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About the Oneness Meditation

Oneness Meditation is a new powerful meditation where Divine Energies are transmitted to help awaken the spiritual energies within you.
This very sacred Blessing offers you the opportunity to free the mind effortlessly and wake up to the magic and beauty of life. Flowing through the eyes of the Oneness Meditator, Oneness Meditation creates a neurobiological shift that naturally accelerates the Awakening process.Oneness Meditation is for everyone. It is secular and given in silence. There is nothing for you to do except receive the blessing. No prior experience of Oneness events is needed. People from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all faiths, are experiencing dramatic change and improvements in their lives from experiencing Oneness Meditation.Oneness Meditation was released at the beginning of 2012, to assist with the planetary shift in consciousness. Originated from the Oneness University, it is part of a global phenomenon which is taking many forms. Oneness Meditation brings you and your community the experience of Oneness, One Love, One Consciousness, One with all that is. It is helping to start a chain reaction, that creates a critical mass for a shift towards setting you and all of humanity totally free.As these energies are transferred during a Oneness Meditation, they lead to an end of our feelings of separation. Oneness Meditation is not about any teaching, belief or philosophy. It’s about your Awakening. This is for YOU.Oneness Meditations are being offered regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, around the country, around the world and even online. Below see calendars for online Oneness Meditations and in-person Oneness Meditations. On our Courses & Events page you can find information about local Oneness Meditations.

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August 2012 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus: Replacing Negative Projections

Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s August 31, 2012 full moon synchronized Care Focus. Thank you for being with us.

For those of you who are new participants in the synchronized Care Focus, you can see your green marker and the gold light points of others around the world at the same time. Realize that one gold light can represent a family, a group or an entire audience viewing the Care Room and doing the Care Focus together.

Let’s start by connecting in the heart with everyone participating in the Global Care Room and radiating love and appreciation to each other…

More and more people are sensing the vibration of the planetary shift and its energetic effects. Whether it’s ongoing economic uncertainty, unusual weather and geological events, extreme political divisiveness in the USA and other countries, or the instability in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and other parts of the world, all these stressors create energetic effects. We have a choice in how we respond to these energetics and a choice in how we perceive the future. We can help co-create a future that we want by seeing a new heart-based global community being born as old world structures are falling apart.
One of the most effective energetic contributions we can make to help co-create a positive future for ourselves and the planet is to replace our tendencies towards negative, downsided projections regarding personal or planetary outcomes.

A downsided projection is a negative perception or speculation about how something will play out. For example, say you’re planning to meet someone with whom you have a hard time communicating. Instead of projecting judgment, dread or anxiety, replace that feeling with a heart intention to drop your presets and judgments while maintaining the state of calm and neutrality. This creates an environment where people and situations can change for the better – and even if they don’t change, you benefit from clearing the negative presets from your personal energy field.

Negative projections are registered in the heart’s and brain’s electromagnetic fields, generating waves of incoherence in the energy field environment around us that serve to create outcomes we don’t want. Most of us have done this at times, especially in the midst of challenges. It’s a societal habit handed down through generations that can seem normal and without consequence. As we practice changing the habit of negative projections, we reduce much personal stress and increase our power to manifest a higher vibrational field environment, which is our highest contribution to the global consciousness shift.
Remember, we each have a choice to add incoherence or coherence to the energetic field environment.


For this full moon Care Focus, breathe love and compassion into the planetary field environment, while imagining our collective heart energy helping to ease the cumulative stressors from ongoing global conflicts and weather challenges. Then visualize more people beginning to realize that negative projections create the unwanted energy field environment we are trying to dissipate by sending love and compassionate care. As we practice replacing negative projections, this builds an energetic grid that makes it easier for others to be intuitively inspired to do the same. This full moon period is a supportive time to launch or re-commit to these types of habit changes.

After 15 minutes

You can continue to do the Care Focus in the Global Care Room after the full moon period. Our individual contribution to the Shift increases in effectiveness as we become more responsible for our own energy, day to day, through the ongoing changes. Our thoughts and feelings are the substance of our creations.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.


