The 12th Road

If 2017 is a one year, a Year of New Beginnings, then it has been a year of preparation for that beginning. A year of transitioning from one phase to the next.   A year of slowing down and coming into a long drawn out pause while everything catches up with itself, gets in the same space, on the same level, in wholeness and completeness. It is only in wholeness and completeness, that we shift in a unified way into what lies in waiting.

This year has been a leveling ground. It has created great rifts in relationships, in ideologies and beliefs, illuminating all that is wrong with the world and all that is twisted and distorted in the minds of humanity. But in being confronted with the dark and unpleasant, the frustrating and displeasing, we are being shown exactly what we want in our lives and what we have…

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Halloween Message: Responding With Love, Not Fear, To Your Shadow And Spirits

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen


“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.” ~ Thomas Moore

Resisting anything in ourselves just leads to more pain, more resistance, more pushing out of life and not letting it in. Resisting the darkness is understandable when we have been taught in 3D culture to fear that which we don’t understand, that which isn’t socially acceptable, that which may hurt or harm others or ourselves. We have been taught to fear our fear and the fear of others as well. This fearing of fear JUST leads to more fear being generated. This creates a fear fueled energy cloud that rumbles inside of us and through all the strands of the collective emotional body web for fear-based BEings to get more energy from.

On this ‘day’ of…

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When you accept how perfect you are your world will change ~ Abraham – Infinite Shift

Courtesy of IInfinite Shift

Source: When you accept how perfect you are your world will change ~ Abraham – Infinite Shift

Emotosomatic Healing: The Deep Roots Of Parts Work

SoulFullHeart Experience

41My recent back and neck pain has found a home in my heart. What I mean by that is that through a deep emotional movement and process with my beloved Kalayna, and energy sessions with Jillian, the intense spasms and stiffness got felt in a deeper emotive root. The part of me that was using the pain as a protection and a way to get my attention was able to surrender into vulnerability and trust in the open hearts of both myself and my mate. It was an experience that demonstrated the power of our emotions and intimacy to transmute and heal.

Though the term “psychosomatic” is more commonly used, we feel that it is the emotional body that is ‘upstream’ of the mental body. Our emotions are energy in motion that translate into thoughts that have their own waveform and power. So, yes, what I was thinking was having…

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Ancestral Wisdom and Deep, Deep Roots

Sophia's Children

Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia. Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier. Public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia.

To hallow is “to make holy or sacred, to sanctify

or consecrate, to venerate”. (Wikipedia)

It’s a fine time for drawing up insight and guidance from the depths, and sustenance from our very roots.

Yesterday, I had the privilege and joy of giving the Sunday lesson for a wonderful group here on this very topic — deep roots, and the power of blessing.

The Energies of Now support us even more than usual in that gathering back and sinking roots. More on that just below.

But first … if ‘to hallow’ is ‘to make holy or sacred, to sanctify or consecrate, to venerate,’ …

What might we want to ‘make holy’, sanctify, consecrate, bless, or venerate?

What might we be, by default, venerating or worshipping that might not be worthy of that devotion…

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A Part Of Me

SoulFullHeart Experience

232Painting by Cianelli Studios

By Raphael Awen

Are you about ready for a serious leap in your emotional and spiritual maturity?…

…Begin to see yourself as a makeup of more than one persona, and then seek to find ways to show up to get to know and feel these aspects of what you call yourself.

This is my truth about the makeup of our being, but I don’t want to pound the pulpit claiming and arguing, but rather invite you to feel into if this feels true for you. If it does, then you’ve just given me the pleasure of being the tour guide showing you your truth, which also happens to be mine!

