Suzan Caroll

November 10, 2011




At the moment of the opening you must completely surrender to the Portal. You must fully release your old life and be “re-born” to your new. With this total surrender, you will release the fear and third dimensional thinking that bonds you to third/fourth dimensional Earth. Releasing the fear and third dimensional thinking means that every person, place, situation and thing that causes you fear and demands that you limit yourself to third dimensional, time-bound thinking needs to be released. Most important, at the same time that you release the old, fear-based components of the third/fourth dimension, you embrace the exact replica of the new, love-based expressions of your present reality that is resonating to a higher frequency expression within the NOW of the ONE. Continue reading “Suzan Caroll”


Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle 11.7.11

10 November 2011 – 2:37pm 

Dratzo! We return!

Your world is moving ever deeper into transformation. A wide range of activities to bring about change are making headway, despite the best efforts of the dark cabal to crush opposition to several tyrants who are bent on keeping an iron grip on their unpopular regimes. Furthermore, the number of nations signing on to the agreements of last spring continues to rise. Meanwhile, our prime focus is the swift change of governance in the major nations as this will make disclosure possible. We have informed our Earth allies that after the initial announcements are made and the many social programs are well underway, a disclosure broadcast is a must, as a pronouncement of this magnitude is essential to moving our personnel into a more public role. Further, your dark cabal has many unseen faces who are best removed once we achieve a more public position in these matters. Disclosure marks a point-of-no-return on your path to full consciousness, freedom, and personal sovereignty, Continue reading “Sheldan Nidle”

The Oracle Report

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon Phase

Today there is a need to clean out some of our old habits and routines that are internal.   There is an inner clutter of emotions and left-over beliefs that will restrict what we experience today.  We need to air out things.  This is an intense Full Moon Phase and things are trying to come to light and out into the open.  Full Moon Fever is strong and people are having provocative reactions.  It is all happening to clear out the old. The end of the Mayan Calendar was the end of the restrictive effects of time.  The past no longer holds the power it did.  Remember that on the last day of the calendar, October 28, 2011, we were given everything that we need.  It is all inside and ready for us to access it in our own time.

Denise Le Fay

The Preparation Work for 11-11-11


I mentioned in a brief post on November 2nd that my computer suddenly stopped working on October 28, 2011—the end of the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. I insisted however that it work long enough to let me get back online to let people know why I’d gone quiet and wasn’t publishing Comments, writing new articles, or answering emails so it worked briefly on Nov. 2–3, then permanently died. I was able to buy a new computer a couple of days ago and I’m happy to be back online finally. As many of you already know and/or have been experiencing yourselves too, there have been very specific reasons why I was literally removed (“unplugged” as Lisa Renee recently called it) from being able to get online and do what I’m used to doing at TRANSITIONS.


Throughout October 2011 some further transmuting/embodying (Ascension) symptoms grew in strength all month (and still are today as I write this on Nov. 8th). For me these symptoms were increased exhaustion and another bout of falling asleep almost every afternoon for hours! Sleeping at any time other than nighttime was unheard of for me, yet, these late 2011 energies simply force one out of their body during the daytime for multiple reasons. (Again, your mileage may vary due to whether you’ve been transmuting/embodying these particular energies now or not.) Continue reading “Denise Le Fay”

Karen Doonan

Archangel Metatron meditation to allow the release of the old…

Dear ones I am Archangel Metatron and I come to guide and support ALL as the human race moves towards the gateway that will see the new unfold across the planet earth. I wish to communicate a meditation to help those who are having difficulty allowing the old to dissolve in order for the new to be shown to them. There is no reason for guilt dear ones, there is not reason for berating that part of yourself that knew no better at the time. Hindsight is a tool of illusion and bears no resemblance to TRUTH. For how could you have reacted any other way at the time you did?

For those who are holding on, for those who are finding the old is trying to dissolve but the fear of the new is too vast I invite you to join me in the meditation that I will communicate. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Patrice Thompson

Astrology November 9, 2011: Veiled Neptune Stations Direct!

