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Paul Sumner’s Music ~ Oct. 15, 2017

Found this on YouTube and thought you might like it…


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Blooming And Sharing, Spreading Love Grown Within | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Courtesy of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Blooming And Sharing, Spreading Love Grown Within

by Kalayna Colibri

woman w flower


“It’s in you Kalayna, so share it…”

I’m still not quite sure what these words mean, but I felt them just now as I sat down to write. It’s hard to feel what exactly needs or wants to be shared, so sharing from my current experience seems to be what works best for me… it is the ‘current’ of my life and the ‘currency’ I have to spend, so why not?

Well, when I feel my ‘current’, my GOD does it feel FULL right now! It is chock full of a mixture of experiences. Some are in the body, some are in the astrals, some of are in my opening and healing human woman’s heart. Sometimes I get a sense that there is a deeper drop to fall back into around some pieces. Sometimes it feels as if there is no answer to come to, only to just keep feeling. Sometimes it feels as if I want to reach out and touch more context than what I have been able to access on a personal level for quite some time now. And I can only imagine that the reason I feel to share this in this moment, has something to do with the context of it all and my own ‘all’ as well. This is something alive in the collective, that I am experiencing and processing personally since it’s all an echo and a reflection of everything else. Everything is everything, no?

I can’t imagine the world outside of me continuing on the way it seems to be struggling to at times. But wait… if I bring this back inward, I can feel how there are some last-ditch efforts being made by parts and metasoul aspects of me that are afraid of the new and unknown world unfolding within, let alone without. It’s that crazy-making yet WONDERful maturation process again. The one we’re all going through. The one that our outside world and our relationships reflect to us, sometimes in intense ways, yet in more and more loving ways too as it all unfolds and our healing continues. You know, it’s one thing to take in teachings about how what you are experiencing on the outside of you is a reflection of what’s on the inside, but it’s a whole other thing to let yourself actually FEEL the truth of it, to experience it on a cell-deep, then soul-deep level and have it just click into place. This is the breeding ground of true awakening experiences and arisings. In another way, there are only so many teachings you actually CAN take in before you need to drop into it through your own experience.

Ah, so this is why I needed to write today…

As I continue on my own emBODYment, enSOULment, enHEARTenment journey and all of the legs that unfold within it, I feel the sharings that come from it all, that need to go out from a place loved-up within. This is what it means to spread and share love, from something that doesn’t need to be conjured or manufactured, but from something that is organically arising and presenting itself for others to take from what they will or can. I believe we are all working to be this, to speak and share from this place, on any and all levels of consciousness. There is an audience there somewhere, wanting and needing to feel what we have to offer and it will help them find their next places. As I take care of myself and my parts, give them air, give them love, care for them deeper than I’ve ever cared for anything in all my life, I feel this creating a flower bud that wants to bloom and spread its fragrance. It is a blossom of femininity, of feminine leadership that has a quality to it that shares without expectation and without a fight to be seen or heard. There is a core wound I am healing around this. Perhaps it’s something that many of you can relate to. It’s a place of raw and vulnerable sharing that doesn’t dump energy ‘out there’ but holds it ‘in here’, feels it as it moves, and loves it because… well… because this is all there is ‘to do’ anymore.

I had no idea where this writing was going to go today. Most days that I write I have no idea where it will ultimately lead, though of course sometimes I am inspired by an idea or think of a line or two and then it just sort of unfolds from there. I am glad to be sharing this raw moment with you, where I can feel something in my heart that is unveiling itself and helping me step up to the microphone in softness. I feel the skeptics among the crowd, I feel the skeptics within. I feel the ways in which this is continuing to rest and heal in me, as long as I feel it. And I feel how there is a growing authority in me too, at the same time… so of course there is a counterpart to this within me… and it’s all ‘good’, now isn’t it? After all, it can only lead me to more love flow anyways and that IS the ‘highest good’ I can possibly imagine… ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

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Andrew Martin: Eclipse Corridor – Defenses Continue to Crumble

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

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Moving Out Of 4D Void Space And Into 5D Filling Up With Love Space | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Read Jelelle’s new post about how “parts of you are attached to 3D because they have HAD to be in order to survive in the dense 3D experiment that you signed up for to grow and to learn”….. and…. In-joy!

