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Just Hours till Solstice Stargate Activations!

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The Solstice energies are ramping up as we move into the powerful Stargate Activations on June 20-21st. I love this special cosmic event each year, as we’re immersed in a field of galactic photonic rays pulsing from the Great Central Sun. It is a moment in spacetime that illuminates the world around us! It is revealing, reverent and universal!

Every year the Solstice Stargate initiates new ascension upgrades to your mind, heart and body. With active participation, you have available to you a moment of immense potential…an opening to vast possibilities. It is a moment of clarity, the evaporation of veils. As you stand in the Crystal Stargate of Source, the divine reveals your true essence in a flash of illumination. It is a profound homecoming!

On June 20th I will be broadcasting with Manette our annual Solstice Global Activations, including your powerful heart-centered intentions to birth a new 5D earth. The Solstice upgrades contribute to activating your light body merkaba and enhance your ability to perform alchemy – the active creation of your physical reality.

Join other Light Warriors from around the world and seed your intentions in birthing alive the New Earth on June 20th at 5pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles).

Lovingly, Meg
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Source: Just Hours till Solstice Stargate Activations!

One Ascension Level up! What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience

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Found at Blue Dragon Journal

Note: By no means does this blog intend to put stamps or labels onto people and put some people over others. No one is better or worse, as we are all part of the whole. The categorization used in this article is only there to help understanding symptoms and the awakening and ascension process better. The transitions between the waves are fluent. 


After we had just experienced some seemingly lasting peace and balance, we are now pushed into the next phase of awakening and ascension heading into the Solstice Gateway that has opened already. It can feel like being back to square one. Deep grief is triggered to the surface, which is especially related to people that are dear to us and we need to let go of for now as they are not able to hold our frequency yet. And this causes a sensation, as if none of the work done had had a lasting effect. Of course. that is not the case. We are simply moving through the next level into the next layers. It can be compared to a computer game. Once you have mastered one level, then you are re-playing it with a higher degree of challenges. You had to train and prepare mentally, emotionally and physically to be able to reach that next phase. Again, although many are tired of the term… it is a blessing in disguise. More than ever, it is important to trust the energies and the universal flow, knowing that nothing is as it seems to be on the surface. 


We have entered another intense energetic gateway to not only receive a lot of new information and upgrades but also enter the next level of detachment and letting go. The individual processes differ – depending what Ascension Wave people are in (see this article for more info on the ascension waves). The first movers have now entered the phase of embodiment, mainly dealing with the physical body. The early adopters are now getting into their core fears to finalize the cleansing of their emotional bodies. The early majority is still flip flopping between mental spirals and emotional breakouts, without really understanding what is going on and why they are so sensitive to all these energies around them all of a sudden. The question of “Who am I, and why am I here?” is keeping them busy, paired with the sense of “something is wrong here”. The late majority and the non-adaptors are still asleep and are not even realizing that this energetic shift on the planet is going on.

I will split the current symptoms and experiences into the different waves for a better understanding why not everyone is experiencing the same things at the same time.


First Movers / Innovators


In the first four months of the year, the first movers had managed to dissolve their last core fears that were still stored in their emotional bodies. The emotional and mental bodies of this wave are now shiny and clean. Nothing and no-one can trigger them anymore, as there are no fear-frequencies left that people could resonate in them. The first movers are now fully ready to assist people with biggest trauma and pain, as it will not drain them anymore.

“First movers can only feel compassion as they passively remember how the pain once felt, but they cannot actively recall it anymore. They cannot suffer with people.”

They can only feel compassion as they passively remember how this once felt, but they cannot actively recall the pain. They cannot suffer with people. Being anchored in this neutral zone automatically has the same effect with everything that goes on in 3D. The first movers have completely left the old 3D timeline and are no longer able to relate to any of the drama and chaos going on in the 3D reality. They cannot even receive and take in this information anymore. Reading a newspaper article on Brexit or the situation in the US feels like reading a text in Swahili. Like a radio station that you are too far away from and can no longer tune into. All of this is perceived as an unreal and fake hologram – a system that keeps itself busy and distracted without making any sense from a higher perspective. First movers are living completely in the now and a heart centered and heart led life. They have logged out of the system as far as possible, not having any obligations or dependencies. The mind’s only function now is to set intentions.

