Kick Off 2018 With Loving Self-Nourishment

Tania Marie


However you feel called to put closure to 2017 and welcome in 2018, the energies seem to point to an inward focus on extra nourishing self love on all levels. What ever has been nudging you softly or loudly, would be key to listen to and take action on for yourself. January 1st, 2018 will really kick off with a watery bang, as we enter the year with a Full Supermoon in Cancer alongside other planets also in Scorpio and Pisces – water everywhere! Pretty powerful stuff to start off this 11/2 year numerologically.

A lot of emotional, relationship, and sexual dynamics will continue to surface worldwide and present potential for resolutions, although they may feel explosive at first.

The end of 2017 has been more internal for me as I root and anchor energies in that I’ve been putting into motion over this last year, create our new sanctuary…

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A walk into bliss

2020 Spiritual Vision

Evenings ago I bundled up and took a stroll down the shoreline… and into the sunset.  And an amazing sunset unfolded.  Often moments like these (that I don’t expect or plan) simply become more.  A connection, remembrance and just oh so special – words just can’t describe.  So… sharing 11 magical pictures.

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Arcturian Group Message 12/31/17 – Marilyn Raffaele

Courtesy of Oneness of All


DECEMBER 31,2017

Greetings and a very happy New Year holiday to all. 2018 will indeed be a new year because you have brought the energy of enlightenment to the forefront in many areas. Try not to judge world events or process the outer scene during this new year from the level of third dimensional beliefs.

This now moment is a new time, one in which many cherished concepts and beliefs are being recognized for what they really are–self serving, righteous, and fully based in separation. Old and dense energy cannot survive in the presence of the higher frequencies of Light now flooding Gaia herself and those upon her who are receptive.

Energies from centuries of un-awakened consciousness remain stored in certain physical locations just as it is held in personal cellular memory until somehow cleared. The higher frequencies of spiritual evolution now becoming more and more dominant are acting to automatically dissolve much of that which is of a lower resonance. (Imagine a spot light focused into a dark cave.) This is why at a certain point in everyone’s evolutionary journey, karma simply no longer exists. Karma is simply energetic alignment and not so much “pay back” as many believe.

Fire is one of the ways that Gaia releases and clears long stored dense energy. She has chosen to ascend and it is the free will choice of every individual as to whether or not they go with her. Not all energies being cleared by Gaia are old , many are being created in each moment by those still fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system.

It is a powerful time of awakening for all who have chosen to accept this gift. Individuals are often not consciously aware of having made the choice to ascend because it was done pre-birth, or on some deeper level of which the person is not aware. These dear ones often see their lives fall apart according to human concepts and do not understand what is happening or why. However, the loss of human “good” is often the only thing that will open an individual to leaving three dimensional complacency.

Always remember that change is nothing to fear because nothing real is or ever can be dissolved. It is only the false concept of something that disappears allowing for a purer and better form of its spiritual reality to manifest. Ignorantly, much of the world mistakenly tries to hold on to the ideas, relationships, employment, and things that it is familiar and is comfortable with, refusing to allow them to expand into more.

Once a soul chooses to awaken and evolve, there can be no going back to an outgrown state of consciousness. A person cannot go back asleep once he begins to awaken to deeper truths. It is every person’s birthright to at some point remember who and what they are and when the process begins it is impossible to “un-remember” or go back to a time when things seemed simpler, although many try.

Mankind has asked and prayed for this shift but most imagined it as a wand of light descending from on high that would change everything unpleasant and remove all the “bad” guys. No dear ones, you are the ones doing the work. It is the consensus consciousness of mankind that creates the outer scene. That is why it is important not to flow your power to discordant appearances but rather hold to the reality behind all things. The Light you hold and flow adds Light to the universal consciousness. You are the creators creating the new world

You knew and excitedly anticipated being a part of the ascension process before incarnating into this lifetime but once in third dimensional energy did not remember which has caused the good intentions of many to get lost in the illusions of material sense. Many desirous of being here at this time were not permitted to come. You are here because you are evolved enough to assist with this transition in some way. You have gifts to offer, be they as seemingly simple as kindness and consideration to those around you who may have never experienced love.