Courtesy of SoulFullHeart Way of Life

Moving Out Of 4D Void Space And Into 5D Filling Up With Love Space

By Jelelle Awen

letting go, filling the void

The void space….the space ‘left behind’ when your soul wakes up inside of your 3D life and your consciousness shifts into fourth dimensional (4D) and you make choices to align with your soul frequency. I feel 4D as a consciousness phase of much sorting through, learning and re-education about the ‘real’ world from the one you’ve been taught. It is a phase of seeing the false matrix and understanding WHY it has been chosen and feeling its impact on your reality. 4D waters your ‘rebel’ and the void is what happens as you push away from 3D. The void is the space that happens when you let go of something you don’t want to let in what you do but the something new hasn’t come yet. In this void, you are no longer your 3D version of who you used to be and yet you are not quite yet your 5D/higher self coming into your body version that you most want to be yet either. You are in transition and in between, moving back and forth between the ‘worlds’ and riding the waves of consciousness states related to this.

The void space is what arises as your higher self and soul lead you through the awakening process of deconstruction, dismantling what has been to allow what wants to BE to arise into your life. In this process of deconstruction, you are letting go of 3D beliefs and ideas, you are sloughing off conditionings that no longer fit. This can be a VERY painful process at times as so many parts of you are identified with and attached to these 3D energies and the emotional body purges out all you’ve ingested. Of course parts of you are attached to 3D because they have HAD to be in order to survive in the dense 3D experiment that you signed up for to grow and to learn. This attachment to 3D frequencies can especially be felt in ‘long-term relationships’ that have run out of resonant ground, yet continue on from mostly past energies and associations. These relationships can provide an anchor into 3D that feels safe and good to parts of you (especially younger aspects such as the Inner Child and Inner Teenager) as these are the dominant energies that have needed them.

The void comes from completing relationships like this, from moving on from 3D-based careers and businesses, from leaving familiar geographies, from shifting livelihood means. The impact of these choices is your process for quite awhile…the mourning, the negotiating, the eventual letting go. The letting go and more letting go as feelings of isolation, rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, disconnect all come UP from your emotional body to be felt.

So, then, what is meant to come and FILL this void and this space that has been freed up from all this letting go? When SO MUCH has been let go of or quite a bit…….then WHAT?

This came up yesterday during our group call as a teaching point in response to souls who have so courageously given up and completed what hasn’t felt like them as they integrate their soul awakenings into their world. And, then, the ‘now what?’ comes up as a pressing question because they may feel the completion of the lone wolf phase and their cozy cave existence that they have so needed to be in while they went through this 4D deconstruction. However, remaining too long in the void while feeling loneliness or blocked by anxiety about moving on or existential tensions (fear to move into surrender of the Divine) or stuck in scarcity or lack (which comes naturally as you let go especially of 3D secure money earning) may keep you stuck or capped in your growth if it continues on without inner negotiation.

I’m sharing about this as I feel many souls may be at this place in the moment. I WAS at this place of void many times in my awakening journey where ‘now what?’ was the pressing question. Some souls may be here after many years of letting go and the ‘being in two worlds’ reality. Surrendering into what love wants to bring you now and where it wants to bring you comes from negotiation and feeling with the parts of you that are afraid, stuck, tense, anxious about moving out of the void and into the NEW. The void maybe has become the new home stayed in over long.

Ultimately, we are invited to let go IN ORDER to then let in. Love wants to come and fill this VOID now. Love wants to move you into your HIGHEST reality in ALL moments. Love in the form of sacred union relationships with a mate, with friendships, with commUNITY. For those on the call yesterday (and maybe for YOU too), they were feeling their draw to what we are offering of these higher frequencies/moving into 5D living reality through SoulFullHeart way of life/process/community and if that is what wants to fill the void now for and with them.