I don’t know of any other growth or discovery piece that comes close to this huge contextual piece of what we call Partswork. Not only that, but without this piece of CONTEXT, the CONTENT of how…

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The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity | Ascension Energies

Courtesy of Ascension Energies

The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity

Ascension Energies

Romeo Baron – At the moment what we call humans here on earth, a lot of them have no angelic soul, but a fallen soul, incarnated for spiritual healing in order to integrate their soul matrix, and it has created a lot of problems. Read more

Source: The Host and The Liberation of The Soul Humanity | Ascension Energies

5 Steps to Stay in Your Light When Things Appear Dark

Multidimensional Mastery

Fear is the main culprit that inhibits us from making decisions, moving forward, and believing that things will get better. As a woman with high intuition and sensitivity to the external world, I feel that my fears can be amplified if I let the culmination of internal worries mixed with these environmental factors overtake my ability to stay in my light.
Recently, having experienced a spiritual growth spurt where I let go of the career I thought was my true calling and other identities of who I thought I was, I began the tough process of uncovering layers of myself that exposed more of my truth – yet also more of my fears. I’ve battled with chronic and unexplained health issues with little sight of resolution for quite some time – I finally accepted responsibility for my own sickness as well as my own healing; I realized my participation in a prolonged toxic romantic…

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The Re-emergence; November Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price – Enigmatic Healing

The Re-emergence; November Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price

View video

…Thank you for showing my my love, Thank you for showing me my strength”

Read it here:


Source: The Re-emergence; November Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price – Enigmatic Healing

Constructing the Separation Game | Ascension Energies

Infinite Shift

Jeff Street – In this article, I’m diving into a topic that I alluded to in The Origin, Purpose, and Destiny of the Earth Game — how and why we created the reality system that we are all currently experiencing.  Just to be clear, By “WE” I mean our non-physical higher selves and beyond.  Understanding why “we” conceived of this reality, and the key elements of its design and construction (yes, all realities are constructs) is very illuminating and will give you a whole new perspective on your experience within it. And perhaps more importantly, it might even catalyze a shift in your consciousness

Source: Constructing the Separation Game | Ascension Energies

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Critical Mass Is Drawing Near (check out these movies)

Infinite Shift

by Nikki Colombo, Editor ContactOnlineMagazine
Guest writer,


Strange anomalies are occurring all around people and they are freaking out from lack of understanding questioning their sanity and lowering their vibration into fear signatures and vibes.

We are coming close to a time marker when all us Lightworkers and Starseeds will be inundated and swamped with calls for help and guidance. This is why I wrote my eBook SUPERCONSCIOUS , not only does it reveal our past, present and future but it has tools and techniques for healing past life traumas and how to protect your field.

Have courage and share as much as you can with your beloveds regardless of their ill perceived religious dogma. I suggest you don’t hammer it down! , this only creates resistance having the opposite effect. Share it and leave “space” for…

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The Solar Grid

Heart Star

solar flow

Dear All,

Firstly, many thanks go to everyone who has sent emails and/or photos in recent months. It hasn’t been possible for me to reply to all of them, as I’ve been very focused ‘behind the scenes’ and prioritize stillness inbetween, to deeply integrate inner shifts and expansions with the incoming higher frequencies. However, I read every message or query, appreciate them all, and send love and blessings to all the readers of Heart Star. Thank you for BEing you! ❤

One of the most asked questions this year has been about Light Grids ~ what they are and what they do ~ and this rise in focus on (and increasing perception of) grids of higher dimensional light is connected with an overall strengthening of these subtle grids around the Earth…and in the Solar System more generally, radiating from the Sun. As they are coming more into the awareness of…

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Let’s Talk About Integrity

Reflections of Riverman

Show Poster

It is always an amazing opportunity for me to speak to the world via Humanity Healing Network. I never really know what the topic will be until the day before the talk and so I have to trust that I will find some supportive materials for whatever is to come through my mouth and into the hearing world.

The topic of Integrity is a big one for me as I have witnessed many people who claim to be healers and teachers failing to honor themselves and others in their pathwork.

I also watch as the leaders of the world have failed to muster up much integrity as well and are now scurrying to cover up as they rape the world in a greedy frenzy for power and control.

It is time that each of us  remember what the meaning of that word truly is and hold ourselves up as best…

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So much has changed ~ Oct. 29, 2017

Rose Rambles...

This article was written by Terran (used to be American Kabuki), who posts on his blog, Terran Cognito. I really like the gist and feel of this article and wanted to put this out there for you to read as well.

Think about this post a bit, think about how your life and be-lie-f systems have changed the past few years. This is deep blog post asking you to do go deep as well.

So…please read, perhaps it is time for all to create with our minds, and…


So much has changed, Within me, within you, and everything around us. The old things have not yet vanished, and huge efforts are spent to reinforce that which is no longer supported by any frequency on this planet.