Arcturian Group wishes to speak about this coming year in which much will be rising to the surface. The top layers of energetic debris have been cleared which will lay open much that has been long hidden– ancient and dense energies. Try not to fall into fear if or when outer appearances tempt you to doubt or resist. Resistance of any kind simply adds the power of reality to some illusion.

Take time every day, even several times a day to go within and center. Practice unconditional love in the ordinary experiences of each normal day. As you do this, you are building a consciousness of empowerment, one that is the only safety and security you need. In this new year, the intensity of Light will serve to expose much that will tempt you to question and feel emotions of hopelessness.

You are strong and powerful beings of Light here at this time not only to add Light to universal consciousness but to hold and carry this Light with you everywhere you go which in turn helps dissolve whatever lower resonating energies are present. At a certain point in the spiritual journey “protective work” becomes obsolete because there is the realization that there is nothing real you need protect yourself from. The Light of your own attained state of consciousness is your protection.

You are ready to reclaim your power with regard to all aspects of your life–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You have done the work, listen to your intuition, and are well prepared even if you do not think so, to courageously monitor, choose, and trust yourself to make decisions, take action, and if necessary separate yourself from whatever three dimensional concepts are pushed at you from family, friends, experts, leaders, or religious authorities.

This is going to be a year of exposure allowing many to recognize the hidden intentions and goals of those seeking to promote fear and annihilate the Light. Be ready to understand what appearances represent, not allowing yourselves to be fooled into thinking that the ascension process has failed. Ascension into the higher frequencies of light will not happen for those who may not yet be ready for it, but will happen for all who are prepared and desirous of it.

Know that legions of heavenly Beings of Light stand ready to guide and assist all who are open to it at this time. Many from the other side and other planetary societies are simply observing, for it is a grand event to have a dimensional shift take place while those upon her remain in physical bodies. You are being watched, guided, and loved with great intensity.

Never believe that you are alone, for you are ever connected to Source by virtue of being the expression of IT. Divine energies are ever present, only awaiting the individual recognition and acceptance that will allow them to manifest.

You cannot fail for Divine Consciousness is what you are. You can delay spiritual evolution for as long as you wish because free-will allows you freedom of choice. Some have chosen not to awaken at this particular time, but these dear ones are not your concern nor do you have a duty to “save” them even if they are a partner, friend or relative. It may not yet be their time to awaken and well intended interference in their choice can actually delay their process.

Our message for this new year is that you be prepared by virtue of your inner work, to stand firmly in truth as appearances representing old and obsolete states of consciousness manifest. There will be occasions when the temptation to doubt will be strong.

An enlightened state of consciousness holds an energetic shield and sword as is represented in images of Archangel Michael, for courage and bravery are his energetic gifts. This enables an individual to stand strong and fearless in the face of any and all appearances, fully aware of the nothingness of anything formed of false concepts and beliefs.

God alone is power.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/31/17

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©2017 |

SAINT GERMAIN DECREE! – HUMANITY IS FREE – 12-24-17 – by Angel 4 Light

Higher Density Blog

“Humanity is Free” – Official Decree from St. Germain 12-24-17
Official Decree
“Humanity is Free”

I can feel the words coming out of my mouth like it just happened, “Humanity is free” and I meant it exactly the way I said it and the way you feel it. I wasn’t speaking cryptically in an abstract version of completeness, referencing the timelessness of another dimension. I knew it, the same way I knew it when we signed the Declaration of Independence.

I have known for a long time that we are creators and that the greatest source of possibility and miracles was alive right in me. It’s alive in me to this day. It’s alive in you too.

For me to know who I am is of no value to you. Unless you know who, you are, you will never be free. When I said, “Humanity is free” it…

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A NOT SO NEW BELIEF SYSTEM – Are you ready for Heaven? – by Nemisis @ Rumor Mill News – 12-21-17

Higher Density Blog

Image result for Are you ready for Heaven?

