Journal Entry, 07.05.17 – 5th of July

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


It may sound unAmerican, but I detest the 4th of July celebration.  The whole thing is based on lies and a noisy affair, but enough of politics.

This year I sat out the holiday on my bed as I’ve been in the midst of a physical detox, with a variety of symptoms of which I won’t bore you.  I wasn’t up to being around a lot of drunk and noisy celebrants.  I would really rather be high in the mountains far, far away from fireworks and noise, but Florida marshes will have to fit the bill right now… on the morning after.

Still feeling a bit wobbly, I still managed to get out for a bird walk… or walk with the birds.  I’ve been visiting the same preserves so frequently I’m beginning to recognize some of the other walkers / photographers.  There are also some older folks who haunt the…

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