Alexandrian Kosmos – A Cosmology of our Solar System’s Integration into the Universal Community: Shifting Dimensions

Our entire Life’s Plan is completely encoded within our individual Hearts and Souls.

Source: Alexandrian Kosmos – A Cosmology of our Solar System’s Integration into the Universal Community: Shifting Dimensions

The Earth Plan: Recent Shifts & Soul Contracts ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 18 July 2019

Amanda Lorence expands upon how the Eclipse energies are now ricocheting upwards, creating the frequencies and potential for us to become more and more of our True Selves, at all times.

“We cannot be anything less than ourselves….”

Source: The Earth Plan: Recent Shifts & Soul Contracts ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 18 July 2019

The Earth Plan: The Quantum Leap of your Sun and Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 6 July 2019

Laura Whitworth is a new source to me, so I’m not aware of her background. I came across this link somewhere (hard for me to keep track nowadays) and just finished listening

Source: The Earth Plan: The Quantum Leap of your Sun and Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 6 July 2019

Ascension Energies on Instagram: “By @kwanamikaela144 ・・・ 11/12 June – Quantum expansion ~ NEXT LEVEL ELEVATION FOR HUMANITY – 2 – Every single of us are able to…”

Source: Ascension Energies on Instagram: “By @kwanamikaela144 ・・・ 11/12 June – Quantum expansion ~ NEXT LEVEL ELEVATION FOR HUMANITY – 2 – Every single of us are able to…”

Let Us Talk Shift – HighHeartLife

Let Us Talk Shift

Before the physical level Ascension Process started (1998–1999) I had above average abilities to mentally focus and hold that focus while still being aware of my surroundings physically, energetically and psychically. I could read a book in a day or two and retain memory of all of it and even where certain information was located in the book(s). In other words, before the Ascension Process started I was very good at intentionally focusing on something and holding that focus with little effort. Evidently I had developed this ability to mentally focus to a high degree, which I wasn’t aware of really until the Ascension Process started and this and other abilities were decimated overnight.

I went from loving to read books to suddenly not being able to read much of anything because my well developed abilities to hold mental focus and retain what I’d read was seemingly unplugged, disconnected, severed by the very Process I was going through. I know many of you can related because you’ve lived this Alchemical evolutionary Ascension Process over these many years too and have gone through the mandatory dismantling of your 3D ego-based, left-brained linear intellect.

Source: Let Us Talk Shift – HighHeartLife

Waking Up To Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness – In5D : In5D

Waking Up To Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness

by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer,

The old world we have grown up in is crumbling beneath us. It appears to be going up in flames.

As we watch this blatant inferno happen we’re also seeing the ending of the duality consciousness we’ve only known

Source: Waking Up To Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness – In5D : In5D

Earth and the Inhabitants are Going Through a Major Shift Right Now! | Ascension Energies

Christina Lavers- Here is the summary of the online session. Please remember each journey is completely unique in terms of type of information accessed as well as style of delivery. Sessions are often highly personal. This one feels like it may be relevant to many so is being shared with permission and personal details removed.

Source: Earth and the Inhabitants are Going Through a Major Shift Right Now! | Ascension Energies

My Personal Ascension Journey: “Re-Entering” Other Dimensions | Ascension Energies

Lisa Transcendence Brown – December’s activations and anchoring as Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers was not like my previous years. The whole year of 2017 actually was beyond awesome, as always, December was to be dedicated to Gatekeeper Duties, and it was, yet this year will filled with peeps, beautiful exchanges, traveling and also intentionally consciously breaking down & clearing out any old linear/matrix programs still held within my own cellular body/template too. Anchoring the Plasma Grid in December gave us new Quantum Linear capabilities that are soooo very easy. (I’ll share more as we go.)

This last year for me went a completely different directions than I perceived. It was a year of simplicity, ease, anchoring the expanded Chakra System into my physical body. I’ll be sharing on this as I write a new “manual” for our how our “New/Expanded Chakra Systems” work as we Embody Avatar Consciousness and fully anchor our OverSoul/Monad Consciousness from within.

The previous years were more physical and demanding, yet less physical each year as we embodied our Universe(s), Galaxies, Multi-Dimensional Aspects and merged all fully through Unity-Love-Consciousness from within. The more carbon-based human (linear) we are, the more physical our realities are too. The more Light/Etheric/Conscious/Quantum we are, the less physical all is, as all just becomes Energy and as we become Quantum Light BEings, our existence is fully Quantum too. This brings through simplicity, ease and no BS. As we become our Divine Aspects, marrying all within us… our physical realities vibrate easier and faster to match us. Our “return” is through peace, harmony, joy, simplicity and ease too. We learn to cut everything out that no longer serves/doesn’t support or represents lack realities of the old. We do not continue Karmic timelines. We see them as they present, clear the program within ourselves, dissolving the “need” for a physical experience here. Only open to highest consciousness realities, where each is their own Universe too, in our personal lives, there’s zero tolerance for anyone not standing in their power as love, sharing and stepping up to contribute equally too. This makes reality easy… and it leaves us more “time” to do what we love, supports us/others and contributes to higher consciousness for all on each Earth. The old self-involved human tactics of separation/duality consciousness, manipulation, greed, guilt, blame, victim, lack, dis-empowered anything won’t fly. Not one iota. Quashed right out of the gate and handed back to each to see/deal/clear within themselves. We all do not “need” to be in the same physical space anymore. It’s quite freeing and beautiful indeed!

Traveling gave me the ability to observe, as it did 3/12 years ago when I went to open portals, activate and anchor the Crystalline Grid in other mainland areas in. This time was to submerge myself while maintaining full consciousness, to activate and anchor the Plasma Grid and I was shocked at what I observed in “other dimensional realities”. Pleasantly and not so pleasantly alike. It’s sometimes necessary for us to re-enter alternate dimensional timelines for many reasons, this time was no different….

Traveling was “weird” and I observe everything. Every detail. Every reality. With the current embodiment phase I’m in, my body experience is very different than it was when I was expanding and my whole body was intensely being “re-calibrated/rewired”. These years of acclimating and anchoring within my physical body, expanding so far beyond my body, then to anchor fully in again (2016-2017)… the last 6 months have been like being back into a “normal body”, maintaining expansion yet my body finally starting to shrink back down. I even bought jeans and was much smaller than I “thought” I was. We have to get used to spandex/stretchies and skirts for years as our bodies “contort” and birth photonic realities on a daily basis here.

The first thing I noticed was that there were no gravity shifts inside of my body on the plane. I was able to maintain gravitational alignment no matter what altitude, which was pretty cool. With the 12/21 Gateway Week, I “graduated” and the message was a firm “You’ve completed Ascension. Completely. You are done.” It had to repeat because, as with other gateways/initiations before, I could not believe (like when I arrived on NEW Earth in 2012 then more in 2013) and cleared Galactic Karma and “was done” in 2015 to then shift into easier roles then too. It takes awhile for our heads to wrap around all and for us to align our physical. So I just kept observing as I experienced…. It appears that full Avatar Consciousness Embodiment (which took me 2 years to accomplish once I entered this phase, through a barrage of initiations as well), completes the entire Ascension process. Who’da thunk it. Now we move into the vastness our next phases/roles here.

What does that mean now? Many things. This last year has been moving me more into “having a life”, instead of working 24/7 in-service like before. I’m still 24/7 in-service, yet how I do this is much different than before. I spent 2017 in “waiting” (which means we are unifying inside, clearing any old programs intentionally, completing initiation processes continually and checking to see if each reality is fully-aligned and of a higher consciousness or if it represents and old one to resolve/dissolve/move beyond and accomplishing a ridiculous amount of service roles while collectives awaken/unify and step forth to fulfill their roles through Unity-Love-Consciousness too). Most everything that came forth in 2017 was of a previous state of consciousness, which meant letting go as fast as a reality would present. Trying out a few to see if they were able to fully-sync-up/align or if there was still unconscious programming within the reality. The “test” each time was to see if each was truly ready to come together to do their part and could synchronize on a Soul Level to be in the same physical space for very long. Human aspects are unaware that everything is a test to prove ourselves.

