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A Message to Lightworkers – August 8, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, Co-Creator!

In these transformative times, and even as we pass through the powerful portal that is the Lion’s Gate, we may find ourselves holding onto our old concepts and old beliefs, expecting transformation, while we change a few components of the third dimension to match what feels more fifth dimensional.

Not too unusual. And understandable. We were in the third dimension for a long time.

Yet what we’re going through now is total Transformation.

And the Collective explain in this week’s Message that pain and struggle need no longer be the part of our lives they once were.

We can release them as our usual mode of operation, while releasing all beliefs that growth requires pain, lack, or struggle.

They point out that our own souls have decided this.

This is our new energetic location. It’s where we have arrived.

The question now is, Can we give up the old paradigm of struggle and pain, and accept the Peace and calm of our co-Creator status?

Wherever possible now, whenever we are able to declare something as Good — refusing the drama, the conflict, the despair — that’s a great start, and a huge step forward.

A sign of a new life, on a new Earth.

Sending much Love and higher Light,

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A Message to Lightworkers – August 8, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings to all on this August 8 Lion’s Gate!

We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we see much at work, much Change occurring—and we say this with a capital “C” because this is not the sort of Change you have witnessed before now.

Previous to this new era, you saw “change” in your world in the very narrow sense of the term—a new ownership of an old system, a new perspective on an old idea, or a new way of doing something to improve productivity or convenience, to an old end.


What you are witnessing now on your Earth is a different form of Change entirely.


This is the Change that comes from within, from your own co-Creative determination, ability, and expectation.


It does not come to you, but from you.

And it comes not to create small or even significant shifts in an old system, an old era, or an old structure, but as a complete re-forming—a birthing of an entirely new form of life, which not only reshapes life on this planet, but in your galaxy, and in your Universe.

We do not say it “will” reshape and reform life on your planet, but that it IS doing so now.

<p><b><a href=”https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/a-short-update-on-the-energies-80/&#8221; target=”_blank”>A short update on the energies | Aisha North<br />
January 27, 2015 </a></b></p>
<p>By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.</p>
<p>Again, our choice of words may seem to cloudy up the surface of this wonderful mirror you are all part and parcel of here at this gathering place you call the Pond, but in effect, they will help you the better to see what it is that is in actual fact taking place beneath what is at times a rather stirred-up surface. For even as you come together, your own energetic interactions will set things astir, but they will do so in a good way. For this pattern of crisscrossing wavelets that your outpourings here at the Pond create, will help to engender some very clear and defined responses in those deeper layers – both in you as individuals, but also in this magnificent collective unit that you are all a part of.</p>
<p>Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you all carry a unique frequential signature within your system, while at the same time, there is also a part of your energetic makeup that is a perfect match with the collective vibration that is being engendered here at the Pond. And so, like the more complex musical instruments, you are all polyphonic. That is, you are capable of entraining yourself perfectly by allowing that unique frequential signature of yours blend in with that clearly defined “carrier tune” that constitutes the basic structure for this entire unit. In other words, you vibrate not just in one energetic “note” but in a whole harmony, and even if your signature tune will always differ from that of the others, it will also harmonize perfectly with that ever expanding group of individuals that you are here to co-create with. For just like the basic swirls on the tips of your fingers all resemble each other in such a way, they make a harmonious whole if you compare them individually, they also differ from each other to such a degree, none are a perfect match to another. But still every sequence and combination of swirls and loops are needed in order to make the whole construction complete, and so too it is with your energetic frequencies.</p>
<p>And now, all of you have added another set of strings to your lyres as it were, and just like any seasoned musician, you need time to familiarize yourself with the new sound of your instrument. For even if that instrument is one that you are more than familiar with by now – after all it consists of the very essence of your being housed within that same physical frame you have had ever since you came into flesh this time around – now, that instrument has acquired a whole new range of harmonic potential that you have yet to explore. Not only that, these new frequencies will also allow your interplay with others to evolve to a much higher degree, so therefore you all need time and indeed space to allow this new range to extend itself fully.</p>
<p>So again we say know that all is well even if everything may feel even less familiar than before. For that is why you are here, to keep pushing that envelope further and further out by taking new steps in literally every direction. For every time you receive these emissaries of light into your system, they come to accompany you on that next step of this journey, and as you are all more than aware of by now, every step of this journey will inevitably lead you into uncharted terrain. So take some time to sit and pluck your new strings, and try to listen in to what it is they are telling you. Also allow these new notes to drift out into the ethers, for when you allow these new notes to emerge from you, you will set off the corresponding vibrations in those around you connected to this same “orchestra” and then, you will all help to entrain each other in such a way, the combined output of all of these new chords will reach another quantum level.</p>
<p>Again, our choice of words may seem a bit flowery or obtuse for some, but be that as it may. What we are trying to convey is simply this: now your range has once again been increased, and we do mean that both in a very literal way but also in a more esoteric way. For you have now at your disposal an instrument that is capable of soaring even higher and reaching even deeper than what it used to, so do not hesitate to try out its potential. So sit up and listen to your own inner tune, and do not forget to take notice of what it is you hear coming to you from the at time perhaps still somewhat hesitant strumming from others. For when the vibrations from your own unique instrument is allowed to answer back, your response will set of some very new frequencies in the recipient of your response. And so it will continue to unfold, as these new frequencies begin to bounce back and forth between you all.</p>
<p>So now, it is indeed time to play and time to listen, for this is not a one way process, it is in actual fact a conversation that needs to take place, one where all are invited to say their piece, and one where all are welcome to have their say. For then, the symphony you create will be one that will move so much along with it in its wake. So do not be shy dear ones, for even if you might feel like a novice at this, you are in actual fact an old hand at this kind of energetic conversation, so simply allow yourself to be creative. For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go. And only by letting go of any idea of “perfection” will you be able to create, for perfection is not the ideal to strive for here, that is merely an old imprint created to restrict you by setting up a “standard” for how, what and when to do anything at all, a “standard” that only serves to disable any and all thirst for creating. So just allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process of exploring in itself. And then what you will help to co-create will be beyond perfection itself, for then what you create will be as vibrant and as alive as only something coming from the sheer joy of creating from the heart can be.</p>
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The portal you enter now is a powerful one.

As you move through this day and the days that follow, including the day of the total solar eclipse on August 21, you inaugurate the energies of the New Earth in ways that anchor that reality more fully than it has ever been anchored before.

And you are receiving great help in this regard, for the Universe itself—the waves of higher Light now traveling through it, the configurations of planets and stars, and the energies emitted from the Lion’s Gate alignments—all of it has both opened the portal through which you now pass, and created the energy wave by which that travel is possible.


Now, there are some things you will not be able to take with you on this beautiful journey.

You have probably already noted that the old energies, whether you refer to them as karma or density or shadow self or ego-mind, are no longer serving you in the ways they once did.

Whereas once they showed you where your consciousness lacked the Light required for further growth and evolvement, they now only serve to remind you of the forms of Earth life you have left behind.

That struggle by which you once counted progression—the pain and trouble that you were taught is a requirement for growth, as per the third dimensional paradigm of Ascension—now serves only as a marker, an energetic historical document of sorts, that describes a life you are quickly leaving behind.


