Ben Arion – Ascension Symptoms and Finding Balance – 5-23-14

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Finding Balance with Your Ascension Symptoms

by Mandy Peterson


Ascension Symptoms are typically symptoms that happen as our kundalini rises. But, these conditions shouldn’t need to become permanent fixtures in our lives, leading to diagnoses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, food and chemical sensitivities, ADHD and more. So, what else might we need to know if we find ourselves experiencing “ascension symptoms” over a long period of time? To answer this, we can begin to ask question such as;

1. How are we doing when it comes to balancing the yin with the yang?

Our lifestyles are very yang right now. Yang is represented by the “doer,” whereas yin is represented by the “feeler.” The yang energy is rooted in fire, activity, competition, drive and conquest, but this needs to be balanced by the gentler energies of the yin which is rooted in water, receptivity, gentleness, and emotions. Too…

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