Although the feminine and masculine energies are well balanced now within the individuals of this ascension wave, there is an extremely large proportion of those that were the carriers of more feminine energy (not gender related). So even this wave, so well balanced now on the energetic level, still has to deal with the physical balancing – most of the time without having a divine partner around. On a physical level, that can still cause a feeling of loneliness – as most of the counterparts are still part of the early and sometimes even late majority wave (energetically speaking, for more info read more here).


After a couple of weeks of relief and feeling pretty balanced and centred, this wave has now entered the period of embodiment and physical release. And that is very logical as the physical energetic body is the densest of all of them. Now that the other energetic bodies around it are clean, the road is clear for the cellular releases of deep trauma that was stored into the physical body when the emotional body was overloaded.

And that lead to some surprises within the past weeks. After an accelerated time, now everything seems to move very slowly. All of a sudden thought spirals and emotional breakouts were back, and yet it felt different. Deeper. Older. Repeating the past somehow but also somehow unreal. This is how cellular memory releases feel like. As the body pushes them out, they take form in worries and doubts and nothing seems to work to stop the mind. And you can’t. It is simply an expression of energy in the mental body. Like a projector in the movie theatre playing that movie for the last time. In a second wave of release, the emotional body is doing the same thing, expressing this memory in emotions. Deep grief, anger, disappointment are expressed for the last time. The last wave of release is the physical body either shaking it out through muscle twitches, or an overwhelming longing to have deep tissue massages or similar will assist the physical body to let it go. This can take several rounds and will result in an absolutely healthy, self-sustainable and well-balanced physical body, aligned with and in perfect harmony with all other energetic bodies. So it is very important to listen closely to the needs of the physical body.

“It is a time of deep resting and integrating with an intense need for sleep. These cellular releases are happening in parallel to major DNA upgrades, which adds into physical stress.”

It is a time of deep resting and integrating with an intense need for sleep (although sleep often does not feel like sleep anymore but more like a resting while being awake). These cellular releases are happening in parallel to major DNA upgrades, which adds into the physical stress.

Despite all of this, the first movers manage to stay pretty calm and just embrace and accept what is, with the deep knowing that this is the next level. In between the physical releases, they are well-balanced and neither unhealthy and extreme bliss waves nor despair waves are experienced anymore. They have let go of any need of control and are fully trusting the flow and live according to the universal energetic laws.


Early Adopters


This ascension waves is now truly getting to the core of their fear. They are triggered and people push their buttons, until they truly surrender to let go. Dealing with the core wound is the deepest emotional pain imaginable. The release is no fun, and has to be done in waves, because letting it go at once would be too much for the own system to deal with. So, although it seems relentless, this is the sign that you are indeed reaching the core and are almost done with cleansing your emotional body. Death wish is quite common in this wave right now.

“People of the early adopter wae still tend to drop back into the human perspective and into victim consciousness, trying to figure out what is going on with their mind.”

People of the early adopter wave still tend to drop back into the human perspective and into victim consciousness, trying to figure out what is going on with their mind. Those are the last attempts of the ego to get back into the lead and to distract you from staying in your authenticity and heart center – where you are connected to Source and all that is. There is still mistrust in the process left and a need to control things to reach a certain outcome.

Members of this wave can still feel very drained by other people, especially when they work as coaches and/or therapists, as they are still resonating parts in them that are related to the core fear. This will stop immediately after the core fear has been completely transformed. The inner child plays the key role in this healing and it needs full attention and compassion to understand what is truly needed now.