Much has been said about constructs, and deconstructing constructs, matrixes and grids. Elon Musk speculates about living within an artificial construct, but all…

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Learn to Clear Your Energetic Field ~ Oct. 29, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By Summer Garner,
Guest writer,

You’ve heard of Sage, possibly even Palo Santo. But what is this for and is it really necessary?

Let’s dig into why clearing your energy is so important.

There are a large sum of us on this planet who come in with a high attunement to energy. Certain astrological signs are known for this; hello Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer! It is even possible to develop your sensitivity to energy. This occurs as you awaken to your spiritual nature, attune yourself to higher levels/dimensions and raise your vibration. Part of the awakening process is learning and tuning into the subtle energetic fields around us and within us. We are a part of it all.

Being sensitive to energy simply means you are able to pick up on another’s energy output and even the collective energetic output. Understanding what energy is yours and what you…

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Samhain Ceremony ~ October to November 2017 ~ Oct. 29, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By Tanaaz

Samhain or Halloween is all about celebrating the eternal part of life, the never ending cycle of death and rebirth that we all follow.

It is also a time to honor your departed loved ones, and to remember that even though they are not with you physically, they are very much present in spirit.

Samhain is also the perfect time to reflect on all the things you have have had to let go of this year, whether it be relationships, a job, or a way of life, and to celebrate the new energy that will eventually take its place.

When something is released from our lives, we actually enter a highly creative vibration which can really help us to manifest all that we desire.

This ritual is designed to help you-

  • Honor the real, eternal You
  • Send blessings to loved ones who have departed
  • Manifest a new vision…

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What Are You Doing With Your Personal Energy Field??? | The Shift of Time and Energy!

Infinite Shift

…If we can look at our fields like a blanket.  We want to keep our blanket, our energy fields stretched taut always in a state of expanding or rest without putting anything heavy in it to depress it.

I actually found a little science stuff to help me express myself (imagine that!! lol)

From the Quora website:

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Mindful Presence for Compassion

Moments with Millie

This afternoon I went into downtown Asheville to meet an elderly couple who used to stay at my motel twice a year for many years. We shared the common pleasantries. We spoke about the passing of several family members and so on. I know he is a hardcore Trump supporter. I have no issues whatsoever with who

Supports who in politics. What I do have is an issue when it comes to lack of compassion.

He brought up the subject of Puerto Rico’s devastation and immediately went into a political commentary that sounded absolutely inhuman. This man knows I am Puerto Rican. He also knows I don’t speak about politics but that’s the thing with those who have little bits of humanitarian empathy, they don’t think before they speak. They like to hear themselves over and over repeating what they see on the news.

I sat there listening. Watching his…

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Your Cohort is in the Wings | Welcome to Brenda’s Blog

Courtesy of Brenda’s Blog

Your Cohort is in the Wings

October 30, 2017 at 10:45 am 10 comments

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 27, 2017, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at The inner and outer chaos you’re likely experiencing will shift to a solid new you pattern near the new year. Even though it’s likely that your physical and emotional beings seem foreign or frightening now, you’re selecting the bits and pieces from all your past, present, and future segments that best complete your New Earth role. As a result of your new you self-assurance, you will become more childlike.

“Chutes and Ladders” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,
Many of you are concerned you are not creating as you feel you should. That somehow this transition passed you by. That because you are seemingly a worker bee, you will receive no honors or rewards for all you have done and are doing.

Such is so because you have not yet reached your peak of creativity. You and your group or cohort are waiting backstage – nervous about your skills and frightened that you will not complete your assigned role. Not because you have not practiced enough, but that you are not capable of shining onstage or anywhere. Much as you once believed no one would find you attractive enough to love – until they did.

Your concerns are merely pre-stage jitters that will dissolve as soon as you move to your onstage place.

Perhaps you are wondering why everyone is not onstage dancing their unique dance? You, en masse, decided before entry to the earth in this lifetime, that your 5D or beyond awakening would happen in waves so that others would not be frightened by the power of an instantaneous shift from fear to love.

An instantaneous love shift would be overwhelming for those wishing to remain enmeshed in fear, as well as those merely dipping their toes into the freedom of love.

