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Dear Ones,

Moving through April has been like stepping onto a vibrant, high-powered Cosmic Escalator. We have been required to release of hectic mental and physical activity with the willingness to let yourself be carried into an expanded awareness of the new life that is awakening on the Earth. Whether you resist and turn to walk back down the stairs or try to move faster by running up, the speed and movement of the escalator will not change, and you will have only created stress in your inner being.

Far better to surrender to the flow of this Escalator of New Life, being very clear about what you want to experience when you get off the escalator when the time is right.

Oh, you may not know what it will look like, but you surely know deeply the experience that you want to feel, because your intentions are very clear. That deep power of Well-Being within, the sense of Calm Certainty that you can bring to every moment, that expanded perspective that leaves you Alert and Aware of your opportunities: all the qualities of consciousness that you desire to fill your life with, these are the frequencies that you need to hold as you ride the Cosmic Escalator that April has been offering.

Here is your big chance to take your Gyroscope on the road! That inner balance that you drank into your being at the Equinox has given you a powerful tool to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of April’s fiery realms. When you have set forth the advance intention to allow your inner Gyroscope to function as a fully-illuminated resource in the center of your solar plexus, the adjustments will be automatic, without needing your full focus of attention.

We also offer you access to the Violet Flame that was lit in the heart of all humanity in December 2012. This Violet Flame is offering you the ability to transmute all discordant energies within and around your field of activity as you navigate through this new world you are all experiencing.

There are many prayers and affirmations that have been decreed for hundreds of years. These can be used to intercept the ego as it tries to assert its power and disrupt the clear current of energy working within your escalator this month. The ego is not comfortable with surrendering to the flow of God’s Love working in and through you. There is the habit of needing to DO something, ANYTHING, to stop the discomfort of the unknown process you are all involved in as the Evolution of Consciousness at work.

Decrees and Affirmations work as a powerful tool that we can use to empower ourselves in the midst of upheaval.

This is the time you have been waiting for – the ascension of humanity awakening to the Harmony of All That Is. You are experiencing a new world awakening in the 5th Dimension. Bring what you have learned into the present moment and let these tools support you as you are carried on the Cosmic Escalator of your life. It will be as you make it – as you decree, so will it be.

A very simple Violet Flame decree is being offered that you can memorize and use to transmute the impulses and patterns of your egoic thinking. It calls on your I AM Presence, the greater eternal part of you that illuminates your Soul’s journey through life. When you allow yourself to bask in this Divine Presence and receive the Love, your guidance is fully engaged and working for you. You can begin to trust that you are a part of the Infinite Being that blends with your most human self and anchors Light on the planet. This affirmation will still your mind and allow your heart to bring more of the Divine Love you crave into your life.
Beloved Mighty I AM Presence. Sweep out of me every limiting discordant thing. Consume it in the Violet Transmuting Flame this instant,

And set me free in the clear comprehension and feeling of my own Mighty I Am Presence as the only activity in my human form and world.

I AM that Violet Consuming Flame that is all Mastery and all Power to change all things into Divine Perfection right Now.

I AM that I AM in action here, Now and Forever. Almighty I AM. Almighty I AM. Almighty I AM. So Be IT.
Though they may feel awkward and stilted, these vibrant affirmations awaken dormant memories of Unity Consciousness and align your thinking with Divine Thought. When you repeat them, you will experience a vast improvement in your ability to stay focused on Truth and that which is in Harmony with your Soul Purpose. As revealed by the Ascended Masters over the centuries, students of the Light who find the decrees helpful are blessed in the process of freedom, bringing balance into your center – being awake, alert and aware.

New Life has been unfolding throughout the month of April on this Cosmic Escalator of Life.  A beautiful new birth in your life will be the result of this time.

You can feel more centered and at peace when your mind and heart in alignment with the great I AM that you are. And So it Is.

