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A Message to Lightworkers – April 19, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Creators of the New Earth!

We are aware that many of you have been feeling the effects not only of powerful astrological shifts as of late, but of energy shifts that feel to be emanating from the Earth Herself.

You are not merely “imagining” these changes of renewal and reformation (though imaging is a powerfully active way to co-Create).

You are in the midst of a powerful new stream of Divine Light, pouring into the planet and being received and actively engaged with by Earth, in ways you have not previously witnessed.

This has ushered in forms of higher Light that Earth Herself has not acted upon for many eons.

She is now actively repudiating all forms, structures, and intentions acting against her higher good and soul purpose.

It is so that things appear chaotic at times. Yet in many countries, as we have noted before now, the veil over the words, actions, and faces of your politicians and others supposedly in “authority” has grown so thin that their true intentions, loyalties, and oaths of allegiance can no longer be hidden from sight.

Most human beings are sensing this change, and many millions are fully aware of it, to the point of openly expressing their refusal to be a “minion” or passive recipient of that which is decided for them, against their will and higher good, and against the higher good of the planet.

You are, in other words, finding your Voice as a species, and this is no small thing in Earth’s current timeline.

This has enabled the plans for full enactment and announcement of NESARA, including full disclosure of the Galactic presence, to move forward at an unprecedented pace.

Nor are you feeling now, as much of humanity did during the two world wars of the twentieth century, that you are powerless to affect or redirect the intentions of those who make decrees and what they refer to as “laws,” or who push buttons and give orders for one military action or another.

You have seen the intention for war being carried out only so far, then nullified in some way, so that the full course of action cannot take place.

This is due to several things, which in many ways outstretch even the commitment of the higher realms and your Galactic family to ensure that nuclear arsenal is never again used against the Earth.

It is your own human resolve—small though you may still consider yourselves to be at times—that is stopping these increasingly impotent manufacturers of war in their tracks.

We do not say that no damage is being done, for clearly, many are still suffering, and we do not diminutize the importance of their experience or their lifepaths.

But we do see the scale tipping powerfully and decisively in favor of Peace, in favor of an end to the madness that Earth has witnessed for millennia.

So that even though you appear to still have the same groups and individuals “in charge,” we assure you, they are losing what they call “power,” by the day and hour.

You hold that power now, and it is not power as you have been taught since childhood—the whims and preferences of a tiny minority outweighing that of the majority.

It is not a matter of two apparent opposing sides beating one another at politics, so that at least half the population can rest assured that “our side won” this war or that election, while the other side, equally distracted by divisions of thought and allegiance, swears to regain the upper hand at the next possible opportunity.

The time is past for this, and you are aware of such.

And so whatever color or emblem you have been taught to wear, we ask that you take off that hat or armband, and throw it permanently away.

Everyone is of their own unique color, and their own unique outlook, and there is nothing but room in the New Earth for an expression of every form of individuality, which the old system only ever condemned as dangerous to the good of the whole.

We would say, that IS the good of the whole.

Each voice, each soul presence, pouring its higher intentions into the great river that is human progression, and Earth’s Ascension—that can only contribute positively to that forward movement you have dreamt of and planned for so long, in so many Earth lives.

We are greatly heartened by the number of you refusing to fall for the separateness and divisiveness of the old ways, and refusing to take the deceptions and false promises as a safe place for your and your community’s needs.

For they cannot be.

It is you who are creating the new forms of community, of group and individual empowerment, that will lead you all from feelings of having very few choices, to having more choices than you know what to do with.

You are the ones to decide not how to disempower Earth, but where to plant trees, how to manufacture vehicles that run on water or sunlight, how best to educate children so that their imaginations flourish and their individuality is celebrated.

You are the ones to decide the requirements for a new economy based on equality and abundance for all, and on varying forms of community living.

You are the ones to decide to celebrate national cultures, releasing all thought of fear-based border protections.

And you are the ones to say, “All false gods and false leaders—we release you! We have no further need of the lessons you have taught us. We have no need to live in the shadows any longer.

“We learn more now from anchoring upon the Earth the freedoms of the higher realms. And we accept the responsibilities that come with higher dimensional living.

“We are now freeing the planet for a greater expression of Love, for the power of soul presence, over all false forms of “power” as the third dimension viewed it.”

And so, if you are ready, say Yes now.

Yes to NESARA, Yes to full disclosure, Yes to full responsibility—to grabbing the reins, and co-Creating this New Earth that you have mistakenly waited for.

It awaits you, powerful Light Beings. And we see you continuing to stand, and to claim it.

Namaste! We are constantly with you.


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Source: A Message to Lightworkers – April 19, 2017 | Ascension Times

Jelelle Awen: What is Ascension?

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Blue Dragon Journal

by Jelelle Awen, Guest writer, In5D.com Thanks to http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2017/04/what-is-ascension-by-jelelle-awen.html#more Ascension invites the stretching upward, the blooming and growing, the awakening and expanding. It is the remembering of what has been forgotten. It is the reclaiming of what has been disowned. It is the loving of what has been judged, both inside and toward others. It […]

via by Jelelle Awen @ In5D – What Is Ascension? – 4-13-17 – Ascension With Earth — Higher Density Blog

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A Walk-in Life: Streamlining the Self

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

A Walk-in Life: Streamlining the Self


Thoughtful article about the author’s ongoing process of soul braiding with her Self.

