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I’ve been joyfully transfixed by this video, assembled by Emma Gold. I’m quite sure many will enjoy this 15 minute overview of some of the artists who illustrate for Cosmic Disclosure. I’ve tried to add as many links for these talented artists that I could find, mostly from FaceBook. . Published on Nov 21, […]

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The Universal Law Of Harmony ~ May 6, 2015 | roseramblesdotorg — Infinite Shift

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The first, foremost and most important of all of the 20 Universal Laws is the Law of Harmony. This is also similar to one of the 7 Cosmic Laws of Hermes Trismegistos, called The Principle of Harmony and Balance, which states, ‘Harmony is the flow of life. Everything strives for harmony, for balance. The stronger […]

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Blue Star Solstice 2016 – Memory Complex Codes – Royal Houses of Sirius, Pleiades and Lyra – Nov. 29, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg

Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Recreating Eden

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In my last post, Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge I talked about how a centrifuge separates out densities from a liquid. The collective is going through a centrifugal spin as they are suddenly faced with a choice: love or fear, which is really a choice of the level of awareness that you wish to be on. We are all facing the same choice: to evolve to a new level of awareness, which knows only love, or to descend to the level of unconscious fear. Fear is always unconscious. Love is always conscious. When presented with this choice in a decision in daily life, a path that leads to more separation represents the lower energy of fear, while a path that leads to more connection—a path with heart—is the path of love. The choice is clear. Fear, or rather, human-based fear (fear that is not genuine), relies upon…

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GEORGI STANKOV – Follow-Up of the First QHHT Session – 11-29-16

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This is a follow-up to this post:

GEORGI STANKOV – Another QHHT Session Confirming the Final ID Shift End of This Year – The Event – 11-25-16




Todd (Suzanne’s QHHT client), Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2016


Suzanne (Spooner) told me that you had blogged our session about ascension and Donald Trump. I am the voice giving the information. It appears that you would like to know about me.

I went to Suzanne because I “knew” something was different about me and always has been. My path to awakening took about two years and when something internal knew I was ready,  I was drawn to a session with Suzanne.

During the session the information came out that I am a soul fragment from a planet in Alpha Centauri that has evolved beyond physical existence. I was here before to assist evolvement from 300…

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Ask Yourself, Why Is DAPL Turning the Site of a Peaceful Unarmed Camp Into a Warzone?

Openhearted Rebellion

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

A peaceful camp of people protecting a large body of water from extreme contamination potential — a  threat posed by construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — is now the site of continuos militarized police presence, low flying aircraft with their lights turned off (possibly spraying unknown substances), and more.

It’s common knowledge that oil pipelines frequently break and that most of these spills aren’t covered by mainstream media. Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., the company that’s gunning to acquire Energy Transfer Partners (the company that’s building the DAPL), has experienced upwards of 200 oil spills that we know about.

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Trump as Spiritual Teacher?

Winging with Whitehawk

how-anxiety-works-and-how-you-can-dissolve-it-fbHere’s a potentially helpful POV re: coping with the (apparent) incoming President of the USA, Donald Trump.

I say “apparent” because I believe something huge and totally unprecedented will happen before the inauguration that will change everything, possibly way beyond the political arena. This “unprecedented” event may well leave Trump “unpresidented”!  (See what I did there? 🙂  Heck, it may be SO big it will leave the country unpresidented! Wouldn’t that be interesting!

But regardless how you feel about Trump, this piece by Patricia Pearce can help us approach challenges we experience here in this “dream” of earthly existence more consciously and objectively. So much of this “whole catastrophe” (to quote Zorba) is about EGO. Humanity’s collective ego could hardly be any more distorted than it is now. What follows basically amounts to mass shadow work, which could be an illuminating exercise.  oxW

trumpyourspiritualteacherby Patricia Pearce
Spiritual teacher & author…

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End of The Year Shifts: Symptoms & Pains As We Move Out of The (Zero Zone Transitional Period) ~ Nov. 29, 2016

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Posted by Mikey Murdock, 11/26/2016

Further November 2016 Shifts: More Brutal (Flu) Pains During The Last Week, As We Move Out Of The (Zero Zone Transitional Period). I Know You’ve All Felt It.

