Natalie Glasson

11-11-11 Energy Wave and Activation by Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady
Portia- Part 2
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 09-11-11

In our previous communication we explained the qualities of love from truth, openness, unity
and happiness, we will continue with our clarification of the remaining qualities of the 11-11-11
energy wave.


The quality of empowerment is extremely important within the energy wave; it is the energy of
enhancement and magnification. As we enter into the new cycle of 2012 there is a need to
focus on what we wish to create and manifest physically but also along our spiritual paths.
The energy of empowerment will magnify our desires and allow them to manifest with a
greater speed. It is important to choose what we wish to magnify and at this time it is essential
to remain connected to your soul and the Creator, with a strong awareness of the thoughts
and emotions that you are creating. The quality of empowerment offers humanity a helping
hand up their spiritual ladder but also offers humanity a greater role in their spiritual growth
process. Now you truly have to take responsibility for your thoughts and projections as they
will manifest supported by the power of the energy wave. As with the 08-08-08 energy wave
which was focused on abundance the 11-11-11 energy wave is also focused upon
abundance as it is creating an abundance of what you wish to experience. Now is the time to
prepare your being to ensure that what you desire is what you truly wish to experience,
observing your actions, reactions and thought to realise any projections that may cause
greater challenges within your reality in the future. With empowerment comes the essence of
responsibility which encourages you to master your being, mind and emotions. Release all
thoughts that are unneeded, ask for them to be erased by the Creator’s light. Focus upon
what you wish to manifest when you connect with the new energy wave and you will notice that
your thoughts are now fuelled with tremendous strength. It is truly a blessing to experience
the energy of empowerment, which you can connect with at any time within your daily routine
to enhance your reality but it brings with it new lessons to master.

Empowerment is also focused upon the soul. The new energy wave anchors with the intention
of creating a greater sensitivity and awareness of the soul. Allowing the soul to become
empowered boosts your connection and experience of your soul, permitting merge with
enhanced depth. Empowerment gives confidence to the soul and to your entire being in the
process of integration occurring within your being.

It is appropriate to invoke the 11-11-11 energy wave and to ask for the quality of
empowerment to surround your heart and soul. Ask that the energy of empowerment seeps
gently into your soul and enhances your connection, understanding and bond with your soul.
Then simply sit and allow the energy of empowerment to merge with your soul, gradually
building the presence of your soul.


To permit you to embody your soul more completely than you are currently experiencing is
the goal of the 11-11-11 energy wave. It is programmed to activate your soul, promoting an
embodiment of your soul’s truth, love and wisdom in your expressions, actions, words,
thoughts and in all manner of your existence on the Earth. Embodiment of the soul is not only
allowing your soul to align with your physical being but encourages you to express your soul
in creative ways. This assists in a greater understanding of your soul and therefore the
Creator. Empowerment assists with embodiment; through the quality of empowerment you will
allow a process of embodiment. Both qualities give more power and leadership to your soul
and withdraw the same from your ego.

The quality of embodiment speaks of embodying or enacting all that you have discovered
along your spiritual path whether it is your current path or your journeys in your past lifetimes.
No longer can you hide your wisdom or ignore the consciousness of your soul as it guides
you. The process of embodiment is acknowledging your inner light and letting it come forward
to integrate with your being and reality in a way that is appropriate for you.

The Creator wishes you to embody the light of the Earth and nature kingdoms as well as the
inner planes. It is to link your energies, to merge your vibration, to appreciate and to hold light
within your being.

Invoking the new energy wave you can ask for the light and quality of embodiment to
encourage your soul to flow with greater intensity into your being and reality. Ask that your
soul settles within your physical being and cellular level. Then allow yourself to ask or to
understand what others energies, consciousness or light you need to hold within your being.
Ask for these energies to be anchored into your being so that you may fully embody and exist
as a representative of their energy. Embodiment is also a process of acceptance, accepting
energies as your own. After all we are all one, from the same source, it is appropriate that we
embody all aspects of our being and the Creator.

The energy of sensitivity is connected to a greater awareness of the soul, the embodiment of
the Creator’s energies, being open and experiencing a unity with all that is the Creator.
Sensitivity encourages us to work upon our awareness of energy, emotions, thoughts and
experiences. To look closer, to listen with greater attention, to feel with greater patience.
Enhancing and developing our sensitivity to our reality, to ourselves and to the Creator is the
goal of the quality of sensitivity. It is to allow yourself to hold a greater understanding of
yourself and your reality which is beyond limitations and illusions. Sensitivity may encourage
you to be kinder and more loving to yourself, your path and to others upon the Earth thus
increasing your unity with your own energies and that of humanity. Sensitivity is the glue that
binds these qualities together as one, as each of the qualities is persuading you to be more
sensitive, more aware, more awake and conscious. Let the energy of sensitivity encourage
you to be conscious in your spiritual and physical reality on the Earth, a conscious connection
will allow your complete integration with and embodiment of the Creator.