A Walk-In Life

Integration is almost complete and I am noticing a substantial difference in myself. I have been told for longer than I can recall, “You are changing.” I have noticed this and that along the way, but currently there are so many changes I am noticing that it is mind boggling. I am so different than I use to be in so many ways. It seems miraculous, but it isn’t.

Source: A Walk-in Life: Streamlining the Self

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What can hold us Back in the Ascension Process – part 1 – Jenny Schiltz

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Mid-Gateway Shift in progress: Emergence | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Courtesy of Creative Evolution

Received via email

Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Ready to Discover Your True Self? I AM!

Mid-Gateway Shift in progress: Emergence

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

We are in our second amplification of this major timeline shift (March 23-27). Meditate, pray, visualize 5D New Earth, allow the uncomplimentary lower timelines to drop from your reality.

Embodiment is key for the quantum effect to unfold. Breathe and welcome forth the emergence of the Higher Christed Self. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, this is a Solar grid focus weekend; Solar applies to all Gates; the Great Central SUN, Galactic center, Solaris, Gaia, and your own Heart center. On behalf of all, let us bring this forth.

Guidance for this sacred passage can be found HERE.

Please join in the Global Unity Meditations on SUNday to anchor the higher timeline and our Divine manifestation of 5D New Earth in the Now as a tangible, palpable reality for all concerned.  Learn more

Source: Mid-Gateway Shift in progress: Emergence | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

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Energies are pushing us to go beyond | ~ Channeling the Masters ~

Energies are pushing us to go beyond

The energy is really coming in. We are having celestial events that help ramp up the energy, but there is more to it. There is a huge push with this energy. It is testing us to see if we are ready to move forward, to leave the old programming behind. Can we trust where we are going enough to let go of the old?

Like all things this energy is multifaceted. There is a component that is still dredging up all of our stuff. It is asking us to really see the ways that we don’t love ourselves, the ways that we have compromised self, and the ways that we have not honored ourselves. For some this will come up as negative thoughts about self while for others it will be played out in the daily interactions. Observance is required so that we can see what is being shown without getting lost in the emotions of it. Writing your thoughts can help you to see the patterns that are bubbling up.

With all that is coming up within the collective to be healed, some are feeling overwhelmed by the emotions swirling around. These can be quite deep and feel like a never ending cavern if we allow ourselves to sink into it. Again it is important to observe what is triggering you. These can be clues to what needs to be healed within you from your many incarnations, on this planet and others.

This energy is also asking if we still feel the need to sacrifice for others, to be the martyr. This includes not allowing ourselves to be in joy.  Understand that this sacrifice is old paradigm, we do not have to sacrifice anything to walk in our power.  It is understanding that we are the creator of our own reality and that by mastering our reality we help others to do the same with theirs. What we have to keep in mind is that each person is experiencing exactly what they need for their soul growth. This does not mean that we do not have compassion and assist where needed, but it does mean that we are not to sacrifice self in order to do this. There is a reason that they tell families on a plane that in the event of an emergency, the parent needs to put their mask on first. A passed out parent is not going to be able to assist their children. This is even more important if you are living a life of service.

Yet even through all this deep work we are doing their is an air of excitement. Ideas are streaming in as the energy allows us to tap in the universal flow. Take note of what thoughts come up, the ideas and how you feel about them. Do they bring you excitement? If so, these are what you follow. This also allows us to take a look at the things we are focusing on right now and to gauge if they bring the same level of excitement.

Physically, we are receiving huge upgrades. The Schumann resonance is steady rising and all must adjust within. The Schumann frequencies are the vibration of the earth and as they rise so to must all life on earth. I have needed to be very still the past few days.  Many are experiencing colds, flu like symptoms and intense body aches. I recently took a decongestant that sent my body for a loop and showed me that my upgrading body is becoming even more sensitive. What use to work may no longer and we how we define things may change as well. Our job is to go with the flow and not attach to anything.

Exhaustion is common, but rest can even be busy. Dreams and lucid dreams are common. These can be clearing type dreams or these can be visitations. Some are reporting new interactions and being shown new places while in meditation or dreams. Allow yourself to tap into the higher realms and explore. It’s also a perfect time to connect to the higher crystalline grid surrounding the earth. When you connect and infuse the grid with love, it helps to anchor it into your being.

Allow yourself the time you need to rest, heal and integrate all that you are. We are being tested and the training wheels are off. Can we look deep into ourselves, see what needs healed and do it with love? Can we love all around us even when we are amazed by the unconscious acts of others? Can we put ourselves first, understanding that we do not have to recreate the old paradigm of sacrifice? Can we break free of all the limitations that we believe exist? In talking with my highest aspect she told me so clearly that the only limits that exist are within the limits of my imagination. It made me realize that even when I allow myself to create and dream of what can be, it has been within parameters. So I have decided to allow myself to dream and believe in the seemingly impossible and I hope you do too.

I hope this finds you well and feeling the excitement of the big changes taking place. Sending you all love ❤


Copyright 2017, Jenny Schiltz

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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **



Source: Energies are pushing us to go beyond | ~ Channeling the Masters ~

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Ascension & Self-Transformation | Healing Energy Tools

Ascension & Self-Transformation

September 22, 2016

Your energetic field is in a state of change and expansion. You have begun to vibrate  at higher levels as your consciousness move more in Read More » Read more

Source: Ascension & Self-Transformation | Healing Energy Tools

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