The Fierce Grace of My Pit Bull Attack | Lissa Rankin

The Fierce Grace of My Pit Bull Attack


The sun was rising over the mountains as I hiked up to the Muir Beach Overlook to center myself and ground into Mother Earth before a full day one-on-one session with one of my Visionary Mentoring Program clients. The ocean was serene, still and waveless, after many stormy days of high winds.  Read more

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Grace – Prepare for Change

The highest powers in creation are unconditionally willing to grant you all you need in every aspect of life, to be your truest, whole self, which is richer than a natural jacuzzi in the ocean on a…Read more

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3 Practices That Will Transform Your Life | Divine Cosmos

Ready for a life of ease, grace, and abundance? Consider adopting these three practices, inspired and powered by the law of attraction, that if embodied and lived on a daily basis will transform your life. Read more

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Living with Grace — The 12th Road

Higher Density Blog

I didn’t come here to fight. I didn’t come here to protest. I didn’t come here to challenge. It is not in my life description to push, pursue, hurt, cheat or steal. While others may take on these roles and do them well, it is not me. I am not a warrior. While I watch […]

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Energy Current-See: Right Now & “Wave X”


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Find a Place for Grace > Uriel Heals

When I was growing up my father used to call me ‘grace’ and not because I was the most graceful child around, quite the opposite. Even before I had to navigate with crutches and leg braces as I learned to walk again after being paralyzed for several years, I was always tripping and falling, mainly because I was rarely grounded and present, so my feet were going in one direction while my mind was somewhere else.

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Sananda – From Knowledge To Certitude – Healing Through God’s Grace – 10-11-12 | Higher Density Blog

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