Early adopters still tend to get caught up in the drama that goes on on this planet. Terrorist attacks, wars, political events, stock market developments etc. are still causing worries, anxieties and fears. They often fall back into the pattern of trying to solve things on the outside, forgetting in those moments, that the only way to change things in to go within and change oneself. That is the only way to shift into a different reality in a different frequency. Early adopters are permanently switching between 3D, 4D and 5D frequencies, as they are mentally and emotionally not able yet to fully anchor in 5D. They are switching between heart and mind. The result are intense bliss waves followed by deep pain again. All of this is part of the final balancing of masculine and feminine energies within. Also in this wave, there is a larger proportion of the carriers of the more feminine energy (not gender related), but often, divine counterparts (energetically, not physically) are part of the same wave.

Healing your inner child is the fast track to raise your frequency and shift your reality. Start your Online Course now.



This wave is also receiving physical / DNA upgrades and has also to deal with physical ailments. These are not related to cellular releases though. Partially these are ascension symptoms, partially it is the physical body supporting to push the rest of the core fear out of the emotional body, preparing for cellular releases once completed.


Early Majority


The early majority had been triggered into their awakening process by all the chaos happening on the planet right now. This feeling of – something is very wrong here, and there must be a different way to live became more and more present over the last months. The longing for a different life and for true freedom was awakened and yet the members of this wave still have a hard time to accept this inner soul calling. They are still trying to talk themselves into “no, everything is great, and I should be happy with what I got”. Nevertheless, they get triggered every time they interact with people from the first mover and early adopter wave, as those are mirroring back to them their true desires and wishes: Being authentic and free, not having to live up to others expectations anymore.

“The early majority feels inspired and annoyed at the same time, as the comfort zone had become so dear to them. And yet, they somehow know deep down inside that they are lying to themselves and that this is not the life they want.”

They feel inspired and annoyed at the same time, as the comfort zone had become so dear to them. And yet they somehow know deep down inside that they are lying to themselves and that this is not the life they want. With every trigger, they feel more uncomfortable. That can result in anger, frustration, disappointment with self and others. All of these are signs that the ultimate grief of not being able to be their true self in their momentary world and reality is surfacing. At the moment, they are still suppressing most of it. Change is always very scary when you still have expectations for a certain outcome and the need to control things. Nevertheless, their souls keep pushing now and they have these moments of being in the heart, getting first glimpses of what living a heart-centered life truly means and how beautiful it feels to be completely in the moment and in the flow. The question of “Who am I and what is my purpose” keeps them busy. They are getting more sensitive to the energies around them as well and experience some ascension symptoms for the first time and some “paranormal” experiences, such as astral travels, out of body experiences, intense deja vus etc. are common. They need more alone time, and many are entering their dark night of the soul, not seeing any sense in living anymore. The balancing of masculine and feminine energies has just started in this wave. Depending on whether carrying more feminine or more masculine energies, the processes differ. The one’s with more feminine energies have been experiencing more emotional cleansing first, while the one’s with more masculine energy had gone through more thought based and mental spiralling. This starts to flip around now, which leads to a lot of uncomfortableness and fear of the fear.



The Late Majority, the Laggards and the “Non-Adaptors”


Nothing has changed for the Late Majority, Laggards and Non-Adaptors since the last article. So I am just copying what was written back then:

These groups are just wondering about all this chaos on the planet and are trying to solve it for themselves by going into the usual and well-known fear patterns and relying on the beliefs they have learned.

These groups are presently still completely asleep and still experience their reality from a fear based ego perspective. They are in competition mode and believe in the theory of the “Survival of the Fittest”. Spirituality to them is absolutely bollocks and people experiencing this need a medical treatment in their view. They can only see and feel the human drama and are either going into victim or perpetrator mode.They interpret, they judge, they blame. For them, the world is a dark place where everyone is on their own and needs to fight hard for their existence. There is only fear and lack frequencies with rare moments of joy. The ego is in the lead and keeps them in the past or in the future, constantly projecting things that are not real. Their energetic system is completely closed including the heart center, so there is no way they can feel the new energies and the unconditional love that comes with them. They are absolutely convinced that the matrix they are living in is the only reality. Nevertheless, they experience the increase in energies physically. They also have to deal with physical symptoms and headaches. Depending on the stamina of their physical body, heart attacks, strokes, cancer etc. can show up quickly and unexpectedly, as the physical body is not able to deal with these frequencies very well. Many of these souls have chosen to not make the transition into the fifth dimension while being alive.