The more human we are, the more we can’t follow through/come through in the ways that really count, aren’t yet dedicated enough or have self-first agendas that get in the way of working in unison to anchor the bigger picture to be the priority first. This meant I’d have to choose to let them just float away, keep doing my parts and just stay open for new ones that can easier align from a space of being totally responsible, accountable, dedicated, with even more balance, more unity, more respect, consideration, caring and love. To settle for less than unity is not an option. We don’t “have to” anymore. (We never did, yet through the years we did, until a few years ago when we stopped this). No more “Universal Surrogates”. All step forth fully empowered and already DOING, instead of making all easier for others like we used to. Now it’s easier for all who are truly already all in. ♥ Fully anchoring God Consciousness in a few years ago, I completed my couple years of initiatory roles of “being the provider/supporter” for others. Now each must hold this within themselves, without any lack involved at all. Here we all combine our efforts and resources to create and anchor more Heaven on Earth for us all. The NEW relationships formed through offered and balanced sharing, creation and support have evolved beautiful, growing/expanding to encompass even more for us all. We look forward to accomplishing more together as love and through new conscious partnerships too!

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For me personally, I see many timelines, and in just the last two days have received TONS to accomplish, implement and get going, yet it takes “others” who are ready to fully invest/commit too. There’s no more lopsided realities, out of balance. If all is not fully aligned when they arrive/show up/materialize, in order to support anchoring all new higher timelines together here, then they are karmic timelines that don’t even get off of the ground. It is that simple. Meanwhile, we keep doing what is aligned and allow for DIVINE TIMING to rule in Divine Flow. 🙂

Visiting my family was amazing! It was a beautiful experience through total presence and joy. While visiting I was able to observe many things, unconscious and conscious alike. In every exchange in the home and out & about too, everyone was kind, happy and real. Were things “hidden” and need to be discussed to bring into consciousness? Yes. Was it always appropriate. No. I honor what is appropriate. I speak/share where not projecting/imposing, open up portals/doors and honor the current vibration of every reality that presents. We do not project or push upon others, yet the human aspect does have built in resistance mechanisms that don’t yet understand that what we offer is alternative realities that make thing easier and negate the “need” for a “lesson”, if each is ready. Often times, they are not. We have to honor the energy of the moment, at all times and just BE LOVE. ♥

Flying there, sitting in offices, flying back… I was virtually “invisible”. It was quite interesting to experience so profoundly. On the planes, no one spoke to me, it was as if I didn’t exist. (We kinda don’t, vibrating at a different frequency bandwidth). It was peaceful and allowed me to get some work done. Sitting in offices for 8 hours, same thing. Great opportUNITY to observe. I spent the entire time “observing” and writing a paper for my Master’s Degree on “Observing Unconscious Humans in their “Natural” Habitats”. The conversations, even in what used to would have been considered a 3D reality, was totally 5D (kindness, no anger, flowing, happy, light), yet all oblivious to how unconscious they were. It was a weird mix of programming. My multi-dimensional experience (kindness/happy) amongst humans complying with matrix programming, totally unaware that they were. I’ll share the paper once I receive it back. I have to finish it and submit it first. lol

Used to be, long travels pushed my body hard and it would go haywire and have a rough time. This time was easy. I could go all day, fly, stay up, do and sleep in unison with Universal Time Flow pretty well. My body didn’t go haywire, it did great! The whole week, then I returned and whereas the frequencies had been “quiet” mostly the entire time, as soon as I got back I got whammied, activated huge new realities (will share in separate post) and spent all day yesterday integrating all new MASTER Codes into my template.

Before I got to South Carolina, I saw that chemicals in the water/air were going to be an issue. My first stop was organic shopping for clean water and food. I’d brought my organic soap/supplies with me. The rest would be easy, yet I became hyper-aware of chemicals prior to leaving and while there. In the food, water, air, soaps and all. (There’s more re-educating coming forth on this due to the frequency bandwidths we are now in and how CLEAN all has to be.) Observing others and their mentalities, observing the atmosphere, observing how human’s “treat” consciousness when it “threatens” or interFEARS with their current “life”. I saw how 900% were unconscious, how they ate, yet worried about being “sick”, not having a clue as to how all of this comes to be. I saw the chemicals ingested, used in laundry, in the water used to wash everything, bathing in, the perceptions of what is safe/not, the propaganda inciting fear and accepted by those living in this as okay, along with substantially increased chemtrails being sprayed literally 24/7, sometimes 2 planes side by side, 8-10 layers or more… starting from the time there was any visible light and continuing until dark. Mind-blown was an understatement. To be inside of the matrix again was bizarre! My skin and body totally re-acting to the chemicals being breathed, massive nosebleeds (I don’t have nosebleeds), skin and hair issues almost immediately, as all was that strong. I was able to manage for the week, hitting the organic store as soon as I arrived. Pure, clean water to make sure no tap water touched anything, even washing my vegetables pure water too. Organic Soaps and pure Coconut Oil, I minimized as much exposure as I could, even limiting my baths. I observed how oblivious everyone was. Either they could not see or they didn’t want to. Probably both.

I observed the presenting of “fear based” realities and how quickly peeps were to accept these as true. I observed totally backwards priorities, yet I also observed realities focused on each other, family and supporting each other too. I observed discomfort emerge every time consciousness was brought to the table as an alternative reality and how quickly it was rejected too. I observed how open communication as love could be heard, if presented in a way that offered alternative options over the old ones and how the human aspect “sees” alternate realities as a threat to fixed realities that fit into the boxes of unconscious realities. I observed our new children and what a gift they are. I also saw how hard it’s going to be for many where the parents don’t understand Crystalline Consciousness Nervous Systems and how the neural pathways map in every moment according to the vibrations experienced through exposure and how going against “natural/universal flow” reverses pathway formation which has to then be reversed again later. Every sound, the food they ingest, the bathwater, the atmosphere, chemicals on their clothes and more. I observed humans sanitizing with chemicals against getting sick, yet eating McDonald’s hamburgers and Dasani water and pumping their body full of chemicals and toxins, exhibiting “flu” symptoms (their body trying to clear while integrating Diamond Light Codes) and totally unconscious, yet not open to hearing anything at all.

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I observed kindness in every person I came into contact with. I observed beauty, I observed egos insistent on realities being a certain way and not open to anything at all, not realizing these realities will dissolve/collapse somehow. I observed inner-twined focus/priorities, where physical things were important, yet happiness and family were too. It’s not as “clean cut” as it used to be. I also observed that the level of happiness was higher, due to Earth reaching an acclimation point of 5D and for some reason, my universal experience kept me somewhat sheltered and seeing only certain realities, which was kind of interesting too. Minimal exposure to much, keeping all very easy, happy and light.

There was no 3D experience. Barely even a 4D experience. It was all 5D and above, with unconsciousness woven through it to be visible, which was different than before where all was unconscious. I was aware I was walking through a Matrix, yet was minimally affected and not IN the realities, if that makes any sense at all. There was no harshness, other than passing a car on the highway where there was anger exhibited, which hit me in my abdomen and made me instantly sick. It’s not often that I actually physically experience anger ever. (Not counting all the hate mail and others projecting when their realities collapse, which I don’t allow into my field at all). In the actual physical, it’s about once a year, and when I do, it’s usually distant, shocking and very short, and I deal with it, appropriately, or just let it go/dissolve.

I was able to observe my experience and other’s experiences and how vastly different these are. This experience did open my eyes to many things, broadening my own horizons and making me excited for the possibilities of what’s available now too!

Once I arrived and saw the chemtrails, I realized I was there to also anchor the Plasma Grid in. So I spent the week doing this. I took pictures (like I did in 2014b while anchoring the Crystalline Grid in) to show the difference as the week progressed. The biggest thing I became aware of is that each’s consciousness could clear all of this, yet this means each in each area would have to focus their energy to accomplish this. The physical is a reflection of all un/consciousnesses and I had re-entered “others” realities to observe. I was totally aware of the physical and how it presented in overlays for this. I also realized that when present in large groups, that I could intentionally activate new higher consciousness codes for each faster within my vicinity, which I’ve done for years, so I did this too. It’s quite fun when we play and activate new codes for all of us here!

I also knew that once I left, my body would need time to clear all of the chemicals my body was subjected to for this inter-dimensional experience to observe/see/experience/learn. I do this now, while I work to accomplish and we complete this huge anchoring phase through 1/11 now too.

