Current Energies Invite The Collective Into An Emerging 4D Reality – Kalayna Colibri

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KALAYNA COLIBRI – Current Energies Invite The Collective Into An Emerging 4D Reality – 1-24-18


It feels like there is much discomfort emerging now, in different ways. There is a sense of these energies leading up to the Super-Blue-Blood Moon, that they are rumbly, shaking the well-known ground within and around us, moving us to new places of desire, new places of growth

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Emotional Body Meditation – Kalayna Colibri

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Emotional Body Meditation, Featuring Magdalena And Christiel

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

I created this meditation in an effort to help you connect with yourself, perhaps in a way you haven’t yet or perhaps, at least, not very often. Please continue reading

Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body And Your Spirituality

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Your Essence And Inner Love Sanctuary

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


There is a sanctuary inside of you. There is an essence there that cannot be lost. There is a treasure of heart, that has been protected for so long, by a part of you that feels this is the only way to ‘get through’ life. This can express as transcendence, as much as it can express as bitterness and withdraw. The sanctuary that holds the glowing orb of precious love-essence is a peaceful and aerated place, yet no-place… unless the inner protection has built a fortress around it, keeping it within confines of hard walls and impermeable energy structures too, giving it a ‘place’ instead of letting it flow and move throughout your being.

Structures of constructed ideas of ‘this is what love is’ have taken over like thorny vines. Love has become something different than what it is as it lives and breathes inside of you…

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Entering The Loops Of Core Wounds | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Courtesy of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Entering The Loops Of Core Wounds

by Kalayna Colibri

core wounding

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Core wounds play within us like looping lyrics to a song which you can’t remember what it’s called, but you really wish you could… it’s an unfolding mystery, wrapped in clues of layers of reaction and tears too as you make space for the parts that have been holding on to so much, for so long.  Read more

by Kalayna Colibri

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Illumination And Disclosure Through Crisis And Chaos

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


Disclosure is happening on all sides and inside too… the thing with crisis is that we have needed it. We have needed it in order to illuminate what’s been happening inside of us and also in our relationships and the people around us. There is nothing like a death in the family, for example, to bring to light the true colours of parts within each family member – how you respond to each and every event in your life, is a chance to look into a mirror, no matter how extreme or intense the event is. What parts of you would rather pave over, pretend isn’t there STILL, even though it is staring you in your very eyes, is a choice that often leads to more drama, more crisis, more chaos. It’s not about going down the road of self-punishment, either… so many do this, often without…

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The Inner Matriarch And Wounded Feminine Legacy

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


Messages of being a warrior, how to stand up to men… conditioning around fighting, especially for our equality, in a world that seems to want anything but. Over-expressing our sexuality in an unemotional or emotionally immature way, or choosing to deny its presence altogether… there is so much templating going on, so many living examples of how to become a matriarch – strong, unsentimental, yet very often unfeeling too. All of this is an expression of the pain and wounds inflicted by a patriarchal culture, yes, and it is all a reflection of how a part of each of us has chosen to be and act in reaction to it. As a collective, modern womanhood has successfully buried what it means to be soft and still, especially as the Inner Matriarch, who is often also the Inner Mother, typically has never been offered a sense of what…

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