Special Message for Those With the Natal Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn

Courtesy of Thhe Oracle Report

"the divine sculpture" from the collection of wise owl silvana

“the divine sculpture” from the collection of wise owl silvana


27 SCORPIO: “a military band marches noisily through the city streets” (noise, displays of power, making an effort)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom)

Kamala, Goddess Who Assures

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will)

Elias, God of the West


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Hello “Rebirthing” Wise Owl –

The Moon has moved into Capricorn, making a couple of “Black Moon Days” — days when one of the stages of your nine-month “energetic renaissance” will be more intensive.

For your reference and data:

1 – The Moon moved into Capricorn overnight (November 21) at 2:14 am ET/9:14 pm UT.

2 – The Moon then made conjunction with the Black Moon (November 21) at 5:00 am ET/midnight UT.

3 – The Moon will conjunct Pluto (square Mars to add even more energy!) tomorrow (November 22) at 2:00 pm ET/9:00 am UT.

4 – The Moon will leave Capricorn Thursday, November 23 at 3:15 pm ET/10:15 am UT.

This means that between now and Thursday (Thanksgiving in the US), the shadow sides of everyone have the potential to reveal themselves, but the potential is higher for you — those with the natal Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn.  (“Natal” just means where the planet was when you were born — your nativity.)

The “shadow side” is another name for our core fear — that which is most difficult for us to bear, so much so that we are unaware of it until it is time for us to see it.

When we see our shadow side, it is time to make friends with it.  It is time to understand it.  It is time to integrate it.  It is time to not allow it to control us anymore.  It is time to no longer be in its downfall, where we self-sabotage.

The Black Moon symbolizes integration of the shadow side, which is no easy feat and can be difficult to manage at times.  The irony of the nine-month transit of the Black Moon through a sign is that by the end of the arduous labor, our ability to experience joy is greatly expanded.  Our experience of life is dramatically enhanced.

Knowledge of this fact — that the end of the process brings a reward — gives us what we need to endure the process and work with it, instead of against it.

The nine-month transit of the Black Moon through Capricorn (your nine-month process of moving past your core fears) ends on August 6, 2018 at 1:55 am ET/August 5, 2018 at 9:55 pm UT.  When the Sun rises, like the phoenix, you will also rise.

The signs of Cancer and Capricorn are opposites or polarities.  They encompass each other.  Both energies are in effect at the same time.  So when we look at the natal Black Moon in Cancer, we also look at the issues of the Black Moon in Capricorn, and vice versa.  We see them as fluidly interchangeable.

When the Black Moon is in Cancer, the shadow side/core fear is related to the concept of SUPPORT.  Our “foundation” is in focus.  Because we see the negative or inverse or opposite when the Black Moon is involved, we are tempted to exaggerate the idea that we do not have or will never have what we need to build our future.  It can be harder to envision any future at all.  Financial stress can create mental loops of obsessive worry.  We also see the true nature of our support system or lack thereof.  The nine-month transit of rebirthing your experience of life can be a lonely one.

By the end of the nine-month transit, inevitably we receive a blessing of support.

No one believes it during the nine months.  We are only thinking that we are sinking.

Maybe you will remember.

When the Black Moon is in Capricorn, the shadow side/core fear is related to the concept of APPRECIATION.  Issues related to being recognized — even to the point of recognition of one’s mere existence or physical presence — are in focus.  We tend to exaggerate the ideas that no one cares, no one listens, and no one is interested.  We are tempted to give up at times, wondering if we are doing any good at all.  We can feel that things are “thrust” upon us by others.  Black Moon in Capricorn does not like to be discounted; we like to be considered when decisions are being made.  The nine-month transit of rebirthing your experience of life can be a frustrating one.

By the end of the nine-month transit, inevitably we receive a blessing of appreciation.

