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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Communicating With Those In The HIgher Dimensional Realms

When I first learned to communicate with spirit it was much different than it is now. For one thing in the beginning it took time to reach a level of mind or vibration where I could actually connect. This sometimes took 10 or 15 minutes to accomplish. I was taught to enter a meditative state using a method developed by Jose Silva. You can Google the Silva Mind Development Method and learn about these techniques. For a person who is just now opening to their spiritual gifts, I highly recommend this method. As I moved along my path the time to “get to level” as Silva taught became shorter and shorter. I developed a “point of reference” – a sign that indicated to me that I was at a deep meditative level. Actually there were a couple of signs. One was the feeling of being deeply relaxed. The next one was seeing different colors. I learned that once I reached the color “blue” I was “at level”, which in essence was a level that can be measured in cycles (hertz) per second. I also learned that there were different “levels of mind” operating at different frequencies, or cycles per second and each level had a different purpose. The level for meditation and optimizing the learning or re-learning process was a level called “Alpha”, which operated on the frequency of 7 to 14 cycles (hertz) per second.

I’ve noticed in doing research on this that there are differences in what some people report as to these brain wave frequencies. I learned from Silva and I will stick with this because I have also formally studied this in college courses on the subject during my BA and MA degree programs in psychology. The 4 levels are: Beta (14 to 21 hertz per second)- this is our waking state; Alpha (7 to 14 Hz per second); Theta (4-7 Hz per second); and Delta, which is the lowest. You can access information online through the search mode to learn the purpose of each level.

I will not go further into this at this point because it’s not entirely relevant to what I set out to express in this blog. What I want to point out is the differences in I have noted along the way in how I connect and communicate with those in the spirit realms.

As I stated, in the beginning when I began communicating with spirit on my own, which occurred after working with my spiritual mentor in her meditation classes, and taking the Silva courses, I was doing what they call “Channeling”. In fact, this is a term that is still very much in use, and in some ways it has gotten somewhat of a negative connotation associated with it.

My experiences with “Channeling” involved going into a deep meditative level, surrounding myself with Light for protection, and allowing a chosen being to enter and speak through me. There were physical sensations along with this, that indicated to me that this was a real experience. I had a very strong “knowing” inside of myself that only that which was of a positive vibration would be allowed to speak through me. In addition I was totally conscious during the entire process. Some channels go into more of a trance and someone needs to transcribe or record in some way what is spoken through them. The have no recall of what was said once they return to normal consciousness.

I have never experienced this type of trance channeling. Over the time I was doing this I had enough validation to know within the core of my being that it was real, however even today I have an element of skepticism about what I receive. I have learned to basically give what comes and it’s up to the person I’m working with, or others who read the messages to use their own discernment regarding what is given by spirit.

I sometimes receive pictures, and sometimes thoughts and other times feelings. It depends upon the intent of the connection – if I am doing this in a psychic reading, or if someone requests certain information.

In or around the year 2000 the way I connected and brought in messages changed. This happened over a few years period of time. I no longer needed time to reach a deep level. I had learned through Silva to use triggering mechanisms to reach a deep level almost instantly and at will. I also learned how to discern the different “thoughts” that flowed through my mind – sometimes these thoughts had a different “sound” to them – like voices – but not in the same way we hear them in our normal day to day lives.

There was also a distinct “energy signature” with each one. In other words I could sense a difference in the energy of the thoughts I was having and I associated this with different beings I encountered along the way as I learned to ask for names, and learned more about them with each communication session. Sometimes I would even get images of how they were presenting to me, which was always interesting.

Over time my communications with beings in spirit became more like my communications with people in my waking life. At this point I began using pen and paper, and then the computer to record my conversations with those in the spirit realms. By the way, I use the word “spirit” interchangeably with beings who have passed over, those in the angelic realms, ascended masters, archangels, etc. I do not allow those of lower vibrations to enter my space except in the instance of what I call “soul rescue” – those individuals who have died buy who are stuck and cannot find the Light so that they can move on from the Earth plane.

I’ve had concerns about the term “Channeling” for sometime now, mainly because of the negative connotation associated with it by some individuals. It recently occurred to me that in reality, I now longer channel beings. What I am receiving now are what I consider to be telepathic communications. I say this because telepathic communication is in essence our natural state as ascended beings. There is a difference between what is popularly called channeling and telepathic communication.

One day soon, when we have fully ascended into the Higher Dimensional Realms, and we have been returned to full consciousness, and remember who we truly are, our natural way of communicating will be telepathic in nature. I will be writing more about this in later posts. For now keep an open mind about this. Use your own discernment, take what resonates and leave the rest.

I’m sharing this because today the difference between channeling and telepathic communication finally hit me – big time!! I cannot truly explain the difference at this point, but perhaps the way to illustrate it or explain it in a post will become clearer as I continue to process this revelation!!

What’s amazing to me is that I have been doing it for a long time but struggled with the terms that were used to describe this kind of communication. This only illustrates to me the limitations that we experience with spoken languages. Even using the term “Telepathic Communication” brings up interpretations of terms – of language. I guess there are many ways to communicate, and I am choosing to move out of limitation and open my mind to other ways that I am not even aware of at this point on my path.

For now all I can say is that how I connect and communicate with spirit is very different than when I first learned to connect and communicate. The way I do it now only requires that I make the intent to communicate and listen within for a response. Just like saying hi to someone I see and hearing their response in my waking life. It’s so natural!!

Until the next time. Blessings, Love and Light, Betty (aka A. Leandra – Star Child)

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