Fran Zepeda

Message from Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ 2.28.12 ~ Be Reborn ~

Channeler: Fran Zepeda

Greetings beloveds, we come before you today to speak of Love. We are your comrades in this beautiful undertaking to which you have become so committed since time without beginning.

The quality of Love is transforming. You have probably noticed it, dear ones. It has taken on an essence you have not seen for many eons. Take a moment to feel the quality. Bathe in it and absorb it. Continue reading “Fran Zepeda”


Shanta Gabriel

The Art of Empowered Intentions

Shanta Gabriel
a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel
Tuesday, 31 January, 2012  (posted 29 February, 2012)

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Aurora in Norway, January 20, 2012

There are moments in our lives when declaring our intention becomes very important. It is different than reciting our material goals. Our intentions draw to us the qualities we want manifested in our lives. It has been said that we can know our intentions by the results we see around us. The power of intention works whether it is conscious or not. During this time of accelerated growth during 2012 and beyond, making a conscious statement about what qualities we are choosing for our lives becomes paramount. Continue reading “Shanta Gabriel”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, February 29 – Thursday, March 1, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase

Wednesday’s energy brings out the pioneer in each of us.  Where do events lead you today?  Are you ready for an upgrade? The planets are squaring up to make an imprint on our destiny – “stamping” new energy – so follow along closely.  Be open to new possibilities and don’t be overly concerned about letting other people down.  In order for this energy to properly work, it requires each of us to consider what is best for ourselves.

Thursday’s energy contains an element of judgment.  We will be judging situations and we may feel like others are judging us.  If we are repeating a pattern that is outworn, some may be inclined to say “I told you so.”  The truth is, a test or initiation is happening.  We need to look at things a different way.  The world is changing dramatically every day, so we cannot judge things and ourselves the same way or by the same standards.  But the bottom line is judgment serves a higher purpose only on rare occasions – when we use it to make decisions and self-correct.  It is all too easy to take it too far, which makes for a miserable time.  If you feel yourself spiraling into a loop of harsh self-judgment, stop and ground yourself back into the natural world around you.  Notice the changes in nature that are happening as the season prepares to change.  We can make personal changes without dragging ourselves through the ringer of self-criticism.

Jennifer Hoffman


Activate Your Dreams

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 27 February, 2012  (posted 28 February, 2012)

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Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? You know that it is all an illusion, in fact all of life is an illusion that is nothing more than an energetic manifestation at a specific vibration. There is nothing in the third dimension that is real, except your perception of it. There is nothing in the third dimension that is permanent, unless you hold an energetic space for the continued manifestation of that reality. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Karen Doonan

Shimmering Ones  28th Feb

Dear ones we are here to guide and to support as the energies now heighten and that which has been hidden in plain view becomes more visible for you. We are the Shimmering Ones and we are here to guide you in matters of the heart, for when you begin to clear the heart you allow your vision to clear. Do you understand our analogy? Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

The Oracle Report

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase

The keyword for today’s energy is cloudy.  It tells us that we need to transcend difficulties by sailing over them (like an aviator flying above the clouds) and that we will see things from two perspectives (which will cloud our understanding).  By knowing that clarity will be hard to come by, we can avoid becoming frustrated by an inability to accomplish, complete, or properly analyse things.  There is no point in trying to figure out or decide something because it isn’t really possible to gain a clear picture under this energy.  Our approach to people and situations needs to be delicate and airy – like a cloud.  Admittedly this is a very airy-fairy post, and while I lean toward seeing the evanescent magic in the world around us, I do try to keep the direction grounded.  But this just isn’t in the energy today.  A coronal mass ejection is expected to blow away part of Mars’ atmosphere today, and this will enhance complications caused by trying to make things too concrete or structured.  Remember that we are now in the process of having to practice our skills of surrendering to the course of Universe to some degree.  This is surely in play today.  Observe what is happening from high in the clouds and save practical action and decisions for another day.

Betty Robinson

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Communicating With Those In The HIgher Dimensional Realms

When I first learned to communicate with spirit it was much different than it is now. For one thing in the beginning it took time to reach a level of mind or vibration where I could actually connect. This sometimes took 10 or 15 minutes to accomplish. I was taught to enter a meditative state using a method developed by Jose Silva. You can Google the Silva Mind Development Method and learn about these techniques. For a person who is just now opening to their spiritual gifts, I highly recommend this method. As I moved along my path the time to “get to level” as Silva taught became shorter and shorter. I developed a “point of reference” – a sign that indicated to me that I was at a deep meditative level. Actually there were a couple of signs. One was the feeling of being deeply relaxed. The next one was seeing different colors. I learned that once I reached the color “blue” I was “at level”, which in essence was a level that can be measured in cycles (hertz) per second. I also learned that there were different “levels of mind” operating at different frequencies, or cycles per second and each level had a different purpose. The level for meditation and optimizing the learning or re-learning process was a level called “Alpha”, which operated on the frequency of 7 to 14 cycles (hertz) per second. Continue reading “Betty Robinson”

