higher Consciousness to become more concrete within your physical walk upon the Earth.

Allow each of us within the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist you through this process. We desire to be able to walk with each of you through this process of integration.

Namaste and Blessings,

Master Djwhal Khul

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Note: To assist these cosmic (what many call solar wind and solar flare) energies to become Grounded in your own consciousness with the assistance of the Spiritual Ascended Masters, Walking Terra Christa conducts global audio conference spiritual gatherings online (or by phone) for all three of these festivals on a donation basis. Optional is a much deeper preparation for grounding these energies to create your higher dimensional construct by attending the Wesak 2-day Online Workshop – SIGN UP FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE WORKSHOP HERE.

Walking Terra Christa will be holding a spiritual Ascension Mastery ceremony for the Festival of the Christ on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern (17:00 GMT). Click here for details on joining the online global audio event.
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A Day of Celebration – Part 2

Tania Marie

This is just a brief continuation of yesterday’s post on celebrations. I can now add a potent dragon to the mix and invigorated inspiration! After realizing I’d be taking my writing to the next level, rather than find myself exhausted by the process, I was even more excited than before if you can believe it! It feels as if I was reborn. And to add to that, a very powerful friend arrived to aid this next step.


What I didn’t realize was that the very special gift I’d gotten myself to celebrate my progress so far on my book, had in fact arrived on yesterday’s 15th Nestor anniversary as well! I wasn’t able to pick it up at the P.O. Box until today, as it got there late, but that just added to all the alignments.


When I unwrapped the box I smiled wide at seeing it was numbered…

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ALICE BAILEY @ In5D – Spiritual Message – Great Invocation of the Shamballa Of Light – 3-30-18

We Signed Up For This

ALICE BAILEY @ In5D – Spiritual Message – Great Invocation of the Shamballa Of Light – 3-29-18


by Nikolai Artiukhov,
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Question: Hello, dear Alice Bailey. What is the meaning of the Great Invocation of the Light of Shamballa?

Alice Bailey: The Meaning of the Great invocation awakens in mankind the great yearning to merge with the Cosmic energies of Shambhala. The energy spectrum of my soul is predominantly violet, which activates the Highest love for the Consciousness of Christ and Other Supreme Masters of the great Shambhala in mankind. At the same time, it awakens in people a conscious desire to serve the Highest Hierarchy of Light and their brothers in mind. That is why my mission was to serve humanity greatly by awakening in people’s souls the genuine desire for cooperation, movement, and evolution.

Q: How did you see the Masters of Shambhala of Light?


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The Spirit of Life Published on Mar 30, 2018 SUBSCRIBE NEW VIDEO EVERYDAY AT 8 a.m & 6 p.m Please! Don’t forget SUBSCRIBE: Messages from Archangel is received by many channels. Our chann…

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