I’ve once again decided to start this off by showing a bunch of smiley people doing various actions, some include being ill. While other’s include revealing their shocked faces at all of this new energy, as well as holding up signs that read “WTF“. I’m sure many (Light-workers) and (Forerunners of the forerunners) have been wondering what the hell has been going on during the last week or so.  Some of you already know, while other’s of you don’t. All is fine, and all is precisely where it needs to be. However it doesn’t mean all of this hasn’t been painful. Because it has: let me fill you in on something about evolution – it is…

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Varberg 30th of November 2016

Varberg 30th of November 2016

I am at it again. Forgive me for being so persistent and to a certain degree even stubborn, but I cannot let go of what is happening in Standing rock BECAUSE I believe it is very significant event altogether, more significant than elections and presidents etc etc. HERE WE HAVE THE CORE OF A SOCIETY´S CORE VALUES. What is most important to a country and if it is the materialistic meaning some people who are rolling in loads of money want more ——————or the spiritual values of the people??????

and also how the government reacts to these differences? Are there courageous people in the governments daring to put there feet down and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have caused the NATIVE POEPLE ENDLESS HARM INJUSTICES, PAINS AND DAMAGES OVER A LONG PERIOD. IS IT NOT enough?

The outcome which I pray will be for the rights of the people´s requests will determine the rest of the the story in America.
The whole world is watching. Many are outraged and upset.

We have definitely our own issues in our countries. Each person, each country needs to deal with that too of course.

WE CANNOT just watch these injustices taking place any longer. We need to express our views and compassion.

Prayers, meditations, well wishing ,sending clothes, tents, sleeping bags, food. LOVE is so important and also the petitions within the US signing up name after name to the Justice departments, the THE LAWS OF JUSTICE.



WE HAVE OUR ”ISSUES” WITH OUR PEOPLE WHO ARE ARRIVING FROM WAR TORN COUNTRIES, MISSING FAMILIES, WORRYING EACH DAY FOR THEIR SAFETY. I DEAL with this as I can, giving comfort, hope and compassion, my time etc. I feel sometimes a feeling of hopelessness but bring myself back to a higher vibration.

We do our best here in Varberg with the church, the red cross, the the volunteers, to bring the best we can for them-
I know there are other political current in Sweden too, but those I pay no attention too.

I pray for your people in Dakota, the wonderful tribes.  their wisdom, their love for NATURE,THEIR CONNECTION TO THE LANDS, THEIR REVERANCE FOR MOTHER. I LOVE THE OUTCOME TO BE PEACEFUL and I cannot but SAY THE POLICE who have been called in to do their job are acting form their sense of duty and sometimes allowing their own aggression to come forth, their frustration. As a true PEACE LOVER, I NEED TO EMBRACE EVEN THAT AND THOSE PEOPLE..WE CANNOT MOVE ON WITHOUT OUR LOVE FOR EACH PERSON.


I am in such deep gratitude to dreamweaver Cyrus for allowing my articles to flow into his blog endlessly and feel so loved by his actions.

thank you thank you thank you

The Earth Plan: The Divine Feminine Tsunami: Violet Flame Acceleration! – Aluna Joy Yaxkin – 29 November 2016

Where we are today has been building for eons, but we really began to take notice this year. And here we are at the biggest jump off point that I think we have ever experienced  Read more

Source: The Earth Plan: The Divine Feminine Tsunami: Violet Flame Acceleration! – Aluna Joy Yaxkin – 29 November 2016

Energy Update ~ Powerful Awakenings Now ~ Nov. 29, 2016

Rose Rambles...

By Lisa Brown, 11/29/2016

Aloha beautiful light family!

Happy NEW Moon and to more beautiful profound sacred, magical and blissful experiences to you!

Observing collectives, things are all over the place as distortions for many exacerbate, as separation energies surfaces, as the energy of deep hidden suppressed beliefs & emotions surface for clearing/cleansing/needing to be seen….

Many more being brought into consciousness through abrupt awakenings, still fighting/resisting opening their hearts to try to maintain separation through control. So many still energetically saying “I’m not ready, I need harsher to wake up”…..

While on the “flip-side”, the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, entire collectives having a blissful and magical time! Working together in unity, contributing, letting the old unconscious realities just completely fade out, for clearing of their own akashic records….

Whatever Earth you exist on, I send out love to you today. I hold a space for all…

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NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for November 28 to December 4, 2016 By Pam Younghans

Forever Unlimited


Highlighted Aspects
TUE: New Moon 4:18am PST (12:18pm GMT), Venus sextile Chiron, Sun conjunct Juno, Venus square Uranus, Venus square Ceres
WED: Sun square Neptune
THU: Venus square Eris, Chiron stations direct, Mars trine Jupiter
FRI: Venus semisquare Jupiter, Mercury enters Capricorn
SAT: Neptune square Juno, Mars sextile Saturn

is the first notable planetary event for our new week. It occurs at 4:18am PST (12:18pm GMT) in the eighth degree of Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for that degree provides important guidance for us to consider as we begin the new lunar cycle:

“Within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of our inner life.”