Source: April’s Escalator to New Life > Shanta Gabriel

170426 Journey for Some Reason or Other 6… Message and Ceremony

Saint Germain & OWS ~ Everything is Shifting… Consciousness is Shifting & Evolving ~ April 26, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

Courtesy of roseramblesdotorg

Saint Germain & OWS ~ Everything is Shifting… Consciousness is Shifting & Evolving ~ April 26, 2017

By James McConnell


I AM St. Germain.

I have been coming more often to this group and will be coming more often now yet. For as you understand or are beginning to understand, the times are growing short for you to go about your mission. For Yeshua in his time told his parents, ‘it is time for me to go about my mission.’ And He did. He went on his journey. It is time for each and every one of you to go about your mission the one you came here for. Those moments you have been waiting for are now. They are not in the future, they are now. Be in the perfect now at all times because now is all you have. You no longer have the past. The past is gone. You have the future, yes, to look forward to but if you do not live in the present moment, in the now, what will your future be like? Be in the now. Be in the moment. Go with the flow as One Who Serves continues to say.

Know that as you continue this process, this continuing training process, you are being trained just as we were in our time.

We are all in this together my brothers and sisters. We are all in this together to move ahead, to march forth, everything now is in front of you.

Everything is there just, just a little beyond your reach. But yet if you reach far enough you will pull in the prize. As Sananda has been saying you will cross the finish line. You only need to be patient a little while longer for everything is in motion. Everything is shifting. Consciousness is shifting. Consciousness is evolving. You as consciousness are evolving. You are becoming all you came here to be. You are coming to take control of yourself and all of the situation that you find yourself in. You only need to continue to trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your neighbor and see the beauty in everything and everyone for everyone is beautiful, everyone, no exceptions. Everyone has the God spark within them – some maybe sparked a little bit more but they all have it. Even to the least of our children they all have the spark.

Trust, believe, and all things will be as they need to be. With you as the catalyst, as the light workers and light warriors bring this all forth, bring this new Golden Age into being.

I AM St. Germain. I leave you now in peace and love to continue to go out and share and claim your power. To reach out to more and more and more. The time is nigh. [Read more…]

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you! How are you all feeling here? Are you tired from the entire weekend here? Are you having a grand old time? [Awesome!] You’re awesome?! Yes! Yes! We love this! You are awesome. We are awesome.

But I am no more awesome than you are. St. Germain is no more awesome than you are. And you are no more awesome than we are. We are all in this together as one, working together, shining our lights together. And as we shine our lights together we reach out to more and more and it is time as everyone is telling you now it is time to awaken. Many of you have already awakened but it is time now to reach out and help many more awaken. This is that moment. This is what you came here for. Everyone! No exceptions here. Even the most passive one among you must now begin to step forth and feel his or her power come through them. Because if you don’t do it who will? [Well said.] We think so (laughter). That’s why we say it.

Do you have questions here now for One Who Serves?
Q & A
Q: I have been thinking about helping James expand the personal experience and help more people. I want to know if expanding this venue where we have personal contact and personal presence physical presence (find another larger venue) is something we should be doing? Or is that something that would benefit people?

OWS: As the need arises, as things continue on you will find that all of this is already in the works. It is already being orchestrated here. This group will grow even more, it is destined. And at this point you could not stop it if you wanted to … other than to be able to just say no more, I am not going to do this anymore. But we know that is not going to happen so everything has been set in motion because it is time, as we are saying, to reach out to many more. But how can you do that? You can do that by each one of you taking the power within you and beginning to spread the light your selves. It is not for this one James or a few others to do this for you. It is for you each one to do it for the group. That is the difference. We are asking you now to begin to spread your own lights. Speak to people: those who are ready to listen. But if you don’t open your mouth they won’t know anything here. This is what action is needing to be taken now. Passivity was fine, good for a time. Always be neutral, yes, but it is time now to begin to take action wherever you find yourself able to. Come out of your shells if you find yourself in them because you are the warriors. You are no longer the workers here. You have graduated you might say. You have been initiated as a group. Even to the newest ones coming into this who are part of this, you came here to be the warriors, the warriors of light, to be the sword and the shield of Archangel Michael and Sananda and Sanat Kumara and so on.