Yesterday, on 1/1, I awoke to activating “2222” codes with the words that all day I’d be integrating, so the day I’d planned to accomplish/write up the 2018 Energy Reports and more had to wait. Finishing the day out with a huge rainbow and magnificent Super Full Moon, it was a magnanimous day of NEW. My body is still detoxing & integrating immense new light codes, so I’ll be working around this to share with all as I can.

p.s. There is a noticeable difference in “breathable air” and how our bodies process air as all changes density. The air is different in “higher altitude dimensions” (not location necessarily, as I used to experience this mainland in 2012 as my body would ascend and change dimensions, the air was much lighter/easier to breathe, all within an hour or two of high activations/integration and our bodies adapting to “thinner air”). After years of “thinner air”, re-entering a different density experience, along with all of the chemicals in the air, breathing was harsh/rough and while I had to adapt, now my body is having to re-acclimate/clear density of what my body ingested while traveling to denser areas and keeping my body there for a week. Each phase of the LightBody breathes a different atmosphere (crystalline, light, plasma, etheric). My lungs are re-adapting and it’s rougher than I thought it would be. The chemicals wreaked havoc on my system, yet also unanchoring any linear constructs as I re-tune/clear.

Adding traveling into my schedule means my body has to be able to acclimate/adapt easier and me not subject my body to density for as long. This also shows me how much unconsciousness there still is that has to lift/shift and how each is responsible for anchoring/holding light in their own area to hold NEW Earth collectively everywhere. We have a lot of higher consciousness re-educating to do, a lot of new programs to implement and mass exposure to reach more in new ways. I’ve been researching and exploring options, yet again, it’s going to take more of us uniting to accomplish and the support of those who have the ability to make a difference actually stepping up/stepping forth too. We have to bring Multi-Dimensionality into mainstream even more than we’ve done before. Targeting larger venues, broadcasting/media and the resources that put higher consciousness in everyone’s face so they cannot ignore it. Sleeping human aspects not fully aware (if at all), that they are on a multi-dimensional earth and that there are alternative reality choices and that multi-dimensionality even exists…. Continuing to be more visible and energetically “louder” in many ways, through PRESENCE and messages that open those portals/doors without “threatening” reality is going to be KEY.

Okay, ground crew… 🙂

Additionally, I found that being unconscious has been made “easier” by matrix programs and sooooo convenient, that typical human aspects will not inconvenience themselves to do the fully conscious things. Drive a little further to an organic store, spend more money for chemical free, change up the household items that they “like” to use, much less consider that health care is not necessary if your LightBody is activated and tuned to a mega-high frequency (of our Soul). There are still huge “conformity” programs running and avoiding “inconvenience”, especially believing structures that technically only exist and held in place by cellular programming & one’s own mind. In observing how “convenient” being unconscious is, then FULL CONSCIOUSNESS has to have a larger appeal. If we are going to “change” the old “rules” of “loss & devastation” in order to wake up, then we have to tilt the scales to focus on the bonuses where those “with the power & means” support/implement more powerful and direct incentive programs that get attention over the old fear-based ones, wherefore we’d accelerate Global Consciousness for all. For the human aspect, there has to be a reason or something in it for them. If we “go all in” with the benefits and what happens as a result of full consciousness, we get the attention of those seeking/open to this. “Problem” is, most can’t see the whole picture. So it’s up to those of us who can. (Problem = program, so we write/create all new programs to replace the old ones). See/Go BIG peeps. No more small. ♥

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For humans in fear over “sickness” and financial security, there’s zero awareness that these programs have to collapse for each to shift to NEW Earth Realities where those issues do not exist at all. There’s no sick or lack in the 5th+ Dimensions of NEW Earth. We “need” BIG advertisements and bulletin boards flooding the consciousness and in the faces of all, on multi-dimensionality and NEW Earth as not only a possibility, but an actual reality (rather than a concept) as well. We have to peak interest and be the examples…all being WayShowers of our NEW. I’m doing my part. How about you? The question is: What can we bring together, how can we UNITE, how can we combine our efforts, reSOURCEs, knowledge and skills to make a bigger impact now? Transcend those lack mentalities and get creative. This is how all works! ♥

Until each can truly see the VALUE of living through unity/highest consciousness, then the “old ways” are often the first “go to” instead. We are not out to save anyone. We are here to make the information available for each to CHOOSE to awaken fully with greater ease and to apply CONSCIOUS DECISIONS to their own lives like we all did/continue to do. On my visit, none of the peeps I encountered were lacking physically in any way. It was quite the opposite actually. They were all doing well, physically abundant, just unconscious to higher consciousness and multi-dimensionality as their own reality here.

I love you! Excited to spend more time with my family in the upcoming months. I’ll update more as we flow! ♥

1/3/17: Additional update. After I wrote this, my body went into a huge detox, getting whammied with Diamond Light Codes, Rainbow Frequencies/Codes and more. When I stepped off the plane here, the first breath was of how clean/easy breathing the air was. Recirculated air/re-regurgitated air on the planes, breathing chemicals in the atmosphere, spiraled my body hard. I went into “full bronchitis” (which is only a word to describe the affect, not actually bronchitis, for that’s a human label to put into a box and misunderstand what’s truly going on). The words were “detoxing neurotoxins, so I’ve been in bed “deathly ill” (we don’t get sick, so this is a huge lower-density-body-clearing), for 24 hours. Another day (or two or three or…) and I’ll be bang on again (when these bouts used to take weeks, yet I have no desire to be Super Woman with this one). Today again, I’m in bed, pumping my body full of Source Naturals Wellness Formula and using natural essence “Decongest” from Living Scents in Greensboro, NC that “saved my life” from 10 back-to-back bouts of “bronchitis” back from late 2008 – early 2010 when my Awakening/Ascension process was in the intensity of physical body re-alignment and restoring/repairing/detoxing my body back to life and my heart was opening huge. I’ll post the ordering info on the LightBody page once I receive mine for those who would like to use this, in what I saw may be about to be a “pandemic” of F.L.U. (Frequency Light Upgrades) as we progress with substantially increased Light Codes and waking the human body up/clearing heavy duty density/separation/unconsciousness on a cellular level of everything held/ingested/external exposure that’s toxic to the body (includes emotions huge too), which most are unaware of. Walking through the airport, peeps with breathing masks on, like a ridiculous amount, and we are just beginning, for more collectives to transition out of 4D at an exponential rate.) This means something awesome is coming after! We love it! We learned alot too. ♥

p.p.p.p.p.p.s: It feels important to say for those not yet aware of this, while I was in “their” reality, they/all of that is technically my reality, deep within my cells. Very aware that all of December was to clear out deep deep deep matrix programming for us all, this was mine. There were many matrix programs that I needed to clear, and unaware of them all, it took an actual physical experience in order to “faster” accomplish this. We cannot conclude this huge passageway through 1/11 (which activates the next one that goes through March Equinox period), with ANYTHING that needs to clear, forgo I was very aware this was all of mine too, along with a bazillion other purposes that feed into our “learning” and re-educating others through our own highest awareness/experiences/understanding/access too. My body is now clearing all of that, which is awesome and exciting and something we all “ask for”. There is not one ounce of victim energy here (other than the moaning & groaning to faster tune, lol). EVERYthing we experience IS OURS…. held somewhere deep inside our bodies or still in our field. We can see it and intentionally clear it or have an experience in order to assist us with this. Utter and complete gratitude, as this was collective programming I still held too. 🙂 ♥

Source: My Personal Ascension Journey: “Re-Entering” Other Dimensions | Ascension Energies

A Mind-Boggling Discovery: The Mystics Were Right

A Mind-Boggling Discovery: The Mystics Were Right

A Mind-Boggling Discovery: The Mystics Were Right

We live in a mental universe

Life is a mind game
Everyone is destined to win

To really look reality in the eye, we have to step outside the illusion of the collective consciousness for a moment and leave the hustle and bustle of ordinary, everyday Life behind.

Source: A Mind-Boggling Discovery: The Mystics Were Right

About the Author

Barbara Berger, author of the book: Are You Happy Now?Barbara Berger has written over 15 self-empowerment books, including the international bestseller “The Road to Power / Fast Food for the Soul” (published in 30 languages), “Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life” (more than 20 languages) and “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind”. American-born, Barbara now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to her books, she offers private coaching sessions to individuals who wish to work intensely with her (in her office in Copenhagen or on Skype and telephone for people who live far away from Copenhagen). For more about Barbara Berger, see her Web site:


A Brief Message to Lightworkers – January 9, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan | Blue Dragon Journal

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactic family members, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Source: A Brief Message to Lightworkers – January 9, 2019 by Caroline Oceana Ryan | Blue Dragon Journal

David Wilcock – Something Big Has Been Happening and You Barely Noticed It! | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Higher Density Blog


Published on Jan 4, 2019

David explains how ancient traditions suggest that humanity is undergoing some type of evolutionary event. The Tibetan Rainbow Body observations give strong support to Biblical prophecies suggesting that we may transform into some sort of energetic body-the Perfected Body.

