Valerie Donner

Dear Ground Crew,

Happy New Year and a post Merry Everything for you! I pray this is a most wondrous time for you and that all of your dreams are manifesting.

What I am noticing is that we are going through what Archangel Gabriel (through channel Karen Cook, www.benutoo) our “mini life reviews.” It doesn’t feel like an overnight accomplishment for most of us. It can come in lucid dreams with unfinished business with others, emotions, issues, healing crises, and old memories that creep into your consciousness. If you have done inner work in this incarnation it could appear as putting some finishing touches on your soul’s journey of wisdom, love and knowledge. For others, it might be an onerous process. In the main, we will all benefit from this gift from our Creator and our planet will be a better place.

Some requirements for Lightworkers in this ensuing year of 2012 might be:

  • The need for us to go the extra mile; we might need to extend ourselves greatly because much could be required of us.
  • An even more open heart filled with love and compassion.
  • The transmutation of energies with others and on the planet.
  • To be of greater service.
  • To be flexible and reliable.
  • To hold the Light as never before.
  • To pay close attention to our thoughts for they can quickly manifest.
  • To stay positive in spite of what appears to be going on around us.
  • To maintain our spiritual practice, with meditation and prayer being paramount.
  • To trust ourselves, our inner guidance and our Creator.
  • To realize our increased empathy is a gift and to use it wisely.
  • To be ever so discerning in our choices.
  • To be able to let go repeatedly.
  • To be our authentic selves.
  • To be patient and kind with awakening humanity.
  • To remember who is in charge.
  • To stay connected to the Earth.
  • To be open to our true power and to use and receive our gifts.
  • To be gentle with ourselves and to rest when necessary.
  • To accept the magic and miracles that will be coming to us.
  • To be able to detach from others’ dramas.
  • To remember that we are here now to do what we came to do.

Sometimes when we are in the last lap of a race we need an extra burst of energy to complete the race. We will not only be given this energy but we shall also use it.

In my December 7, 2011 channeling class with the Master St. Germain I was shown the U.S. lifting up from the planet with some beings remaining in the third dimension. We will be in a whole new vibration. No one will hold us back. There will likely be about 40% of the population that will choose to remain in 3D in order to pursue their lessons. The upliftment that I saw in the U.S. applies globally, I believe. There will be some countries with more than others that will choose to ascend in consciousness. It will vary but the overall percentage will be similar.

In this channeling, St. Germain said, “You are about to regain your freedom. You have accomplished a lot. You have friends in High Places.  . . Abundance is yours.  . . There will be a new political platform. . . The Legions of Light Beings stand in line to replace your politicians. You are on your way. . . There will be rising currents, a lot of water. . . There will be much change in 2012. . . You are supreme beings.  . .  All is well. Ancient teachings will be coming out . . . It is time to uplift the poor. . . Be in joy and gratitude. You will have a new U.S. and a New Earth. Nothing material will matter. There will be no more taxes because there will be no need for them.” (Please don’t ask me the timing on the tax projection.)


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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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