Dr. Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Releasing the Habit of Being Third Dimensional
Dear Ones,
We the Arcturian expression of our many grounded ones wish to assist you in releasing the habit of being third dimensional. This habit, like all habits, is a set of behaviors that originate in your unconscious mind. Therefore, you are not consciously aware of these habitual actions, thoughts and emotions. Hence, you do not know the reason for these habits. To change a habit you must bring up from your unconscious mind and into your conscious awareness. Once you can consciously observe your habit, you can begin to change it.
At first, you may not be aware that certain habitual actions, thoughts make you feel unhappy. However, if you continue to observe when you feel unhappy, you can begin to trace that feeling back to its source. Continue reading “Dr. Suzanne Lie”

Nancy Leilah Ward

The Vibe Report for February 2012 February 22, 2012

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Loving Ourselves and the Crystalline Energy

Continuing with the feelings of ennui and urgency, February has been a month of turning inside out and shining Light on parts of ourselves that we’ve kept in the dark. This has rendered me frozen in place at times or swirling within whirlpools of emotion. Welcome to the 4th dimension!

Expanding with the tide, a wave has turned, come to completion and is spreading its energy across the sand. I feel this within me. The essence of my life expanding with a sigh across the pebbles and shells of long ago experiences, stirring memories, currents of emotions, all of my experience in this life so far. Feelings and memories that have been integrated, softened with love, tenderness, tears of release, all coming up once again, like mist rising from the sand. Not for review. Not for further exploration, just to be in the light of my conscious loving energy. Raw feelings, opening the tenderest places within my experience are triggered, and I realize that all I am to do is love everything that comes up within me. Continue reading “Nancy Leilah Ward”

Angela Peregoff


The Week Ahead: One’s Energetic Magic

a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff
Monday, 27 February, 2012 

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There are two great days in a person’s life-the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay

The softness of February love is [finally] accentuated this week with a profound sense of peace pooling just beneath the experiences of our daily lives. As many are accomplishing clearing out the illusions of drama, chaos, and unbalance from our realities we have set the space for something more profound to enter our experience. The flow of Magic and Miracles is set to descend upon this plane of existence and its presence is whispering to all who have ears to hear. Continue reading “Angela Peregoff”

The Oracle Report

Monday, February 27, 2012


Crescent Moon Phase

This photograph was taken yesterday in New York of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon.  If you haven’t seen this in your sky yet, it is phenomenally stunning, and not to be missed.  Today’s energy gallops forward, almost like a race is on.  It will prompt people to be super-competitive.  Make sure you don’t burn yourself out too fast; save some for reserve.  There is a generalized concern and possibly fear of leaving or losing our sense of security.  We are trying to release the difficulties of our past, but we are familiar with them, and have grown accustomed to the way they feel.  But we cannot grow as spiritual beings if we remain cocooned in what is familiar.  We must move forward and allow space and opportunity for our true selves to be revealed in the world.  You are a gift to the collective of humanity because you have awakened to the mass illusion, which in turn enables your fellow man to awaken.  Don’t hide your light under a bushel today.  It is much needed in the world.

Montague Keen


February 26, 2012

This has been a stressful week for you, trying to deal with ordinary family matters as well as working with Spirit. Juggling the two roles is not easy. We told you to expect the unexpected but even you did not expect the secrets of the Vatican to be revealed by those who know the truth. Nothing can be hidden anymore, those days are over. The masks will fall and you will see things and people as they really are, not as they appeared to be. Those who have almost destroyed your planet will not be able to hold their shape as the energy changes. Life will become extremely difficult for them. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

Wes Annac

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Transcending Fading Densities, Ancient Extraterrestrial Contact and Encoded Messages in the Dreamscape

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are progressing along your ascension paths wonderfully, and while doing so you are laying the energetic foundation for your further exposure to more pure realms of consciousness. Now that you have begun to learn through other Divine sources of energetic imprints and the power you hold through your various interactions with things which you leave your own energetic imprint on, it is time to build upon that foundation of knowledge, to let you know the significance of a cleansing, of a purging of sorts, of all of your subtle as well as your physical bodies. Continue reading “Wes Annac”

D.L. Zeta

Fran Zepeda


Message from Yeshua ~ Just BE ~ 2.24.12 ~ As channeled through Fran Zepeda



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*This is a channeled message. As with all channeled messages, please use discernment, embracing only what resonates with your heart ~ Fran ~


Greetings, beloveds. I come before you today to bring you information on your Ascension. All over your world there is much shift. Many are feeling it as a kind of dropping in energy, but do not worry; this is normal. You are making way for your new upgrades and downloads to go online, so to speak.

Gather yourself often into the Now. By this I mean take yourself into the Present by taking three deep breaths and feel everything with all your senses. Do this often in the day. Feel the love and joy well up in your hearts when you do this, dear ones, and just sit with it. Feel nothing being required of you but this in that moment. Continue reading “Fran Zepeda”

Marlene Swetlishoff

February 26 – March 3, 2012

Beloved Ones,

As you go through each day in your daily activities, please understand that all that you think, feel and do has its reflection upon the malleable astral plane and this in turn has influence upon the atmosphere surrounding Earth and affects the All through it. This is why we advise you to become cognizant of the need for self discipline and self responsibility. You are walking the Earth now as powerful energetic Beings and everything you do makes a difference. When we say that your Light makes a difference, we mean just that! Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

John Smallman


Laura: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities.