Source: David Wilcock – Something Big Has Been Happening and You Barely Noticed It! | Blue Dragon Journal

2019 is a year to celebrate! ~ December 30, 2018 | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

2019 is a year to celebrate! ~ December 30, 2018


After a year of intense soul searching, this is a year of JOY & RENEWAL!

The New Year brings new light and new life!  Please continue reading

Source: 2019 is a year to celebrate! ~ December 30, 2018 | Blue Dragon Journal

Navigating Through The Ascension Process – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Courtesy of in5d

Spread the love            by Adeana M. Slater,

Contributing writer,

It has been brought to your attention more often than not, of this energy increase. Multiple players of this ground-crew game of chess are strategically placed around the globe to even the score. To “even” the score means you are to create complete balance both within […]  Please continue reading

Source: Navigating Through The Ascension Process – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Energy Update – Quantum Love Wave – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Courtesy of in5d

Spread the love            by Razzy Schoolfield and Randel Renaud,

Guest writers,

Great big wave of Quantum love enfolding. The whole mind, body and soul is being upgraded! The quantum frequency is love, which transcends time and space that expands, evolves us, enchants us. This is evolution baby, and what a ride! We live in this […]  Please continue reading

Source: Energy Update – Quantum Love Wave – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

October’s Re-Structuring Processes: Non-Stop DNA/Template Re-Coding HIGHEST ALIGNED OVER YOUR OLD

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

As Your Perceptions of REALities Shift …
As YOUR Energy Shifts … As You Let Go of the Games of Separation YOU Kept Playing Out… 

It’s only “others”, if they are playing in it too…

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!
This is a POWERFUL MONTH dedicated to many UP-SHIFTS…. Template UP-GRADES and RE-WRITES are off the charts… I don’t even hardly write Energy Reports anymore, because I’d have to be online 24/7 to say the same thing over and over again. I did this for years in the beginning, to bring awareness to each of their own LightBody and NEW Earth here. That’s not my primary/only role anymore, other than when it feels appropriate/aligned… as we have so many roles we are constantly fulfilling here.

“WE are getting blasted, Photonic (Galactic Soul) Upgrades are off the Charts, Cosmic Stellar-Star-Light Codes are bombarding all…. DNA Recoding is in Quantum Acceleration mode…. REALities are being re-written/re-aligned…. these are just a very small portion of what’s “going down” 24/7 every day now”…. This is what I’d have to write every moment…

WE learn to continually integrate and acclimate and cut everything out that does not fully support in higher purposes/highest aligned realities in every way…. HOW these correlate are an individual and personal experience and where there are masses going through similar experiences, these make up the infinite collectives….

I’ve been observing overall themes, based upon various collectives… with each in very different places/spaces, relative to each’s current EMBODIMENT… Now, we can look at this like “the human is EGO embodied”, whereas the Light BEing is Higher/Highest Consciousness Embodied…. if this helps to “see” a bit more.  What we learn to SEE are the traits, the mannerisms, the mindsets, the amount of ego matrix separation programs still visible and where we each hold ourselves accountable for BEING our highest aspects all of the time, or where WE go unconscious around a situation or story/thing still….

Look at yourself, what can “trigger” (activate) you to go unconscious, close your heart and behave like a victim or over-impose/project, or cause you to lack deep sacred LOVE and RESPECT? Where are you still “expecting” something from OUTSIDE vs. standing as your HIGHEST YOU AS THE EXAMPLE…. LEADING AS Love…. and no longer compromising to play out unconscious roles here still?

We are constantly increasing LIGHT QUOTIENTS to move each out of the “victim/perpetrator” duality game that each still holds energy for…. an ego-matrix construct….. for the SOLE PURPOSE of collapsing those identity constructs … to the whole frequency bandwidth …. Some of you play the “protector”, the “Savior”, the Martyr even… which is also a distortion amplified for YOU TO SEE…. some of you love to play the “blame game” and hold onto “stories” of another “time” (separation) that’s not “real” in this moment here… unless you keep playing it out… keep re-creating it to occur… keep allowing it and giving your power away… then, it is. This is the “game of duality”…. that each continues until going so deeeeeeeep inside that that separation dissolves and each REALIZES it was YOUR ENERGY that created/allowed that to still BE…..

When your VIEW changes, when your perspectives change and you see ALL AS SOVEREIGN…. all living THEIR OWN REALITY OUT perfect for them… you’ll stop “inner-twining” your REALITIES and you’ll stand as SOVEREIGN here….. and RESPECT THEIR REALITY, RESPECT YOUR REALITY and then CHOOSE…. what you desire your OWN EXPERIENCE to BE here…. because “this” is what you are creating/re-creating… one from PURE SOURCE POWER-LOVE…. or one from the “lack” programming (disconnected state/fear energy) you are still holding inside….

These LIGHT CODES/ENERGIES are beyond powerful…. they pack a bazillion punches if you are holding anything NOT PURE…. this is the WHOLE POINT of Cosmic Light Codes… they “collapse/re-construct” your old realities for you…. they make distortions LOUD and IN YOUR FACE… so you can see them, dissolve them, resolve them… and they point you INWARD EVERY TIME…  If this is not where you are going, then you are PROJECTING Unconscious BEhaviors out…. these transmissions convolute the field…

Clarity comes in the SILENCE or in the middle of a massive distortion so loud you can’t ignore it anymore and once you’ve cleared/Transcended the entire program fully from within.

Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, WayShowers and Source Light Holders… our priority is UNITY in every way. Human aspects are constantly challenged, because the ego constructs are separation within itself. Living AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU in every moment means you are OBSERVING AND GOVERNING yourself, YOUR ENERGY FULLY… in EVERY MOMENT… and you are not playing out the unconscious programs from within you anymore…. you also are not inviting them into your own reality and allowing them to suck/drain your precious energy like before. Yes, ego “sucks” (in every way), as it takes soooooooooo much ENERGY to BE in a REALity with the ego. The relentless stories of lack…. instead of taking that ENERGY and FOCUSING it on Conscious Creation, Contribution and BEing the CHANGE, both together and by your self.

The DROP-OFF of the lower timelines (again, because entire collectives are going through this powerfully now), means that this occurs WITHIN YOU…. and shows up in your external… for you to see/experience…. All of those heightened E=MOTIONS are the energy that was suppressed on your cellular level, all of the programming you still held, all of the stories, separation, identities….  THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE INNER MATRIX TO TRANSCEND… and it’s not “on anyone else”, like the human ego loves to believe/proclaim… it’s on you/we/all of us…. to transcend within ourselves and unite as Sovereign Light BEings – in our FULLY REMEMBERED STATE (which is no one is a victim in any way)….   (As your Crystalline LightBody evolves on a DNA/Celluar/Whole Template level, you “switch over” to a Crystalline/Christed Matrix that replaces the old one…)

What the human aspect does not understand is that each one of us is always supported to STEP INTO OUR POWER in order to dissolve the old programming held. Everywhere we are not doing this yet, this is what becomes visible… and your “test” (passageway) is to see if you will EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS MORE and come from your absolute highest place, as your highest aspect/version of you… without the ego-stories and HOLD ALL AS LOVE, instead of re-entering the old to play out again and again and again….

I’ve been observing masses continuing with the “words”…. “I survived” or “I was a victim of…”, not realizing the CLAIMING is the CONTINUED IDENTIFICATION…  and the “holding on” is a mentality, a separation, a story (ENERGY)… that reinforces duality to continue to play out for those “in that story-line”….

I went through this for my entire unconscious/asleep human life. I had SO MUCH ENERGY CAUGHT UP IN THE STORY that I could not see…… I was so blinded by my emotions, carrying soooooooo much, that my virtual prison was “my ego me”. I had to CHOOSE one day… to step completely BEYOND, to choose to let completely go, so that I could finally be happy and free…..  I see sooooo many now in their own phases of being caught up in “titles” and various “identities”, even when waking up to higher self aspects… “affixing” to those too. This is human ego matrix constructs still….. let the words go……. let it all go….. RETURN TO THAT PUREST PLACE DEEP INSIDE OF YOU… where none of that exists….

