Sandra Walter

Source: Creative Evolution

Honoring the Divine Birth

by Sandra Walter on December 18, 2012

121212 Gatekeeper Experience

sandra walterThe Key and Galactic Codes, Crystalline Consciousness Templates and 12 strand DNA activation codes were effectively received on the 121212 by many Gatekeepers and Lightservers. Hooray for HUmanity and those dedicated to serving the collective in the small hours of the morning. My experience was both profound and bizarre; these golden-crystalline light streams had unique frequencies which put me in a suspended state between divine grace and going completely unconscious from the afternoon the day before until 4pm on the 121212. For a few days I had exhaustion and detoxing accompanied by deep states of Christed Consciousness. Three days later the codes were delivered to the Crystalline Grid, and they now accompany Gaia on her Ascension.

At midnight on the 121212, in the freezing night air of Mount Shasta, I sat inside the portal I created for this event and began to receive the Illumination frequencies. Gaia started to send me that 5D/6D vibration that is so uniquely hers – the unmistakable feel of our beloved planet. I closed my eyes to feel her embrace, then experienced the codes coming in and her Ascension – a weave of cosmic trigger and respect for the transformation taking place.

Gaia asked me to open my eyes and see the truth. When I did, the woods around me became still; it was the energy signature of a place I have visited many times; the New Earth, her 5D expression. It was right there, seamlessly present all around me. Gaia then whispered, You are going with me. This touched me deeply, because my pure intent is to serve her Ascension. She is an amazing being taking on a brilliant creative transformation, and to accompany her on this journey fills me with joy, grace and pure love. Read more

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