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Without argument, a skillful therapist can greatly facilitate one’s personal growth and insight by providing a safe space to express oneself and hopefully, unconditional love. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such treatment, yet we all deserve access to healing despite our financial situation.

Most people are unaware that a Master Healer awaits patiently on standby for each of us, just waiting for the moment we sound the call for assistance. We all have at our disposal an infinitely wise and loving counselor and guide ~ someone, ever so gently, to point out our weaknesses and strengths, thus assisting us upon the path of life. And it doesn’t cost a cent, except the amount of energy expended in making the call.

You don’t need a telephone, however. The call is within, to the source of your power, of love and life, your own Higher Self. Now there are many names for this entity … some know it as the Soul, or Higher Power, guardian Angel, eighth chakra, or God. What we call it is meaningless. But to call upon it changes lives, for this great presence has the power to give us that elusive prize we all seek, a sense of being fully and completely understood and loved.

Our Higher Self has the power to break through our deepest fears and hurts, usually based upon the erroneous belief that we don’t have enough love, or are unworthy of love. One of the greatest expenditures of our energy is seeking out love for ourselves. What most of us never understand is all the love we need is easily within our grasp, and has always been so.

The love really is here ~ in fact, it never left! It may not be a specific love object, however, such as “her love, or his love, or Mom’s love,” but rather “The Love” … faceless, formless perhaps, but not soulless, that surrounds us constantly. The love is evident, manifesting as the constant life-giving stream of force pouring into each of us with every breath, from that larger dimension, the plane of the Higher Self, or Soul.

The world is populated with tormented, wounded human beings, each filled with dark areas inside. All the hurts and fears, doubts and insecurities that plague an individual appear as dark blemishes in their otherwise light body.

Many wounds have we accumulated over the countless lifetimes we have experienced, each moment of injustice and brutality searing our consciousness with pain, anger and fear. Such memories, indelibly ingrained into our being by their impact, are carried over from life to life, gradually building until the stored-up negative emotional energy eventually creates actual blockages in our circuitry.

And these, our imperfections, the sum total of our un-wellness, prevent us from joy and bliss, from divinity, and from being filled completely with the Light … the Light of the Soul.

We are the Soul’s hologram! Everything we experience is a projection of our internal condition ~ unresolved issues within ourselves are projected onto our physical plane reality. Any inner turmoil, conflicts, or doubts are mocked up in our environment to then reflect every hurt place we have. It looks like its happening to us, but we actually created it.

All difficult events ~ solar flares, weather fronts, full moons, challenging planetary alignments ~ all of these serve to light up our “stuck stuff” so we can experience it, then love it, and hopefully, forgive it. Our tendency is to blame someone else for getting lit up (they might have helped light up our stuff, but it’s ours, after all!). Nobody else put it there. We did. We then want to respond by pushing the person out of our lives. This is really just an opportunity to love the hurt part of ourselves and include others in our experience.

Humanity swims in a sea of illusion … it appears that we interact with our world on many levels but we really only have one relationship ~ the one with our Soul. The illusion is that anything is happening externally at all. Whatever your difficulty, its really going on inside of you. The environment you find yourself in is literally filled with information concerning your internal condition. The Soul facilitates our evolution by the mechanism of constantly supplying feedback through the apparently external events that happen to us. We literally receive environmental Tarot readings all the time, “signs and omens.” Watch for these ~ they are happening to everyone constantly; people simply overlook them.

When you say something’s wrong, it is wrong within you. When something is difficult or not O.K. around you, it’s because you have something difficult and not O.K. within you. Our first response is, of course, to blame others. When you find yourself doing this remember others are just your mirror, revealing to you which parts of yourself you don’t yet love. Your environment mirrors what is hurt and stuck inside of you … and simply acts as a reflecting lens back to you: life as a viewing screen of Self.

The good news is, Soul cures everything ~ there is no trouble Soul can’t heal. When you’re upset with someone or a situation, that’s your cue to say, “Oh, that’s me, I’m not loving this part of myself.” Now that the environment has revealed the “dark” spot within, you have the opportunity to bring it up to the light of the soul and surrender it to the healing presence. A simple visualization of placing your difficulty on an altar and seeing it raised up to heaven, while a shaft of light pierces straight to the heart of it, works wonders. This technique, called “giving it up to the Soul,” is incredibly transformative and, over time, will dissipate the difficulty, for no darkness can withstand, for long, the power of Love and Light.