You are and ENERGETIC BEING in a body that takes shape in the form you chose here. You, as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, have no identities…. not even all of the higher selves or the ego… these are all just ASPECTS…. fractals of your OVERSOUL…. that when all merge into ONE… you are nothing but PURE SOURCE LIGHT….. with zero lack in any way….. the rest is your human ego and you playing this out throughout your day…. or living as your brilliant and magnificent LIGHT…..

The REALITY you EXPERIENCE will be relative to your own aspects, versions and ability to maintain a UNIFIED SPACE INSIDE where you don’t fractal off anymore…. Observe your IDENTITY to different dimensions…. 3D or 4D or 5D or above… and let all of this go too. We only break it down to understand it, so we can dissolve the separation, not continue to live out more separation through those fractals too. Each is a level of consciousness that we hold, each is a space we occupy, each is a vibration….. If you get caught up in the separation, it’s your separation inside…. WHEN YOU ARE YOUR HIGHEST VERSION OF YOU… you won’t care about any of “that”…. only to teach/share/re-educate as love, only a way to explain…. not a linear-head thing…… a SOUL thing….

Where do you still have an IDENTITY TO 3D/4D realities as yours still? This is going to be important for you to observe/see and realize where you are not completely whole, completely ONE and holding a space as SOVEREIGN…. all of the time. When you go small, you’ve separated off…. and RECOGNITION OF THIS is what gives you the ability to expand and stay expanded here. You observe You… “that” is your feedback loop, your vibrational return, your mirror, your reflection….. of what you still hold/hold….. and if it’s not the absolute highest vibrational everything, then you must go inside and “find it” and resolve it yourself to expand beyond it and collapse/dissolve it yourself…..  OCTOBER has been a non-stop 24/7 upgrade/integration process. Even the 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY Code that “used” to blast us “here and there”, now is 24/7… which is pushing our bodies hard for this 12D template reconfiguration process that accelerates exponentially for all……

Elevate your focus BEYOND EVEN 5D, which is where each awaken to the beauty, magnificence and magic that’s available… yet then moves into much higher dimensional roles of SERVICE. The newly awakened will stay in 5D to play/let go and prepare, it’s a FREEDOM SPACE, where play and magic are the new reality for a bit, as each shifts to a REMEMBERED STATE OF HOW ALL IS SUPPOSED TO BE… where all forgot, while living beneath the Veils… There is an integration process that occurs here, as each’s LightBody recodes for each to step into fulfilling much higher Soul Purpose/Galactic Mission Roles. This is a transition phase as well. Honor each’s place/space, while honoring yours fully as well.

Let go of all JUDGMENT. There is a process of “growing up” as Universes/Higher Selves, which is also a challenging one for awhile, because now, the physical is each’s to fully MASTER…. where physical matter is a vibrational response to what each creates/allows. BEing UP-LEVELED to (RE)Master this… is one of the most challenging parts of the process (besides all that our bodies go through while our DNA re-writes and our bodies/fields go through continual re-calibrations, re-configurations and re-alignment processes too). ALL is a MASSIVE “learning curve” for awhile….

For the ego aspect, its always on the outside looking in and judging by way of trying to apply “old linear constructs, beliefs and limited/partial data”, unable to see the bigger/whole picture instead of the fractaled view. For the higher self aspect, they are always meeting judgment. This is a duality that is only resolved as each is “standing in these Universal shoes” and faced with having to “do this” themselves too. Transcending all duality means you see the duality and you transcend it. What other’s “do” is their experience…. YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT.

Each will gain the RESPECT as they do the journey BEYOND THE VEILS themselves… as it’s our own experiences that “teach us”…… and through this experience we start to finally understand and REALIZE how important each of our roles are here. Uniting is “tricky”, because it’s vibrational and we all have to love simplicity, silence, peace and creation… we all have to clear our own karmic timelines/existences and not bring all this forth, we all have to inJOY each other’s energy/presence, which is not always the case, especially if there’s any ego, as the ego separates off from the whole, can’t see the bigger picture and can’t stay focused/in-tune on an energetic/higher consciousness level….

There is PURE JOY in full consciousness…in creation, yet each must be totally RESPONSIBLE for their own ENERGY in every way…. and the vibration we function from and hold with our bodies/fields… this affects all, which is why we don’t fill our fields with that which pulls/pushes/drains and functions from a place of separation within….. because it affects all realities.

It is “time” for all to cut the cords of attachment to every identity…. because none of those are you… and saying the words are just wasted energy if you have to run around constantly “telling everyone”… JUST BE IT.  YOUR ENERGY WILL SPEAK FOR YOU. ♥

BE THE EXAMPLE, the Wayshower… by showing HOW this is done… instead of trying to convince others… you convince them when they see it/feel it… you are the PROOF. Your words represent you, energetically, transmitting your energy, which is READABLE by all who are energetically in-tune. Here, words serve a much higher energetic higher purpose of transmitting Light Codes (organically and naturally), not what they used to for human aspects that need words to explain/understand. We actually do not “waste” our precious and sacred chi energy… Speaking has a specific purpose that must be highest aligned too.

Our Existence is ENERGETIC.  Your presence is what speaks here. Your Divine Essence… this is what makes the difference…. BE YOUR LIGHT and recognize your own ego/separation/constructs still held… and dissolve these through unification from within you… and let all of those OLD REALITIES GO….. keep the ones that support, flourish and uplift, inspire and support you/your/our new, in return for the support you put in…. a vibrational return for your own contributing energy… the rest will remain in the old frequency bandwidths, and as each is ready to up-shift vibrationally, they/it/all will. Trust, know, honor, respect, allow….

You/WE are not in the “old ways” anymore. This is a vibrational existence where you/we/all shift frequency bandwidths by way of what you/we/all hold/transmit/do/allow…. with your whole body/energy/field, so if your bodies’ vibrations/energy is low, it’s going to be more challenging. This is a constant re-tuning process, of integrating much higher dimensional realms from within our bodies and holding THIS, AS OUR NOW REALITY HERE.

This is an important phase of the 12D template building process, which requires more from each one of us, vibrationally/physically/energetically…. don’t be surprised if all previous realities fall away…. they are supposed to if they are not your highest aligned realities, so that all new ones can come forth… and you are the one that creates/holds the codes for your new ones… Which are all ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL. ♥ p.s.

Now, while I write all of this, the excitement and revelations as much higher vibrational timelines present and unfold are beyond beautiful. We see soooooo many standing as love, uniting and awakening to a NEW LIFE BEYOND the old…. by BEing it…. fully. To see all hold LOVE as the basis, instead of separation like before. To see Gatekeepers and WayShowers emerging like never before. So many working for years in the background, now stepping up/forth to be visible, unite and contribute in all ways to BE the DIFFERENCE here…. Open your hearts and minds (eye/inner vision) to see what is not visible if your heart/mind are closed/fixed….. be prepared for a massive shift INSIDE… as this is where all occurs first… and “then” out there. ♥

Own your own programming… then shift it and align all from inside yourself. It is that easy…. if you are truly ready for “new” to come forth to match your new vibration (Energy) now. ♥

Abundant and Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,


Butterfly Effect Gateway Portal Plus Season Change Metamorphosis! – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

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by Razzy Schoolfield and Randel Renaud,

Guest writers,

This is a gigantic shift, a consciousness and physical shift! Not just for the individual yet for way, way, way more. The Butterfly effect theory is where one independent system affects the larger more complex system. When we change our frequency independently it […]  Please continue reading

Source: Butterfly Effect Gateway Portal Plus Season Change Metamorphosis! – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Day 3 of Mega-Power Photonic DNA Re-Writes – Awakening To Remembering

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

Day 3 of Mega-Power Photonic DNA Re-Writes:
You Can Fight & Struggle or You Can Surrender Fully… and Embrace


♥ Living FROM and IN The Higher Realms ♥
Consciously CHOOSING HEAVEN as Actual REALity

Full Ego Surrender: You are going to be hearing this more and more and more… Until you do not “need” to hear it anymore…

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!
We are again in Day 3 of a massive Cosmic Up-Shift. Blasting Photonic Light, more powerful and deep than we’ve experienced thus far. It’s beyond beautiful to experience, because of what it brings forth for us all. The LIGHT OF OUR WHOLE SOUL… in our human body form. We are in a paramount “time” (vibrational experience), which is always continually “true”. Every moment we continue to acclimate to much higher frequency bandwidths existences…. much higher than our previous one, yet “how” we experience this is different for us all…  Each one of us have a “higher realms” and “lower realms” that exists within us, in our bodies, until we “merge” them both as one, by dissolving the “lower realms” that once existed as “REAL”ity… and choose all new realities aligned on a SOUL LEVEL…. which means constantly re-aligning all in our own every-moment/every-day lives, until all is aligned… then we just “keep it there”.

