Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Season 2019 – Forever Conscious

sagittarius season

Sagittarius Season begins on November 22nd and lasts until the Solstice on December 21st, 2019.

All through Sagittarius Season 2019, we have three interesting energy dynamics at play.

The first energy we have on offer is Venus and Jupiter aligning with the Galactic Center.

Source: Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Season 2019 – Forever Conscious

Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter and the Galactic Center — Forever Conscious

From November 19-24th, Jupiter aligns with the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, which is believed to sit at approximately 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The heart of our galaxy is also home to a supermassive black hole weighing about 4 million times the mass of the Sun. Needless to say, its a powerful, supercharged spot…

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Evenstar Creations

Courtesy of Evenstar Creations

Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright.


Happy Solstice and joyful transmutations of all the old programs and patterns, contracts and agreements.
Since the 12:12 1994 doorway of freedom, and so completing all that holds us from that; on all levels and planes of existence. This year, 24 years later, the diving deep has got us to the core; into the beginning of creation, and the dance of duality we have been on. As challenging as it has been the build up to the Solstice from the 12:12 has really accelerated the process.

The Galactic Centre Cross over point conjunct the Sun on the 20th with the Solstice energies are supporting us so much to uncover the core of our separation, and to remember, love, let go and look to the new. This Solstice is a huge doorway for us to illuminate ourselves from our Inner Sun, our full sovereignty.  Please continue reading

Source: Evenstar Creations