Lisa Renee – Heart Scar Clearing Command

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Written by Lisa Renee   
Monday, 03 September 2007 16:00
Suggested Invocation:Prepare your 12th D Shield – Then invoke the following:

Dear Beloveds, Guardians serving the Law of One
(and as you are guided, call in your teams and Soul Matrix Family)

Please Clear, Heal, Align, Anchor, Activate, Synchronize, Fill with Light, Repair and Reconnect:

My Heart Chakra, Heart Channel and Heart Complex.

Please merge my Sacral and Heart chakra centers to be in synchronization and communication with each other.

(pause until it feels complete)

Further Clear From My Mind Set, Body, Morphogenetic field and Subtle energy body systems ALL HEART SCARS caused from all original Primordial Imprints of Separation.

Clear In order of priority and infuse the Universal Harmonics as a seal with my Intention to heal … Fully Completely and Totally … through all levels, dimensions of my being and through the void.

Anchor Lock and Seal this work through my Hologram.

Anchor Lock and Seal this work throughout the Time Matrix, through Eternity and through Infinity.

Seal this healing permanently into the Light of Oneness.

I choose the Divine patterns of Perfection Now!

In deep gratitude and reverence, I thank you.


© 2007 Lisa Renee,

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