I realized last night, in my subtle quiet, always surrendered unified, soft magnificent existence… that I do not have a “higher realms” anymore. It’s been this way for years, yet I just “realized” it. It’s often so subtle and pure, that we don’t even realize to the extent all is.

I realized last night, in my subtle quiet, always surrendered unified, soft magnificent existence… that I do not have a “higher realms” anymore. It’s been this way for years, yet I just “realized” it. It’s often so subtle and pure, that we don’t even realize to the extent all is.

live IN the Higher Realms fully…. my every moment is “the higher realms” that we all “seek” in the beginning, when we start to awaken/wake up to “something else”. The early (linear) years of “channeling” and connecting UP to “the higher realms from within” (to activate our own DNA to our own higher/highest selves), the years of “practicing” HOW to be a higher self, how to live this as my life, how to maintain, sustain and HOLD these frequencies/vibrations, how to HOLD THIS SPACE, how to OCCUPY HEAVEN FULLY FROM WITHIN ME…. these last 2 years have been PURE HEAVEN… literally…  This is because I spent years in a “fully surrendered” state, honoring my Lightbody evolution and shifting my priorities huge. I stopped fighting a process that was pre-destined long before incarnating/walking in here. I stopped resisting and making excuses and “trying not to hear/see”…. and I finally CHOSE and changed my life, by consciously up-shifting myself constantly, on a multi-dimensional level….

The reason I share this with you, is because we all came here to EXPERIENCE THE ABSOLUTE MOST EXQUISITE EVERYTHING…. and we do this by FULLY SURRENDERING on an ego level, to come to EXIST from this magnificent SPACE inside…. where PURE LOVE EMANATES and RADIATES OUT.

Naturally and organically, there is no “trying” here. There’s no pretending, no putting on a front, no need to impress, no need for anything at all. We are really really real, as Love.

You will not see us participating in unconscious realities, playing out karmic timelines, living as victims or in lack, because all of that is/was an EGO game…. that each perpetuates for themselves….

You will not see us playing in the “Judgment Game” and wasting/spending/investing our energy “in the old” realities that are “dead”. You will not see us all caught up in the BS of ego fights, trying to convince anyone of anything at all….

We learned to truly care, truly respect, truly be kind and truly UNITE ALL AS LOVE… We learned because we were willing to do whatever it took to REMEMBER fully here.

NEW EARTH IS A WHOLE NEW EXISTENCE where each LIVE as NEW Earth with every breath. Multi-Dimensionality RETURNS A PHYSICAL PLANE THAT REFLECTS BACK VIBRATIONALLY exactly what we hold…. and each are having a multi-dimensional earth experience here.

Our Priorities become visible, by way of how we show up… how we engage, how we transmit/contribute to the greater whole…. Our priorities are LOVE, UNITY, KINDNESS and PEACE… our priorities are HOLDING THIS ABOVE ALL… and resolving/dissolving any separation/unconscious programming the moment it presents…  right then. We don’t let it linger or keep going, to become a reality that plays out a timeline that’s going to collapse because it already did. We shift all into a much higher state of consciousness AND we honor each’s choice for their realities, experiences and “returns” vibrationally too. We don’t all have to be in the same “SPACE” in illusory “time”. We don’t ever have to come into contact, unless it’s fully/highest aligned. We don’t even care, because we know that all is vibrational, so we call forth the highest everything and we let go of all that is not…. because we’ve “learned” how all of this goes…. We don’t “need” any reality…. and because we don’t, our realities can then be ones that bring pure JOY, bliss and magic… the most amazing everything, because OUR PRIORITY is LIVING HEAVE ON EARTH with our every breath…. and we do this by surrendering our whole lives fully, to lives/existences in FULL SERVICE to HUmaNITY and all of us … as pure LOVE here.

In your every moment, look at your whole life, look at your whole reality and SEE what you are focused on, invested in and what you keep creating/allowing yourself to experience here.

Your answers will be SIMPLE… yet your EGO won’t “like” what it sees…. which means you will have to DECIDE which version of a reality/timeline you desire as your own REALity here. And then “live it” for it to become your current reality all of the time… Your heart, mind and WHOLE BEING, all of you, every particle of you… must be on-board, present and all-in…. otherwise you’ll be functioning from a space of separation and the awesome stuff can’t come forth, because you are still playing out fractaled realities from within yourself.

YOUR NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE births from within your body. Literally. Your body will fill up with photonic light, your own “new” Higher Consciousness DNA is activated by way of integrating these photonic Light Codes, accomplished through your fully “surrendered” state. Once your current integration process is complete (usually about 3 days with these biggies for me), then we awaken and get up and we focus our energy on accomplishing what we “see” is important for all as ONE here. Your LOVE for all of us, Gaia and on every multi-dimensional level… this is what “drives you”, this is what keeps you going… your LIGHT inside is your fuel, your PURE SOURCE ENERGY is pure creation and expression through a level of PURITY that holds no “ego tainting”, if you will…. Your LIGHT is visible and it is felt by each in your presence and receiving what you transmit out organically and naturally through your own Electromagnetic Unified Field of Full (Super) Consciousness….. and elevated state of existence where all is ONE in every way, where all are fully capable too, where all are already “this too”…. 

For those I meet/come into contact with, I can see the beauty, the possibilities, the purity of their heart/soul too. I can also see who’s Living as their own purity and who’s still hiding behind their own pretense of walls, protection mechanisms and unconscious programming still and self-imposed stories and limits still.

I can BE that ENERGY that radiates love and allows them to open up and accept their own highest everything, if they are truly ready. Not all are, as they still “live” “real”ities from competition, blame, finger pointing and excuses, fearing their own power, fearing judgment, fearing being “seen” truly, fear of being vulnerable, fear of loss of control…. still trying to manipulate/control their own realities, still trying to hold onto the old and still applying “old beliefs and values” that are the “opposite” of “ours”.

I can BE that ENERGY that radiates love and allows them to open up and accept their own highest everything, if they are truly ready. Not all are, as they still “live” “real”ities from competition, blame, finger pointing and excuses, fearing their own power, fearing judgment, fearing being “seen” truly, fear of being vulnerable, fear of loss of control…. still trying to manipulate/control their own realities, still trying to hold onto the old and still applying “old beliefs and values” that are the “opposite” of “ours”.

I can BE that ENERGY that radiates love and allows them to open up and accept their own highest everything, if they are truly ready. Not all are, as they still “live” “real”ities from competition, blame, finger pointing and excuses, fearing their own power, fearing judgment, fearing being “seen” truly, fear of being vulnerable, fear of loss of control…. still trying to manipulate/control their own realities, still trying to hold onto the old and still applying “old beliefs and values” that are the “opposite” of “ours”.

I respect all, yet, where there’s any E-GO, there’s so much resistance, so much going on, so much unconsciousness still going on within, so much inner-matrix programming still present, that continuing any reality together is not really productive, because of all of the resistance, insistence and inner-fight/struggle, that if we continue to surround ourselves with this, it affects all of our realities here, so we choose to let those fall away and go play their own realities out with others matching that consciousness, until all are truly ready to fully shift into full timelines where UNITY and LOVE and PURITY is the CORE of all.

There is actually a visible  “dividing line” between Unity Consciousness and Separation Consciousness, because the two cannot exists within the same SPACE. These are opposite polarities…. opposing energies… and how these realities play out will be dependent on the current moment/purpose of the reality/exchange. Unconsciousness will always want to “win”. Fully unified consciousness is not trying to “win” anything…. it’s not a contest and there’s no need to “prove” anything at all. For us, it’s easy. Peace is easy. Kindness is easy. Working together as LOVE is easy. There’s no ego. It is that easy. If the ego is brought in, then “easy goes”. All becomes a struggle, chaotic and about something other than UNITY, LOVE and PURITY. All gets convoluted, shifts out of HARMONIC ALIGNMENT and vibrationally “re-enters” a lower frequency bandwidth. It’s like being pulled DOWN … literally. WE PULL UP. We pull others UP into a higher state… it takes alot of energy to PULL, so eventually we stop pulling.

