Journal Entry 02.03.2017 – Sun-filled Winter

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry 02.03.2017 – Sun-filled Winter

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my adult life, I am still unused to waking up to sunny skies in the middle of winter.  Imbolc just past, it is now officially mid-winter, half-way between winter and spring.  I can imagine that our northern neighbors are looking for some respite from an intensely cold, snowy and icy winter.  Even Seattle and the Puget Sound has received some snow… which usually creates traffic chaos.

I didn’t get out earlier this week as I needed to take Bella the Kia to the shop.  The ten-year-old A/C and some belts needed replacing.  Needless to say, it was, for me, an expensive bill, but the repair was absolutely required, so we do what we must (any donations would be cheerfully and gratefully accepted!).  So, after the repair, I took Bella out for a spin, going hiking…

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