The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Friday, August 31, 2012


Full Moon Phase – Blue Moon in Pisces

Today is the  Blue Moon (the second Full Moon of the month).  Blue Moons cause emotions to run full spectrum, vacillating from one extreme to the other.  They also cause us to have the utmost clarity into situations.  But we can’t forget that Full Moons are due to the placement of the Sun and Earth, and since the Earth is conjunct Chiron (and opposing the Sun), our emotional responses and the clarity that is being bestowed is doing two things: wounding and healing.  Stay in the present moment today.  The clarity is bringing foresight, but we need to focus on the here and now because too much projection into the future is going to get us off track.  Don’t be tempted to chase something.  Remember that things are still in the process of re-forming; nothing is set in stone. (Photo taken this morning by J. Chumack, Dayton, Ohio, posted on

Henry Seltzer


An Intense Full Moon

 1115  21 Google +4
Full Moon
Friday Morning
August 31, 2012

Friday morning’s Full Moon is quite intense, mainly because it triggers the UranusPluto square in AriesCapricorn, just as these two heavyweight outer planets get ready to collide yet again in another exact hit come mid-September. The last era they were in such close connection was their recent conjunction of the mid-1960’s and we are seeing the same types of rebellion against a dysfunctional establishment that we saw back then, even to the music and the mini-skirts. This will be the second of seven exact square alignments stretching out to 2015, by then in the 16th degree of their respective Cardinal signs. As every reader of this blog knows by now, the radical transformation symbolized by this “World Transit” lasts until 2020 and will come to characterize this entire decade, which I like to call the Turbulent Teens.
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Jafree Ozwald

From Shift Frequency


Enlightened Beings ~ Look Back And Liberate Your Life


Jafree Ozwald | August 30 2012

“There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth

There will come a time in the future, when you will have to look back at your life. You will examine your life, and tell yourself in some way that this was where you were a “success” and that was where you were a “failure”. Now, you are the only one who determines this based on how you feel inside. Something’s will matter to you more than others. There might be one person you wanted to spend more time with, and other you felt the need to forgive yet couldn’t, and other who you tried to love yet didn’t know how. Whatever it is you feel you failed at in your past, you have the opportunity right now to change it! That’s right, you are not dead just yet. There is still time! You can change how you feel inside about yourself and your life. You can take action and have those conversations you most need to have.

I invite you to take at least 20 minutes tonight in bed, to look back at your past, and notice where you feel that you failed, and what you could have done differently to make it a success. Use this time to find peace with those people that you need to forgive.

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Jamye Price

Weekly LightBlast: Creating the New World

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 30 August, 2012

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After the releasing of July, in August we moved to a new level of personal responsibility, thus we have increased our potential with manifestation. These levels of responsibility that we move into correlate with collective ability and collective necessity. As a Lightworker you are to be the bastion of hope and the oracle of focus, foretelling a future into the now. That we have moved into a new level of personal responsibility signals we are ready for increased movement. Continue reading “Jamye Price”

Eckahart Tolle

From 2012 The Awakening

by Eckhart Tolle

When you are on a journey, it is certainly helpful to know where you are going or at least the general direction in which you are moving, but don’t forget: the only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is.

Your life’s journey has an outer purpose and an inner purpose. The outer purpose is to arrive at your goal or destination, to accomplish what you set out to do, to achieve this or that, which of course, implies future. But if your destination, or the steps you are going to take in the future, take up so much of your attention that they become more important to you than the step you are taking now, then you completely miss the journey’s inner purpose,

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Barbara Hand Clow

Choosing Your Intentions: Second Uranus/Pluto Square: September 19, 2012
Copyright 2012 by Barbara Hand Clow