WE just BE. WE BE “this”. WE BE pure.. WE BE bliss. WE BE magic. WE BE PEACE… WE BE and we allow all others to BE however they choose to BE…. yet, if there’s any ego, then we let it go to go BE somewhere else…. we maintain our SPACE …. we HOLD this above all…. It can BE this EASY, as all allow all to BE. ♥

Our work is SERVICE…. so all wanting to know what “Job” they will do… it won’t matter what you do, it’s where you come from and how you show up…. what you DO will be what supports our highest everything, what brings the most JOY to all, what inspires, uplifts, brings FREEDOM, PEACE and MORE LOVE forth for all. It won’t be “just one thing”, it will be EVERY thing that you do.

Our SOUL PURPOSES and Galactic Missions and HUman Roles here: LOVE, UNITY, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND NEW EARTH… our every moment is fulfilling this…. so a surrendered E-GO is necessary for us to fulfill and live our most exquisite everything, as our ego is the “thing” that stops all of this…..  Walking IN the Higher Realms is a Multi-Dimensional EXPERIENCE. Living in the Higher/Highest Realms means Living and BEing Your Highest Aspects of yourselves…. so that your whole REALity can return HEAVEN to you…. subtly, quietly, softly, easily… because you ALLOW it too…. ♥ Your Heaven, my Heaven… they might “look different”, yet they are not. Heaven is pure JOY and built/lived through UNITY… FULLY… so it doesn’t matter “what” it is…. what matters is how we live, treat each other and that we’ve fully REMEMBERED here. Our heaven is LOVE…. the purest form of LOVE possible. There’s no ego. ♥

If you are “judging” other’s Heaven, it’s gonna take you awhile to experience your own. Judgment closes the door on your highest dimensional everything here. It stops you from your most amazing and magical everything…. It’s vibrationally “time” to BE excited, to open up and let go, to embrace your NEW fully, to allow yourself all that you desire …. on a SOUL LEVEL… and surrender to your own DREAMS becoming REAL too. ♥

I had to choose, you have to choose, we all do. This is how all works… 

Live YOUR Heaven and keep making Magic!
Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,


Ascension Update 5D — Open Energy Portal of Oneness and Love – Collapse of 3D Duality and Corruption – Higher Density Blog

The Quantum Soul

Published on Oct 2, 2018 SUBSCRIBE



Knowledge of oneness and love will bring comfort to the most chaotic path of illusion of …Please continue reading

Source: Ascension Update 5D — Open Energy Portal of Oneness and Love – Collapse of 3D Duality and Corruption – Higher Density Blog

Quantum Frequency Signs – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

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by Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess,

Guest writer,

When we hit a certain level of frequency we go quantum, when this happens we will know it, IF we know the signs to look for. This can come on quite suddenly, as if someone has turned on a switch. This may have […]   Please continue reading

Source: Quantum Frequency Signs – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

The 5D Shift – The Patterns are Falling Into View – Openhand

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August 10th, 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The Shift accelerates right across our planet; the patterns are falling clearer into view now, and it’s essential ascending people equalise with what’s going on, because that’s how you find the path of light through it.  Please continue reading

The Beneficial Power of Creating Quantum Feedback Loops – Openhand

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The Beneficial Power of Creating Quantum Feedback Loops

Submitted by Open on Tue, 01/14/2014 – 16:00

Within spiritual evolution, it’s important to move beyond the need for an outcome in the external world. The soul has no need for the world to be a particular way. Yet the outer is an externalised manifestation of the inner – a ‘mirror’ so to speak. Therefore it would be natural to look for some result of internal energy work. In fact, to an energy worker, who catalyses the field, it is essential to generate ‘Quantum Feedback Loops’ that build and accelerate the energy. The soul is yearning for this. How might we manifest that sense of cicular completion?…

Working the field

Some people are here to ‘work the field’- to unravel blockages, to assist in reharmonisation of free flow, to catalyse and shift energy. Energy workers have a profound gift to be able to do this and also to activate shifts of consciousness within others. Much of the time, this catalysation goes on behind the scenes and unseen, often even by those whose evolution is being helped and nurtured by it.

  • “It’s not the towering sail, but the unseen wind that moves the ship”
    William Shakespeare

It’s all about resonance. Frequently I’ll be doing something, minding my own business, maybe something even as innocuous as having a cup of tea in town and I’ll feel a vibration, a download of energy. I’ll experience it as a surge through my being and a sudden expansion will happen. In the beginning, I was not always clear as to the effect of these surges, but then the universal language of synchronicity would put me in the picture – I’d notice some external impact on the person sitting next to me or someone across the room. They’d shift in some way. I’d ask the question “is this the person I’m here to help?” and immediately notice some movement of body language to confirm it. This is what I mean by a ‘Quantum Feedback Loop’ –

They are feedback resonance that happens in the synchronistic flow, which when observed and embodied, amplifies the build up of Universal Life Energy within.

Quantum Feedback loops

Quantum Feedback loops are vitally important to such energy work. Without them, there’d be a sense of incompleteness, of non-fulfillment. The energy is flowing out from the source, through you, into the outer world and back again. You’re being the conduit for some universal action and you amplify its effect by bringing attention to the loop. But if you can’t feel the completion of the cycle, the energy will be less effective or even dissipate.

The same happens when you’re directly exchanging with someone, when you’re in dialogue for example. You know the interaction is divinely given, you know you can feel the truth of the flow in that moment, and you know what they’re supposed to get from it (at least you have a strong idea), yet all too frequently, there’s a locking of horns with no deeper connectivity. How often have you felt that with friends, parents, children and the less sensitive? Such exchanges can be pretty frustrating!

However it needn’t be. And we can still accelerate the energy, catalysing profound shifts by changing our internal focus. Imagine you’re in discussion with someone about some aspect of truth you’re feeling they’re supposed to get, but they don’t get it, they refuse to get it. On the plane of the intellect, there’s no completion or harmony through some kind of verbalised acknowledgement. Yet underneath, you’re feeling the download of energy, the activation of frequency. The inflow is looking for a connection to let the energy flow. It’s easy to become disheartened. Especially as your soul is compelling you to act. It’s the very reason for your being. How might we facilitate the interaction more effectively?

Holding the keys

The first key is to feel the energetic boundary between you. This is all about being empathic. Your field begins to enfold theirs. You’re activating a vibration (one of the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse) and you begin to notice the resonance happening in their field. All is good, except for such an empath, if the other person is not fully acknowledging the impact, the risk is your energy becomes dissolved into theirs. So you have to be mindful of the boundary. If this starts to happen, you’ll need to contract your boundary and refocus on the purity of the vibration you’re resonating so that it strengthens again.

This will likely cause some dissonance on the plane of the intellect – some disconnect. At the level of mind, it may feel a little weird between you – disharmonious. No matter. It’s important to do it nevertheless – to stay focused on the energy and the beingness you’re given to radiate. This is where you’re using your empathic skills to become more catalytic. You may even notice that the other gets uncomfortable, a touch tight even, frustrated or where you might be activating karma, they could even get angry and wound up with you. Nevertheless it is your calling to continue.

Not confronting the shadow and splitting focus

Be mindful that you’ll be activating shadow identities in that person too. And the shadow will often want to ‘shoot the messenger’. It’s so important that we don’t try to directly confront the shadow. All that does is give energy to it. Instead it’s about holding the space for them to express, yet inwardly you’re still vibrating that activational frequency. You’re still being the catalyst.

Truth does not fight against illusions, nor do illusions fight against the truth… Illusions battle only with themselves. A Course In Miracles

At this point, where you’ve found the right alignment of the energetic boundary and you’re still resonating the frequency you’re given, but now you need the completion of that feedback loop. So you might have to shift your attention to a higher plane of connection. This will require the ability to split your focus, partially maintaining connection on the plane of the intellect (certainly enough to continue to converse), and you’re also looking for some synchronicity or sense of rightness and acknowledgement (by the universe) on a higher plane, in a higher dimension. When you find this, the feedback loop completes, the energy accelerates, the catalysis takes place and you feel fulfilled about the engagement. It feels like heaven!