You die; you get born again. Why?

Because your ethereal body has absorbed and taken on the tendencies–the likes and dislikes–of your physical body (yes, the likes and dislikes, NOT just the likes).

After death, it does not matter that your conscious ethereal mind does not want to return to earth. After death, your conscious mind can think whatever it wants, but it is over-ruled by the NATURE of your ethereal body–the nature you have become.

How do you avoid coming back to earth?

You neither like nor dislike anything on earth. You accept the reality that is life. You receive all of life with thankfulness.

How is that possible? (the answer is further down)

While alive on earth, you rule with your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the power-house of your reality.

After death, your conscious mind is no longer the power-house or the ruler, instead, what…

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Mother God via Galaxygirl – 12-30-17 – by We Signed Up For This

Higher Density Blog

Image result for Mother God

Mother God via Galaxygirl, December 28th, 2017

Per Staffan December 29, 2017

Father/Mother God (channeled messages)

Message from Mother God for December 28, 2017


Mother God 12/28/17

Dear children, it is I, your Mother God. I speak to you tonight with a heart bursting with love and joy for each and every one of you. For I remember you, in your inception of thought and love, bursting forth with your own unique melody song of light and love and sometimes laughter.

I know, we know, your Father and I, that we can expect wonderful and mighty things from you. I see many of you worrying, pondering, trying to understand your upcoming exchange appointments – and yes there are coming for you swiftly – the wind is now behind you, children, pushing you ever forward and upward – and I see your worried little brows and concerned hearts. For…

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Supermoon Cleaning Meditation – 1-1-18, 2017 – by Therese Zumi Sumner – by Prepare For Change

Higher Density Blog

Therese Zumi Sumner

TZ here: Sword sent me this meditation that I would like to share and hope that you will spread for the Super moon at the beginning of the year. The instructions have already been used on a meditation that we did some months ago and therfore he provides a link to a youtube video where the meditation is available in many languages.

Event single group meditation to support the work of the Light Forces shortens the time to The Event and strengtens and anchors the Light / Love Grid on Gaia. Here is Sword’s message.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Supermoon cleaning meditation – Wolfs pray on sublunar Toplet

The liberation of Gaia and it`s inhabitants takes too long. It`s time to say STOP to all negativity and remove them. It`s time to end process of our liberation and start our global ascension process. It`s time to…

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TRIBUTE TO 2017 – 12-31-12 – by Serana Devi

Higher Density Blog

Now and here, silence is the truth of my heart, worshiping, loving and celebrating who I Am. Who others appear in my eyes and lovingly touch my existence, offering space for more Self-love and Self-worth as a body/soul until eternal become the full presence in emptiness of this walking vessel. In 2018, my full commitment and devotion is to consciously channel and follow the Divine’s Will  to serve my mission, my burning passion, my ultimate devotion to God. To love everything equal and unconditional, to stay neutral and be the flow of nature as a perfect contributor to the holiness of life, on Earth and beyond, so far beyond the imaginable, only possible in light of Divine.   we shall rise to glory of our hearts promises to our Creator/God/Father/Mother/All.

I offer my true gratitude to 2017, the most challenging year of the final cycle of 9 years of being  held in…

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ANGELINA STOJIC @ In5D – The Transduction Of Light – The Power Of Our Sun – 12-31-17

Higher Density Blog


by Angelina Stojic,   Guest writer,

This information is about natural sunlight and how the process of allowing it to enter our system through our eyes can have profound changes to our system.

The words “Transduction of Light” was given to me a few months ago. When I say given to me, I mean that I receive information to share.  In essence I am a channel.  How it works is that I am usually given words, phrases or concepts that I must research and share with you.  This information has been the most profound so far.  Whether you believe it or not is not of my concern. We are evolving at a phenomenal speed and information is coming through various avenues for our expansion.  This information is for all those seeking expansion.  If you have connected with this content then it is you that this is for.


