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Re-Anchoring Out Of The 3D Matrix And Into Your Awakening, Divine Self

By Jelelle Awen


Re-anchoring is going on huge it feels like right now, especially during this mega time of energy shifts and influxes. Re-anchoring into higher vibrational frequencies and higher consciousness states of New Earth into 4D transitional consciousness and away from the 3D matrix which anchored us into its projected and collaborated reality. The 3D matrix dissolving as it is in the now WITH love ‘drops’ people then into their own native soul expressing body frequency and into the discovery of what that actually IS outside of the collective vibe.

The matrix has created a sense of unity consciousness, yet it has the lower vibrational agenda of modulation, conforming, control, following the ‘rules’, and has run on fear-based frequencies of avoiding rejection, unfelt abandonment and unworthiness woundings, power over others, and codependence. As souls, we all agreed to the collaborative creation of this matrix as it helped with the 3D experiment that we all felt was an important one on a soul level and to purge out the shadow in our collective unconsciousness. And so, it has been as we have learned MUCH during it and are continuing to learn so much as it is dissolving.

This matrix is becoming obsolete, no longer needed, and hugely limiting to our soul frequencies now coming into our bodies and emotional bodies. The human species in this current ‘modern era’ timeline is now ready to BE without this matrix on a collective level. The collective emotional body is ready to be healed through the receiving of love frequencies to transform the stuck and blocked places of fear into love. The Reptilian Star BEings who have collaborated and agreed to play the role of ‘suppressor’ and enforcers of this matrix have also now grown beyond it (on their leading edge) and this role. They are in a collective choice point of love over fear, letting in forgiveness from the Divine for all they have ‘done’, and seem to have been gifted a planet of their own to settle down in and continue their awakening journey as a species.

As we can no longer anchor into the matrix, there is this collective ‘floating’ feeling as each individual soul finds their new bearings inside of themselves rather than outside of themselves. For some souls, parts of them will be slower, stubborn, or even outright refuse to re-anchor into themselves in a higher vibrational frequency during this current timeline. They will continue to create a matrix from inside of themselves, pulling from their unhealed emotional bodies and undigested karma from their Metasoul lifetimes too. The ‘hellish’ frequencies of the matrix will still be reality for them as they are free will choosing it. They will remain ‘hooked in’ completely by their own free will choice on a 3D level and, of course, on a higher self level too. They will continue to manifest body illness, dis-ease, toxic relationship patterns, suffering loops…whatever they need to continue to grow and learn. Although it will become increasingly uncomfortable for them to be at this lower frequency and remain on Gaia, so they will most likely leave the body eventually with their Metasoul having sovereignly learned what it came here to learn.

For those of us who are re-anchoring already in a conscious way and maybe have been for many years and have been awakened to our Metasoul frequencies, we will flow along WITH the matrix-free Gaia as She moves UP in frequency. An important aspect of the process for you in this is the 4D transitional phase, the deaths and rebirths, the Dark Nights and the Light Day awakenings, the de-conditionings and the re-conditionings too, the shedding and molting off of so many layers. This re-anchoring into self is the discovery process of what ISN’T your authentic self and what IS. To say ‘no’ to very many previous beloved ways of being in the world in order to say ‘yes’ to the unknown NEW way that is based in love. It is the process of letting go of 3D anchors that are OUTSIDE of you in ALL areas of our life so that you can anchor INSIDE of you. In this phase, you discover and FEEL yourself as a fractal from Divine Source AND as the Divine, both, and let go of the ‘outside of self’ God picture as offered by 3D religious pictures.

One of the deepest sources of 3D anchoring can come in the form of relationships (both romantic and friendships) and especially those that are long term or from the ‘past’ or birth family. These long-term relationships have mostly been running on a momentum of subconscious and underground hook-ups between parts of you and an agreement between 3D selves to stay connected ‘no matter what’. These relationships may have served as a crucial anchor to 3D reality when it was most needed, especially those formed during childhood and as a teenager. Your inner child and inner teenagers aspects deeply NEEDED this anchoring to come from some where and found solace, relief, in the other providing it. The souls and higher selves agree to this anchoring together to support each other through the incarnation process of BEing in the vibrational denser 3D frequencies.

These relationship agreements based on 3D reality anchoring are now being shaken up by ascension energies and Gaia’s frequencies shifting into 4D and higher and the matrix dissolving.  As your higher self frequencies come into your physical body and your emotional body, you begin to feel how these anchors (while necessary while they were) are now limiting your consciousness from expanding and growing. The transactional ground of the relationship gets narrower with less common values to share, unless both souls have agreed to awaken together and in similar ways. If you are the one awakening though, you begin to realize how sensitive you are to the lack of resonance in the relationship, missing curiosity from the other in awakening, and just lack of ‘common ground’ between you and them. It becomes quite painful for you to BE in the relationship as it just doesn’t offer the nourishment anymore of what your soul and heart most want and need.