Summary of Pointers

So in summary, here are some pointers for such under-the-surface energy work I’ve found help me:

  1. Accept and acknowledge the work you’re here to do, even if it goes unnoticed. It’s important not to deny your calling.
  2. Watch for those all important downloads and then when they happen, bring attention to them.
  3. Look for, and notice, where the energy is being directed – it will come to you if you ask the question.
  4. If you’re in conversation with that person (or even a group), master the art of split focus: stay engaged at the level of intellect, yet keep feeling for the vibration of being.
  5. Let your field expand out to encompass there’s, it will find a natural alignment, yet be careful of the boundary, not dissolving your energy (yourself) into theirs.
  6. Let the catalysis begin to happen, but now watch for the feedback loop – the confirmation that the energy is connected up and flowing.
  7. Finally, hold your attention both on the surface level interaction and simultaneously the feedback loop. Watch and feel the energy build.

Completeness, harmony and joy

These are highly advanced and sometimes complex energy interactions. Yet when we can master the exchanges, we’ll find a sense of completeness, harmony and joy, even in a world where few acknowledge what you’re doing. The work you’ve come here to do is profound and utterly invaluable. I trust my sharing might have helped ease the burden a little. Take heart, you’re performing invaluable universal service!

PS: Creating Quantum Feeback Loops with Universal Life Energy is a part of the Openhand Course Work. Discover more…Openhand Advanced Spiritual Course Program

In loving support
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5D Shift: The Patterns are Falling into View – Essential to Equalise in it | Openhand

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 Submitted by Open on Mon, 07/02/2018 – 05:04

The Shift accelerates right across our planet; the patterns are falling clearer into view now, and it’s essential ascending people equalise with what’s going on, because that’s how you find the path of light through it. Here are the developing patterns:  Please continue reading

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19 Signs You’re Engaged in the Higher Dimensional Shift | Wake Up World

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June 8th, 2018

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Contributing writer for Wake Up World

What are your symptoms of the Shift?

Here are 19 classic symptoms that you’re actively engaged in the higher dimensional shift taking place across the Earth.

What are you experiencing? Do share — let’s explore together what you might be feeling, because it helps to ease the path.  Please continue reading


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You Are The One – The Universe is Moving Within You | Wake Up World

June 12th, 2018

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As we emerge from the old paradigm, the very fabric upon which our lives have been founded is unravelling. How do you best ride this phenomenal rollercoaster?  Please continue reading

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THE EVENT CHRONICLE – Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level

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THE EVENT CHRONICLE – Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level – by Life Code Coach – 5-30-18

9 Revolutionary Thoughts That Will Help You Improve Yourself To A Whole New Level


By Life Coach Code

We have come to the pont in time where more and more people are embracing new ideas, thoughts, or concepts that can revolutionize their lives.

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Energy Report May / June 2018 – Kate Spreckley

Courtesy of Ascension Energies

Energy Report May / June 2018

Kate Spreckley – It’s been a ‘dark night of the soul’ kind of time recently with many feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated. The fact is our experience of life is changing, reality is transforming and our perceptions are shifting. Consciousness is expanding as humanity rises to a new level of awareness and understanding.How we view our lives, our relationship and our world is altering.The structures of the past are collapsing and a deeper awareness of our purpose on this planet is emerging.As a result, everything is changing and nothing is certain.

These changes are being supported by planet Uranus’ move into the astrological sign of Taurus.This is a significant shift, which is calling for a new consciousness to develop around how we physically exist on the Earth. Uranus is the planet of radical revolution. Its move into Taurus means that over the next 7 and a half years we can expect a reformation, a reinvention and a radical revolution in how we live on the Earth, how we regard the Earth’s natural resources and how we value ourselves, each other and all of life. As a result, a whole range of new expressions and manifestations will begin to emerge to support the building of an entirely new reality. A new reality which supports nurtures and honours all of life.

Consequently, it is time that we come to respect the Earth, respect each other and respect ourselves enough to stop the abuse. Abuse comes in many different forms, verbal, emotional, physical and economic.Greed, poverty, hunger and religious discriminations are subtler forms of abuse used to gain power of people, communities and countries.Planetary abuse is seen in our addiction to oil, our consumption of all resources, pollution and waste.Add the wars, unstable governments, corporate greed, crime and a lack of basic human rights to the mid and we can see the abuse on a global scale.

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We are at a crucial time in our human history where our understanding of how nature evolves is changing.We are moving from an unconscious evolutionary process, which is governed by natural selection, to a conscious evolutionary process, which is a choice.It is a powerful choice of destruction or co-creation.With this choice, we are given the power to destroy humanity or to participate in creating a future of infinite dimensions. Conscious evolution demands that we expand our perspective beyond our immediate needs and take into consideration the planet and all of life.

The total abuse of the Earth is no longer an option.The harsh reality is that unless we change our ways and shift our focus to more sustainable ways of living humanity will not survive.The abuse and disruption to the planet is leading to natural disasters. At the beginning of May we saw Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii erupting and a resulting earthquake which occurred close to the volcano. Kilauea Volcano is said to be the home of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. She is known as both a creator and a destroyer. Rather apt that she should erupt at this time as we shift realities with the choice of destruction or co-creation.

The cosmic energy flooding the planet is supporting this process and calling for the Earth’s energy to rise and meet the incoming Divine energies.As a result, a revolution in how we live on the body of the planet is being initiated. This is generating an exciting flow of new inspiration and new ideas. New social processes and structure are emerging to restore the natural environment.Better educational, health and governmental systems are being created as a deep sense of life purpose awakens in many.We are all being driven to explore and express the vital part we have to play in humanity’s evolution.

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As you stabilise yourself in the new Earth reality you will come to know and understand that change must happen for new life to emerge and thrive. You will find meaning in your existence and recognise that you are here to make a difference, to serve humanity and the planet.As a result, you will become more conscious of the active role you need to take in co-creating a new Earth reality.As co-creator, you must work with the Divine Creator, the Earth and the cosmic forces of creation to create and manifest that which is best for all of life everywhere.

To change the outer manifestation of life a profound inner transformation needs to occur. This entails you exploring the essence of your nature and to remember that you are a microcosm of nature.At your deepest core your soul, which is ether, inhabits the four worlds of water (emotions), Earth (physical world), air (mind) and fire (spirit).It is these five elements that inextricably link humanity to the rest of creation.Exploring these elemental forces and reawakening your connection to them reintroduces you to the cycles of the Earth’s evolution and to the sacredness of all life.Correctly applying the creative force of these elements is key to effectively manifesting a new reality.

Currently the energetic nature of the elements is evolving. This evolutionary process is literally changing the molecular structure of the planet to restore balance.As a result, our human molecular structure is changing creating an alchemical reaction, which is enabling you to fully embody your soul and ground its cosmic blueprint into the roots of the Earth.This alchemical process is generating a powerful energetic creative force, which is allowing you to retrieve, from your soul blueprint, the wisdom, truth, understanding and revelations crucial to the building of the new Earth reality.These valuable tools will enable you to manifest creations based on healthy values such as integrity, honour, respect, balance, consciousness and community. Thus, you are able to manifest a reality that is able to grow and meet your personal needs while also respecting the Earth and all who dwell upon her.

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Everything is changing and everything is new.Powerful, unexpected events are at work which ask you to look deeply at yourself, your life, your relationships and your world. Look beyond the cliffs edge and expand your horizons beyond what you are able to see and perceive. Aligning yourself with the events that are occurring and move into right action.Explore your intuition and your interests.Go where they lead you.Trust in yourself and the changes you need to make and you will set into motion a chain of events to create rewarding new life.

This is just the beginning. A new journey lies before you. A journey which is vital for the evolutionary growth of your soul. See this journey as a beautiful path of growth, transformation and evolution. Expect many beautiful rewards along the way with many new experiences and opportunities. Explore your new reality, your thoughts and your feelings. Discover who you are now and how you to continue your Earth walk. You may find that a deeper understanding of your path and purpose begins to emerge as you become aware of the larger journey, the total journey of humanity. Take time, gather yourself and clarify your path.Move with the incoming energies and learn to direct, build and weave together your new life using the natural forces of creation.

Open to transformation~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM



“A shift of realms is taking place…Anything you have defined in a limited way is open to transformation.

Please continue reading

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What matters is the level of participation~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

Courtesy of Mystic Mamma

“This work of connecting our light to the world
does not need to be done through a mass movement,

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Source: What matters is the level of participation~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new

DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK @ In5D – What Will Happen During The Shift? – 1-10-17

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Drunvalo Melchizedek: What Will Happen During The Shift?

DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK @ In5D – What Will Happen During The Shift? – 1-10-17

What’s Going to Happen in the Near Future

What usually happens is that when we approach this point in the precession where this change takes place, everything begins to break down –Please continue reading

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