So it is that other cohorts or groups are on center stage before yours.

You are all the best of the best in your area of transition expertise. But if that much love radiated on earth all at once, love would become dominant because of a power play instead of an acceptance of joy as the natural way to be.

You are all forerunners who trained for eons to shift earth and the Universes. And so you have, and so you are. At the same time, you are all, so to speak, Universal winners, so you wish to be at the forefront of the forerunners as the biggest and the best.

Such is not possible for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that you selected 3D physical bodies with varying degrees of stamina. Some of you need to rest more than others, and some of you need to move more rapidly than others. You cannot force yourself to move/transition faster than is possible for your physical being – a physicality that you selected before birth in this lifetime.

Those different feelings or actions do not detract from your forerunner status – you are all on-course but in different degrees of transition as was planned by you before entry to earth in this lifetime.

When you decided to enter earth to initiate this transition en masse, you readily agreed to transition in waves both individually and in groups. So it is that your group or cohort is composed of forerunners, but within that group, each of you has a different role.

This Universal transition plan is more complex than you can now understand.

You want to be at the front of the class – always. Even though such is not possible because of your physicality and the grand plan.

This transition is similar to a ballet in which you might all be onstage, but only a few are in the spotlight.

The spotlight has not yet focussed on you nor has your group been called to the center of attention. So it is you feel you are not doing enough, not doing it right, or not rewarded as you should be for all your work.

Such is not to inform you that you must do more before you can be in the spotlight, but instead to let you know that you are not an underachiever, you are merely progressing at the pace correct for you and your group. You will be in the spotlight as will all forerunners and all who follow – just not at the same time.

This is a group production featuring specialists instead of a group dance without headliners.

You have a special skill that you may or may not have discovered. A skill that is your personal featured dance.

Some of you are beginning to question yourself for you have no inkling of what that special skill is. There will be a time when you will KNOW you are the focus of attention, that you are onstage to display your expertise.

A focus much deeper than the 15 minutes of fame some 3D humans claim – a focus that will shift earth and therefore, the Universes. Even though you are likely not yet aware of that focus, you will be.

So there is no need to worry or be angry that your life seems to be at a stalemate or frightening. For one of those pieces of fear, many of you are holding onto is that you are not shifting as rapidly as others.

Which brings us to another piece about which many of you are fearful or angry. If you are a master creator, why has your ‘bare bones’ life not shifted despite your attempts or wishes for it to change? What’s wrong with your creative skills? Why do you have to be enmeshed in 3D fears even though you wish to be of 5D or beyond? What are you doing wrong?


It is not you or your group’s time to be the onstage focus. But it will be so near the new year. For those of you reading our channels are of one group or cohort of dancers who have not yet claimed your center focus. Once your dance troupe is on stage, the light will find each of you at the right time.

Of course, this lengthy explanation does not necessarily make you feel more secure, for you wish to know now that you are in the right place at the right time. Even though we can inform you of that over and over, you need to experience it within your being. For most of you, that means you need to be onstage with the light focussed on you.

Do not waste your time, wishing for that moment. Instead, listen to your inner-being to discover your joy. For the more rapidly you discover your joy, the more rapidly you assist your group, your cohort in moving onstage. So be it. Amen.

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Copyright 2009-2017, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add to your newsletter, etc., but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author/channel: Brenda Hoffman & source website link: http://www.

Source: Your Cohort is in the Wings | Welcome to Brenda’s Blog

NAMASTE – The Real Meaning – 10-20-17

Higher Density Blog

Image result for NAMASTE

01. Namaste – Joining Both Palms Together To Greet In Hindu culture, people greet each other by joining their palms – termed as “Namaskar.” The reason behind this gesture of joining both the palms signifies respect & reverence. However, scientifically speaking, joining both hands ensures joining the tips of all the fingers together. You may be aware that each finger tip in the human body is an energy point. In yoga, joining two palms is a mudra called “anjali mudra”. By doing this, the cranial nerve circuits in the head and the upper part of the body in the vagus nerve system are linked together. This produces a physiological response that induces a state of calmness and deeper breathing. The secret is that your hands are essentially an energy map of consciousness. Each finger represents an…

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SOLUNTRA KING – Earth Grids and Portals – Gateways of Light and Unity – 10-20-17 – by The Event Chronicle

Higher Density Blog

The Three Grids

There are three main Grids that operate through and around Earth; the first we will look at is the Crystalline Grid, which links the Crystals in the Earth.