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SELACIA – Preview of January Energies – Foresight for Success –

Higher Density Blog

by Selacia 
As the year is winding down, it’s helpful to have a look ahead at January, a pivotal jumping off point for 2018. In chaotic times like these, having foresight about societal and energy cycles can be both comforting and an essential tool for spiritual transformation. Continue reading for highlights of energies unfolding and what they mean for you.
This has been one of the most unusual years in our recent history. In fact, our collective psyche continues to process the relentless cascade of changes, surprises, and uncertainty. There is much to integrate and heal.
Given this background, it’s essential to regularly connect with a higher view of happenstance. That includes outer-world events and your personal life situation.
Many things are not as they appear. Consider that some of the challenges and craziness may be divinely orchestrated to catalyze mega shifts and awakening. Factor in the potential…

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You Are the Exception to the Rule ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven

Rainbow Wave of Light


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

The exception to the rule is the most interesting part of the rule. When you have a rule, and you have your exceptions to that rule, the exceptions show you that there really is no rule to begin with. We want you to understand that those of you who are awakened at this time are choosing to be the exceptions to the rule. You are choosing to be different because that is what the world needs at this time.

You have chosen not to fit in. Most of you have chosen not to live a traditional life. Many of you are not interested in what the establishment is attempting to keep you interested in, and that has at times been unsettling to you. It has been a challenge for most of…

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Herbs, Wilderness Time, And Other Ways To Help Yourself – Hilary Smith

Courtesy of Inner Self

Herbs, Wilderness Time, And Other Ways To Help Yourself

Herbs, Wilderness Time, And Other Ways To Help Yourself

I am no anthropologist, but I do know that human beings have been around for a long, long time hunting mastodons and dancing around campfires and occasionally going through extreme mental states. Throughout most of human history, there was no such thing as a psychiatrist or a refill of Ativan

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Don’t Let The Past Define The Present – Karen Casey

Courtesy of Inner Self

Don’t Let The Past Define The Present

Don’t Let The Past Define The Present

Don’t let the past define the present. This is such an obvious idea that when I first encoun­tered it my reaction was, “Of course! That’s not new information.” And then I promptly fell back into my nor­mal way of seeing life that was through the lens of the past.

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©2016 by Karen Casey. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of Conari Press,
an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.



The Human Heart Unfurls Itself ~ Dec. 30, 2017

Rose Rambles...

death of the ole

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In this Decembers learnings the human heart will find its way to a great opening in the soul and soil of what is old, finally Growing wings for a flight that was not scheduled. The human heart is a powerful device, more powerful than the ark of the covenant, as it inherently has a greater longer lasting force and effect on all that cross its path, which there is no protection from its sharp learning. It can be a cruel mistress on occasion and can seduce one into wrong choice’s, that all end on the same street of the future,  the human heart always follows its self sometimes landing on dead end streets.

The human heart has a perseverance that unfolds and unfurls its self as a banner that is strewn across the earth sky. Humanity stands tall in their tall in their unity…

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Cancer Full Moon, January 1st 2018 ~ Love & Forgiveness ~ Dec. 30, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By astrologyking

The full moon on Monday January 1, 2018 is at 11 degrees Cancer. The astrological influence of full moon January 2018 comes mainly from an opposition to Venus. This will highlight the differences in love and affection felt between partners.

This full moon should shed more light on recent high-profile cases of sexual misconduct in the media. What one person thinks is flirting is often felt as sexual harassment by another person, especially when there is a power imbalance.

A Kite aspect pattern involving the full moon will help you learn the skills needed to rise above limitation. Whether it be a lovers tiff or all out war, full moon January 2018 offers great potential for love, compassion, peace and forgiveness.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life such as your work versus home…

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New Province III

jbuss Astrology

Here’s a fabulous theme for starting our new Rebirth Year, from Master Kuthumi, channeled by Natalie Glasson…


“Take a moment to imagine your magnificence, how would your magnificence appear?  Imagine your magnificence as the brightest spark of light within you.  Observe the spark of light expanding and recognise how your magnificence influences and transforms your entire being, even your thoughts, emotions and actions.  You are connecting with the most amazing, awe-inspiring aspect of yourself, you are connecting with the brilliance and radiance of the Creator.

