Russellian Science – TEC Part 7 – Creator of the Universe

Russellian Science – TEC Part 7 – Creator of the Universe | Higher Density Blog.

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In this Unit, we honor the Creator of our Universe of two way electrical motions which would not exist without moving upon the fulcrum of the Creator’s still centering Light of Mind. We honor the idea that is humanity and life and we give our love and gratitude for this gift of life so it may be re-given. To the One God (Creator), the Universal One, this video is humbly dedicated.

The image of the Creator we are teaching here is not that of the anthropomorphic gods and goddesses of religions and paganism. The omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Creator is far above the musings of the simple minded people who created gods and idols in their own image.

This is a call for humanity to turn to the very sexless and formless Creator of the infinite and eternal Universe. It is high time mankind left the silly superstitions of religions and pagan idolatry and learn of the true Creator which sits in absolute stillness centering and bounding all electric motions of this 3d cosmic light cinema, which give form to what we call the physical Universe.

Russellian Science proves in great detail the existence of the eternal Creator which gives us life and infinite experiences in an eternal Universe, so that we may know the abundance and glory of the eternal Love which the Creator uses to fashion countless worlds and stages of life for mankind to experience the beauty of its Divinity!

Produced by: matt presti & Robert Otey

Readings from “The Divine Iliad” & various other works by Walter and Lao Russell.
Voice overs by Jacquelyn Porter, Daniel Alva, Lori Presti, Robert Otey and matt presti

Music by: matt presti

songs – The 3 Ohms versions 1-3

Not For Profit – Educational Only Video

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