Develop a working relationship with your Soul … meditate on it, invoke it, tell it you love it, listen while it tells you the same. Engage a dialogue wherein it tells you something like this: “I will never forsake you, never leave you or reject you, for I love you in all ways forever, (say your name). ” Know within your heart that your Soul is talking to you in the most loving, supportive way imaginable. Feel the deep calm and peace that comes from this knowingness. With time, you will be much more equipped to participate in healthy relationships, as any truly successful relationship only can be comprised of those connected to the Source. Everyone else is coming from hunger, automatically making the other a source of food (energy).

Understanding Soul can be a source of joy and happiness for everyone. When one is solidly aligned with their Soul, a bedrock of calm, balance and serenity is theirs, regardless of external events. Soul is unconditional love and gives us just what we need. If you look for this in others, you will most likely be disappointed eventually ~ very few people are truly balanced and clear. Invariably others will let you down because they, like ourselves, still possess glitches, hurt places in themselves that work out in bewildering behavior. No one is perfect. People will hurt you because they are not perfected beings. Because of this, Soul truly is the best source of Love possible, available all the time as the ultimate source of energy and healing. Align with your Soul on a consistent basis and you will get well.

Life after life, the Soul silently grows behind the mask of our persona, through the thousand sensations of our body, the thousand stimuli of our feelings, the countless thoughts that stir within us. It grows as we rise, and grows as we fall ~ through our sufferings and our joys, our good and our evil; these are its antennae for experiencing the world. When all this external machinery of the form dissolves, soul retains only the essence of its experiences, and takes with it certain consequences from the life just lived.

Each of our actions has a dynamism that tends to perpetuate itself as karma. In another life certain imprints will translate into particular talents, special problems, innate affinities, inexplicable anxieties, irresistible attractions, and sometimes even particular circumstances that repeat themselves almost mechanically, as if to confront us with the same, unresolved problem, over and over, until it is overcome.

The author Satprem speaks of soul experience in these terms:

The first signs of soul’s awakening are love and joy, a joy that may be extremely intense and powerful, but without any exaltation and without object, as calm and deep as the sea. The soul’s joy doesn’t need anything in order to be; it just is; even in a prison it cannot help being, for it is not a feeling but a state, like a river sparkling wherever it flows, whether over mud or rocks, across plains or mountains. It is a love that is not the opposite of hate, and it needs nothing to sustain itself; it simply is, burning steadily regardless of what it encounters, in all it sees and all it touches, simply because it cannot help loving, for that is its nature.

For the soul nothing is low, or high, or pure, or impure; neither its flame nor its joy can be tarnished. Other signs may also reveal its presence: it is light, nothing is a burden to it, as if the whole world were its playground; it is invulnerable, nothing can touch it, as if it were forever beyond all tragedies, already saved from any accidents; it is a seer, it sees; it is calm, so calm, a tiny breath in the depths of the being; and vast, as vast as the eternal sea itself. Indeed, it is eternal. And it is free; nothing can entrap it, neither life nor men, nor ideas, nor doctrines, nor countries ~ it is beyond, forever beyond, and yet innumerably present in the heart of everything, as if it were one with all, for it is God within us.

Life ~ incredibly rich and diverse, with its endless challenges and opportunities. A profound appreciation blossoms as one begins to understand the incredibly intricate means by which the Soul accomplishes the unfolding of each individual experience. Our task is to transmute our dis-eased parts on all planes: physical, emotional and mental. Shed your skin, literally step out of old beliefs and thought processes that hold and bind you. Allow the grandeur of your soul to fill you with awe and wonder and love for all.

– Denise St. Denis

Remember, above all, Soul is there for all…

Soul alignment is a step along the Path…

“I see the goal

I reach that goal

and then I see another.”

Phillip Lindsay ~ LEO 2013

LEO 2013

“I am that and that am I”

phillip lindsay 777 smallerI Am—the Word of the self-conscious, selfish, individual Leo.
I Am That—the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly
gaining the higher consciousness and preparing for
a fresh and universal expression in Aquarius.”

{ First Leo full moon festival }
22 July, 2013. 7.15 pm. London, UK. (0° Leo 05′)

{ Second Leo full moon festival } – a ‘blue moon’
21 August, 2013. 2.44 pm. London, UK. (28° Leo 10′)

A Note of Gratitude
Blue Moons
Leo and Gold
Occupy the Heart: Generosity and Kindness
Leo Soul Brazil  Read more

Phillip Lindsay


“Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

(Full Moon: October 30, 2012. 6.49 am AEDT)
Scorpio and the Path of Discipleship
Scorpio, Fear and the Desire for Power
Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn
Japan, Scorpio and Mount Fuji
USA Election 2012: Obama and Romney

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I have just started the Hidden History of Humanity Series webinars and will run the three series again in the near future if you missed it.

