Shanta Gabriel

Sparking the Sacred Empowerment Within

Shanta Gabriel
a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel
Monday, 26 March, 2012  (posted 30 March, 2012)

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When you deepen in the fire of pure awareness you create the circuitry that sparks the presence of Sacred Empowerment within you. This fire is that which is over and above all being, existing beyond consciousness, beaming forever as a sun rising in the truth of Divine Awakening. Continue reading “Shanta Gabriel”


Suzan Caroll

Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference.
Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation…
·          Feel how your face, and body, constricts…
Now think about a multidimensional experience, such as being in the multidimensionality of Nature…
·       Feel how you relax. In fact, you may even feel inclined to take a long exhale or sigh… Continue reading “Suzan Caroll”

Karen Doonan

Triangulum, 31st March

We are here to guide and support and to introduce our energies to YOU here on planet earth. We are the BEings from the star system named TRIANGULUM by your peoples. We are stepping forward to show our support and our LOVE for those on planet earth. We guide through our channel to confirm to those who have already conversed with us that we are TRUTH and that we ARE. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Zen gardner

Are You Alone? Or Strategically Placed!

by Zen Gardner

I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive paradigm shift taking place around the globe. Spouses can’t wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you’ve gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders.

It does suck. We all experience this phenomenon and the isolation that seems to accompany the wake up.

Here’s a hugely happy thought. If we’re an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we’re exactly where we’re each supposed to be.

In fact, we’re probably carefully distributed to create a world-wide grid of truth!

Cool? In other words, once again there’s no mistake with synchronicity!

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Jennifer Hoffman

Self Consciousness

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Sunday, 25 March, 2012  (posted 28 March, 2012)

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The self plays an important role on the Path of Consciousness because it is through the self and its many different aspects that we are aware of our emotional, energetic and vibrational reality. Through awareness of the material self, our third dimensional, human self aspect, we are aware of our disconnection, fear and alone-ness in a vast Universe that we cannot control. But that is an illusion which lacks the element for transformation, enlightenment. To become conscious within our highest self aspects we can ‘enlighten’ the self, reminding us of our divinity and joining our human self into our spiritual self. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Jamye Price

Free Flowing Creation

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 29 March, 2012

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Freedom brings a flow that is necessary, but ultimately requires some direction for maximum benefit. Creation is that direction. Your power; innate, invisible and ineffable Truth, is the sacred mix of Freedom and Creation – allowing and directing, observing and choosing, sharing and consuming. Life continues. This mix of opposites, this mix of same is your full potential realized in form. You are that and you become that continually. This is your sacred breath, actively taken in for the air has no other desire than to fill all that would allow it. Continue reading “Jamye Price”

Marlene Swetlishoff



March 22, 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love which manifests itself as balance. This is an attribute that is extremely important for these changing times upon the Earth. Without the ability to maintain balance within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, it is very difficult for a person to function effectively in the World. Cultivating balance is a fine art that requires diligence and perseverance. It requires the knowing of Oneself, first and foremost – all your strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, preponderances, skills, talents, and abilities, including mental and emotional patterns that you may carry within your Being. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Karen Doonan

The Realms Message for the 29th of March

We are here to guide and support the human race and teach them how to breathe again for we are the tree realms and we guide that we have forgiven those who have hunted us, who have cut us down for profit and who have hunted us for our gifts. We extend the LOVE that IS to all humans as many acted out of necessity, believing the teachings of distortion that money is all powerful and that greed and lust is the way forward on a planet that was slowly destroying itself.
We have stood amongst you for aeons, clearing the air for you to breathe and sheltering you from the wind and rain, silent watchers keeping guard over the human race. We now make a stand to allow you to reach out to us for we see you struggle to breathe in the face of all the changes that are now rapidly sweeping across and within the planet earth. We ask that you take a moment to connect to us for we LOVE YOU as all are ONE. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Ute Posegga Rudel


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My dear ones I AM Gaia, speaking to you!

