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I am awake, yet asleep moving through dreams of past and yet to be. Images swirl intermingling with dread, fear hope, joy plucking each emotion like a violin out of tune. What are these nocturnal fantasies, other dimensions unresolved stories from the past hopes for the future? They come even in the day when I […]

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How To Master Inner Peace – Melinda,

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by Melinda @ TheMiracleForest


I have learned in the past couple of years that nothing ever stays the same. Even after we start practicing mindfulness, we have our good and bad days.

People often tell me that sometimes they are still anxious, even after practicing peace for such a long time. They feel bad for it and want to eliminate it completely. But the truth is that anxiety, just like any other human feeling, cannot be eliminated completely. Because it is natural. And there’s nothing wrong with it, just like there’s nothing wrong with any other human feeling.

I have my own set of fears, just like everybody else does. Sometime I feel like my mind just picks a random worry off its big shelf of worries to bother me with. The shelf is never empty, it always has something to throw at me. I…

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Things are getting weird. The veil is lifting, timelines are merging, and parallel realities are showing up in the news.

Since the removal Saturday of the final bunch of controllers at the top 1%, there have been quite a few questions about what this means for us.  Here are some thoughts on that.

It means we’ll see more reports in the mainstream media like this one (NBC) and this one (David Icke in Australia).  It means our history will change, as with these recollections of that day in Dallas, to where the story of who shot who is talked about openly.  The media will be less and less suppressed; to the uninitiated, it will appear to have always been the case.  The criminal actions of the controllers will become…

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ALBERT MILLIGAN: “Gemstones – Mother Nature’s Natural Healers”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Mother-Nature1-700x325 (2)

Ancient healers used precious and semi-precious gemstones for healing. Today’s alternative and holistic healers continue to use gemstones to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Following are descriptions of the unique healing properties held by many of Mother Nature’s natural healers.

Amethyst – Healers value amethysts for their power to focus energy and treat blood and breathing disorders. Often, healers wear several pieces of amethyst jewelry while treating others. An amethyst has many other uses, including:

  • Fighting off insomnia and bringing pleasant dreams if placed under a pillow.
  • Headache relief if rubbed across one’s forehead.
  • Protection against spiritual and emotional negativity if placed in clusters in a window that lets in lots of sunlight.

Emerald – As the sacred stone of Venus, the emerald preserves love and has become a symbol of hope. As a result, many healers use it to help heal the heart. Some healers believe it brings reason and wisdom to…

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L.J. VANIER: “12 Quotes To Remember When You’re Over-Thinking”

Dreaming With Dolphins


We all seem to have this natural tendency to want to dissect everything in our lives and put it in neat little labelled boxes. When we come to a challenge that we cannot overcome immediately however, our minds begin to spin and spin working out a multitude of possibilities and probabilities until we find something we can make logical sense from. Then finally once we have formulated any means by which to solve our equation sufficiently, we let our minds rest.

This form of mental processing is hard on the mind and as we have witnessed, the repercussions of an overworked, over stressed society are devastating.

Over thinking in my opinion stems from lack of trust. It is the overuse and abuse of the mind, falsely representing itself as ‘control’.

We tend to think that they more we can manipulate a situation, the more power and control we exude over…

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 30, 2016

Illuminations Now!!

Featured Image -- 19181


Dear Ones, small consistent efforts add up to be big changes in no time. That applies for you, and also for your planet. If you are concerned with the state of your world, start to add the energy you wish to see more of, consciously and consistently, as you go about your day. If you wish to see more kindness in the world, do a kindness for another. If you wish to see peace, be peaceful with others. If you wish to see more love in the world, be more loving to others. You get to choose which energy you wish to offer the world.

When you look at the whole pile, changing the world can seem like a daunting job. But the reality is, small actions do make a difference. Every empowered and loving choice goes into the collective energy and will accumulate until that energy is what is…

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Ground Excess Energy

Illuminations Now!!

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel packs a powerful message about the concept of grounding.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Ground any excess energy such as fear, anxiety or anger into the Earth, then bring an open heart into the present moment.

Shanta GabrielUntil late 1988 I was not even aware of the concept of grounding. If anyone had brought it to my attention, I would have asked, “Why?” My life was focused in the upper realms of the Divine, and the Earth held very little interest. That is until something bothered me, and then my emotions would engage and I would be very upset at the way my life on Earth was appearing in that moment.