You came here to wield this sword not sit back and let others do it for you. That is up to each and every one of you to follow through on this to hear that Clarion Call that has been sounded now. It is the Clarion Call that is going out to all that are yet sleeping but that are the ones that came here to help awaken this new world, this new Golden Age. And you are those ones. You are the ones that are sounding this Clarion Call.

Think of your selves as having a bugle in your hand and blowing it, blowing it out into the winds to all who would listen, all who would hear. And when you do this the Angels will accompany you. They will come behind you and around you and they will sound it with you and together, many more will hear it.

Many more will hear now that alarm clock going off that you all heard at one time or another. They will now hear it as well. For the 144,000 and the many more who have been added to this need to come forth now. Those of the cabal are aware of the light workers and the light warriors. They are very much aware and they are frightened because they know you are the ones that are going to take them down. Not in the form of arrests and imprisonment, certainly not to take them out as you’re saying goes, but to assist in the process that they can be removed. “Those who will not turn to the light will be consumed by the light”. Know this. Reach out.

Q: Let’s say we do want to reach out to people. Is there any help that we can get from the other side on attracting those people that are ready to listen?

OWS: Yes. That is what we are saying here. Take the bugle in hand, the horn in hand and sound it out. And as you do this action, figuratively speaking of course, but as you do this action the Angels will come and accompany you. Together you will reach out to many more. Many more will hear the sound this music above the din of all that is happening in their lives. Their programming will begin to dissipate just as yours is.

Q: I’m somewhat of a literal person so the allegorical bugle is not tracking with me. What does that look like as far as behavior is concerned?

OWS: Allow for the process of sharing. You are already doing it, my friends. You are already sounding that horn wherever you come in contact with ones who are ready. And we are also saying now, allegorically speaking, pick up that horn and begin to blow it. Begin to sound out with your intention, powerful intention: people wake up! Sleepers arise. Listen to your alarm going off. Say it in your affirmations, say it in your meditation and more and more will begin to hear it.

Q: Thank you I get it now. So I can use it with affirmations. So perhaps an affirmation like: It is my intention today to magnetically draw to me those who are ready to listen to this.

OWS: Yes. Yes. Now you got it. Whatever works for any individual. Whatever works. Do it. Do not passively sit back any longer. And each one of you that are here at this advance and each one of you that are on the phone listening, participating, all of you are no longer taking a passive seat. You are moving forth. For as dear sister Marilou is saying you have gotten your “marching orders”. Time to begin marching. Yes, carry the flag as Moses has said.

Q: But what is the Beingness that’s needed right now because you know Jesus had a certain Beingness as to how he related to his audience. Like we were talking about the difference between “you,” saying ‘you … this’ and ‘you …that’, like a teaching and an ‘I this’ and ‘I that’ and I’m guilty as charged of that so I apologize if I come off as teach-y guys but I am a teacher. So what’s the beingness we need to bring forward now for this audience here that will provide?

OWS: Beingness is you. You taking on the God power, the Source power within you and reaching out with that. Just as you heard in the simple reading that was given earlier here from Unveiled Mysteries. This is the Beingness. Let your higher self take control. “I of myself can do nothing but it is the Father within me that doith the works.”

Q: Getting back to the trumpet. There has been stuff coming over the internet and videos where people are hearing this sound. And it does sound like a trumpet to them and it kind of sounded like that to me. I know that at the end a trumpet will be sounded and I think it’s Archangel Michael that sounds his trumpet, but I really think that we are at that place now.

OWS: It is Archangel Gabrielle that is sounding this Clarion Call. It is coming from the ships, many of the ships. It is the call that is going out now. It is the call that is resounding, the sound that is resounding across the entire planet. And more and more are beginning to hear it if not with their physical ears they are hearing it within their consciousness. It is in a sense a wake up. Just as a bugle is sounded at the beginning, in the morning, for the armies, for them to begin their training that day or given their marching orders at that time. It is the same thing. It is real sound. It is the Clarion Call that has been spoken of long ago in your Bible, in your many teachings that you have received. It is those times. It is the end time. You have arrived. We have all arrived.