“In my analysis of the first Uranus/Pluto square on June 24, 2012, I suggested we are awakening the human heart. Now in September, the field of the Uranus-Pluto squares is locked firmly in our lives like a vise- grip; anybody noticing? This field is intensely creative, which causes our thoughts to manifest all around us, so we are challenged to clearly and wisely intend what we want to create. Whenever we navigate reality by means of clear intentions, we utilize quantum forces—the highly accelerated energy field that creates events based on what’s in our minds. Because more and more people have learned how to create this way, miracles are happening.
I’ve already described the historical and economic trends playing out during the seven squares in my analysis of the first square. You can refresh your mind on these general trends and long cycles by reading “Welcome to the Truth” listed in News on my website. In my analysis of this second square, I will examine the quality of Earth’s creative (quantum) fields at this time.
Since the first square in late June, human conduct has been exquisitely mirroring the collective mind back to us. The human populace continues to shop like addicts, eat like pigs, and consume natural resources, acting like there is no tomorrow. The planet bakes in extreme heat with crops failing, and maniacs on psychotropic drugs murder people who go to theatres at midnight to watch Batman. However, in the middle of this accelerating collective insanity, many of us are discovering innovative new ways to create reality. You may feel like a fairy godmother waving your magic wand and creating stardust when you opt out of consensus reality and fly about in the exquisitely malleable quantum fields. There is little direction in the 3D physical zone because the solid world is collapsing while conscious individuals build a new world by utilizing the quantum fields—human ascension into the fourth dimension. You are an incarnated being and will have a solid body as long as you are alive, and now you are remembering how to resonate with nature.”

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Choosing Your Intentions: Second Uranus/Pluto Square: September 19, 2012

Linda Schurman


August 2012

Important points of reference: (for astrologers)

Aquarius Full Moon on Aug. 1st at 10 degrees 15 min. trine Jupiter and Mars, and sextile Uranus, Leo Full Moon on Aug. 17th at 25 degrees Leo 8 min., sextile the Saturn/Mars conjunction, and Pisces Full Moon Aug. 31st at 8 degrees Pisces 33 min. trine Mars and sextile Pluto.   Mercury goes direct Aug. 8th inconjunct Neptune forming an inconjunction with Pluto Aug. 18th and a trine with Uranus Aug. 19th.Venus enters Cancer on Aug. 8th, trine Neptune on the 10th ,  and trine Chiron Aug. 17th.  Mars enters Scorpio Aug. 24th and is trine Neptune on the 26th.

The Elephant in the Room:  Climate Change

 As the political campaigns roll onward characterized by stupefying and degrading ads, the global economy worsens, and we are momentarily uplifted by the young and courageous at the Olympics, we look up at the swirling dust storms, around at fiery forests, and down at the dry brown fields with dismay.  All that the scientists have foretold, whose specialty is studying weather, measuring temperatures, observing melting glaciers, seems to be playing out with a speed that exceeds their previous predictions.  Recently, a picture of Greenland from the air was released and, startlingly, the famous Greenland glacier has nearly disappeared. Continue reading “Linda Schurman”

Esther Hicks

Published on Aug 7, 2012 by

“The grid filling-in, isn’t the action. The grid filling-in is preparing for the action.”

“The grid filling-in is the same thing as saying, the current manifestation in progress.”

A conversation about feeling the temptation to fill-in your own grid and being wise enough to know that you can’t.

“We’re talking about preparing yourself vibrationally — which means you’ve got to get off the specifics and stay general, because as long as you’re talking about specifics, you’re going to activate things that don’t allow things to unfold smoothly.”

“We want the pleasure of the conscious, deliberate gridding to be as significant as the pleasure of packing up and moving to Seattle.”

A few additional points:

– Fear means you’re not feeling ready for what you want.
– You’ve got to go general to create your vibrational point of receiving.

Excerpted from Abraham LIVE — North Los Angeles, CA 7/14/12.

For all things Abraham, visit:


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Sacred Love Connects Us All

From Web of Love

“The Web of Love is an energetic web which connects the sacred essence of all beings in our world. In the deepest part of ourselves, there is in each of us a beautiful, divine essence which wants nothing more than to love and be loved. The Web of Love, though invisible to our eyes, interconnects all of us through that deepest essence. It literally surrounds and envelops our planet and all who live here. We are all interconnected through sacred love. It is up to each of us how much we choose to be aware of this connection.”

We are all capable of giving and receiving limitless amounts of love. Many of us have forgotten this and ended up feeling alone or uncared for in our lives. The Web of Love reminds us of our true nature. It is a call to join together in sharing the abundance of sacred love that flows within and between us all through consciously connecting with the web.

Connecting with the Web of Love

Breathing the Web. Here is a simple, yet powerful way of connecting with the Web of Love through breath. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a sparkling, colorful web connecting the deepest essence of all people in the world. You can place your hands over your heart or the center of your chest as you do this. Take a few deep breaths as you open to this beautiful image.