We tell you with sincerity and great Love, with great compassion and respect for all you have suffered in Earth lives—hundreds of them over the centuries, many of you—that pain and suffering have never been guarantees of inner growth and expansion.

<p><b><a href=”https://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/the-power-of-your-loving-intentions-is-tremendous/”>The power of your loving intentions is tremendous.<br />
01/28/2015 by John Smallman</a></b></p>
<p><b><br />
<a href=”https://johnsmallman.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/2015-01-28-saul-audio-blog-460-for-wednesday-january-28th.mp3″>Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday January 28th</a></b></p>
<p>Humanity is on a roll towards the moment of awakening!  As you read the mainstream news media reports of conflict, wars, crime, and corruption all over the world that may not seem to you to be a valid assessment, but I assure you it is.  Yes, there is much going on that is unloving and causing suffering in the world today, but it is for the most part  the result of an enormous clearing and releasing of the old energies of fear that have maintained and supported the illusion and those who would suppress and control you through it.</p>
<p>The unloving energies, mostly of fear, that have been predominant on Earth for eons are dissolving as more and more of you turn towards love in your relationships, and make the intent to be loving in every situation.  The power of your loving intentions is tremendous, and those who would maintain the old ways through fear and force are now desperately attempting to raise the level of fear across the world because they urgently need those energies as they attempt to fortify the underpinnings of their power base and prevent its collapse.  This they cannot do.  The Tsunami of Love is unstoppable and totally irresistible and it is sweeping away the energies of fear that have held you in the thrall of the dark ones.</p>
<p>You are well aware of the massive uncovering of lies, deceits, and corruption that governments and international corporations have been involved with, as investigative journalists and whistleblowers determinedly and courageously publish vast amounts of evidence that has been concealed in order to allow those in positions of worldly power to carry out their destructive agendas.  Arousing your fears has been one of the ways they used to justify their unjustifiable secrecy, claiming that it was in your best interests to allow them to do things in secret to keep you safe.  It has now become abundantly clear how badly they have deceived you and betrayed your trust in them over the eons.</p>
<p>A few of your politicians while promising transparency during their election campaigns over the last few decades have totally failed to deliver on those promises.  Some indeed had good intentions, but the power and influence of the political machine run wild presented them with insurmountable barriers on that front, and so they turned their attention elsewhere.  And the increasingly raucous attempts by the mainstream media, under governmental and corporate control, to instill worldwide fear of terrorism are failing abysmally.  Humanity will never again submit to fear.</p>
<p>Love is the power, the energy field of infinite potential in which creation rests in constant alert awareness.  That potential is the creative idea that God unveiled at the moment of creation, and it is eternally present throughout Reality, available in every moment for his children to develop and expand.</p>
<p>Fear is the absence of Love, absence of that creative potential.  It is illusory, but when believed in leads to depression, helplessness, and hopelessness.  Do not engage with it, because you do have a choice, and when you choose fear instead of Reality, Love, you give power and energy to the illusion, and that you do not want to do.  There is no one among you who enjoys being in fear, no one!  But when you are in fear you cannot avoid projecting it outwards, sharing it and extending it.  Instead refuse it, and embrace Love, you can do that, and you have limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms to ensure your success.</p>
<p>Fear is also a state of mind, an unpleasant and personally power draining aspect of the illusion.  Love is Reality.  Embrace Love and fear dissolves because anything that is not in alignment and harmony with Love is unreal and cannot therefore hold out against It, being of the illusion it just ceases to exist.  Increasing numbers of you are realizing this every day, and are refusing to be cowed into submission any longer.  The days of darkness, fear, and unquestioning compliance are over because humanity has chosen to awaken from the nightmare in which it has been resting for eons.</p>
<p>The underlying assumptions upon which most of your laws rely are being deeply questioned, and those assumptions are being proven, in nearly every instance, to be false.  A new era has truly dawned, and initially that appears to be rather unsettling.  That is hardly surprising because you have become so conditioned to obeying mindless rules and regulations that when they are removed you feel for a moment quite unsteady.  It is like experiencing a momentary sense of dizziness if you stand up too quickly after a catnap or after your meditation, but it clears quickly as you return to fully conscious alertness.</p>
<p>So, I shall remind you yet again: Love Is . . .  there is nothing else.  Anything that is not in alignment with Love is utterly unreal, and is only seemingly real when you close your hearts, allowing illusions to fill that empty space from which you have chosen to shut out Love.  Open your hearts, invite Love to embrace them and flow through them to all sentient life, and experience the peace and contentment that that open state reveals.</p>
<p>Love is eternally and infinitely peaceful.  When you operate from Love, from your natural state, there is no fear, no anxiety, no conflict, no damaging competitiveness, just glorious and harmonious cooperation.  In that state worries and concerns dissolve because there is no room for them as you are completely filled with Love, and nothing else is sought or needed.  Needs of all kinds are the tools of fear, tools that are now being seen to be broken and irreparable.  In their place lies abundance waiting for your acceptance of it so that it can, by your allowing, dispel all humanity’s needs.</p>
<p>All is in place for your awakening and for your release from the illusion.  When you take your daily time alone in meditation, prayer, or contemplation be sure to remind yourselves that you are never alone, that you are always in the company of your spiritual guides and mentors, who watch over you constantly offering you the love that you have so often sought, with a noticeable lack of success, outside yourselves.  Love is your nature, and you are never separated from It, just temporarily unaware.  Open your awareness, allow Love to embrace you warmly and enthusiastically just as It wants to.</p>
<p>With so very much love, Saul.</p>
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And that they no longer indicate growth or learning in your journey, nor need they be your companions any further on this path of Light which you now walk.

Now, we are aware that many millions still suffer upon the Earth.

Many still suffer from hunger, from ill treatment of every kind, from the ravages and chaos of war and other forms of violence.

And we would say, that when you see others suffering, or when you feel the need to re-experience your own suffering from past or present, affirm the following for others, and for yourself:


“There is no need for this disruption, this sadness, or this feeling of lack or loss or futility.

All density, all shadow aspect is now forgiven, released, and let go of.


I no longer align with the energy of struggle and pain—I release these and all dense energies. I align fully now with the energies of joy, peace, Love, abundance, and fulfillment.

That is my growth pattern. That is my path. This is how I reach enlightenment now—through Peace and calm. Through release of the old ways, and learning of the new.

I bow to your Divinity, and to mine, and to that of this Universe.

All is well, dear ones. The Light of our souls has decreed it.”


Understand that in declaring Peace—finally, fully, irrevocably—in your own spirit-mind, body, and emotions, and in your outer life, you are declaring it for all of humanity.


You are declaring it for the entire planet.


And so now we pass through this great Portal with you, we who have watched from other dimensions and this increasingly fifth dimensional one.

We were there as you first took on struggle and pain for an age that is now past, and we are with you now, as you take on Peace as your signpost—proof that Love is your new reality, your only reality, your greatest expression of the Divinity that you are.

Welcome, Bringers of the Light!

Welcome to your new era, and your new Earth.

Pass through this great Gate, and hear this Lion roar the great tonal frequencies of Creation.


THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (5:36 pm ET/10:36 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: follow the transformation

Negative Imprint: blowing things out of proportion and blowing up, bullying, victim mentality, overcautious, hiding one’s light, impatience, disguise, selling out

Positive Imprint: intelligence (as in intel), observation, magnetic attraction, rising above, acceptance, patience, things that are worthwhile, cautious, overcoming

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an old adobe mission” (projecting into the future, spiritual retreat)

Today is a day of metamorphosis – change of mind set. Things change shape right before our eyes.

Like wise owls high up in a tree, our eyes watch what unfolds today from different perspective. The mechanics of the stars are working to transform something from one thing to another. It’s shamanic shape-shifting of the highest caliber. If we are paying attention, the energy is designed in such a way that before the sun rises again, wisdom enters and we see something about ourselves, others, our lives, or our world entirely differently. Spiritual energy is inspiring the transformation.

This brings a grand opportunity to empower ideas, projects, goals, visions, missions, wishes, and dreams. All that is required is attention. Direct some of your energy into something that you want to bloom. Take some sort of action with it. Give it some love.

Creativity is rising to massive peaks, thanks to the muse that accompanies the energy of Mercury retrograde while Venus makes conjunction with Neptune. This dynamic continues through Sunday. Lucky us!

We’ve had a few days lately with energies that harkened back to previous lunar months. Today the themes from the Aquarius 2014 cycle, which began on January 30, 2014 (remember the Supermoon?) and was in effect for most of February. Consider this in context to what you didn’t think you were capable of then and where you are now. How has the shape of that shifted with time?

First Quarter Moon phases are about stepping out of our comfort zone and entering into new territory. Trees teach us this. Don’t hold yourself back. Share.

Shamanic shape-shifting is spiritual business. As we watch things morph into something else today, let’s reinforce our connection with Gaia Sophia by spending some time with the eye candy of nature. Follow what you are attracted to because there are magnetic pulleys in place drawing us toward people, places, and things that are important for our future. Shape shift into a wise owl up in a tree, eyes peeled on everything.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

Laura Walker

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And know that far from being separate from all that is sacred, you are at its center.


And are its most beautiful expression.

Namaste! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

With much thanks to Maureen Keefe Photography


About Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author and speaker who channels the higher wisdom and guidance of the Collective, a group of higher beings assisting humanity as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Source: A Message to Lightworkers – August 8, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan | Forever Unlimited

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A Message to Lightworkers – Aug 1, 2017 | Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – Aug 1, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Way-showers!

We speak to you now through the channels of frequencies surrounding and permeating Earth’s atmosphere, body, and spirit.

We speak via the waves of energies aligned not only with the higher realms but with Earth’s higher aspect—that fifth dimensional being She is quickly becoming.

And all of you, as beings living upon Her, likewise increasingly resonate with that higher Light that is becoming your greatest food source, your greatest inspiration, and your greatest collective vision.

You may not be consciously aware of those you meet with in the etheric as your physical body sleeps.

But you have been holding a very high vision with them, and with many millions of other Light Beings  supportive of your soul families’ missions.

You have together been collectively envisioning and adding Divine Light to living images—potential realities—of the peaceful, abundant, and whole (healed) Earth you have long desired to live upon.

These live, energetically created visions are not mere images that you delight in; they are the beginning and middle stages of any new co-Creation in this Universe.

The result is that Earth has become an increasingly difficult place for those who revile that vision and those higher energies, and who have resisted their pull into higher frequencies of thought, being, and cellular makeup that most of Earth’s people are now acclimating to.

This explains the occasional political, social, economic, or military threats and posturing you see being expressed by those who have been placed in certain visible roles of what they call authority.

They were placed in those roles not to protect certain cultural or national groups, but to keep humanity’s recognition and awareness of its co-Creational ability under wraps, and under ridicule.

You have been told you are weak, highly faulted, and utterly limited, yet that has been a lie and a prevarication, from the start.

If you are thinking that a people operating with a highly reduced number of DNA strands,  who are under the constant influence of a dumbing-down matrix based in fear and disempowerment, has had little choice but to believe what they are told, for survival’s sake, you would be correct.

The very great exception to that scenario is the era in which you are increasingly entering now, and this time of Lion’s Gate and August 21 solar eclipse—the energies of which are already present with you—is a powerful symbol and energetic expression of the ending of that slave state based in fear energies.

You are in fact coming to a time when you will smile at the word “fear” and realize its potency is gone; it no longer has the hold over you it had for millennia.

Related to your collective etheric visions are the actual cellular shifts and evolvement occurring in your bodies and brains—you cannot separate them.

A Lightworker has written us regarding a recent online article [http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/no-sex-required-body-cells-transfer-genetic-info-directly-sperm-cells-amazing].

It notes scientific findings regarding how everyday diet, environment, and lifestyle decisions affect not only mind-body processes, but actually send genetic information from cells that are not involved in reproduction to those that are:

“[I]f your somatic cells [those cells which are not reproductive cells], which are continually affected by your nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and even mind-body processes, can transfer genetic information through exosomes to the DNA within your germline cells [those cells which pass on genetic material to offspring], then your moment-to-moment decisions, behaviors, experiences, toxin and toxicant exposures, could theoretically affect the biological ‘destinies’ of your offspring, and their offspring, stretching on into the distant future.”

Noting this article, that Lightworker asks, “Would this not imply that as we are all One, the changes each one of us makes in our diet and attitudes etc. influence the ALL?

“Wouldn’t that make public policy regarding food production, exercise, diet, vaccinations—the whole range of health- and food-related areas overseen by government departments—even more vital?

“Doesn’t fifth dimensional life hold tremendous implications in that sense?”

And indeed it does, though you will note that humanity is not waiting for public policy as it is directed by governments to show any particular forward movement in this and other areas, before it creates them on its own.

There are two streams running powerful currents at present: One requires accountability on the part of government in areas such as elections, holistic foods and medicine, clean water, education, public safety, peace among nations, among many other areas.

The other current is running independent of government, and is not waiting for special permission to engage in use of free energy devices, enlightened forms of education, holistic medicine, organic food growing, healing the Earth’s air, soil, and waters, and many other areas.

This dear one is correct in seeing that the shifts to a more holistic diet, belief systems that engage the soul and higher self, increases in self-love and self-esteem, and forward movement in inner evolvement, all affect the collective in powerful ways.

Each person is similar to one cell in a complete organism, that in its self-healing and increasing vibration,  draws up with it all the other cells in that organism.

This is why mass social movements, religions, and political ideologies have been used as they have been, for thousands of years—to get certain cells of the organism on board with certain limiting beliefs, until the whole organism becomes a mere shadow of its true, original self.

Understand that any time you or anyone engages in a life- or health-affirming activity, belief, or feeling, you are extending that reality through the energy gridwork of larger potential reality that is all life on Earth.

Your mainstream science is only just now catching up with what you have known intuitively for millennia—that all forms of consciousness and all beings are related, and all are capable of great outer change that is first instituted from within, in the heart-mind.

We have also been asked by several Lightworkers why there seems to be a higher suicide rate at present, and what happens to those souls who take their own lives.

