New Stargates, Lion’s Gate and the August Shifts | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

New Stargates, Lion’s Gate and the August Shifts

Blessings Beloveds ~

August has always been a powerful month for Ascension upgrades. Some of my most expansive experiences have happened in the second half of August – and this year promises the same.



Source: New Stargates, Lion’s Gate and the August Shifts | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

Evenstar Creations

Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright.


I am sure you are noticing the huge shifts happening, I seem to have changed completely how I operate, for now anyway. Before it was all about the mission and travelling heaps, working with groups for the bigger picture which I loved doing and sharing with such beautiful souls.

Source: Evenstar Creations


Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

Yes, this is our BE-LOVE-D Kauai ♥

Rainbows Re-Gridding. A Powerful Gateway Week!
We completed 9D Templates!
Hearts blowing wide-open for so many.


Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

Phew! These magical and powerful frequencies work through us constantly. They are pristine beyond. Anchoring and integrating is a full-time job! The best one ever! Challenging when we are trying to accomplish, so we work-around a lot.

We and Gaia have been BUSY… so very much Energetically/Cosmically going on.  The new StarGate Codes last week, were a surprise when I heard/saw them. It takes me awhile to figure out what everything is sometimes. At the time, I saw 9D Codes, yet waited to see what occurred. Then the 2222 Code activated again. Gaia and our bodies, heavy integration, massive Cosmic Heart-Stargate openings, so we entered a “fire/flushing” phase… where our bodies heat up, light codes run through us,   Please continue reading


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