Now, while taking a slow, very deep inhale, silently say to yourself:
Your sacred love flows in to me.

Then slowly exhale fully while thinking and feeling:
My sacred love flows out to you.

Repeat this a few times while opening your heart to all the love present. Make sure to fill your lungs completely on the in breath and to exhale fully on breathing out. Breathing sacred love like this for just a minute or less can powerfully shift you into a more open and loving space. Try it now, and invite yourself to really let the love flow.

The “you” in these sacred love statements can be all people in our world, or any individual you choose. For some, it might be easier to start by imagining the one to whom you feel closest in your life. Breathe the web with that special someone in mind and let the love flow between you.

Then envision other people in your life and do the same. When you are ready, envision groups with which you are involved and eventually all people who share our world. This simple breathing exercise can be deeply meaningful in either a personal or a global context.

There may be times when you want to breathe the web, but can’t remember the words used above. “Love to me, love to you,” is all you need to feel the web as you breathe. You can create your own sayings, too, with words that are more meaningful to you. The most important element is your intention to connect with all people on this beautiful planet through the Web of Love.

Bringing the Web of Love into the World

If you are ready to powerfully transform your life, consider taking the Web of Love into your every day world. You might start your day upon awakening and end your day before sleeping with the above exercise. As you start your work, or whenever you feel stressed, take a minute to stop and deeply breathe in the ever present sacred love of the web and of everyone around you. Then on the exhale, fully breathe your sacred love out to all. You can do it with your eyes open or closed.

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Tom Kenyon

The Sphere of All Possibilities

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon    

In this message we will endeavor to share with you a method for manifesting outcomes in your 3-D reality as well as in other dimensions of your being. This method is based on a fundamental understanding regarding geometry and the nature of consciousness. There are many geometries available to be used as vehicles for manifestation. We wish to share one of the simplest and, ironically, most effective.

The first thing to understand about manifesting is that for every act there is a counter-action. This is due to the nature of duality until you reach the higher dimensions of consciousness in which duality no longer exists. Since this method is for manifesting new realities in your 3-D life, duality is a factor.

Another important aspect to understand is the admonition to do no harm. This principle is to protect you from negative consequences, and the simplest way to state this is that your creations should do no harm to yourself or to another. Continue reading “Tom Kenyon”

Chris Bourne

So we switch from a lifestyle where we’re engaged with appointments and schedules designed to control, shape or safeguard the external drama in some way, to a life where we’re engaging with our inner feelings, thoughts and emotions and asking of our soul “what would you have me do now?” “how would you have me ‘be’ now?”

Walking the Path

August 25, 2012 | By | Reply

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times 

Making the choices of our higher self

Humanity’s spiritual awakening is gathering at a pace. Many have awakened to the profound magic of Unity Consciousness – that cosmic energy which unites all. But what is the next step? Where do we go from there? It’s all about learning to ‘walk the path’ by following our inner compass. So how exactly does that work? I’ve been consciously walking the path for several years now and encountered many who’re doing the same. Here’s my sharing based on those direct experiences…

The natural flow of the moment

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The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Most days I discuss how we can be of service to others and to the planet, but today is about how we are of service to ourselves.  There is a tendency for people to dominate others, and we want to counter this by focusing only on what we need to do.  What do you  choose today?  Don’t wait around for someone else to give their acceptance or approval.  Stand up and stand out for whatever you want.  This is an important part of the re-formation that is taking place this month because it is where we put our own desire or “stamp” on the process.  Light a candle and make some sort of statement about your intentions.  If you aren’t someone who is good at putting yourself into the equation (meaning you tend to put others before yourself) you are going to need to put that aside today.  The only ways that will work today are ways where we are taking care of ourselves.


every ending has its own beginning

Did you say something…?

My husband does this thing sometimes where he says to me `Did you say something….?’ when I haven’t said anything at all.

It is funny …. and has been going on for quite some time.

Interestingly it was only this evening, when he called this out to me from another room while I was reading something , that I realised that he does this when I am `talking to myself’ … ie: thinking about something …. having what you would call an `inner dialogue.’

