Kp Message 7-5-17… “Releasing the Grip(s)”

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I have felt like posting NOTHING today (July 4, that is). Just relaxed and enjoyed it. Yet I still receive “messages”… all through the day.

My bottom line receiving of today had to do with the next phase of our progression. It was very clear to me that this is a very exciting and (potentially) uplifting time… if we have released the grip(s) on the past old paradigms.


Whatever it is that one is holding on to, from any past timeline, any old paradigm, any old ideas about how we are “supposed” to be, what we are “supposed” to feel, “supposed” to think, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc… Those must be released.

That’s not an “order”… it is only a requirement.

So feel free to keep the grip on the old stuff. And have fun with that. You may eventually find that your hearing that…

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