You have asked Me to explain what will happen with My body in the near future. There are many who expect Me to move soon in a more dramatic way than I have done so far in the past.
To those and to all those who are in fear and who believe in nearing catastrophic events, I say: there will be none of these upheavals occurring. Not in the very near future and what is beyond that depends entirely on where your human collective consciousness is heading to.
In this context it has to be said that conscious intention, when expressed firmly and from the heart by a certain number of people, whereby about 8-10% of the world population are enough,  can easily override the rest of the collective consciousness, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Continue reading “Ute Posegga Rudel”

Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack

 Why Am I Feeling So Alone?
Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Friday, 24 February, 2012  (posted 28 March, 2012)

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“Dear Saint-Germain, I don’t know why I feel so alone. It’s like there’s a wall around me and I’m stuck behind it. I long for authentic relationships, yet I don’t know how to have them. I don’t trust people because I had a difficult relationship with my parents. I kept them at a distance by acting aloof and superior to them. Now I do this with everyone. Continue reading “Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack”

Brenda Hoffman

Most of Your New Sensory Skills Have Yet to be Discovered

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Special Event – April 1, 2012:

  • Sunday, April 1 – Brenda is the “Sunday Circle” speaker/channeler. Her presentation is 11 am at A Class Act in Greenville, SC. Call Jan Posey at 864-233-3033 for details. 

Summary of Brenda’s March 26, 2012, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Even though nature has accepted the extremely important role of exchanging energy with you, you and earth are directing this transition.  

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog at “Manifesting is no Longer Work”


Dear Ones,

Many of you are in awe of those who channel, heal, see or sense information that seems to elude you. Rather than being jealous, please give yourself accolades for helping create the New Age/new earth despite the difficulties.

Let us address your jealousy for not performing as you would like with the spiritual realms.

Perhaps your seeming inability to channel or use other senses is more about timing than deficiencies in your spiritual skills. And of course when you berate yourself for not sensing or doing more, you return to the Old Age.

What if your skills have not yet awakened within yourself or on earth? Can you imagine explaining the Internet to someone living in the early 1800′s?

Even though more and more of you Lightworkers will awaken skills such as channeling or sensing information not gathered by most 3D people, within a few years those skills will be out-dated.

Do not fret if you channel, heal or otherwise gather information not “normally” expected of 3D people. Just as you probably accessed your current spiritual skills in stages – as you allowed yourself to accept what was possible – such will occur with skills you wish to access that we cannot yet describe for you would not comprehend.

You are exactly where you need to be physically, emotionally and spiritually. You are a Lightworker whose light shines brightly in whatever avenue you access.

Will you channelers, healers and other sensing people of today complete your work as new skills are discovered? Not necessarily. Some of you will opt not to claim those new skills. Others of you Lightworkers will jump into the new skills and by-pass channeling and similar current access points. Still others of you will add new skills to your current sensory abilities.

None of those avenues is more spiritual than others – merely different. Do you berate a loved one who uses a telephone to connect with you, but not the Internet? And so it will be for your skills.

Some of you will move through various phases of connection with the Universes  because it is your role. Others will plant yourself solidly in the 3D/4D matrix as a guide. Such is fine and good. There are no rules – only the joy that radiates from your inner-being.

Jealousy of others is futile if such skills are not in your arena/role. You will know your skill arena by following your messages of joy.

Perhaps you wish to time travel, see the various layers of other individual entities or communicate with nature. You might do all and more. Or maybe not. It does not matter. No activity make you a more aware or spiritual person.

Maybe functioning as a loving neighbor is your role. Is a loving neighbor less important than channeling? Not at all. Please remember that pioneers could not have crossed the United States in wagon trains if supplies or wagons were not available. Each part of the pioneer movement was beautifully executed. And so it is now.

Follow your joy and you will discover those skills that are important for this transition. You are a Lightworker. Your role may shift or even  seem ordinary. Do not worry. This transition is not about becoming a Hollywood star, it is about introducing the greatest transition ever conceived to earth and thereby, the Universes.

Stop wishing for something others have – whether it be financial worth or sensory skills.

Those with sensory skills might be similar to your elementary school instructors – building blocks that allow you to expand your skills. Or maybe today’s sensory building blocks are necessary to help you become a peaceful and loving example to others.

Your inner-being knows your role and will direct you accordingly. This transition is a glorious and wondrous time in which each of you will be in the spotlight. You have a role to play, a thread in the tapestry of creation that only you can fulfill. Just as the earth of today could not successfully function if all were lawyers or doctors, the new earth needs plumbers, teachers, technicians, parents and sensory experts. All of which will shower the earth with joy and contentment. All of which are Lightworker leaders and wagon train masters.

Do not be jealous of others. They are the building blocks that allow you to move into your role – whether that be as a famous new earth author or a loving neighbor. So be it. Amen.    If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs as they are posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by e-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

Susan Leland

Ashtar – Confirmations of Arrests and Changes

Ashtar on the Road Teleconference, 3/20/12
“Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so thrilled, because we have the perspective to assure you that all of the news you have heard, that is the Truth coming out. It’s happening now. There is much that has already been accomplished, and there is a little bit more to do, that is true. And while we do not give dates, we can assure you that this is all set in motion, and is not to be reversed or sabotaged in any way.