To ease the process and give you advance knowledge, here are the two times each month until August 6, 2018, that your transit will be most intensive.  These are the days when you will want to increase your self-care and not overload your schedule.  The transit of the Black Moon works on the deepest levels of the psyche to clear away the past and whatever is holding us back.  It is designed to help us rid ourselves of fear and the limitations it brings.  The transit makes us tired, so it is a good idea to rest as much as possible during the process.  Giving ourselves permission to feel things comes before taking steps to remedy or rectify.  Remedy and rectification usually come at the end of the transit, not during it.  So we want to sit back for the long ride:


Dec 4-6; Dec 18-20


Jan 1-3; Jan 14-16; Jan 28-30

Feb 11 -13; Feb 25-27

Mar 10-12; Mar 24-26

Apr 6-8; Apr 20-22

May 4-6; May 17-19; May 31-Jun 2

Jun 14-16; Jun 27-29

Jul 11-13; Jul 25-27

Aug 6: Black Moon leaves Capricorn

For more information and to further understand the transit you are having, you can refer to Chapter 5 – “Transits of the Black Moon” in my free ebook, The Astrology of the Black Moon: Guide to Healing the Shadow Side at http://www.oraclereport.com/books/.  This explains much more fully about what goes on with the nine-month transit and what it is trying to do to evolve us.

To some degree, the collective of humanity is experiencing the transit with you, so this report may be helpful to anyone, not just those with their natal Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in these signs.  Please feel free to disseminate this as you like.

Remember, maybe you can remember that a blessing will emerge at the end of this journey.

Eyes on the prize!

Much love-


Scary New Moon

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Scary New Moon

jbuss Astrology

The New Moon Opposes Sedna (Fear), which of course is great, as an Opposition implies Contradistinction, so as long as we’re Awake enough to Notice that Fear is present, we can contrast it to the Reboot (New Moon) of our Identity, and Congratulate ourself for Externalizing the Fear.  And yes, that part about “Awake Enough” is our bane.  But the Window is Open.  Read more

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Nightmares of Abuse et al

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Nightmares of Abuse et al

jbuss Astrology

November 9-22 is quite complex.  We’ll summarize it before we go into detail about its components.

(1) Abuse and Privilege are Big Issues (in case you haven’t kept an eye or an ear on the news), especially through 20 November.  We predict their Comeuppance, if we’re willing to Embrace our own Opportunities Transcend our personal status quo.  We’re sorely tempted to Believe that these Issues are external to us, but as without so within.  The only thing we can Change is ourself, but when we Change, the World Changes.  Read more

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Beyond Bounds and Boundaries

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Beyond Bounds and Boundaries

jbuss Astrology

Here’s our 11:11 portrait, with its Grand Septile, drawn in purple…

The Septile is the Seventh Harmonic, one-seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal hoop.  Of course the Universe is Integral, so there’s no way one segment of it can be more important than any other.  Read more

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Another Choice

jbuss Astrology

When we’re up against out Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, it often feels like We’re Dying, or like We’d Rather Die than have to do that again.  Today, that is likely to be some variation of Giving Away Our Power Again.  There is quite literally a Choice this morning between Claiming Our Self-Sovereignty, and Death – which is of course an Ego Death, as Ego is the only thing that ever Dies.  Well, I know, Ursula says that Coyote is always Dying too, but Coyote is just a symbol for the Ego.

This Portal is compounded by a heavy-duty Full Moon on Friday (10:30 pm PDT) that’s associated with Death – and favored by Death.  (We’ll write about this after Lachesis turns Direct and Varuna turns Retrograde on Wednesday, 9am PDT.)  In other words, Accepting and even PIAVAing an Ego Death (such as something like “Ganeshi, Please Lovingly and Gently Remove All…

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Choice and Vitality

jbuss Astrology

Giving our Power Away to an Idea is seldom a good strategy, but we do it all the time.  If you’ve Given your Power Away to the concept of Fate, for instance, then you’re at its Mercy just now, as asteroid Lachesis (the Fated Length of a Timeline) is Standing Still in the Sky, which makes it very Strong.  If you’ve been gritting your Teeth, this is likely to be what’s going on for you.

Dwarf planet Varuna (the Life Force) is also Standing Still and hence very Strong just now.  The Life Force isn’t benign, it’s quite assertive.  If yours is partially blocked, you’re going to Feel very uncomfortable.  If you’re squirming in your chair, or imagining all manner of unpleasant circumstances, you’re probably feeling the Varuna Station.