The ascension energies are inviting us to shift from anchoring into another person, yet rather to begin the process of anchoring in OURSELVES and to the Divine as a source experienced from WITHIN us. As you drop these anchors to 3D life, your soul is freed UP, your heart is opened UP, your mind is expanded UP, and your body is lightened UP too. The NEW anchors do not weigh you down, yet rather invite you to let IN, grounding you in yet not limiting your consciousness or capping it in any way. As SoulFullHeart facilitant Seraphina said recently of this process, “The anchor is lost at sea but I am floating free!” And so it IS and so it becomes more and more as you let go in order to let in the NEW.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit for more information about space holding sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

By Jelelle Awen Re-anchoring is going on huge it feels like right now, especially during this mega time of energy shifts and influxes. Re-anchoring into higher vibrational frequencies and higher co…

Source: Re-Anchoring Out Of The 3D Matrix And Into Your Awakening, Divine Self | SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


Courtesy of Evenstar Creations

Received via email

Dear friends,
May you be filled with Divine Love and Peace from the Source within.
I hope you can join myself and Jacklyn for this radio show.
In the One Heart Love Soluntra



I will be guiding everyone into some very practical deep inner work to navigate your way through the crazy 3d world to be in the world but not of it. With inner realisations, inner unification and awakening

The show is free, and runs for approximately 90 minutes

In these constantly shifting, uncertain times, the need for community is more important than ever. As we continue to evolve to meet new life challenges, it is comforting to know that we are not alone.

The new spring speaker series from You Awakening is designed to support us on our individual and collective quest for fulfillment.

The powerful evolutionary energies we are experiencing now are opening the way to greater ease and joy.

And this community of Kindred Spirits offers a much needed sense of belonging and shared purpose, while bringing you uplifting inspiration and guidance from some of the true evolutionary leaders of our time.

Host Jacklyn Johnston of You Awakening has invited me to be the special guest speaker on JULY 11th/12th

JULY 11th GMT/UTC 12am
JULY 11th USA NY 8pm
JULY 12th Noon NZ time, 10am AUST EST


We all know how crazy things are in the physical world right now, politically, with more wars, terror, poverty and suffering. All of it illusion and duality that you can move beyond in your own life and create Heaven on Earth from your love if you choose. You still need to put some energy and time into transfiguring into you multi-dimensional unlimited self, but now it is so much easier and faster.
We are in a time of great transition and there is so much good news with amazing shifts happening. The craziness is the final throes of duality and control, it seems more desperate because it’s ceasing to exist.
From each of us that chooses to be the BE AM we truly are, the lower astral planes are no longer being supported energetically, so are crashing. As we see with the insanity of the so called world leaders and old paradigm ways of energy, food production and living.
In the show I wish to share with you the good news of what is really happening in the bigger picture. How this relates to you personally and how you can change it around for yourself to live in abundance and beyond all the duality programs in a tangible, real way that works. As it flows out to those close to you and into the collective consciousness to create positive change for all of us.

In this show Soluntra will:

Look at the huge shifts happening now, with the sabotage energies being transmuted on the inner realms, to the alignment of Starlines extending now through the multiverses, through us and the Earth. The Stargate openings, the Living Library of Light codes now aligned through us firmly. The incoming souls just recently now able to be conceived holding no distortions of duality.
How you can love and accept and so transcend what is within you. How you perceive the world and all that is transpiring, that still hooks you up to the negative program, no matter how obvious or subtle. To seeing it as it truly is and being in the New Earth.
How you can be truly abundant, not by the new age manifestation games that create more karma and mean you are still coming from fear, but coming from the stillness within, what is yours comes to you.
With inner planes awareness and meditation.
I hope you will choose to subscribe to this series
if you are not already participating.
It’s free of cost, available online, by Skype and by phone, and you can expect to benefit from a process or activation(s) in every broadcast.

Sign up here to gain access to this new season of Free Leading-Edge Transformational Programming that is starting now.

Soluntra is a way shower, activator, catalyst for change and here creating the foundations of the New Earth. She has always been of service in the bigger picture, being put firmly on her path in the
Golden Solar Disc in the Himalayas in 1981.
Awakening to her own divinity she started to accept her un-limitedness. Her teacher was always within and direct to the Source through the Suns, the RA. In the smaller picture as a Naturopath and guide to inner healing in the 1980’s, knowing it wasn’t a career but a stepping stone. Opened to the higher levels of her Light Body often through full on initiations.
Developing an activation of the Chakras and Light Bodies, to One Chakra, One Body of Light. Creating DNA activations to awaken and expand consciousness.
Creating Flower, Gem, Star, Higher Dimensional Star, Hyper-dimensional and Earth Star Essences since the 80’s as transmissions. As well as many mandalas of light codes anchored.
With years of travelling alone as well as with groups on bigger picture missions. Having taken countless workshops and journeys, written many books, painted mandalas and activation art, with extensive website and mp3’s.