“It is a focus upon your magnificence, its radiance and influence upon your being that we encourage now and throughout 2018.  This focus enables an awakening to take place throughout your entire being and systems, downloading more light into your being.  It encourages you to connect with the magic, synchronicities, wonderous opportunities and the supportive nature of the Creator.  Connecting with these…

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Forever Unlimited


by Patricia Cota-Robles
December 2017 Newsletter English

Because of the unprecedented influx of Light that has taken place over the past several years, the I AM Presence, which is the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame, is at long last reclaiming dominion of our Earthly experiences. The Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence is allowing the entire Company of Heaven to work more closely with us than ever before.

These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God are asking us to join with them now, in unified consciousness, to empower the Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love that Lightworkers have been cocreating on behalf of Humanity and Mother Earth over the past 50 years.

This Activity of Light will enable our Grid of Divine Love to assimilate the unfathomable influx of Light our Father-Mother God will Breathe into the…

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Peace Doesn’t Have To Wait For Death

Tania Marie

There continues to be a lot of souls choosing to transition at this time (both in human and animal bodies) and many others experiencing recurring or new serious health challenges.

It really is beyond our solely human capacities to understand and grasp the why’s around this. Nothing makes sense to the heart that feels a sense of attachment to special souls in our lives and that wants greatly to have that physical closeness and tangible presence with us always.

And yet, we do grasp, at least in the conceptual way, that there is something beyond our understanding and that these souls, although depart physically, are truly never far from us.

It’s our emotions, attachments, and personal desires that struggle with this.

And it takes time to heal those wounds we feel and to come to a deeper place of resolve and peace that can’t happen because of what someone tells…

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Getting To The Root Of Love And Pain With Our Parts

SoulFullHeart Experience


By Raianna Tydeman

I wanted to share from my own process experience today because I’ve been feeling some self consciousness while working with what we call an Inner Punisher part.

For me, the doubt comes out around writing. This part of me can’t help but to compare myself to how much output my beloveds in SoulFullHeart seem to produce. He doesn’t have as much concern for what I write about and how it is received, although some of that is still there. It’s more about just having the desire for it or not. I felt with him this morning about his desire for me to be able to write from my heart and inspiration rather than out of duty or obligation to those in SoulFullHeart.

I, as Raianna, have a desire to serve love in any way I can. I know that my process can help others to either decide…

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You Are a Sovereign Being – Start Acting Like It! ~ Dec. 29, 2017

Rose Rambles...

Source: Divine Cosmos | By Jeff Street

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment — take what resonates and leave the rest.

There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist.  One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our personal power to think for ourselves, to discern truth from disinformation, and to stand firm for what we know is right.

The Source that created us endowed us with free-will and the power to create with our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Yet many of us are squandering these endowments, squandering them so badly that the probable future of humanity is not looking very bright.  Humanity is…

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The Wisdom of Water and Sacred Relationship

Sophia's Children

It’s a fine time to sip from the deep well of inspiration and Wisdom, not just because we’re in the Season of Lights and Twelve Days of Christmas, but also to re-inspire as we make the passage from one calendar year to another.

So here’s one drink of inspiration on the “Human Reunion,” from the Diné/Navajo Wise Woman, Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining), who speaks of these times as “a crisis of relationship.”

Amen to that.

She also emphasizes the need forthe remembrance and re-emergence of the older, more wise and FeminineWays of Knowing — a subject that will be familiar to you as a member of the Sophia’s Children reader-community (thank you for that!), and something about which some of our ancestors knew more intimately.

Here, Pat speaks aboutthe magic and mystery of Water — an element upon which we rely, and yet holding its…

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Nothing Left To Overcome

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Image Credit Maria Chambers

As I sit here with my dark roast, contemplating this whole embodied enlightenment deal, I wonder why so many of us have been feeling kind of lost.  Like we have no real passion or direction.  Why is it so difficult to accept that we are in a void and need to just allow this process?

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