09 Wednesday Nov 2011

Posted by Patrice Thompson in Daily astrology November 2011


The Moon’s ingress into plodding, deliberate Taurus the Bull (2:46 am EST) is an elixir for all things practical. The Taurus Moon is generally a very good grounding or stabilizing influence. It’s also ideal for gardening or planting activities, especially for planting above ground crops today, as the Moon is working up to its Full Moon phase tomorrow in this sign.

Too, the Moon’s monthly conjunction with buoyant Jupiter (10:21 am EST), the largest planet in our solar system, can help to put us in more hopeful and generous spirit, with Jupiter often billed as the cosmic Santa Claus. The Moon is also forming a potent trine to healing, regenerating Pluto, in success-oriented Capricorn (2:08 pm EDT), which is another earth sign. With Moon-Pluto energy, we often receive added clarity or insight into matters and can successfully re-plot our courses or strategies as a result. It is also an excellent influence for locating missing objects or ferreting out what has been hidden in general, including hidden within our subconscious (Pluto rules psychology and psychotherapy). Continue reading “Patrice Thompson”




Bright Blessings BE You ~


as you are entering a NEW space of vibrational frequency ~ many feel this “suspended state” of BEingness ~ Duly noted and reminding each Soul that reads here … alignment of Your DIVINE Sacredness is ALWAYS alignment with GREAT SPIRIT! There are so MANY messages coming through so many places and spaces … it is IMPERATIVE that EACH SOUL … strive to MAINTAIN, HOLD and ANCHOR THEIR OWN LIGHT!


The “old” is dissipating ~ and from your perch of vibrational value, One can SEE and FEEL the anticipation of NEW Creations. Long this Journey, many chose paths of great “struggles / lessons” ~ the remnants fleeting and flowing away ~ realizing that the ONLY way to Higher Consciousness is through ONEs OWN HEARTSPACE ~ that ~ Nothing * No Thing~ out there / outside of SoulSelf ~ can or will raise your vibration … can “fix” you (you are not nor were You ever “broken”) ~ realizing it is NOT another Soul’s job to make you “believe” WHO or WHAT You are … it is ALL WITHIN YOU … others have LENT you many scenarios to contribute to your Sacred Journey … only to come to this space of ~ ~ ~ YOU ARE the KEY to the DOOR of YOUR OWN JOURNEY ~ realizing that GRATITUDE is the energetical force of opening Your Heart! BEing Grateful for ALL and EACH encounter, event, experience, expression ~ in and upon our Journey … has led to NOW … this MOMENT OF PRESENCE ~ the ONLY MOMENT THAT MATTERS ~ Full of Grace and Gratitude! Continue reading “LoveLight”

Natalie Glasson

11-11-11 Energy Wave and Activation by Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady
Portia- Part 2
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 09-11-11

In our previous communication we explained the qualities of love from truth, openness, unity
and happiness, we will continue with our clarification of the remaining qualities of the 11-11-11
energy wave.


The quality of empowerment is extremely important within the energy wave; it is the energy of
enhancement and magnification. As we enter into the new cycle of 2012 there is a need to
focus on what we wish to create and manifest physically but also along our spiritual paths.
The energy of empowerment will magnify our desires and allow them to manifest with a
greater speed. It is important to choose what we wish to magnify and at this time it is essential
to remain connected to your soul and the Creator, with a strong awareness of the thoughts
and emotions that you are creating. Continue reading “Natalie Glasson”

John Smallman

An enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields

11/09/2011 by John Smallman

November 11th 2011 is of great significance, as an enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields to mightily assist you with the process of your awakening. Many on earth who have been focusing purely on the physical or material environment that the illusion provides will receive a sharp shock or jolt that will bring to their awareness a realization that there is much more to life than they had thought. There will be a large increase in the numbers of people embarking on spiritual quests as they experience “aha!” moments, giving them a sudden intuitive sense of the vast realms that exist beyond the physical and that, until now, they had thought were the unreal imaginings of the mentally unbalanced.