Regarding where these spirits travel after leaving their bodies, this is a highly individual path, and we would not give a simple answer regarding that spiritual journey, nor for any other, regardless of how physical “death” occurs.

We would say, please be aware that there are as some call it, the “slow suicide” of eating unhealthy foods or taking recreational drug or drink, of rarely engaging in exercise, of closing the heart emotionally so that after a time, it begins to shut itself down physically, and many other forms of quiet self-destruction.

Fewer persons experience worry for the spiritual well-being of those who choose to leave their bodies in this way, to the same degree that they worry over those who leave suddenly, by their own hand.

This is understandable. Yet as everyone’s path is sacred and holds its own degree of mystery, you cannot know what went on for those who leave suddenly, on a soul level, before they incarnated, and so to assume to know (via worry) what would follow.

And so peacefully release these ones who choose to leave now, regardless of their circumstance.

Send them Light for their journey, and bless and thank them for all they have done, for all those gifts and contributions they have made, though you may not necessarily see or appreciate what these were.

Even those who come to agitate or oppress have their role to play in the great unfolding that is occurring now.

We would say, regarding the higher number of those leaving now, that people are not only leaving the physical in higher numbers by their own hand, but in numerous ways.

The energies on Earth are now such that it is not for everyone to evolve with them at present. And many realize on a higher level that they are now able to do more out of the physical than in it.

Know that in many ways they are still with you, working to heal the Earth and aid humanity in numerous beautiful ways.

Often these dear ones have felt that their path and soul group’s mission, and their own individual soul growth, was better served by them leaving their current incarnation.

There is never a reason for bitterness at what your minds perceive as a loss, any more than there is a reason for resentment against those who have appeared to oppress and restrict you for so long.

Though we, as you, do not find their methods anything to celebrate.

Yet your increasingly conscious freeing of yourselves from their oppression is a very great thing to celebrate indeed.

And so, we watch over you, not as the shepherd tending the flock, but as the cloud that drifts by, conscious of the beauty of the life within and around it, gathering its rain or giving way to more sun, per the expectations of the crowd below.

For indeed you have that co-Creative ability—to change weather, to shift the course of rivers, to purify oceans and soil, to enlighten minds by filling hearts with the special Light you yourselves came here to know and to affirm in all others.

To realize that you are Divine Love itself.

We see your great vision, and we add our Love and co-Creative intentions to it, for this New Earth is of your making, dear ones. Rejoice in that.

Namaste, co-Creators! We are with you, every moment.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

Source: A Message to Lightworkers – Aug 1, 2017 | Ascension Times

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Message to Lightworkers ~ July 25th, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

Message to Lightworkers ~ July 25th, 2017

By Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Universal Co-Creators!

We greet you in this day before the Mayan calendar’s “Day Out of Time” [July 25], in these days before the August 8 Lion’s Gate, and the Solar Eclipse of August 21.

In these powerful and rather challenging days, your minds and bodies are being prepared to receive downloads of the highest possible frequency of Light data that you are able to receive at present—Light particles that work more powerfully than what has reached your planet in millennia.

It is so that the Lion’s Gate occurs annually, aligning Earth with your Galactic center and the star Sirius.

Yet this particularly potent alignment in this calendar year will open a portal not only for outer manifestations to occur with greater ease and in higher forms.

It is also a doorway into a level of inner Transformation that can only result in the turning of your Earth from the denser vibrations of previous timelines into a far higher, unified timeline.

These are the frequencies required for Ascension energies to anchor fully, not only within Earth Herself, but in all who live upon Her.

This is a majority decision.

Though not all refer to Ascension by that precise term, the majority of humanity has requested and required that shift into higher dimensional living.

And so you are birthing that, and all the more powerfully in these times of alignment of the Lion’s Gate and the upcoming solar eclipse.

And so, though it may have once been exciting to think of yourselves as a minority fighting for Earth’s freedom from the shackles of the old system of enslavement, you are no longer a minority.

More than a lift into greater DNA activation, as positive and empowering as that is, you are experiencing an intense re-cognition and reclaiming of your true higher dimensional identities.

This is the missing piece long hidden inside your third dimensional consciousness, as you labored within the lower-frequency energy grid for many Earth lives.

You are joining now with the consciousness of the crystalline energy grid.

This grid runs through and all around Earth in a pattern of sacred geometry, infused with Light from the Great Crystals, and special Light Beings (such as dolphins and whales), and Light centers in your galaxy—and increasingly now, from the Light of your own souls.

This is how starships can be powered by consciousness alone, if they are made of materials that react and respond to the consciousness of those connected to them etherically.

This is where true intelligence, and true plasma-based power and co-creational ability, show themselves in ways that will become increasingly more “ordinary” to you as you continue to Ascend.

The crystalline energy grid was fully enabled and empowered in the time of Atlantis.

With its increasing awakening, and your growing conscious and subconscious connection to it, you are indeed moving into a fifth dimensional paradigm.

As you increasingly telepathically connect with that grid, which enlivens every increasingly crystalline cell in your body, the old energetic traps and shadows of a darker age will not be able to reach you (unless you choose to remain there with them).

This is indeed a cause for celebration, but be kind to yourself in these energetically demanding times.

For much will seem out of control, unplanned, strange and ill-fitting, and difficult some days.

The inner and outer shifts you are experiencing in your individual life are signs that your higher self is releasing all that is no longer serving your higher good, nor the good of the planet.

Yet you may argue with the discomforts of old pain, old sadness, or old anger coming to the surface.

While that is occurring, things that formerly made sense to you—your job, business, or energy practice, your relationship, beliefs, or living space, or some other basic part of life—may suddenly feel all wrong or rather strange, as if you have outgrown them, or as if they belong in someone else’s life.

Things that once suited you perfectly—your location, your vehicle, your clothing, your food preferences—may now also feel strange, as you realize ways in which they are holding you back from your true life expression.

Things that once made you angry or feel uncertain about life—politicians’ play-acting, the fits or antics of a partner, family member, boss or coworker, or the divisive voices of the media—may now strike you as irrelevant, and nothing worth reacting to.

All of this Divine Light pouring into you now is simply Divine Love—Light is simply Love in one of its most transformational forms.

And Love, as they say, always brings up its opposite.

This releasing of all that no longer serves you is the natural reaction of any Light-based organism to greater levels of Light.

This occurs so that whatever is hitting a wrong note with you now—anything not in tune with your soul strengths, your most true and authentic self, or with fifth dimensional life in general—can come up to the surface to be healed, or simply dissolved.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, strange, and inconvenient, perhaps even upsetting at times.

Yet you have asked for this.

You have called out to your Galactic families to show themselves, to help you right the upside down nature of things on Earth, to aid in your Ascension and in the Ascension of millions, by engaging with human beings more openly and more often, and you have been answered.

You have called out to your soul, your Angels and higher self, to wise guides and elders, to Creator God/Goddess, the Ascended Masters—all manner of higher beings with Divine Love at their core—requiring their support, healing, and wisdom, and you have been answered.

And you have called out to your own human consciousness to remember and reclaim its highest origin on a soul level.