It is really funny … like he is picking up on the things I am saying to myself … my thoughts. Continue reading “Eileen”


A Vast Process of Change

The meditation I wrote about in my last post has had quite an effect on me. Exactly what this effect is, is not so easy to explain however. The changes I feel are extremely subtle and happening at a very deep level, and it’s probably only because I have been working on myself spiritually for so long, that I’m even aware that anything is happening at all.

About three days after doing the meditation, I found that there was no way I could carry on in the way I was. Not that there was anything wrong with what I was doing, I just had the strong feeling that it was time to ‘let go’. Over the years, I’ve been spiritually prompted to let go many times, and the reason for this has usually been that I had made progress spiritually, which would take time to integrate mentally and physically.  For some reason it felt very different this time however, as it felt more like it was time to let go of literally everything. Whereas before it had been more of a spiritual change, this time it felt like an all-round change. I had a strong urge to let go of the way I was thinking and what I was doing from day to day. Continue reading “Gabrielle”

Cosmic Convergence

From Cosmic Convergence

“There are certain ‘progressive’ developments and converging circumstances which will dictate the course of our future as a planetary civilization and human race – the fifth root race[1] to have inhabited planet Earth since it has revolved around the sun. That which will serve to “accelerate epochal change” like no other major precipitating cause can be summed up as follows:

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a certain level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.” [2]

“Truly, the greatest determinant of the immediate future of humanity is the extent to which science and technology – unalloyed to ethical and moral considerations – continue to challenge what has historically fallen within the “domain of the gods”. The ancient Greeks had some very poignant mythical legends which clearly spell out the relevant lesson for humankind concerning the aforementioned prophecy.”

Perhaps the story of Icarus, flying too closely to the Sun with his wax wings, is an apt metaphor for the current direction that our civilization is heading in. Certainly it could represent the way humankind has approached so many new and diverse untested technologies, as well as countless scientific applications in use throughout the world. For as long as his story has been told, Icarus has served as a tragic mythological example of hubris and failed ambition.

Icarus falling to the earth after flying too close to the sun with his wings of wax

There are many practical reasons why specific cosmological and natural laws are laid down at the inception of each human race that populates the planet. Planet Earth does not exist in isolation as it concerns the rest of the Solar System, or the Milky Way Galaxy for that matter. In fact there are many established, as well as some not very well understood, relationships which exist between Earth and its planetary neighbors. What occurs here on our blue orb does affect the other heavenly bodies much more than we realize, and visa versa. Of course, astrology enthusiasts understand that we are only stating the obvious.

Therefore, when the scientists on Earth start to push beyond the acceptable limits, not only on this orb but also in ways that impact our sister planets, there will be blowback effects which are as inescapable as they are highly consequential. The etheric civilizations, which inhabit these other planets, have their own destinies, their own karma, and their own right to evolve without intrusion from earthly influences. Clearly, those intrusions have reached an unprecedented crescendo because of the level of spiritually uninformed and wantonly unethical scientific achievements and technological leaps experienced by the current race of humanity.

This state of affairs cannot continue. However, before we explore why this is the case, let’s take a closer look at the various layers of meaning surrounding this unfolding Cosmic Convergence

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The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn

Today is interesting because we are able to see things we haven’t seen before.  The keyword for today is vision (symbolized by the hawk).  There’s the familiar – things we’ve seen and understood before – and there are new things that that we see and understand because we have a wider perspective or lens.  This is a result of the big upgrade to our personal energetic fields that happened last month and the re-forming of situations into something new that is happening this month.  The ability to directly communicate with our higher Source has been strongly amplified. This “alignment” with the mind of the planet is a great blessing.  It enables us to see things we didn’t see before.  When I write “see” I mean literally “see” with our eyes and “see” meaning to understand or being enlightened to.  Aha moments are insightful.

Today, attention/energy will go directly for what is beautiful – beautiful ideas, beautiful hearts, beautiful dedication, beautiful acts of kindness, beautiful creations, beautiful words, beautiful souls, etc.  At some point today, we will have the choice to do something the same way or a little bit differently now that we see things from a wider point of view.

Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
I have been feeling the beginning of this message inside. Can you continue the rest of your message now?
Good Morning Suzille,
Yes, we were speaking with you in your sleep last night, but you were too tired to bring forward any of our message. However, you couldn’t remember the first few words, which have actually been in your mind for quite a while. Furthermore, we had to present the dynamics of higher thought before you and your readers would be able to deeply understand what we are about to say.
Our Dear One, we have spoken to you for many of your years, but we wish to tell you that we are about to take a quantum leap in the information that we send you. Continue reading “Suzanne Lie”


Ascension Platform Established…

26 Aug

Three platforms have been connected and reconfigured to enable the complete Ascension Platform for Gaia. These platforms are 1) Inner Earth awakening, 2) sufficiently stable 3D-4D Earth platform, 3) Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity.

Although some question the necessity of 1), this awakening to their Higher Call was essential to the finalization of the Ascension Platform for Gaia.

Stable 3D-4D platform, namely, planet 3D structure, undermined for millennia, has been sufficiently stabilized for the next steps to the final Ascension Platform.

Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps.

These steps are to be unveiled in precise order, in precise timing with each of the Light Working Community which has been called to participate. They know who they are.

They will succeed. As Gaia has decreed.

Montague Keen

August 26, 2012

Veronica, my dear, the results of our efforts to prevent World War III are becoming more obvious every day. The Cabal has become quite desperate. People are speaking out and revealing what the Cabal has done to destroy and control humanity. Some can no longer cope with the guilt of what they were forced to do, when under the control of the Cabal. Many were put into situations where satanic abuse was made acceptable. They foolishly indulged, not knowing that it was all being recorded, and would be used against them to force these so-called ‘respectable’ people to obey the Cabal or be ruined by exposure. This formula has worked for generations and it continues to this day. They are made to believe that they belong to an “exclusive club”. They make the sign of Lucifer to show that they are happy to belong to it. They see themselves as superior to the lesser, expendable, mortals.

Humanity cannot be lied to so easily, now. It is so good to see how many are awake to reality. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

Paul Craig Roberts

Friday, August 24, 2012 – by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

The United States has collapsed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally and environmentally. The country that exists today is not even a shell of the country into which I was born. In this article I will deal with America’s economic collapse. In subsequent articles, i will deal with other aspects of American collapse.

Economically, America has descended into poverty. As Peter Edelman says, “Low-wage work is pandemic.” Today in “freedom and democracy” America, “the world’s only superpower,” one fourth of the work force is employed in jobs that pay less than $22,000, the poverty line for a family of four. Some of these lowly-paid persons are young college graduates, burdened by education loans, who share housing with three or four others in the same desperate situation. Other of these persons are single parents only one medical problem or lost job away from homelessness.

Robert David Steele

From Reality Sandwich

The Open Source Everything Manifesto


The following is excerpted from The Open-Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, & Trust published by Evolver Editions, an imprint of North Atlantic Books.


The circumstances underlying this manifesto are stark and compelling: We are at the end of a five-thousand-year-plus historical process during which human society grew in scale while it abandoned the early indigenous wisdom councils and communal decision-making. Power was centralized in the hands of increasingly specialized “elites” and “experts” who not only failed to achieve all they promised but used secrecy and the control of information to deceive the public into allowing them to retain power over community resources that they ultimately looted.

In the beginning, there was the commons. Over vast stretches of prehistoric time, tribal cultures evolved in tandem with the natural environment. They did this without creating private property or hierarchical relationships of control and dominance that led to consumption of nature as a resource. Open-source culture provided for community sharing and community development. With the rise of patriarchy, empire, and systems of egoic control and empowerment, this open-source approach to community was destroyed. Over the course of the last centuries, the commons was fenced, and everything from agriculture to water was commoditized without regard to the true cost in non-renewable resources. Human beings, who had spent centuries evolving away from slavery, were re-commoditized by the Industrial Era.
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Jennifer Hoffman

The world does not create peace, love and joy, they are created by your intention for these higher energies in and for the world. The world is a mirror of humanity and cannot reflect more love, peace or joy than each of you allows to exist in and flow from your own heart. Raising the world’s vibrations is the work you have each committed to.”