Love wants to fill the void that you’ve created by your soul choices. In the form of service of love in the soul purpose form that you are meant to offer it and then receive abundance in exchange for offering it. In the form of sharing your gifts with the world in the ways you are called to and letting in gifts in return. In the form of giving love and receiving love in transactions that serve love. Moving into receiving mode AND sharing mode is the next place beyond the void where you are FILLING up again….only, this time, with the most nourishing frequencies of LOVE!!

There is more in this article about the 3D/4D/5D selves in expression in the seven key areas of life that may help you identify how your 4D transition is playing out:


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Source: Moving Out Of 4D Void Space And Into 5D Filling Up With Love Space | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

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Energies Invite Us Into A New Kind Of ‘Strength’ From Within | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

Alessandro Sanna

Painting by Alessandro Sanna

Our self-doubts run deep within a river of rejection fears and wounds. This river rises more and more as these energies swirling around us come in to shake it up, bring it up, flush it out. Having days that feel like everything inside of you is against you is part of this process… there are parts of you that want you to feel them, finally, in their turmoil. They want to be loved in spite of their spiky armor and seen for more than just the pain they hold. They want you to show up for them, to show them that they have worth so that in your very being, you can feel this worth deeply, inhabit it, live by it, and never compromise it again. So much inside of you wants and aches for your advocacy from you to you, to stop the madness for each part of you and Metasoul aspect too.

The image of the ‘Heart Warrior’ is another superhero that parts of you want to lean into, yet it too is an archetype of invulnerability that pushes away love. Yes, there is a ‘hero’ inside of you that shows up somehow to feel YOU for the first time in the form of these precious parts of your being, heart, and soul, and yet the famed ferocity is for naught. It is only a picture of what is needed to cut through the din within, but not the sword of love. Love needs no sword. Love comes in anyway, sneaks under your fence posts, doesn’t need to shield itself and certainly doesn’t need a weapon. Love will win the wrestling match, even though parts of you try to prolong it for years, decades, centuries on end, pushing aside its mirrors, following only the habitual flow back into patterns of old that have yet to bring you the joy and fulfillment you’ve wanted.

There wouldn’t be a way to feel all there is to feel without a strengthening happening within – an energy that cannot be broken by any outside force and eventually no inside one either. It is a way to feel that all you’re feeling does have purpose and that the gauntlet you’re walking out is the training ground you need. This is a strong metaphor, yes, because this is what it feels like to truly be in process in these moments where so much is surfacing. It feels as tough as it is, as it has had to be. Parts of you have built walls to keep the flood waters of feeling out, yet here they are blowing apart your inner dams and bringing you to a new surface above it all where none of it is transcended, yet held, owned, taken responsibility for, and healed over different phases of life.

We are not only being cleared out by Ascension energies, but we are being strengthened, toned, given new legs to stand on too. What is moving needs to be replaced, not only by crystalline cells but also by a new stance, a brand new way of standing with a strength that doesn’t need battles to prove itself, only a continual advocacy for and with love. It’s an ongoing invitation to no longer seek and find reasons to go to war,  yet to feel and love the parts of you that want to and have become very good at it over the years.

It’s time to flow into the inner rivers of pain and wounding, to find yourself on a new shore, renewed and more alive than ever before. To let it all surface takes more strength than burying it and you can so trust that it’s all leading you somewhere safer, LOVElier, better.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Source: Energies Invite Us Into A New Kind Of ‘Strength’ From Within | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

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Love Secrets in Your DNA Akashic Records > Selacia

Courtesy of Spirit Library

Love Secrets in Your DNA Akashic Records

The power of love to bring people together and create a lasting bond is without question one of the most amazing magnetic forces at work in relationships. Have you ever wondered how you could have been attracted to someone or stayed with someone when he or she didn’t fit your idea of the perfect match? Likewise, have you wondered why you are still single or why the person supposedly perfect for you left with no explanation? Continue reading to understand some of the “why” of such things, learning how specific answers can be found in your DNA akashic records.

Why Love Often Doesn’t Make Sense

For starters, know that love quite often doesn’t make sense when your reference point is the conventional world and society norms. Love can seem illogical and unmanageable from that reference point. Love can’t be negotiated, after all. It can’t be put in a box or manipulated.

