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Virgo Solar Eclipse   September 1, 2016   2:03 am PDT
Mercury retrograde in Virgo   August 30 – September 21

Matrix of divine order and cosmic chaos,
planetary cycles seed and crest.
Solar Eclipse cleans the slate
and gives birth to what’s been repressed.

On the edge where light meets darkness,
this New Moon feels like a Full Moon.
Complex, stressful and stretched.
Persist. Review. Clarify.
Invoke ease. This too shall pass.

Priorities, schedule, here and now.
Virgo New Moon focuses on the skillful synthesis
of discerning mind, healthy body and application of work.
Organize and assess.
Bring perfection into the continual mess.
The intelligence of form and function,
usefulness and efficiency are energized.

:: Virgo Eclipse Contemplations ::
How are the current circumstances in my life demanding a new point of view?
What must I release as a part of this new start?
How may I…

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