I also intend to start a series of webinars on Esoteric Astrology, starting with an introduction day, followed by a course for those who wish to delve deeper. An email announcing this will be issued in the next week or so. Feel free to let me know now if you are interested in attending.

best regards,
Phillip Lindsay

Scorpio and the Path of Discipleship
In the Science of Esoteric Astrology the zodiac signs are, in the deepest sense of their occult meaning, great groups of living beings connected to the higher angelic realms. The most profound mysteries of the zodiac and its influence upon human evolution lies here. These groupings are called ‘creative hierarchies’ – and they have their own path of evolution to tread – in parallel with human evolution. As they evolve so does humanity; as they influence humanity, humanity in response, influences them. This is one of the mysteries connected to duality and the arising of an eventual synthesis in future human evolution.

The process of interaction between these two realms of human and angelic is known as invocation and evocation, carried on mostly unconsciously in the earlier stages of human evolution. However, when the seeker reaches a more conscious awareness of these hitherto hidden realities, the process becomes an intentional, magical science of invocation and evocation.

It is said the Science of Invocation and Evocation will be one of the main esoteric sciences that will be developed in this approaching Aquarian cycle. This will parallel the amazing revolution in the exoteric sciences seen unfolding now, until the two streams are blended over the next two thousand years; the inner intuitional sciences and the outer more mentally oriented sciences – both complimentary to one another. This will heal a large schism that has existed for millenia. Read more

Risa D’Angeles

Source: Night Light News

Esoteric Astrology as news for October 25 – 31, 2012

Scorpio –
Solar Festival, Full Moon
Libra & Scorpio’s Mantrams
Scorpio’s Three Lights
Mercury in Sagittarius – Justice & Truth
Sag as Map Maker
Ghosts & Goblins & Things of the Night!

The Scorpio Solar Festival, full moon, occurs Monday at 7 degrees Scorpio/Taurus sometime after noontime. We have both Libra’s and Scorpio seed thoughts influencing us during these times of change, reorientation and transformation all around us.

“I choose the way that leads between two great lines of force.” (Libra’s seed thought) articulates for us a unique time in which humanity in the U.S. must choose not only between two candidates (elections are Tuesday, Nov. 6th) but the also decide on how our world will be in the future. Scorpio’s seed thought on the personality-building level is “Let maya flourish and let deception rule.”

Many within humanity function within a developmental stage called Atlantean, a stage where of great desire leading to polarized emotions and illusions exist. Many (of us) are asleep. Many (of us) have clouded minds, which “obscure the Eagle and the Phoenix from entering into matter so that the personality can be irradiated with love and resurrected into the Light”.

The New Group of World Servers has the task of radiating the Light of Mind (Divine Intelligence) & the Will-to-Good to humanity so that more and more can awaken and face the great decision ahead. When the Will-to-Good touches humanity, the Goodwill within them awakens spontaneously. Goodwill is already within humanity but it must be summoned, brought forth and moved to the forefront of the human mind so that it can guide humanity into Right Choice.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury enters Sagittarius Monday, the full moon day. (Note: Mercury retrogrades on Election Day, creating a most interesting, possibly chaotic, election situation. Let us observe with this information of the retro in mind. Mercury is poised in a square between Neptune – confusion, refinement and later Chiron (wound, healing). Notice the polarities of experience presented in the next several weeks. Notice what is dissolving, confusing, hurting and/or healing.

Mercury in Sag calls for justice (may this election be just), the actual truth behind words, integrity, intuition and wisdom. Our mantram during Mercury in Sag…

“Let reality govern our every thought,
and truth be the master of our lives.”

Sagittarius, the element of inspired fire, seeking the broadest perspective, collects all puzzle pieces to form the great cosmic picture. Sag is the map-maker. May that map lead us all into Right Choice, Right Decision and Right Direction. May we all have the eyes to “see.” Especially Wednesday, Halloween (perfect in Scorpio) night. Read more

How to Have a Green Non-GMO Halloween
(GMO mean genetically-modified foods)

NON-GMO Halloween Treats
Here’s how to have a Green Non-GMOHalloween for our children and for adultswho are party planners.…

Saying “NO!” to GMO candy……

Ten Ingredients (GMO) to avoid in foods/candies…

List of GMO Candies (from the Give Project)
Here’s a list of GMO-laced candies many children will be given this Halloween. Throw them out…our children are born with advanced (beyond ours) DNA. The GMO laced foods do not allow our children (or us) to achieve our spiritual, physical, emotional, or intellectual potentials.