“It is so important to recognize, that neither is better or worse or further advanced or lagging behind. We are simply at different stages energetically, but we are all part of a bigger organism. Everyone is important.”

It is so important to recognize, that neither is better or worse or further advanced or lagging behind. We are simply at different stages energetically but we are all part of a bigger organism. And everyone is important and has an individual task in the overall system. Once we realize that linear time is an illusion itself, non of these labels or categories matter anymore. We have all made our choice what we want to experience and how, and we are always responsible for our own reality. We create our own reality with our energetic frequency we are emitting – this is what we resonate with while moving through our experience called life.

If you feel ready to work on raising your frequency, to align all of your bodies, to connect with like-hearted people within a unique environment, come to one of our “Own It! Retreats”!

You want a true change in your life and reality? Although spiritual awakening can become quite challenging, there are many simple ways to navigate it as smooth and effective as possible. The key: Learning the language of Energy. Check out  the wake up program that I have created for you, to make this journey an exciting life changer for you! 

Enjoy what you read? I am grateful for your support of my blog and writing and appreciate your contribution today. Thank you ❤

Source: One Ascension Level up! What the different Waves experience – Wake Up Experience

Fear is a Choice, Nothing More by Suzanne Spooner | TAUK Messages

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Courtesy of TAUK Messages

Fear is a Choice, Nothing More by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

I created the YouTube clip below to share with you insight into the chaotic times we are in and our opportunity to entertain the concept of fear or not. Fear is a wonky scenario that disguises itself as worry, concern, victimhood, the list goes on. But it also is a quick energy drain and pulls our vibration down. When our vibration is down we don’t expand or elevate our lives. Fear is on the third dimensional scale of duality and separation.

But here is the secret. Fear is a choice. Now, I’m not saying in the moment of something traumatic that it isn’t normal to feel fear but we always have the option to see things from a wider perspective. When you can gain a wider perspective it’s like turning the lights on in a room where you perceived the boogy man to be! Voila! Nothing there. WE bring the light by focusing on love and joy and being more of an observer than a participant.

We create our experiences in all forms. Focus on fear, it grows. Focus on calm, it grows. Simple. I created this little clip with some fear-stopping suggestions. I hope you enjoy, share and consider deleting fear from your experience.

Much Love,



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Source: Fear is a Choice, Nothing More by Suzanne Spooner | TAUK Messages

Message from Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson – “Receiving the Light of Consciousness” | Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

Courtesy of Pauline Battell

Message from Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson – “Receiving the Light of Consciousness”

Angel Painting by Carlos Alberto Quintero @ Fine Art America


Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ June 2017

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson

“Receiving the Light of Consciousness”


Greetings Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Archeia Holy Amethyst, and we greet you in Love. Today, we wish to discuss receiving the Light of consciousness.The rarified Light of higher frequency is reaching your planet at a much faster rate and with increasing intensity than you have previously experienced. It is circulating in and around the Universe to bring opportunities for advancement to all life forms. It is inviting you to experience the feeling of lightness for advancement in consciousness.The Light of consciousness is a vibrational frequency, rather than a solid form. Therefore, the call to receive the Light of consciousness may appear in many ways. It may appear as a soothing, gentle form of energy. It may feel like a soft breeze even though the wind is not blowing. It may sound like a gentle melody, or it may be a thought that drifts into your mind. It may even be a beautiful rainbow or the fragrance of your favorite flower. Whatever form it takes, when you are open and ready to receive this Light, it will appear.