Message channeled by John Smallman

All shadows will have dissipated as the clarity of Reality surrounds you.

02/26/2012 by John Smallman

Many of you are feeling down and depressed as it seems that your awakening is not getting any nearer.  You feel that you have been holding the Light, changing your attitudes, practicing loving behavior and yet nothing is happening that indicates your efforts are in any way effective.  Remember, the illusion is fighting for its existence, it is a collective egoic structure that is maintained by fear, suffering, and violence, and what you see happening, if you focus on the bad news around the planet, are its death throes. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Planetary Grid Transmissions

Every New and Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice

Participants share…


spiral“I could see something like a brilliant cobweb of light around the earth and my skin kept having goose bumps almost during the whole hour. I saw the smiling faces of people, some I knew; and others I didn’t know who they were. We were holding hands and smiling and the whole atmosphere was of love and peace…”  Sharn’a from Panamaspiral“During the unified meditation, I was encapsulated in what seemed like cylinder tubing and began to see geometries. I saw the whole group of us joining our light bodies and forming one large merkaba field, this looked like a huge spaceship of sorts.  I should say it was a quantum leap in consciousness and I could hear the music of the celestial spheres, I was trembling and shocked and felt such joy and incommensurate bliss.” Alicia from Buenos Aires, Argentina

spiral“I saw the ley lines of Earth very clear, and they were so brightly alive and light they were glowing and radiating far out into the universe. I also saw people all over earth communicating with each other  and smiling. There was a wonderful sense of peace and harmony on the earth and the earth’s terrain was so lush, alive, and vibrant…awesome stuff.”  Simon from Alberta, Canada

Program Description

The Crystalline Grid is powerfully reactivating as a new consciousness matrix and part of the New Earth template. This planetary grid is our new foundation and a spiritual “telecommunications system” to help us connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies… as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy.

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation is radiating the call to people around the world to join this influential matrix and expanding forcefield of light. Serving as a Grid of Stabilization, this is a massive support system during this period of increased intensity in the Earth’s restructuring process. One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring balance to our and the Earth’s processes by providing a pure means from which to access and remain connected to pure energy source.

 It also profoundly assists us in developing skills of expanded consciousness. This includes greater sense perceptions, telepathy, energy transferences, receiving and decoding the languages of light, multidimensional communications, to name a few. These are very important skills for the now times.
moon cycles

Every New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox

The Transmissions

These regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation. As a forcefield, this amplified field supports each of us in releasing the old and embodying the new. We unite and link our collective light in a purified, highly tuned geometric field. This unified geometric field is also known as a group merkaba, or a spinning and ascending field of rarified energy which assists in our upliftment (ascension) into the new consciousness frequency.

Important to Build the Grid Networks

helpingServing as crystalline human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit these New Earth energies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. It is very important that we focus on building our own networks of light on this grid matrix. This is to help your friends, family and those closest to you. As we are all linked, what occurs in our field also affects those in our intimate sphere.

The networks also empower and expand the matrix into greater fields of mass unification.

With aligned intent, we can accelerate transformation into specific areas of the world especially those affected by the planetary shift. In these times of tremendous change, we are assured of this unified forcefield and giant support system to be in place, every new and full moon without fail. Everyone is inspired to build their own networks of light.


How it Works

The transmissions will occur over a full 24 hour period on each day of the new and full moon.

Unified Meditation/Ceremony is synchronized to four world times:

Sydney, Australia      8 p.m.
Country of India        8 p.m.
Paris, France             8 p.m.
New York, USA          9 p.m.

During this day, you may choose to go into meditation, connect to the Crystalline Grid and simply receive. If you have built a network or desire to assist with the unified planetary focus, you can also serve as a crystalline human portal in both receiving and transmitting.
Important Links

World Clock Calculator
To synchronize the global times of unified meditation/ceremony in your home zone.

2011 Schedule
Every New and Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice
See Schedule

Karen Doonan

ANNUKI 25th feb

We are the Annuki and we wish to guide and support as many are now awakening to a level that sees them able to see through the veils of containment that has surrounded the planet earth for aeons. Now as the light shines brightly across and within the planet many are now remembering. We are here to help you to remember that which has been forgotten so that all may take their rightful place amongst the stars. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Alan Cohen


The Book of Deservingness

Alan Cohen
a message from Alan Cohen
Friday, 24 February, 2012 

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As we proceed through 2012 we must be clear on our vision of who we are, the goals we hold most sacred, and what we deserve. In the Jewish religion, at the outset of the New Year adherents offer each other the blessing, “May you be inscribed in The Book of Life,” meaning, “May you live healthfully and joyfully during the coming year.” Continue reading “Alan Cohen”

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