Q: This is Moses. Greetings One Who Serves. I wanted to ask a clarification on the tools that we should use in this process. In the past we would’ve used technology and internet technologies and that’s been going for years but what other tools can we apply this time because in this particular dimension without funds the reach and the broadcast is going to be limited.

OWS: The tools that you have available are many but we would say the one biggest tool that you have is your voice. Speak out. That is not to say go door-to-door, we’re not saying that. That is not for you to do. But wherever you find the situation, whenever anyone opens a door then it is time for you to open the windows next to the door. Allow more and more light to come through for them.

Q: Would that be in the sense of actually speaking about the ascension and/or will that be in the sense of like say for instance my brother-in-law was always criticizing my sister and it’s been in my mind that I need to say something about this but say it powerfully that really works. Is that the kind of door you’re talking about like not shutting up for that kind of thing?

OWS: Whenever anyone opens a door, in other words they give you an opening, they have a question they are wondering about something. Even the simplest questions that you asked a long time ago: why am I here? What is this all about? When those questions begin to ask the answers begin to come. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. These were not words that were spoken haphazardly. These were words that were given that are universal principles that will always bring the results that are needed. Open your mouth, open your ears, open your eyes. Begin more and more to see the beauty out there, to see the beauty of this beautiful planet. For some that look at the planet and they do not see the beauty that you see. They look at an animal and they do not see the beauty in that animal that you see. Look at a child and they do not see the beauty in that child, the wonder in that child or that animal. They do not feel the gratitude that you feel.

Q: I would like clarification when you say use our voice. Our voice, in my experience, is magnified by technology so when we write an e-mail or we put something on a website or we broadcast on the radio, that’s all our voice.

OWS: Yes! Yes. There is mouth to mouth where you speak to someone directly but there is the technology that you have available. It is the internet that has made all of this possible now, all of the truth to come forward. Without this – and this was a gift from on high – without this you would not be where you are today. The truth would not be coming out. And incidentally the truth is going to come out in a deluge very shortly. You are going to be seeing more and more, you are going to be hearing more and more, and you’re going to be reading more and more. Of all of the things that have been kept in the shadows for so long will now see the light of the day.

For those that have kept within those shadows are going to be revealed for who and what they are and what they have done. It is not up to you to judge them. It is up to them to judge themselves.

Q: Last night we went outside and we saw a fly-by, like a flash. Can you tell us who or what that was?

OWS: You already know the answer to that. It has already been said. Say it out loud. What was it? [UFO!] More specifically. [The New Jerusalem.] Yes. [It was like a quick hello or a quick wink.] Yes.

Yes. They flashed to you. They said “Look! We are here and we know you are there.” And it was such a bright flash what else could it have been?! A flashlight in the distance … a weather balloon up there. [Laughter] It could not have been anything else but. And it was just for you.

OWS: We are needing to release channel now. We are going to be back certainly again this evening to, what is you’re saying, come close to wrapping this up. Although there is still tomorrow where we will make ourselves known once more one more last time here… Not last time … you know what we mean. For the weekend here. We are not leaving forever. You cannot get rid of us that easy! But we will be back here this evening and we have a wonderful experience planned.

We are going to take you into the future. We are going to take you ahead to get a glimpse of what is coming – not too far into the distant future but shortly and you are going to begin to get an indication of what you can expect and how it will transpire. But we’re going to leave it up to you to say all of these things. We are going to guide it, yes, but we are not going to take it over. We are not going to control it, we are not going to tell you what you’re seeing. We are going to let you tell us.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channel: James McConnell

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Source: Saint Germain & OWS ~ Everything is Shifting… Consciousness is Shifting & Evolving ~ April 26, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

Antarctic Markings Discovered, Snowden Tweets, Electric Anomalies @ North Pole ~ April 26, 2017


Jodan Sather comes to us again today to keep us aware of “soft disclosure” located in Antarctica. Stay tuned folks…it’s all starting to come out! Jordan also informs us about Snowden’s latest info coming out about FBI’s association with Pedogate.