To express its Divinity–any aspect of the Divine, so long as it is Love itself–demonstrating on a daily basis, even in quiet moments of sadness or feelings of loss, even in the confused state that is your greatest growth and expansion.

And so in these days coming up to Great Change, we speak to you who have come to be Change Agents, and send you the Light that holds the data of Remembering Who You Are, and why you specifically have come here now—your particular path of not only individual enlightenment, but of greater Good.

And we bow to you as always, though you may feel you have done little for that moment of recognition.

We bow to you for having the bravery to come here and to sift through so many hundreds (or thousands) or years’ worth of density, of karma long accumulated and now dissolving in the Light of the Love you now carry for yourselves, your planet, your Universe, and one another.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, and we help to carry the tremendous weight of this journey.

And so call upon us, when the day feels too heavy, when the release of old shadows feels too great a pattern to dissolve. 

We are here beside you, always.

Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

Source: Message to Lightworkers ~ July 25th, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

A Message to Lightworkers – July 14, 2017 | Ascension Times

Courtesy of Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – July 14, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Masters of this Ascension Era!

We greet you now, viewing you not only as Earth beings, but as Intergalactic Beings, who are leading humanity into its next phase of being and consciousness.

And you are knowing increasingly now Who you are, and why you came here in this era, and the very specific work you are doing in the etheric while in your sleep state—and in a less conscious way, energetically during your waking hours.

We are aware that many have been saying, “I don’t feel to be fully present. I feel as if I am in several places at once, or sleepwalking, or unable to focus fully, whether physically or mentally.”

That is understandable.

Because in this miraculous process that is a matter of moving from being a carbon-based being into being a crystalline-based being on a cellular/etheric level, everything you know is shifting rapidly into an entirely new form and new orientation.


So that while certain things may appear as they always have, you will notice that you are not seeing them as you once did.

You expect outer processes to flow much more easily and quickly, for example—for things to appear or resolve themselves or “get done” almost as soon as you have envisioned them.

You are wondering why a telephone or postal service is required, when all you need do is get quiet for a few minutes in the morning to receive a download of all messages from anyone trying to reach you, perhaps making note of what they say, but not needing to hear from or contact others in strictly physical ways.

You are desiring to connect with others by speaking to their higher self as you speak to (or telepathically connect with) them, taking in their higher intent for the issue at hand, and understanding whole parts of their life path—its color, shape, and geometric symbols—which explain to you intuitively Who they are and the journey they are on.

And all of this reaching you on a level that makes words insufficient.

You are also increasingly sensing the lives, histories, personalities, and preferences of the trees, rocks, animals, and Earth beneath you, in ways that you have never fully experienced before, understanding that all is sacred, all is alive, all is energy, constantly evolving and unfolding.

And you may be seeing through the now ineffective expressions of government, media, western medicine, and education, understanding the many layers of delusion and illusion that these have perpetuated for so long, and watching as the veils they so carefully constructed long ago dissolve before their eyes.

None of this is surprising, for you already commune telepathically with others in your interdimensional travel both during waking and sleeping times, as you multilocate to different parts of your galaxy and Universe.

You already see exactly what is occurring on the planet in what is compartmentalized as “politics,” which is in fact the loosening of the grip of the old regime and the creation of sovereign choice and self-government of Earth’s Ascending humanity.

You already feel yourselves to be part of what is called “Nature” as if Earth were separate from you, understanding that you are part of Her and as sacred as She, and that all are to be honored and valued beyond measure.

And you are already feeling the flight of your own Spirits over new terrain, as you reclaim your place in the Divine governing of your own Earth.


Not a place where you have to “pay to exist,” but a place where you co-Create increasingly higher levels of daily existence, working in communities of other peace-loving, high-heart-based Light Beings, where nothing is created by “accident,” and nothing is taken for granted.

This is the place you are actively co-Creating, with your increasingly higher vibrational patterns leading the way.

A planet of openly shared natural remedies for any disturbance, illness, or injury.

A planet of peaceful abundance for every person, regardless of social position, race, religion, or any outer signifier.

Of beauty and whole Earth empowerment, resonating with that naturally high frequency that is Earth in Her truest colors and fullest expression.

You are entering a time now in which all Earth’s ills and injuries are being healed and released from the grip of a system created long ago to imprison Her natural energies and Ascending power.

Likewise, your own Ascending consciousness, though your awareness of this process may feel vague some days.

This is due to the ego-mind believing that this is too great a shift to take on without some feelings of doubt that you will survive the process.

Some are not surviving it, in the physical sense, that is so, and we bless them as they rise to the next part of their journey.

But most who have taken on this Ascension pathway are moving along with, most assuredly, some bumps and jolts some days, and no small amount of tiredness and confusion other days.

Yet you are also realizing at odd moments an ongoing inner thrill as you realize, “This is our planet’s greatest moment, this freeing and healing and completion that She has taken on!

“And I am embodied now to take part as the ground crew at this astounding time—not only to witness this miraculous transformation, but to actively aid Her and my fellow beings, in whatever way I came here to aid them.”

You will notice that Transformation is not a death moment, though to the ego-mind, it may feel like a death and rebirth journey.

And we would say, your planet’s former service-to-self orientation, the imbalance of patriarchal reasoning over matriarchal intuitive knowing, and the old usurpation of Earth life under false forms of control—all of that is ending now, in ways that shock not only your evening news commentators, but the very cells of your heart, mind, and body.

And so, we would not despair, even in your most trying moments, that you have not the strength to journey this now.

You are full of strength, and increasingly full of the inspiration and understanding you have sought your entire Earth life—all your Earth lives.

In all of them, you have asked to grasp the integrating of the Divine and the Human in ways your soul understood, even while you labored under a matrix that claimed no such thing is possible.

And behold, dear ones!

All of you, as the Rainbow Bridge, have proven there is no separating that which is Sacred and Divine, from that which is Human.

Your moment has come! Be of great cheer, and take heart.

You are never alone.

Namaste! We stand amongst you—open your eyes, and see us.


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

Source: A Message to Lightworkers – July 14, 2017 | Ascension Times

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A Message to Lightworkers – June 23, 2017 | Ascension Times

Courtesy of Ascension Times

Found at roseramblesdotorg

A Message to Lightworkers – June 23, 2017

This week, the Collective received a question from a Lightworker that millions around the world are grappling with.

I offer their answer here, and below that, another excerpt from their new book, Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship.

[QUESTION] In regards to the chaos happening during this Ascension, I know that we are told to just be happy and allow others to have their experience, and that there are no victims.

At the same time, there are things happening, particularly in politics, that are so far from the norm.

I’m wondering what the balance is between acknowledging the chaos and fighting for what’s right, and simply tuning that out and focusing on our own happiness, as a way to raise the vibration and help everyone through our own joy.

I feel like it’s as if I’m looking down at my phone, and I’m going to look up and the world is going to be burned down around me. And I’m going to wish I had done something more?

[The Collective] Greetings! We are happy to speak with you today, dear ones. This is a powerful and important point, and well worth answering.

We would say, that each has her or his own path, and that the intuitive following of that path, as your higher self guides and directs you, is one of the greater forms of soul expression you will ever experience as a human being, particularly at this point on the current timeline.