When their surprise eases they will experience a feeling of pure joy and excitement as they discover a hidden inner knowing that tells them that life is far, far more than a few decades of bodily existence followed by death and extinction.

This realization, occurring to so many, will bring with it an understanding that Love is their true nature, Continue reading “John Smallman”




November is an extremely intense, fast paced, action-packed month full of unprecedented change and huge breakthroughs. The scope of the breakthroughs we experience will be determined by how True we are. If we are resistant to change, it may be a difficult month. Many people are scared by the vast scale of the changes because it looks like everything is breaking apart and it is. But if we embrace these changes that make space for the entrance of the New and True, it will be immensely exciting.

On November 11, 2011, we will experience a major RESET as the massive Wheels within Wheels click into position, one after another. This RESET represents a Mua of immense proportions. (A Mua is the beginning of a major cycle.) This RESET opens something totally new and sets off a series of triggers that will create a series of Major Intersections of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE.

11:11:11 is the moment that all our beings have been waiting for, for ages!!! It is an awesome event that will anchor something much huger that we can even imagine.

AFTER 11/11/11:

Many things will click into position on myriad levels. Many of us will be pushed out of our old lives and propelled into our new ones. We will be pushed out of who we were and become who we really are. We will be led to our right people and places.

November’s RESET changes everything. It’s similar to installing a new operating system on a computer. After we do this, some software programs no longer work; others need to be updated. There are new apps and new programs that must be installed so we can fully function in our New True Lives.

After the RESET, we will be reviewing our core beliefs and determining which ones are still relevant. We will be sorting through our possessions, activities and relationships to see what still belongs with us. Many of us will move to a new location. Many will quit their jobs and create something totally different to do that is infinitely more fulfilling.

While some of the profound changes caused by the RESET will be immediately apparent, others will take time to fully feel and integrate. This is because the RESET will spread out into all the directions in a series of waves that increasingly cause more and more elements to click into position. It happens in this manner because we simply couldn’t handle it if everything happened at once and because some things can’t click into position until other elements first click into position.

11/11/11’s RESET will also set off a huge wave of Ho’o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. During the next few months, many of us will find ourselves returning to the places of our old lives. We will go back as WHO WE ARE NOW, True Ones, to complete any unfinished business, to gather up scattered fragments of ourselves, to make things right that were left unbalanced, to let go of things, and to say a final goodbye to The Way Things Used To Be.

This is really necessary because we haven’t realized how much we are weakened by the residue from the past that we still carry. It’s like carrying a large pile of rocks on our backs. We’ve been carrying them for so long that we no longer notice how heavy they are. When we fully step into our True Lives, we will be strong, free and totally ready for them.

The foundations of our New True Lives are not simply an expansion of our old foundations. We don’t just shift the elements of our old lives to a new location. We don’t move from our old house to a similar house in our New Landscape. Or leave our old job to take a similar job in a new location. This is not a New Life; it is simply moving our old life to a different landscape, not to our New Landscape.

True Lives require new foundations that are vastly expanded. If we try to look for our New True Lives from a personal vantage point, we will not be able to see them. True Lives are totally different from what we have known. They require absolutely new ways of living and totally new ways of doing everything.

Our new foundations are not based on personal interests or personal preferences, but on rightness and Trueness. Instead, they are created by coming together with a group of kindred people united in a common purpose. Together as ONE, we create our new foundation. That’s when everything brilliantly clicks into position.

Solara’s complete NOVEMBER 2011 Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

All material copyrighted 1989 -2011 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  9-November-2011

Events continue to move on at a faster pace than previously, and the world looks on at the decline in Europe that will have far reaching implications. The problem in finding a solution, is that there is insufficient money to fund any form of help or bail out. As we have informed you, the old system can no longer serve those countries involved and a new one will have to be found that completely addresses the problem. The answer is of course waiting in the wings, and our allies will present their plan at the appropriate time. Be assured that the inconvenience to you will be short lived, and we will be behind those invested with the responsibility to bring the new plan in. Change must come and since your needs were identified, we have enlisted the help of people of authority to carry it through with all speed. Those of the darkness whom we have already identified will be stopped from interfering, and if need be removed to places where they are unable to do so.