“We are in control, and what that means is that your Freedom is our first and foremost mission. And when we talk about your Freedom, there are many aspects to it, but we tell you this, we have all that we need in the way of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to do the co-partnership Mission with you, to clear the way, as it were. And we are clearing!

“We have left, or shall we say, we have created a legacy of this clearing. We have kept you informed, and there are many sources which are telling the same Truth, the same stories, as that which we present. Continue reading “Susan Leland”

Natalie Sian Glasson

March 25, 2012

Light vibrations upon the Earth I acknowledge and love you with all of my soul and all that I am, I am Lord Merlin.

I delight in the active colourful vibrations of love that you exist as; you are beauty in all its forms. Each of you is merging your energy with the light of the Creator to a greater extent with each day in your time that passes.

I wish to come forward today to speak with you about the Tree Kingdom, how you may be of service to the trees at this time and how a connection with the trees can enhance your own spiritual ascension. First I wish to speak with you about the transitions occurring in Nature.

So much is occurring upon the Earth, energetically it is a hive of activity and it may be that this has yet to translate into the physical reality of the Earth that you all generally experience. Continue reading “Natalie Sian Glasson”

Judith Coates

The Healing Power of Peace

Judith Coates
a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
Thursday, 1 March, 2012  (posted 27 March, 2012)

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Beloved one, each and every one of you is the Christ essence; otherwise, you would not be here. Take that deeply to heart. What does it mean to be of the Christ essence? It means that truly you are not limited by time or space or by what the brothers and sisters say that you have to do. You are not limited by anything except your own choices, and you are free in every moment to choose anew, as I did. Continue reading “Judith Coates”

Marilyn Raffaele

MARCH 25, 2012

Dear ones, we are here to encourage you to have patience.  We see your discouragement when nothing seems to change, but let us assure you that much is changing.  You are not aware of all that is transpiring behind the scenes.  Try not to be discouraged or hold preconceived concepts  of how events must unfold, simply allowing the process while  letting go of  any beliefs you may still be holding about how the process must manifest.  All is proceeding according to plan and all is perfect. Continue reading “Marilyn Raffaele”

Karen Doonan

Nephilim, 25th March

Greetings dear ones we are here with you as you read our words and absorb our guidance. That which is now unfolding across planet earth is the new and we ask for all to process all guidance through the heart. The rainbows have begun to awaken and those who walk the earth carrying the rainbow tribes blood will begin to prepare the new earth for those who are awakening to the new earth. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Rebecca Couch

The Real Fountain of Youth

Rebecca Couch
a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch
Sunday, 25 March, 2012  (posted 26 March, 2012)

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Beloved, we will say it again and again until it “locks in”: there is nothing outside of you. So when you are in pain or grief of any kind: look within. The external forces are there to draw you in one direction only. They are there to help guide you through your own quagmire, so gratitude is appropriate. (Plus is beats self-flagellation!)  You know this, yet you keep fighting and blaming and pushing against what is, hoping that it will change and then all will be well. This is the wrong direction. Stop. Breathe. Look within. Continue reading “Rebecca Couch”

Shanta Gabriel

Walk in Beauty, Live in Trust

Shanta Gabriel
a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel
Thursday, 22 March, 2012  (posted 26 March, 2012)

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Walk in beauty, live in trust, and know the benevolent love of God guides your way.” #46 – The Gabriel Messages

Dear One,

These words clarify the way to a carefree, joy-filled and peaceful life.

Walking in beauty means to look at all you see with your heart and mind.  This might mean to see beyond the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within a situation.  There is beauty all around you and sometimes it takes a prayer such as “let me see the beauty here, Angels,” to make this apparent. Continue reading “Shanta Gabriel”

The Oracle Report

Monday, March 26, 2012


Crescent Moon Phase

Today’s energy requires us to shift our focus from one thing to another rather rapidly.  This could cause us to easily become scattered.  The progression of the day’s events may make us feel divided in some way.  It is impossible to be all things to all people, so don’t fall into this today because it will fail.  There is also an element to today that is pre-occupied with wanting more than one’s share of money or recognition or reward (which is rooted in selfishness, jealousy, and materialism).  The best approach to the day is to remain humble, admiring the achievements of others, and recognizing the talents of others.  Take your focus off of yourself and the day will flow much more smoothly.  As always, if you find yourself getting off track, re-connect with the planet (the Source of our sanity) and her expression of beauty (which is all around us).

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