When you say yes to receiving the invitation for the Light of consciousness, it will drift gently around you. Its sparkling points of Light flow softly into your energy field and blend with your existing energetic pattern. You can regulate the amount of flow by communicating with the Light to let it know when you are ready to receive more. Then it becomes a partnership between you and the Light.

It is inviting you to rise to a higher point of consciousness, and you are agreeing to carry this higher vibrational Light for the greatest good of all.

Preparation for receiving the Light of consciousness is an ongoing process. The more you prepare to receive the Light, the more easily you can incorporate it into your energy field. The more Light you incorporate, the more you are able to receive.

As we have discussed with you in previous messages, letting go of old, outdated ways of thinking can enhance this process.

Being aware of your thought patterns allows you to monitor your current state of being. As you review your day, you can assess whether your thoughts have enhanced your progress or whether you would make adjustments under similar circumstances in the future.

For example, change is a constant in the 3D world. When you align your thought patterns to reflect the concept that change is continually occurring, you can be more prepared for it. You realize that even though you may not like certain changes, they may happen and you can strengthen your inner resources so that you will be more likely to remain centered during these times. Daily practices of meditation and quiet time can help you build your inner resources.

If you find that you have certain thought patterns that occur regularly and cause you distress, you may decide to take a time out to reflect on what other thoughts and feelings are behind these thoughts. Very often, the presenting or first thought around a situation has an underlying thought or feeling associated with it. When you are aware of these patterns, you have the option to change the thought or to keep it. Even though you may not be able to change the situation, you are aware of and in control of your thoughts around it.

Then, you are able to allow new, more inclusive and expanded thought patterns to form in your consciousness. This will help to form new pathways into which the Light can flow.

As these new pathways form, you may find yourself open to even more expanded thought patterns. You may become aware of new ways of looking at situations that you had never considered prior to your expanded consciousness. You may be able to see all sides of a situation and understand each viewpoint while remaining clear about which viewpoint represents your current state of consciousness. It does not mean you must agree with each viewpoint. It is simply observing and being aware of each viewpoint.

The observation and awareness allow you to be in the position of the observer. Because you are merely observing, you are not drawn in on an emotional level to what is occurring.

You are able to ask for highest good. When you do this, then you are able to receive even more Light of consciousness. This lifts you to a higher vibratory level. As you receive more Light, it flows out from you to all who are around you, and it extends throughout the Universe.

It is a continuing process and cycle. The greater your understanding, the more Light of consciousness you are able to receive. You expand your own progression on the ascension path, and you are able to be of even greater service by radiating your Light and by being the magnificent Being of Light that you are.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are expanding your ability to receive the Light of consciousness. We are with you as you travel this magnificent path of awareness and the Light of consciousness.

Know that you are greatly loved.WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love

And so it is.

Copyright © 2017. Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


Source: Message from Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson – “Receiving the Light of Consciousness” | Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

MORAG: “Energy Update: Tidal Wave Activates Portals to Higher Dimensions” | Dreaming With Dolphins

MORAG: “Energy Update: Tidal Wave Activates Portals to Higher Dimensions”


Earth warriors, lightworkers portals are open as we move towards our solstice. Portals of higher frequencies, fifth dimension and beyond, creating a tidal wave of lighter vibrational energy  Read more

Source: MORAG: “Energy Update: Tidal Wave Activates Portals to Higher Dimensions” | Dreaming With Dolphins

L’AURA PLEIADIAN: ” New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd, 2017 ~ A Parallel World” | Dreaming With Dolphins

L’AURA PLEIADIAN: ” New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd, 2017 ~ A Parallel World”

Super Moon In Cancer.jpg

“The Parallel worlds exist now as dimensions of consciousness.  You exist in them.  As YOU shift within your own awareness you open up to more of YOU that eternally knows itself as its Divine Ascended State of consciousness.  This parallel world VERSION of YOU ~ is the life beyond your wildest imagination.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

Read more

Source: L’AURA PLEIADIAN: ” New Moon in Cancer, June 23rd, 2017 ~ A Parallel World” | Dreaming With Dolphins

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