So that while one person’s path might be to jump up and work for a nonprofit that serves Syrian refugees, another person’s might be to paint or write of a great vision of Peace.

Another’s might be to speak with persons of differing cultural viewpoints, to help them find a common ground they never knew could exist.

Another’s path might be to send waves of higher Light and Love to all who are struggling now, whether with inner or outer turmoil or both, so that they do not lose heart, and know that on a higher level, all is well.

That all is occurring according to plan, in the sense of Earth’s Ascension into higher dimensional life.

And so, there can never be one answer, just as there can never be one Ascension path.

What is there for you to do, that will aid a planet in turmoil? Only you can answer this, dear one.

We say to each of you, Where is your passion? What most intrigues and pulls you toward it, whatever it may be?

You will hear many say, “Theatre doesn’t help anyone!” Or “You may be a doctor, but you’re not the right kind.”

Allow No One to judge the path you are walking. It is only for you to discover and fulfill, and not for another (including your left-brain, logical aspect) to judge as adequate or inadequate.

You are here to fulfill that vision you had before incarnating.

And so, sit quietly with your team of Guides, Angels, and Higher Self each morning, and present this conundrum to them.

Say to them, “What did I come here for? You knew how the Earth would be struggling, at this point — the planet, and Her people. What did I specifically come here to do?”

Give them permission to send you their higher thoughts and solutions, which will pop up in your mind as if they originate from within your own heart-mind.

They will be filled with a special Light, and a feeling of rightness that other thoughts and ideas do not hold.

Also be aware of outer signs and symbols. Do not brush them aside.

When you hear or read a phrase that jumps out at you, that feels to be speaking to you, heed this as a higher wisdom reaching you.

Say, “Yes, I am listening. I am actively following the higher wisdom I am given. This is easy for me to do. And what follows is a sense of Peace of heart and mind, even in these trying days.”

And so dear ones, we send with this Message an energetic boost to aid you in your quest to remember with increasing clarity Who you are and Why you came, and to have the courage, even the Joy, to fulfill this.

Yes, these energies are enervating. And yet, they also open many portals and pathways for you to recall past lives, life in other dimensions and on other planets, and your true identity and soul mission.

Be of good cheer! These wheels you see turning are quickly aiding the presence and dominance of Divine Light in the Universe (on all planets, and not only your own).

They do not signal chaos, despite appearances, so much as a new Beginning.

The old must crack and crumble and give way before the new can be instated.

Allow this, as you allow the release of all in your that is no longer for your higher good.

And so — Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone.”


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post


An excerpt from the Collective’s new book: Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship

Go Here for info on how to receive the free Connections Preorder Giveaway gifts

From Chapter 7 – “On True and Authentic Partnerships”

[Question] My thirty-eight year relationship came to an end after deception and dishonesty. Even after that length of time committed to a relationship, I feel the separation was for my highest good.

When you speak of twin flames, does that mean your true, authentic partnership?

I am feeling through my spiritual growth that this relationship will become apparent to me very soon. A relationship of trust, support, and understanding, at a level I have never experienced before.

[The Collective] We would say, that the length of time you are with someone is not germane to whether or not you should remain with them. You may be with someone for only a few weeks or months, for example, and realize then that they are not for your higher good.

Or you may be with someone for nearly forty years, as you have been, and realize they are no longer for your higher good. That your paths are no longer on the same trajectory, and that now you must both move on in life.

This is not a matter of loss or “failure” or any other form of density. It is a matter of growth, of realizing what is good for you at this part of your path, and what is not. There need not be a sense of blame or betrayal or loss. You have chosen, on a higher level, to release your partner.

That would have come about in any event, from some situation contrived on a higher level to separate you, if not from your own inner decision.

Bless your partner and the situation, and the path that is leading you away from them. This is part of why you have come to this moment. You are here to experience the forward movement, the growth engendered from release, including (if you can) forgiveness of your former partner.

You are also here to know the joy of moving forward on your own, developing areas of your outer life and inner realization, and even your basic identity, including likes and dislikes that you were suppressing so as to keep things on an even keel with your former partner.

What you are asking for is a heart connection that originates consciously on a soul level.

Regarding your connection to your twin flame, what you share with them is a connection like no other. This is the truest and most authentic partnership you can know.

Though your connection with Creator God/Goddess or Source Energy is greater, your twin flame takes part in that connection with you. They are an aspect of Who you already are, and not the “Other” that so many Earth partnerships represent.

This is part of why you have released your long-term Earth relationship. It can no longer fulfill what you are asking for, which is a heart connection that originates consciously on a soul level.

But understand that your connection with your twin flame is already in place. There is no need to create it.

What is happening now is that you are becoming increasingly aware of that connection, which has existed for as long as your soul has existed.

One twin is the Feminine essence of the soul, the other the Masculine essence, and together they form a beautiful and unified Whole.

That wholeness is what you seek now—the even balance, the perfect integration. A symbiotic knowing and understanding of your twin, without one of you keeping any quiet corners hidden in shadow from the other.

We do not call it a “relationship,” for you do indeed relate to your twin flame, when you travel etherically to be with them in your sleep state each night, and on a higher level, all of the time.

But this is not the sort of “relating” you learned in third dimensional life. For one, your communication with them is telepathic and intuitive.

It is beyond words and their constricted meanings.

For another, you know each other to the point where explanations and expectations are not necessary.

You may be thinking, “In that case, why can’t I just speak to them telepathically in my waking hours?” and the answer is, you can! We encourage this in every Lightworker. In the channeling sessions our writer offers, we rarely need to request that a person’s twin flame come in to speak with them.

They are usually quietly present, in the background. At the mere mention of the twin flame, he or she immediately steps forward, more than happy to connect in a conscious way, and ready with a comment, reassurance, or an explanation their beloved has been looking for.

Most people do not realize that they can go into a meditation at any time and speak with their twin flame, without any special assistance, though that can be helpful at first.

The mind is not always able to grasp the reality of the twin flame existence, even if the heart feels it intuitively. Most think of a twin flame as an abstract idea.

That slows communication, because so many feel they are merely speaking to the air. You are not.

They hear you, and are with you at every moment.

So are all of us in the Collective, but your twin flame is with you in special ways that no one else can mimic.

When you speak of having a connection built on a level of trust, support, and understanding that you have never experienced before—this is indeed all part of your connection to your beloved twin. But these occur on a very different level than what you have been taught.

For one, “trust” is not a matter only of, “I trust you to keep my private comments confidential,” or “I trust you not to be intimate with anyone but me.”

It goes far deeper than that.

It is the sort of trust that means that if your very soul essence is challenged in some way, you will both throw every resource needed into aligning your soul with those higher forces in the Universe that will ensure whatever form of protection, wisdom, or inspiration is needed.

It means, “I trust you to provide me with complete honesty in all matters, and yet, complete kindness. I trust you to be my higher aspect, reflected back to me.

“I trust you to allow my creativity and self-expression their full, free rein, and to be joyful at the perfection you see in me. And I trust myself to give all of the same to you.”

True “support” is also far different from what you have been taught. You need no “support” from anyone, in the sense that you are weak or troubled or “have bad days.”