Given that we are at such a crossroads in our…

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Unity Meditations: Stability and Pure Intention to Serve | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Unity Meditations: Stability and Pure Intention to Serve

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As the collective reacts to the (ongoing) surprises and effects of the acceleration, our unity is needed more than ever. This is a very powerful passage for HUmanity. Please remember that as old systems break apart, your focus must stay on the higher experience, the highest outcomes.

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide, Gatekeeper and Author assisting the awakened community through the Ascension process. Read more

Source: Unity Meditations: Stability and Pure Intention to Serve | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Cosmic Trigger Amplification: Unity Meditations on Wednesday | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Ready to Discover Your True Self? I AM!

Cosmic Trigger Amplification: Unity Meditations on Wednesday


Solaris is responding to the Influx ~ Anchor this!

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

GRATITUDE to all who are participating in the Cosmic Trigger/Gateway underway right now through Thursday.

Our Cosmic Trigger delivered a Solar influx, and I AM sure many of you are feeling its effects. It opens the Gateway for the sacred passage of December – January, which are expected to continually deliver influxes of much higher frequencies as the accelerated timelines overwrite the lower experience. HUmanity is challenged into action by the external unfoldments, and activated on a spiritual level within by the ever-increasing photonic affects on our DNA.

Remember that these frequencies stimulate the dimensional-shifting capabilities of your DNA. Wherever your consciousness resonates, your DNA will attempt to follow. You, as the awakened consciousness, direct the body and DNA to respond to the intentions of photonic light demanding order, harmony, and evolution.

Sandra Walter is an Ascension Guide, Gatekeeper and Author assisting the awakened community through the Ascension process. Read more

Source: Cosmic Trigger Amplification: Unity Meditations on Wednesday | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Weekly Forecast for November 28-December 4, 2016 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Forever Unlimited

Weekly Forecast for November 28-December 4, 2016
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

We have a new Moon in Honest Sagittarius, no choice but to
take the blinders off.  New moons are a reset. Time to clarify
intention and direction. A stable foundation is built on truth,
love and balance.  Portals to your next adventure are swinging
open.  New frontiers are calling. We are here for the growing,
for the experience. We are here to choose.  So be lofty.  Be Noble.
Your world is morphing at an accelerated pace now.

The New moon on Tuesday is exact at 4:18 pm PST.  A fiery active
energy is fueling your forward movement now.  The Moon, The Sun,
Saturn and Mercury are all in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius gets flashes of
knowing that cannot be denied and are often correct.  It’s the reason
they can come across as self-righteous. They usually are right. They

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Lisa Renee – Psycho-Emotional Healing

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Psycho-Emotional Healing

It is only possible to engage with psycho-emotional healing once we have achieved greater levels of self-awareness, which is the fruit of dedicated self-inquiry. The process of becoming aware of our emotional triggers and sourcing the real cause of emotional pain is made through self-observation and increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the consciousness they are. The still point of which this consciousness connects into the parts of our mind is that which forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life. Through observation and self-inquiry, we become aware of the contents of our psychological and emotional patterns of behavior.

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Energy Update ~ Super Charging Crystals & Crystalline Gridwork ~ Nov. 28, 2016

Rose Rambles...


By Lisa Brown, 11/28/2016

Wide Open – Full Blown

Super Charging Crystals/Crystalline Gridwork.

Our Quantum Light Cells are like spastic jumping beans… going ballistic as we jump huge, running PURE SOURCE/SOULar Light Through our Crystalline LightBody Structures/cells and activate StarGates to link up too!!!!!!

These affect the Earth too… Observe all the movement. Mega high frequencies… we are going higher in frequency fast! ♥

LightBody Tuning began about an hour ago loves. We are raising now and AS the NEW Earth Gridwork, we will connect back up at a much higher frequency than ever before! Unified Field starting to connect up more too… easy, breezy, flowing, synchronization occurs. Super high Photonic/Electromagnetic Light integrates into our structures… our computers (crystals) are sych’ing up too! Re-calibration time and templates will now adjust as well. Zap Zap Zap for some. Your field will “reach out” and adjust to external stimuli more during the tuning…

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