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The Council of Nine: A Message

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal

July 21, 2012


Are you ready?


Then let us get started.

We are the Council of Nine.  We are only one of the many councils involved with assisting in the ascension of your planet, the galaxy and the Universe.  We have sent to your world many starseeds, one of which being our scribe.  This morning, she finally consented to becoming one of the channels through which we might communicate to the people of your planet.  This service will last until the majority of the ascending ones master telepathy and can communicate with us on their own.  For those who are still in the process of waking up, it is sometimes just easier to absorb the message by reading. 

So now, many of you might be wondering, “What is the Council of Nine?”  We are a collective of voices from the Pleiades who have chosen to be involved in…

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170607 Kp Message LIVE (from KC&T) | Kauilapele’s Blog

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In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego. | abzu2

Courtesy of abzu2

In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego.



…”In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego. IT all boils down to consciousness, and how conscious we really are, for it takes a tremendous focus in the present moment to have the consciousness required to make the choices to co-create a better life.

Source: In order to create the new in our life, every choice we face must be made with a fully conscious awakened state of mind, and not left to the reactions of our conditioned unconscious ego. | abzu2

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Vibe Report May 10, 2017 by Leilah Nancy | Forever Unlimited

Courtesy of Forever Unlimited

Vibe Report May 10, 2017 by Leilah Nancy

 photo Lighting My Path_zpstx0dbvyh.jpg
Lighting My Path
oil on board, 2017

Vibe Report May 10, 2017

by Leilah Nancy

Tuning in to the Vastness of Being for guidance

My question: I am viewing the planet Earth from space. What is happening on this planet? How is it that so few can control so many?

To move beyond the control requires the conscious awakening of humanity. Many are still asleep and many argue for their own suppression because they are terrified of what the truth of their reality may reveal. Many still want to be taken care of by overlords and that is what is happening.


It is very frustrating for starseeds at this time. But even the starseeds require a further opening, taking responsibility for clearing their beliefs and managing their emotions and opinions (beliefs again).

Many have come to rest in places that seem comfortable, where they can describe the world and reality from a perspective they have built up around them, but that is simply another structure, another system of belief. Further delving into surrender and presence is required. Many have stopped at a certain point and do not realize they are building new structures and walls around themselves.


Star Beings, travel further, keep moving, do not allow anything to cling to you.

Genetic manipulation of food, animals and humans, mind control, weather manipulation and chem trails raining down micro bots of energies for the further enslavement are weapons the dark teacher is using to keep the sleepwalkers asleep in fearful dreams, and to disconnect crystalline children from their souls.


Starseeds, realize that, although these things are of a physical nature, you are all able to transcend this physicality by your vibrational frequency. You do this moment to moment through holding the intention to be sovereign and free and by breathing into the presence of your soul. Breathing into the present moment of your experience.


It is an individual thing but also there is strength in numbers. The collective consciousness is growing and expanding. Love is what gets you to the highest vibration.

People are starting fires of discord everywhere you look. These fires come from deep wounding and fear. It draws you in and then you are in the pool of anger and despair and this generates food for parasitic negative entities. The awakening is happening and you can assist in the acceleration by disengaging from the stories of discord and re-en`gaging in your breath, in love and wonderment.


The Earth vibrates with the innocent frequency of love. Tune in to the resonance of earth and allow it to flow within you and without. This is a step towards rising above the chaos. Be vigilant. Learn to manage your energy. Practice loving kindness and compassion.

Thank you, Vastness of Being. Your words bring me back to my center. I am reminded of something I was told that the Dalai Lama says: “Breathe in, smile out.”
Copyright © 2017 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved for IMAGES and written material. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as it is kept intact and the author’s name and website are included.

Source: Vibe Report May 10, 2017 by Leilah Nancy | Forever Unlimited

Paradigm Shifters: Interview by Veronica Entwistle | Parallel Mindzz

Courtesy of Parallel Mindzz

Paradigm Shifters: Interview by Veronica Entwistle

Paradigm Shifters
Interview by Veronica Entwistle

What does Aliyah say about our future? That there is abundant awakening on our planet that is activating a collective of beings with the use of choice to consciously create reality from the inside out.

Source: Paradigm Shifters: Interview by Veronica Entwistle | Parallel Mindzz

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