No such thing exists. Every single day on Earth is a miracle, no matter what it may hold. And your soul is more powerful than you can know at present, constantly in a state of becoming increasingly One with the higher Light frequencies of this Universe.

It is increasingly capable of experiencing, projecting, and of being Love itself.

You are never in need of support in the sense that you need someone else to be strong for you. That day will never come.

The support you seek is simply affirmation that the above is true—that you are “powerful beyond measure,” as the beautiful words from one dear Lightworker [Marianne Williamson] has noted.

And that your only real job is to glory in that, and to live it out as fully as possible, led by Love and its many demonstrations on your own unique path.

The “understanding” you seek is not a matter of, “Yes, I know what you mean.”

It goes well beyond what the mind is able to grasp in its limited way. It is a heart integration of all that you and your beloved have experienced, all that you both are, and all that you both are able to evolve into, while at each other’s side.

It is a shared experience that extends beyond inner knowing, into a sort of sensory connection with what your partner is experiencing, as well as what they know and feel.

Every romantic relationship you have on this Earth with anyone other than your twin flame is never quite what you are looking for.

And so the connection you seek is indeed well beyond any you have ever known with any other. That makes it not only invaluable, but utterly unique. You cannot duplicate it.

This is why every romantic relationship you have on this Earth with anyone other than your twin flame is not quite what you are looking for. And so now you will ask, “Then how do I meet my twin flame?”

As we have noted elsewhere, they exist on a higher frequency than you currently resonate with. Most people’s twin flames exist on a higher plane, and are not currently incarnate upon the Earth.

If you were on their frequency now, you would be able to see them in the room with you.

Yet they never leave your side . . .


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post

Source: A Message to Lightworkers – June 23, 2017 | Ascension Times

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A Message to Lightworkers – June 20, 2017 | Ascension Times

Courtesy of Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – June 20, 2017

Another excerpt from the Collective’s new book:

Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship

Go Here for info on how to receive the free Connections Preorder Giveaway gifts

From Chapter 2 – “On Desire in the Fifth Dimension”

[Question]In the fifth dimension, will there still be a desire for sex? Will sex be similar to that of the third dimension? Or will it be more of an energy experience—orgasm by melding mind energy with another?

And will our bodies still be able to reproduce, once they are in crystalline form?

[The Collective] You speak of sexual acts as you currently know them, and of desire as you currently know it. Yet both of these take on a higher vibrational aspect—a higher form of experience—in the fifth dimension.

You can begin now to experience your life as a fifth dimensional one, and to experience your planet as being fifth dimensional. Ascension is a process.

You will not walk through a doorway that suddenly takes you from one frequency to a much higher one. You would not be able to sustain your physicality in a much higher vibration for very long, without the cellular and DNA “upgrades” you are receiving now.

You speak of moving into a purely energetic form of sexuality. Yet it is already energetic in essence.

It is mainly a matter of one person feeling the connecting of their own energetic vibration to that of another, and that is only partly due to physical attraction.

We assure you, that when you view another due to sexual attraction, this is not merely a matter of seeing them as beautiful, powerful, or intriguing.

It is a matter of seeing them as many things at once, all of them calling silently to every aspect of your own sexual and personal identity, as your spirit/psyche are now experiencing them.

This goes well beyond the physical, for nearly everyone. Even animals are drawn more powerfully to one mate than they are to another of equal strength, youth, or fertility.

Your sexual vibration, as with every aspect of your life, holds many things at once, and this includes a unique set of vibrational tones that ring out from you and alert those near you as to who or what you are at that moment.

It holds the tones not only of how you view sexuality, but also how you see your life, how you see all life, how you view current or potential partners, and what you believe your role on Earth to be.

In that way, there is much that will express itself in your face, voice, posture, physical presence, and your ability to be assertive, aggressive, or passive with another. Yet there is far more that expresses within your etheric body, which others more feel than see.

None of this need be spoken aloud, or explained to anyone who is sensitive to the expression of the particular vibration your spirit is ringing out, both within your physical vessel and beyond it.

Anyone who is “attracted” to you is both responding to that frequency, and matching it. So that often, even before two people have said “Hello,” they are meeting etherically in mutual agreement that their two frequencies should meet and perhaps combine into a greater one.

This is how children are made. And yet, in dimensions such as the fifth and beyond, this process does not happen only because two bodies have combined.

It occurs because two people have decided to call in the spirit of a child from its place in the higher realms, into a single body that holds the combination of their two vibrational realities.

The vibration of that child is also intentionally called forth to ring higher, truer, and more brilliantly than the sum of the parents’ vibrations.

There is a focus on bringing in a being whose crystalline structure and resonance is of an even higher and finer vibration than either of the parents’ own vibrations.

As people live for so long in the fifth dimension and higher, replenishing the population with new life is not of great concern as it is in third dimensional societies.

And yet, if a woman wishes to have the experience of birthing a child—and her partner considers this responsibility as seriously and fully as she does—then the two of them concentrate together, in a temple or natural setting dedicated to such creation, focusing their thoughts and joyful emotions on the creation of this child.

This is far more than the meeting of two bodies, with the desire to continue the family line. Or to enjoy the presence of a small child who looks and behaves as the parents do, or who carries out parental ambitions.

And it is certainly never an “accident” as so many pregnancies are termed in the third dimension. In the higher dimensions, this co-Creational moment is understood in its full etheric purpose.

It is understood that the child is the outer result of the meeting of two spirits—two heart-minds joined in mutual higher purpose, rather than responding to social pressure or pure instinct.

Now the thought is, “If we are to be blessed with bringing forth a new life onto the planet, let us bring forth a bright Light who holds a purpose that will serve both Earth and humanity.”

Far from creating a youngster who will “make the family proud” with this accomplishment or that, the focus is on drawing forth the soul of a being who will add more joy, more insight, more upliftment, and more Light (in other words, more Love) to the Earth and Her people.

And of course, many now desire such.

Many also desire to bring forth a child purely because they love children, and wish to form a family with their partner, and that is a beautiful instinct.

It is simply that in the fifth dimension, the spirit of the child is considered as much as the physical event of their birth.

Most assuredly, the crystalline cellular structure is present not only in the physical for both parents and child.

It is the crystalline Lightbody consciousness that makes this higher, far more conscious form of conception a reality. The parents are at that point birthing a fifth dimensional being into the world. And that makes all the difference.

Regarding the energetic connection between two persons, in fifth dimensional life, a new partner is first met etherically.

And though the energetic and physical connection of the sexual act is still enjoyed, few would consider that sex could be “purely physical” and nothing else.

For one, the actual energy and intent of sexual connection can be present without bodies having met, via an etheric meeting in the soul planes.

For another, the inner self (and your many energy bodies) cannot be isolated from the effects of outer action. As all consists of energy, all responds as such.

The idea of disconnection comes not from separating emotions from the body, but from dislocating the heart-mind from sexual thought, feeling, and actions.

That disconnection has been one of the goals—one of the forms of not only dehumanization, but of mind control—pursued by the old power structure. It is a form of influencing and shaping your etheric selves, which are always powerfully affected by the sexual act.