Please listen, let Jordan help you to connect the dots, and…


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Latest Message – Personal Pathways of Light – Linda Robinson, the Angelic Realm & the Divine Feminine welcome you!

Courtesy of Personal Pathways of Light


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ May 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“Letting Go and Allowing”

Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light. Today, we wish to discuss letting go and allowing.There are many energetic changes occurring on your planet. Each time there is an energy shift, existing energetic patterns are affected. These shifts may enhance an existing pattern, or they may cause great disruption. You may experience this shift as peaceful if the change enhances the pattern, or you may feel distress if the change is not harmonious for you. You may find that the patterns are constantly changing and that before you can adjust to the current change, another one has occurred.

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, or layers of energy, are constantly working to accommodate the changes. The new incoming energy has a much different pattern and frequency, and this allows you to continue on your ascension path.

These shifts can affect your priorities, intentions, thoughts and actions. They may extend to relationships and long-established patterns and ways of doing things.

The new, higher-frequency energy tends to shake things up and invites you to a new way of being. It is offering you an opportunity to take a fresh look at areas where you may have been considering an adjustment.

The new energy is inviting you to move to a higher level of consciousness.

It is inviting you to consider letting go of what no longer serves you and allowing yourself to flow with new possibilities.

When these energy shifts are taking place, it is important to be aware of how you feel personally with each shift. A regular assessment of where you are on your path allows you to decide whether you wish to make any changes in your current patterns and practices.

A shift in letting go and allowing may be very simple, or it may be more profound.

For example, it may be a gentle decision to change your time of getting up in the morning or taking a different route when you are going to a familiar location.

It may be feeling drawn to read something that presents a new way of thinking about topics.

Or, it may be more profound, such as a move to a new location.

Whenever you are assessing any area of your life on your current path, the key is to be open and allow yourself to imagine other possibilities. This does not mean you must select each option you imagine. It is rather tuning in with your heart and mind simultaneously to determine what the right fit is for you at any given moment.

When you do this, you are letting go of rigid thinking and allowing yourself to flow with the new energy.

Then you are able to determine whether you wish to make changes in any area of your path. You may find that you are exactly where you want to be. If you find that you wish to make a change in any area, you are able to flow with the change in a gentle manner.

When you allow yourself to flow with the new energy, you are remaining open to new thoughts and ideas. You begin to see new ways of being, which can lead to moving higher in consciousness.

The key to the process is to be open and allow. When you do this in a relaxed state of being, you are more likely to receive flashes of insight and messages from your guides.

Then you can evaluate whether these insights and messages feel right for you and are logical for you. Your process of discernment increases during this evaluation. You become more aware of what is right for you and what is not. If you receive flashes of insight or messages that you do not feel are right for you, you can simply discard them.

As you let go and allow, you are in a state of flow with the energy. Your consciousness increases and rises, and your awareness expands to a multidimensional level.

When you ask for the highest and best for all as you do this process, your Light shines throughout the dimensions.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are open to letting go and allowing as the new energy enters your environment. We are sending you Light as you continue on your ascension path.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst

…and WE surround you with love

And so it is.

Copyright © 2017. Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, http://www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com. This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Source: Latest Message – Personal Pathways of Light – Linda Robinson, the Angelic Realm & the Divine Feminine welcome you!

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Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: “My Partial, Personal Disclosure” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17

Courtesy of Ascension with Mother Earth

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

“My Partial, Personal Disclosure” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17

Received via email from One Who Knows…..
 My Partial, Personal Disclosure

It seems that it is time, in the final hours of our transition to our new World and Golden Age, that I Disclose some information about who I am and why I am here. To be frank, I have only recently learned of my mission due to certain events taking place. I will reveal much more later in a story that I am writing with Sephora who has been a part of my mission for 900,000 years since the sinking of Atlantis.

My Friendship With Grandfather Read more

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: “My Partial, Personal Disclosure” – One Who Knows – 4.25.17

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