Live From Your Heart

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 20 August, 2012  (posted 24 August, 2012)

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The potential of your life exists within the knowing of your heart and soul. Yet you use your mind to determine what is possible and its limitations prevent the highest potential from being available to you. It takes courage to live from your heart, where the true nature of your dreams exist, as well as the outcomes and miracles that can allow them to happen, because this requires an expanded vision of your life and potential that the mind cannot comprehend or envision for itself and for you. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

D. L. Zeta


Echoes from the Future: Receiving Dream Messages from our Future Self 

We have said the part of you that knows how to navigate time and space works with you to create the highest and best futures that benefit yourself and others. For our purposes here we will call this your future self because this aspect of your consciousness often ventures into future times to visit the field of potentials extending from your present moment. Your future self speaks to you of these potentials when you are in a certain state of subconscious listening, most often in dream states.

Now we will discuss in more detail these exchanges with your future self and how you may have experienced them in the past.

‘Premonition Dreams’ Alert us to Needed Course Corrections

One way you may have experienced the download of this information from your future self is through what you may call a “prophetic dream.” Continue reading “D. L. Zeta”


From One World Rising

Be honest with yourself and be prepared

Posted on August 24, 2012

It is amazing how fast the summer has slipped away and fall has crept up behind us. Of course time really isn’t speeding up, rather the time lines are compressing and time itself is quickly becoming something entirely different for all of us. In actuality time does not exist beyond the present moment. Continue reading “Visionkeeper”

Andrew Cohen

A Ceaseless Creative Striving

When we awaken to the evolutionary impulse, as the urge toward higher creativity, it becomes apparent to us that the energy that is driving the process as a whole is inherently spiritual or divine. Spirit created and is creating the universe. What is this ceaseless creative striving in matter, nature, and culture? And where does it come from? What is it that mysteriously compels the universe to exist, life to emerge, and mind to appear? That which compels this complex and singular process to exist and develop is Spirit as the creative impulse. And when we feel that energy surging through our own bodies and minds, we find our purpose in being here, as ourselves, in the world, so we can consciously create the future as an agent of that impulse itself.

The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Saturday, August 25 – Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

This weekend’s energy is like walking through the mists of Avalon.  There is a predominance of mutable and watery astrological energy, which heightens intuition and creativity, as well as strengthening links with the spirit realm.  It is wonderfully calming if you are one who goes with the flow, but if you are trying to structure or control things, it will cause emotional difficulties.  The best bet is to be on a mental vacation this weekend because the energy favors escapism.  Be careful of overindulging in anything (especially alcohol) because it is easy to get lost.  This weekend’s energy is highly emotional.  Feelings will run the gamut and can spill out like water.  But as we span the emotional spectrum, the spectrum of the colors of the rainbow are forming.  The planet is using this energy to reform and correct things (situations in our lives).  Last month was the Turning Point and this month is The Reformation.  We are witnessing a great master painting her masterpiece.  The keyword is “painting” – as a verb, meaning that it is in process.  It can be unsettling when we want things settled.  But we want the best possible outcome so we must float along while it’s happening.  Resistance is futile this weekend, so continue to let go and let Gaia and don’t force anything.

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Soluntra King

As you know this year we have lots of Solar flares, we are in the cycle and its been intense since the end of the Universal Underworld and 11 11 11. The Sun has been shifting frequency since 1981, and on the first day of no time and space 29th October 2011 after the end of the underworlds the light codes from the Sun where amazing, not long after that on the Solar Eclipse 25th November I could look at the Sun for ages at near noon and saw sacred geometry in the Sun. We are one with the Sun and we are changing fast just like the Sun and Earth and the Central Suns. So be open to the higher frequency light that is coming to us from the Sun and in the physical sense what is called sun spots and solar flares, these always up our frequencies as we open our heart to the Sun and radiate the light that we are more fully, as we become the Light that we are.
To quote from ‘The Solar Cycle 24 has begun – and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its ‘record breaking’ predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its ‘apex’ (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.’  Continue reading “Soluntra King”

Children of the Sun

Source: Children of the Sun

Avatar Training, 2012 Print E-mail

The 2012 group momentum facilitated through Children of the Sun Foundation will be carried out through a focus referred to as the I AM Avatar Yoga. We are exercising this yoga within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Our goal this year is to reach total clarity of consciousness and Divine Union with our Source of Life. This concerns the realization of the whole, re- aligning us as one into a resonant rhythm within the universal ascension spiral through single pointed focus in union with our inner Sun Presence and the Group Soul.



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