Their goal was to encourage disconnection from the heart-mind, and the higher purpose of your soul and higher self . . .

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Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank

Source: A Message to Lightworkers – June 20, 2017 | Ascension Times

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A Message to Lightworkers – June 16, 2017 | Ascension Times

Courtesy of  Ascension Times

A Message to Lightworkers – June 16, 2017

This week’s Message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book:

Connections: The Collective Speak on Romance and Friendship

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From Chapter 6 – “On Releasing Jealousy and Insecurity”

[Question] I was a very jealous person when I was younger, though am far less so now. I know I can’t own or control anyone, nor do I want someone thinking they can own or control me.

Yet I still feel insecure if I see my partner noticing and spending time with any woman he considers attractive. I still wonder if I am enough. I wonder whether it means that my partner isn’t fully satisfied with me.

Am I breaking my own heart, by holding false expectations? I need some clarity on this!
[The Collective] This is a fascinating area, and one that goes to the very heart of the issue of self-love.

For you cannot fully trust and believe that another loves you until you know that you love and believe in yourself.

Self-love is the very large, irreplaceable piece of the puzzle that is missing in most human connections.

It costs both partners—and whole families—a great deal in terms of emotional energy spent on worry, feelings of insecurity, expectation of the need to compete with or be fulfilled by others, perfectionism, and other offshoots of not loving yourself fully, exactly as you are at this moment.

From that perspective, you can see that jealousy or possessiveness is only a symptom of a far deeper problem. If you do not love yourself enough to be kind and patient with yourself when outer conditions get rocky, you will find it nearly impossible to believe that someone else could love you—or that you are lovable—unless conditions are perfect.

As you go through life unconscious of this gap between your desire to be loved and your inner lack of self-love, you then project onto outer situations your feeling that not only are you not enough to yourself, but this person or that has confirmed your worse suspicions—that you do not measure up to that person over there, who clearly outscores you on every level.

We would say, that to come out of that game, which no one can win, is the best possible antidote for criticizing yourself for not being an idealistic dream—someone your partner is so fascinated by that they would never think of noticing someone else.

Because in order for them to never notice another attractive person, they would have to cease being attracted to anyone, including you, and we are sure that is not what you would want.

You would also live in the increasingly uncomfortable situation of being not a whole human being to them, but an object—a fantasy or illusion that is not real, and therefore only experienced in an altered state.

Falling in love can be just such an altered state. But it is not sustainable as a day-to-day reality for anywhere near as long as most people assume.

And so the question becomes, Is feeling secure about being a perfect ideal—your own, or someone else’s? Or is it about extending to yourself and others the kind of love that is unconditional?

The love that says Yes to every quirk, preference, and characteristic that makes everyone the unique example of Nature they were born to be?

This is not to say that all behaviors should be tolerated. No one should use flirting with or commenting on an attractive person as a way to upset their partner. That is passive aggression, and unacceptable.

But releasing the behavior of the other person for a moment, let’s look at your words and actions toward yourself.

We would say that your most secure moments come after having spent time being kind to yourself—special time alone in Nature or in meditation, or listening to peaceful or inspiring music.

Or time spent being creative in some way—music, painting, dance, or some other form of self-expression that gives you joy.

Likewise, time spent giving to others, including yourself, in ways that support good health, well-being, self-esteem. All of this centers you in the high heart, so that you are channeling your higher self.

Much of the stress of the modern world comes down to the opposite of that—the belief that instead of expressing yourself joyfully, you must always be playing a role of some sort.

Not merely the roles of parent, worker, artist, or activist. But a sort of stage role as the Perfect Woman or Powerful Guy or Inspiring Leader.

These are all as one-dimensional as they sound. They are caricatures of what people are meant to be. Human beings have many more dimensions and aspects than what your modern advertisements claim you have.

Those very flat prototypes are intentionally created to put you in the unhappy space of feeling Less Than, Out of It, Not Very Well Informed, Not Cool, Not Wealthy, Not Pretty or Handsome Enough, Not Successful, or Not Someone You’d Want to Date.

You have spent a lifetime viewing these commercials on television, on the internet, in print media, and in film (the big studio films often being only slightly masked advertisements for certain products or industries, hence the two-dimensional characters).

So that whatever you are, they tell you, that is not enough.

And we would say, that you are now in a place in your life where you realize that trying to keep someone in your back pocket in one way or another does not fill the gaping insecurity that these distortions have created inside you.

You see yourself Ascending to a higher level, and would like to take your self-esteem and your connections with others with you, rather than keeping them on the old, false level you were taught as a child.

For truly, there is no way to constantly “measure up” and always be the winner. That is a false security, to always be outwardly beautiful, charming, well-dressed, admired.

You have seen how easily it can slip away, sometimes in only a few years’ time. And it is so that those lauded as most beautiful and accomplished in your societies are often the least satisfied, with themselves and with their inner and outer lives.

Their beauty is all the more fleeting, as they pursue one method or another to feel better about themselves, in the competitive race they entered when young and idealistic enough to think they could run in it forever.

The pursuit of perfect health, beauty, and attractiveness on any level cannot be based in the expectation that it is wrong somehow to not be perfect.

“Perfection” as you know it cannot be the goal.

You are not made for perfection in that sense, and your spiritual and psychological makeup are designed in such a way as to either rebel or “go numb” within the mechanism of pursing an idea of perfection that is no more than outer conformity.

This is why so many feel their subconscious rebel each time they force themselves into an exercise regimen or weight loss system that is not based on holistic health and self-love, but self-criticism.

You were not designed for a false form of perfection. You were designed to love and honor yourself, in all your uniqueness, no matter what—and nothing can change that beautiful, uniquely human fact about you.

And so yes, when your spouse or lover looks at another with admiration, you may feel a bit left out—but only if you have left yourself out first.

If you have spent the attention you need to spend on caring for and learning to like yourself—the attention and kindness your own heart requires, not that which society requires—then you will either not notice or not mind that your beloved has let their eye wander for a moment.

This is true for all sexes, orientations, and sexual identities. Because when you extend the Love and compassion of your high heart to yourself, as well as to everyone else, your partner’s attention or lack of it is not the central starting point for how you feel about yourself.

When you can look in the mirror and smile into your own eyes with the warmth, compassion, and caring that you would reserve for a beloved small child, then you will see how far you have come.

When you can spend time each day being kind to yourself—exercising for the love of movement and feeling like a child again, being self-expressive for the beauty and joy of it, having quiet time in meditation, and time in Nature to connect with the trees, rocks, waterways, and to feel their ancient wisdom—then you will begin to remember that you are someone precious who is well worth spending time with.

Someone interconnected with all Life. Someone uniquely beautiful in ways that the human ego may miss, but that the awakened heart will always recognize.

Then with this newfound appreciation of self, you spend time with your partner, maintaining that same wavelength of allowing them to be who they are, while being amazed at the amount of soul Light you see coming from their heart, as you cease to judge them.

And if the moment comes when you recognize that it is time to release them and move on, you are able to do so.

Not out of bitterness that they did not perform their role as your preferences or insecurities or society dictated, but out of the realization that your self-love is far bigger than any one situation, or any one connection with another . . .

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