By Soluntra King


Where this Grid crosses are major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Earth to:

  • Other dimensional worlds
  • Stars and Planets in the Galaxy
  • Solar System and Beyond

The Crystalline Grid keeps harmony within the Earth plane and at the portals links the Earth to the Stars and Universe to have harmony with our neighbors in space. Just us when the meridians are free and flowing and so we are in good health within our body and with other beings, so to with the Grids in the Earth. The Ancients were aware of this and so constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles to align this energy with…

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Roots, Soles, Soul Activations and…

2020 Spiritual Vision

It does feel as if a lot has happened in just a few short days yet… we’ve been working towards this for quite some time.  When we have those quieter moments and okay some not so quiet/easy and then… it all syncs up.

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Energy Report Update ~ The 11~11 Portal… Gateway of The Mirror ~ Oct. 29, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

Energy Report Update ~ The 11~11 Portal… Gateway of The Mirror ~ Oct. 29, 2017

By Lauren C. Gorgo

After a scorching summer of transmutational fires incinerating our most ancient fears…liberating our hearts from human bondage…and a super intense entrance to autumn (in the north), we are finally beginning to find a rhythm with the sacred flow of new Life.

In September, a clear month of endings right on the heels of the solar eclipse…we energetically bottomed out.  In October (a universal 2 month) we started laying the foundation for our creations-to-be in the new year with a special focus on partnerships…a preview into the major theme of 2018 (a universal 2 year). In November we will bring into manifestation our final harvest for 2017 as we begin to refill our very empty chalices after the glorified gutting that was last season.

In preparation for the new year, some of us are readying to test our newly resurrected wings…to see just how far we have come by putting our newly alchemized fears to the test thru some very new life choices, while others are being drawn deeper inward, assessing the remaining density and outdated be-lie-fs that have surfaced during the eclipses.

The distinguishing characteristic of Life Force is that above all else it yearns to create.

We’ve also just come thru a very important lunar cycle that marked the establishment of the Divine Human Template and now…moving thru the upcoming 11:11 gateway…we begin a new level of assimilating our new/ancient/original Self.

As we align with our true spiritual nature, our lower body begins a new relationship with our higher body.  This relationship requires a whole new level of circuitry and communication as we shift to a brand new frequency of embodied enlightenment.

This new frequency is the next level of light body realization, one that is kicking off the start of a massive life shift, or maybe I should say…a massive shift in our experience of life.

As we transition into a new body experience, so too do we transition into a new life experience that is resonant with our embodied Truth. We are leaving the karmic template behind, including all the structures that we built to sustain it, and this calls for some important life changes that align with our higher calling…our divine blueprint…the map of who we authentically are and what we have come to contribute at this most challenging, most spectacular time on earth.

The physical body is our vehicle for ascension. Only when we raise the frequency of every cell can we ascend/descend into a whole new dimension of physical life experience.  For those pioneering this new human frontier, the truth of this is becoming more and more evident, that the only way around is thru…the body…that the only way to increase the frequency of the flesh, is to ensoul.

As both our personal and planetary life force rises to meet the threshold required to activate the divine DNA template both within the ascending collective and the within the ascending Earth, we are also being called to step up in full support of this process…to step fully into our power, to start taking bigger steps in the direction of divine desire.

There is a growing sense of urgency that NOW is the time to bring our visions to life, to breath new life into our existing creations.  This is because each physical, real world action we take in support of the ascended reality helps exponentially to ground it.

Waiting begets more waiting.  I am getting the message over and again that we need to “move in order to move” into our creative expression…that it’s not enuf to heed the call of the Heart, we must now enact it.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So…get on your way!” 

― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

[section protected: to read FULL report & comments see membership OPTIONS & PRICING ] ©As LOVE, Inc. 2017 All rights reserved.

Permission granted to copy & redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, intact, full credit is given to the author & it’s distributed freely.

Source: Energy Report Update ~ The 11~11 Portal… Gateway of The Mirror ~ Oct. 29, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

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