Love is a living energy that one can only fully appreciate from a holistic big-picture point of view. This larger view includes subtle forces that bring two people together. These forces are quantum, vast, and interconnected on a soul level.

Personal Love-Life History in DNA

Did you know that your entire personal love-life history is actually recorded in your DNA akashic records? Yes, it’s there in the field around your DNA, which can be read like a map by a trained DNA intuitive healer.

When you have a specific relationship issue, or simply a block to finding love, there is usually a very good reason. Investigating this in the DNA akashic records, the cause could have started with an early life experience, or it could go way beyond that.

Most often, there’s a combination of factors at play. It could be an early life wound supplemented by ancestral patterns you house within your DNA. You may never have met the ancestors involved, but their experiences with love could impact you all the same. Likewise, your current issue could be rooted in your past lives – an experience that soured you, a vow you took, or a betrayal that destroyed your trust.

Sometimes your current issue involves the same person you were with before in another lifetime. There are countless other scenarios, too.

Secrets to Love Happiness

Difficulties with love rarely begin this life. Most come from the soul’s numerous experiences in relationship with others. A person who was your father one lifetime could be your husband the next. Roles will sometimes change for the soul to have different experiences, each time learning more about how to love.

Sometimes people make a soul agreement to come together again at a specific time. Not all of these involve romantic partnership. It could be more of a friendship or business partnership. Either way, when the two meet again, there is a strong bond and perhaps instant recognition on an intuitive telepathic level.

When people are connected on these more subtle levels, it can feel mysterious. One or both people often feel that there’s some larger bond at work in the background.

Quite often when people contact me for private sessions, there’s some kind of relationship bond involved. It’s normal to want to understand the connection and the soul-level roots of the relationship.

Demystifying these things can go a long way towards a happier relationship. Example: before getting married or going into business together, one or both partners often want a kind of advance check-in about potential harmony and problems. A lot can be seen about such things in the DNA akashic records. Foresight can make all the difference in creating a happy and lasting partnership.

2017 Relationship Challenges

Relationships of all kinds are having unique challenges during 2017. These are stressful and uncertain times. Tensions are amplified beyond the norm, and even relatively stable relationships can get shaky.

Planetary energies are contributing to the chaos people feel within as they attempt to adapt to the constantly-changing canvas of events. All kinds of very old issues can rise to the surface within people. This can make for quite volatile relationships.

Remember, though, that you and everyone you meet has love at their core. That love is your true nature. It is the energy that fuels you to go on when you get discouraged and nothing makes sense. It is the healing force that brings you back together with your loved one after a misunderstanding.

Walk gently with yourself and others. Allow for mistakes. Allow for the larger picture of interpersonal interactions and relationship bonds. Invite a knowing of hidden puzzle pieces that help explain issues as they arise.

Keep in mind that forces and life events outside your awareness – including from ancestors or past lives – could be impacting your present. Investigate those for DNA healing of root issues preventing harmony.

Each day as you walk your path as a divine changemaker, remember that you are here now on purpose. At a soul level, you chose to be alive now at this pivotal juncture of humanity. You are not a victim. You are at cause, alive to master living in a conscious heart-centered way.

You are here to remember the love that you are and how to express it in all types of situations. When that love is your fuel, your reason for doing and being, you cannot make a mistake or lose your way.

Source: Love Secrets in Your DNA Akashic Records > Selacia

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Dying for Love – Infinite Shift

Courtesy of Infinite Shift

Dying for Love

The current system of Power is Outside You, and You are Lesser Than creates disempowered victims who are told that they have to die to experience the love that is available to them as divine beings in the real world of consciousness.

If we threw off the artificial programming of the Controllers, we would use the marvel of physicality to realize, sustain, and communicate love on Earth. Instead, we are told by the Controllers and their human minions that we must beg for a sliver of love from a distant god to sustain us; while we ignore the opportunities for spiritual growth that are right in front of our noses.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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Source: Dying for Love – Infinite Shift

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