Karen Doonan

Shimmering Ones  28th Feb

Dear ones we are here to guide and to support as the energies now heighten and that which has been hidden in plain view becomes more visible for you. We are the Shimmering Ones and we are here to guide you in matters of the heart, for when you begin to clear the heart you allow your vision to clear. Do you understand our analogy?

Movement out of the mind can be tricky for many humans as the heart calls for what is within the heart. Do you believe the teachings of distortion that encourage you to stay out of the heart, to use it as a storage locker for all the hurt and trauma that you may have experienced as your SOUL expands and grows or do you allow TRUTH to show you that the heart is the key to the SOUL and is where the SOUL resides?

The SOUL of many humans now cries out louder so that you may hear, do you hear the cries of your SOUL? Do you FEEL the niggle that lets you know that that which you live and that which you believe is not quite right? For to be in flow and to be connected to the SOUL is to live in peace and harmony not only with others but with SELF. Do you live at peace with SELF?

Many are endlessly searching to fill the void that they believe exists within their BEing, all that is missing dear ones is connection with the SOUL for the SOUL is the source of all knowledge, all lives that have been lived in all timelines and dimensions reside within the SOUL, it is akin to turning on a tap and letting the water flow when connection has been made. To fill your mind will facts, with information leaves the heart empty for the heart has no place for that which is taught on planet earth. The heart yearns to connect with the SOUL and allow the music to play once more, can you hear your note dear ones? Do you recognise the song that you SOUL is trying to sing to you?

Movement out of the mind and into the heart begins a clearing process that allows the veils to be lifted from not only the eyes but the ears, for not only are many blind to what is in plain view but they also cannot hear their SOUL. The key to ascension dear ones is to find the silence and listen, for that which whispers to YOU is YOU, do you listen or do you allow the voices of others in human form to dull the whisperings?

Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race know about the SOUL connection and taught the teachings of distortion to keep the SOUL from singing, does this resonate dear ones? Do you bury your SOULs voice deep within, fearful for what it sings, or do you allow your heart to open and the SOULs voice to sing loudly and clearly to you? The choice is always YOUrs dear ones and we are here to hold the hands of those who venture into the heart. For those who cannot find the way into their hearts we wrap you in the LOVE that IS and pour the LOVE that IS through your very BEIng, it is the SOULs choice whether to allow the memories to surface or to stay hidden.

There are many teachings of distortion on the planet earth and many are now bound in the teaching that has taught them that all will waken, that is not TRUTH dear ones, SOUL has a choice and that choice is taken before incarnation. There are many who will stay within 3D and allow the karmic wheel to continue to turn just as there are many who are awakening and clearing ALL karma. We ask for you to go into the heart and process our words and discern TRUTH.

The discernment is necessary for many are now being lulled by lovely words and by the images of what they yearn for in the mind without connecting to the heart. To be lulled by the dreams of others is to negate the power that is within. For YOU dream but do YOU dream the dream of your SOUL or anothers dream? Many are now following where they should be

dreaming and we guide for all to be aware of this and detach. For the dream is YOUrs dear one, YOU create your human life experience, why would you dream the dream of another?

For others on planet earth the term dreaming has no meaning, so far into the logic and the mind that they are trying to rationalise all that comes to them in this their life experience. Logic cannot explain LOVE dear ones for LOVE just IS. Why would you choose to view your life through the lens of logic? Those who sought to control and contain used logic as a prison cell and many are now staying within the prisons of their mind. The mind creates dear ones and the creation is necessary but the creation must come from a mind that is connected first of all through the heart. For the heart will show the mind what to create and how, many have been taught the distortion which is to allow the heart to follow the mind. Allowing the mind free reign of what it creates will see it create randomly, it will create and then create from the creation, akin to an out of control programme on a computer. Are you are a computer or are you a soul in a vehicle? Why would you allow your mind to control your experience?

We ask these questions to help you to move out of the mind and to begin to focus your energies where they can be used creatively. The heart knows what the SOUL path is, it does not need words for it has feelings and it is these feelings that show you if you are in tune with the SOUL or you are at odds with the SOUL. For those who are flowing through the new energies, who are allowing all to flow, to move, to shift and to reshape and to manifest the way into the new is akin to a walk through a lovely meadow, with new experiences and more joy and depth of feeling each moment. For those who are connected only with the mind and who have not connected with the heart the movement into the new is chaos as they struggle to understand concepts the mind has no knowledge of.

We guide in relation to the mind and what it contains, it contains what is placed there, in human form it is as akin to a storage vessel. Yet the human race has been taught that it is the source of all information and the heart is the storage vessel. We guide for all to look at this and see the distortion. The heart links the energies of the SOUL with ALL that IS, ALL are connected through the heart and it is the heart that remembers. It is not possible to remember who you are and why you are here solely through the mind for it does not link to ALL that IS. Many are now struggling in the new energies and we guide all to go into the heart and to allow the memories to resurface.

ALL that you have ever been and all that you will ever be, for all is NOW is contained within the heart. That which you have learnt, that which you have taught, that which you have done ALL contained within the heart. For to release any karma the heart has to be connected to and the lessons acknowledged and dissolved. There is no way to release karma within the mind for each SOUL incarnates into a fresh vehicle. The vehicle is the body that you reside in at this moment. It may have only resided on the planet for a number of decades or less but the SOUL that resides within that body is eternal. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?

YOU are eternal and to access those eternal memories you must connect through the heart. That which is learned in this timeline and dimension is but a drop in the ocean compared to what YOU KNOW deep within. It is now time to allow those ancient memories, the vast well of knowledge to resurface. Ascension in this timeline and this dimension is done in the vehicle by connecting through the heart.

We are here to help all who wish to move into the heart. When you sit in the silence ask us to join you and we will be there, for we are but a breath away. We are the Shimmering Ones and

we come to help you remember. Do you remember us? We are YOU and YOU are we for all are ONE.

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