We have some allies that would surprise you, who know that the threat that hung over the world would have affected virtually all countries. The Illuminati had ambitions to conquer the world, and not one would have been safe from their intentions. Fortunately the danger has passed, and in time all vestiges of the their military forces and bases will be removed. Peace is coming and will have been established before Ascension, Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gibbous Moon Phase

Today is powerful!  A surge of feminine energy is reverberating throughout the planet.  On the surface, this would seem a wonderful thing, and in many ways it is.    Even though most people are not aware of it, they will be responding and reacting to it.  The task today is to attach to it in a positive way, and to do that we just need to take a moment to go inside our hearts and say “I wish to attach to the feminine (mother) aspect of the Sourcewave.”  (Newer readers can find more information on the Sourcewave on the “Articles” page).  Do this and mentally picture yourself falling down into a comfy, cushioney sofa with a soft blanket wrapped around you.  This is what the Mother energy feels like and it is what will keep us on track today.  There is a lot of fear and generalized angst/uneasiness in the air today, tomorrow, and Friday.  This is the feminine energy being expressed negatively.  It is easier to express it negatively through hautiness.  Remember that each of us is blessed with our own unique gifts, but the highest purpose is served when those gifts are combined.  (Note: Eris  e-book is available again for free download on the “Books” page.)

Lauren Gorgo

Transference: the reBirth

Posted by on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 · 117 Comments 

**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.

I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a pretty profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing. Please bear with me as I have not fully integrated this information…which I try to do (at least a little) before I post an update…however, there is a sense of urgency behind this that is forcing me to wing-it. As always, the energy of the article is more important than the words that are preceding our mental comprehension of it all.

11/11/11: Preparation

If I could sum up this entire update in one word, it would be: HUNKERDOWNANDGROUND. Continue reading “Lauren Gorgo”

Montague Keen

Dedicated to love, truth and simplicity

Veronica, my dear, I told you in the past that changes could not happen until the man in the street woke up to what was being done to your world. When, and only when, those brave souls stepped forward and asked for truth and justice, could the Transition move forward. I warned that it would not be an easy ride but that it would expose the real truth. Now, you see religions which preach love and concern for the poor, showing themselves in their true light. Again I say to you, look at their actions, not their words. Wealth and power are what they serve, not the Supreme Being whose love for mankind is behind the shift to full consciousness. It is then that your controllers will lose all that they have fought to acquire. It has become blatantly clear who you can trust and who you need to see with suspicion. Check who is pulling the strings.

The puppets who sold their souls for gain were put in positions of power. They are there only as long as they serve their masters. The changes that are taking place are much bigger than you can imagine. Just because you do not see them, does not mean that they are not happening: they happen on different levels. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome we are the Pleiadian Council of Light.  On this day we will become as the architects to your being, to your essence, to your energy.  We will help you to design, re-design, sculpt, re-sculpt, and re-evaluate the blueprint of your life, of your heart, of your intent, and of your fears.  On this day we usher you into a very long hallway of your existence. As you walk down this hallway of self you look, ponder, and gaze upon whom you once were, realizing that you are now ready to release what once served you well, but no longer meets your needs. 

It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming.  Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, “if only” you had taken a different path, made a different choice.

We come to assure all of you that this emotional regret is an illusion.  Stop digging through the very trash of your life, amplifying the ‘regrets’ of the past. You are being pushed and pulled into a very tight-fitting energy–that actually squeezes your humanness into new directions that are not comfortable.  These are the forgotten corridors in your heart, your dreams, and what lives in your soul. Continue reading “Gillian MacBeth-Louthan”

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