This quality only needs to be anchored from the 11-11-11 energy wave into your being as
you make a mental note that through your growth process on the Earth you may notice or
focus upon your sensitivity to energy, your thoughts, emotions, actions etc, questioning
whether they are appropriate or aligned with the Creator’s soul and your own manifestation of
your soul. Let the energy of sensitivity wash away all energies and beliefs that are hindering
you from being sensitive, conscious and aware, this can be a deep cleansing process.

It is important to realise that the energy of sensitivity may influence you by allowing feelings of
being vulnerable, insecure or unsupported to arise. These are simply energies from the past
that need to be released, because with the acceptance of all other qualities you will realise a
deep seated strength rising from within you.


The quality of liberation could be recognised as a cleansing energy as it encourages you to
create a freedom within your being and reality. A thought process and reality that is free from
limitations that can be expansive and generous. Freedom is the existence that can be
experienced in meditation, a freedom with the chattering mind and a focus upon the light and
energy of your being. The presence of liberation can offer a sanctuary for you to retreat to,
nurturing and nourishing your being but predominantly encouraging you to create an
existence focused upon clarity, exploring your spiritual being and insights with depth and flow.
As the quality of openness speaks of a flowing energy so does the quality of liberation,
allowing all your energy to flow expansively. It is a release of unneeded energies and
development of the essence of your being. We see that all qualities are focused upon the
sensitivity to the soul, we are encouraged to love from the soul, open our heart chakra to
express the soul more fully, unite our soul with the Creator and aspects of the Creator on the
Earth to enthuse a journey of enlightenment. As well as empowering the soul and embodying
the soul, therefore offering the soul more freedom to express and communicate its truth, love
and wisdom. By liberating the soul or offering the soul more freedom you will liberate your
enter being and reality.

You can call upon the quality of liberation from the new energy wave to inspire your soul’s
expansion and to free you from limitations and hindrance connected to your spiritual path.
Asking to embody the energy of freedom from the energy wave during meditation can assist
you in glimpsing your truth and essence as you are taken away from your physical reality to
sit within your truth and love.

While we have taken time to explain the qualities of the energy wave and how you may
connect or use them in your reality it is important to realise that a simple connection is
appropriate. The main purpose is for you to experience, accept and understand the new
energy wave flowing through your being. Over the past weeks we have shared with you
practices, these will advance your spiritual growth and heighten your experience at this time
but it is essential that you follow the guidance of your soul as to what is appropriate for you to
achieve at these special time of empowerment.

Anchoring the 11-11-11 Energy Wave

Below is an invocation that you may use to assist your experience of anchoring of the 11-11-
11 energy wave,

I call upon Archangel Metatron, my Community of Guides, my Angels and Archangels as well
as all light beings wishing to share their love and to aid in the anchoring of the 11-11-11
energy wave. Please surround me and bathe me completely in your love and high vibrational

I call upon Archangel Metatron to stand at the front of my being, Archangel Raphael to stand
on my left side, Archangel Gabriel on my right side and Archangel Michael behind my being. I
ask that Archangel Zadkeil and Archangel Amethyst stand either side of Archangel Metatron
adding their energy and support. Enthuse my being with angelic light of unconditional love.
Allow me to accept and to radiate love in preparation for accepting the 11-11-11 energy wave.
I call upon the Ascended Masters of love and enlightenment to surround me and to assist in
the activation and mastery of my being.

I call upon the Goddess beings of light to surround me completely and to support my intention
of connecting with and embodying the new energy wave.

I activate my soul, allowing my soul to radiate its light brightly from within my being into my
body, aura and reality.

I call upon my soul group to connect on a deeper level with my soul and to surround me in
your unconditional love. Assist me in experiencing your presence around me and your
alignment to my soul.

I call upon the energy of the Creator to flow over and through my being, pouring the most
appropriate vibration of light into my energy.

From the source of the Creator I ask that the 11-11-11 new energy wave descends and flows
deep into the Earth, its many energy levels and consciousness. Let the 11-11-11 energy
wave of the most appropriate vibration and intensity flow into my entire being, flowing from all
directions to connect with my heart chakra. Let the light flow deep into my soul as I breathe
the light into all aspects and areas of my being.

I now accept, experience and embody the 11-11-11 energy wave within my being and soul
allowing new activations to occur within me that heighten my spiritual advancement.

As I accept the qualities of light from the energy wave, I project and anchor them into the
Earth also.

• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Love from truth
(Sit and breathe this light into your being, noticing any insights or colours, achieve the same
for each quality.)
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Openess
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Unity
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Happiness
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Empowerment
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Embodiment
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Sensitivity
• I accept, experience and embody the quality of Liberation

I now allow the 11-11-11 energy wave to integrate within my being and merge with my soul,
allowing me to become more sensitive to the presence of my soul, empowering and
embodying my soul with ease.

I now sit in acceptance of the 11-11-11 energy wave and the activations that need to occur at
this time. I know that everything is divinely guided by my soul and the will of the Creator.

(Sit for as long as you feel is appropriate, breathing in the light.)

With Love and abundant blessings,

We are Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia


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