These Energies continue to Intensify for the next several days, until they peak around 9am PDT 1…

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The Oracle Report

Courtesy of The Oracle Report
photograph taken by wise owls t and c

photograph taken by wise owls t and c


28 Virgo: “a bald-headed man who has seized power” (willpower)


08 Aries: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (attune, align with new ways, hold on to your hat, stabilize)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom)

Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns With Our Best

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will)

Kathe, God of the South

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Cancer

Sun: 20 Libra – “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties”

True Alignments:  tradition, dedication, survival themes, laws, long-held beliefs, positive ritual

Catalysts for Change:  persecution, religious tensions, dogmatic, inflexible, one sided, negative ritual

Earth: 20 Aries – “a young girl feeding birds in winter”

True Alignments:  helping others, genuine effort bringing reward, attitude adjustment, nurturing self and others, energizing the base or foundation of something, trust

Catalysts for Change:  seeking approval, dependence/codependence, neglect, resisting the call to duty, attempting to rally violence

On one branch of the tree (one view of consciousness) today, we are wise owls sitting on the eve of Friday, the 13th of October, the day of the Knights Templar massacre and favored degree of the Illuminati for nefariousness, while the Sun discharges the astrological degree of ritual, “a Jewish rabbi performing his duties.”  This is quite a set up.

The eve of a date is more powerful than the day itself, energetically speaking.

Tomorrow, Friday, the 13th of October, happens to be one of the two days per year that the Sun and Earth activate the Eris Point.  The “discovery” of the planet Eris in 2005 marked the beginning of the fellowship of humanity’s mass awakening.  Thus, the Illuminati minions of the archons attempt to manipulate the energy via its inverse – mass mind control via traumatic events.  We remember that the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Eris Point, 21 Aries, is “a boxer entering the ring.”  The archons lash out.

In our multi-dimensionality, we also sit on another branch of the tree (another view of consciousness).  This view shows us that while there is harshness, ugliness, and deconstruction of the old system, the aeon Sophia (Wisdom), also known as Mother Nature and Mary, is feeding our souls.

Holding knowledge (gno-ledge) of both branches of the tree enables us to maintain balance and equilibrium so that we do not fall off!

The Moon is active today, and is in Cancer, a water sign, making for waves of emotions.

Between 8:25 am ET/12:25 pm UT and 1:33 pm ET/5:33 pm UT, the Moon is squaring the Mercury, bringing closure to events, circumstances, and conditions that have been in effect since the New Moon on September 21.  This particular astrological aspect today tends to enable emotional manipulation, the power of words, and speaking out.  Information may come streaming in (in the form of propaganda?).  Declarations of love and/or appreciation are advised if there is an issue.

Between 1:33 pm ET/5:33 pm UT and 9:10 pm ET/1:10 am UT, the Moon is squaring Uranus, bringing the potential for surprises, changes, shocks, accidents, and dramatic, sudden events.  We may feel a sort of “pressure” during this time frame, and anger may be stirred.  Attempts to divide and conquer may be demonstrated.  We want to avoid arguments by skipping the anger and staying with the core feeling causing the anger (anger is a mask for the underlying feeling, usually hurt).  This will be in effect until the Moon leaves Cancer and enters Leo at 2:42 am ET/6:42 am UT.

Within all of this, we may see the weight and power of the things that we feel are our duties, and how we can revise or rededicate ourselves in order to prevent burn out or drain.

The potential for false flag events is very high today and tomorrow.  Our psyches may feel bombarded by all that is happening.  We want to disengage the usual trauma response if this occurs.  We want to re-wire the “problem – reaction (trauma response) – solution” tactic of the cabal.  The thing they fail to understand about basic human psychology is that eventually humans become desensitized to trauma.  They persevere.  They rise above.  The tactic can only work for so long.

Tune out of or take breaks from the harshness, ugliness, and deconstruction of the falling old system, and switch to something constructive for the new system — something that promotes renaissance based on the love, truth, and free expression of the budding renaissance.

In the story of the Earth’s energy today, “a young girl feeding birds in winter,” Sophia is the young girl, we are the birds, and winter is now.  Sophia feeds our souls.  We just have to balance on the branches.

Source: The Oracle Report

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