When my mentor suggested the need…

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Activating a Collective Soul-Capacity

Illuminations Now!!


What does it mean to “recover collective will”?

Everything I say here is meant to be read in spiritual terms and not in empirical-materialist terms.  The empirical-materialist paradigm is too small to contain the scope of events that are happening right now.

It has no room for a God who is transcendent and void. It has no room for our star brothers and sisters. It has no room for unseen beings, etc.

And without those beings as part of the story, this story cannot be told.

According to the sources I follow, the human race has been subjected to a process of dumbing down for a very long time.  Since World War II alone, that process has escalated through chemtrails, flouride poisoning, toxic vaccines, nano-implants, EMF, subliminal messages, and many other intentional strategies to dumb the population down.

Add to that the various wars…

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Terms of Surrender Update ~ July 30, 2016

Rose Rambles...


There are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.

First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender before the Event because they fear the revenge from other Cabal members, as they will be perceived as „traitors“.

There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past…

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Today, Let Us Make Time to Play – Emotionally Resilient Living

Blog post at Emotionally Resilient Living :

Can you remember the last time you engaged in some activity that could be defined as “play” (that didn’t involve sitting in front [..] Read more

Source: Today, Let Us Make Time to Play – Emotionally Resilient Living : Emotionally Resilient Living

Psychologists Explain Why People Refuse to Question the Official Version of 9/11 : Waking Times

By June 30, 2016

Psychologists Explain Why People Refuse to Question the Official Version of 9/11

Alex Pietrowski –

When your beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety are created. Read more


Source: Psychologists Explain Why People Refuse to Question the Official Version of 9/11 : Waking Times

Asking for Help is an Opportunity for Growth – Emotionally Resilient Living

Asking for Help is an Opportunity for Growth

Written by July 4, 2016 in Accountability, Confidence with 52 Comments

Blog post at Emotionally Resilient Living :

Asking for help is one of those uncomfortable issues that nearly everyone can relate to on some level and I include myself. I’ve always be[..] Read more

Source: Asking for Help is an Opportunity for Growth – Emotionally Resilient Living : Emotionally Resilient Living

To Live Your Truth Requires Risk – Emotionally Resilient Living : Emotionally Resilient Living

To Live Your Truth Requires Risk

Written by July 4, 2014 in Confidence with 16 Comments


Blog post at Emotionally Resilient Living :

One day you’re going to look back at the choices you’ve made and there will inevitably be certain points in your life where you just can[..] Read more

Source: To Live Your Truth Requires Risk – Emotionally Resilient Living : Emotionally Resilient Living

Lisa Renee -Reclaiming the Christos Body

Source: Newsletter



March 2013

By Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The frequency impact of the unity source code anchored into the planetary architecture though the Krystal Host is rippling throughout the multiple dimensional fields and into many dead energy spaces. Dead energy spaces or phantom matrices are separate areas where the massive layers of the consciousness fields (that make up timelines and other spaces) are unable to exchange or circulate with the source code frequency. These dead spaces that house dead timelines or “hungry ghost entities” have been clearing out to other continuum’s or being demolished and collapsing. Gridworkers have been involved with many levels of clearing these dead spaces and dead influences from an explosive terrain of shattered and decimated portions of the obsolete and expired architecture. This demolition of blueprint and field architecture may feel intensely destructive energetically, but is required to lay down the next level of the foundation coming in to alignment with the upcoming Spring Equinox event. This is the sequence of architecture that is required to Reclaim the Christos Body for the earth. Continue reading “Lisa Renee -Reclaiming the Christos Body”

When gratitude replaces judgment…



When gratitude replaces judgment,
peace spreads throughout your body,
gentleness embraces your soul,
wisdom fills your mind.
Let gratitude replace judgment
and your whole experience of life
will take a turn for the better.”

~ Neale Donald Walsch

Photo & text credit: ॐ Nature Heals, Nature Reveals ॐ

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The Only Way to Guarantee You Are Drinking Clean Water : Waking Times

Many consider tap water to be clean water, perfectly suitable for drinking, even though it’s usually contaminated with all types of chemicals.  Read more

Source: The Only Way to Guarantee You Are Drinking Clean Water : Waking Times

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