Transfiguration: Spiritual Retreats with Almine – YouTube

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Resurrection, Transcendence, and Transfiguration with Almine on – YouTube

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Almine – Resurrection, Transcendence, Transfiguration – | Higher Density Blog

Almine – Resurrection, Transcendence, Transfiguration – | Higher Density Blog.

Love Is Always The Answer

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Resurrection, transcendence, transfiguration, and the key to understanding God’s Will. ( Almine in Toronto.

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Sandra Walter ~Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration – the embodiment of a very high light quotient which aligns us with Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Creative Intelligence for our higher purpose.

sandra walter I felt transfiguration would be a lengthy process, something the body vehicle would need months and months to accomplish. Religion’s tales of people bursting into bright visible light seemed distorted, or at least exaggerated for effect. Last weekend changed everything for me, and my attempts to describe it cannot capture the full realm of this experience. I feel blessed beyond belief to be here, now, on this planet, experiencing the miraculous transfiguration of my beingness in such a conscious way.


The new frequency – this absolutely powerful level of lovelight intelligence, is becoming intense for a few of us. The Solar Cosmic Christ activations are penetrating everything and overpowering all that was – for those choosing to embody this right here, right now. Read the rest of this entry »

The Planetary Crystalline Grid

The Planetary Crystalline Grid
The Grid is part of our NEW consciousness matrix! It is a manifestation of our evolutionary process and the patterned growth of universal consciousness. We are all co-creators of this crystal matrix of diamond light energy. It is a self operating and self sustaining system of communication and energy transfer. It is strengthened as more and more people connect into it. It’s potential is infinite.

This is a worldwide Call for Unification in our efforts to co-create a planetary civilization of light and galactic society The time has come for us to truly clarify and embody the concept of unification in order to synchronize our heart-mind intent into one giant network of divine intent. By understanding that we all are on the same mission with our individual focus and roles, we work towards a conscious transformation of our individual efforts into one collective and very influential energy matrix.

unityearthOur unification on the planetary Crystalline Gridallows us to continuously receive and exchange information in absolute knowing which is essential to accelerating our evolution as a species and in alignment with the Greater Plan. As each of us enlists our services with the unified collective, we reinforce this planetary network of light while fostering the creation of the inter-galactic bridge.

Serving as human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit pure, love based frequencies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. We build our own networks of light on this grid matrix and the channeled webbing expands into greater fields of this mass unification. With aligned intent, we accelerate the unification process especially into the areas of the world not currently being accessed. We greatly assist in the completion of all conflict and bring higher consciousness to the hearts of the multitude.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through our grid unification is to amplify the power of light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all major conflict and destructive energy in and among our population. Moreover, this extraordinary field of unification creates an influential forcefield capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every corner of the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Bourne

Source: Openhand

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The Ascension Process (revised article)

Submitted by Chris Bourneon 29 September, 2012 – 06:47

Are you undergoing the process of Ascension?

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. Planetary Ascension into a higher vibrational paradigm is taking place here and now all around us. We each have a ticket to join the new world. Are you beginning to ascend? What is this process of Ascension that is humanity’s intended destiny? The following article addresses these questions…

Gateways of Light

Through our work in helping people with their spiritual unfoldings, we observe that there are five key expansions of consciousness – through internal Gateways – leading to our ultimate Ascension. This can clearly be seen in the lives of the masters from Jesus to the Buddha.

They are as follows:

  • Gateway 1:”Awakening” – the magic of the soul and its unmistakable quiet inner voice is unveiled to us.
  • Gateway 2:”Realignment” – we surrender to the supreme governance of the soul in our lives. We align with the Divine Will.
  • Gateway 3:”Transfiguration” – dissolving of the ego, reunification of lower and higher self, we become the non-identified “Seer” of all things.
  • Gateway 4:”Enlightenment” – ‘fragments’ of the soul still identifying with past life karmic filters are released and reconnected. The soul becomes fully integral within our being.
  • Gateway 5:”Resurrection” – our seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. We are reborn as multidimensional beings.  Read more
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Nancy Connally

Source: Nancy Connally’s Blog

Daily Life/Our Cosmic Responsibility

Submitted by Nancy Connally on Sun, 08/05/2012 – 13:06
The Milky Way
Dear Friends,
Meditations at the time of the Leo Full Moon brought forth the following, which is here shared with all of you.  It helps us understand perhaps just why the Plan for Humanity is vital for the fulfillment of Cosmic Purpose.
As we know, we are life forms within the entire manifested Universe.  Our immediate location is within the Milky Way Galaxy….we might say that it is ultimately THAT within which ‘we live and move and have our being’ in the largest sense,  as well as also being situated within our particular Solar System, and our own Planet Earth.  We are told that the Lord of the World is the sole custodian of what might be called the personality vehicles of this great Cosmic Life, and that of course means all of humanity is also part of at least the form of this Life as well. 
We are part of the working mechanism of a Cosmic Logos and were created to assist with a particular function in His part of the great Cosmic Purpose. This Cosmic Being has been called “the cosmic Creative Center”, and of course our Solar System is currently perfecting the demonstration of Love-Wisdom, so our planet will eventually be demonstrating that quality of Love Wisdom through creativity.
Just where does humanity fit into this larger picture?  We are all by now familiar with the idea of the ultimate destiny of humanity becoming a medium for the establishment of an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the Solar System;  to found upon earth a powerhouse and Station of Light and magnetic centre in the Universe of such energy that humanity can be a factor not only in planet Earth and our solar system, but in the seven systems of our Cosmic Source and will serve the developed lives within the ring pass not of our Galaxy.* Read the rest of this entry »
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