“Boo!” say the ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the dark and scary nigh

View graphs of the Sun’s activity—
X-flare & Geo-magnetic Storm Monitor:

Solar events (sun spots, solar flares, etc.) represent the activity of our the Solar Logos. The Sun’s activity accelerates our evolution. There is a connection between the activity on the Sun and events on Earth.

Phillip Lindsay


Virgo 2012

Isis: The Winged Goddess

“I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am.”

(Virgo Full Moon Festival August 31, 2012. 11.58 pm AEST.)

The Virgo-Pisces Polarity
A Cosmic Perspective of Virgo
Virgo-Pisces, Multiculturalism and Norway’s Anders Breivik
The Mystery of Demeter-Isis and Persephone

The Virgo-Pisces Polarity

Full moon periods are always an opportune moment to explore zodiac polarities because the Sun and Moon are always in opposite signs. In this waning age of Pisces, Virgo has been an important zodiac influence because it is the sign opposite to Pisces, part of the mutable cross. As humanity has struggled to balance this duality over the past 2,160-year cycle, the sign of Virgo has found a powerful expression for better and worse.

For the worse, it has brought in the separative lower critical mind well known as the shadow of Virgo’s discriminating nature. This has exacerbated the already existing problem at this culmination of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5.5), where mental development has reached its apotheosis.

For the better, Virgo has emphasised the importance of purification, dedication and devotion to the spiritual life, albeit to a puritanical extreme at times – in Christianity and Islam for instance. In its lower frequency, Virgo’s analytical mind is devoid of love and compassion, compared to Pisces’ ability to exercise unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding. Indeed, analytical to the point of psychologically anal is a typical criticism of Virgo, itself noted as the sign of criticism.


(Artist: Reenchanted Earth Studios)

Yet the second ray of love-wisdom finds its strongest expression through Virgo in this cycle, and one of the most common manifestations is through the healing arts, nutrition, natural medicine and the caring professions. Nursing, carried out mainly by females, is one of the strongest expressions of the nurturing Virgo-Pisces axis.

Virgo is the divine feminine as symbolised by the goddess Isis (who also stands for the star Sirius), the ‘mother of all forms’, the ‘builder of all forms’, connecting the deva or angelic kingdom to the human kingdom.

Virgo nurtures, builds and maintains the form, this ‘form’ of the lower self, not just the etheric-physical, but the emotional and mental bodies that constitute that three-fold form. Hence, the triple glyph of Virgo  represent this triple integration, the goddess trinity – Eve, Isis and Mary. Virgo is a sign of integration and integrity – the ‘intact’ and pure Virgin.

Read More

Risa D’Angeles

From Night Light News

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Esoteric Astrology as news for August 30 – September 5, 2012

Burning Man & the Silvery Full Moon

During Friday’s full moon, Virgo’s (9 degrees) solar festival, Burning May is in full swing in the Nevada desert. In the sky the nodes of the moon (North & South Nodes) change signs. The north node (our present/future dharma) shifts into Scorpio and the South node (past which needs tending, completing, the Dweller on the Threshold) enters Taurus. For eighteen months we move into a state of reorientation, learning to stabilize ourselves through that reorientation.

North Node and South Node change signs

Join the New Group of World Servers at the full moon by reciting the Great Invocation (on my FB page). Our invocative work during this Virgo (the mother Ceres) festival is for all of humanity to have abundant food, water, shelter and care. Let us invoke this together.

Blue Full Moon-Virgo Solar Fest

Monday is Labor Day. We offer gratitude to all those, often unrecognized, who serve us with the physical world. Their “labor” is great. Let us be grateful.

There is another Labor that the Disciples, the New Group of World Servers, must do in the world. It is our task. It is the dissipating of all fogs, glamours, mayas and illusions (distortions) in the world of form and matter. These distortions are created purposefully by the Forces of Materialism. Dissipating these fogs and glamours (through meditation, visualization, education, study, etc.) is most important at this time in our world. For the world (masses of humanity) are easily blinded to the reality (inner essential) occurring today. Dissolving those fogs for humanity, inviting humanity on inner levels to enter into the realm of the 5th Kingdom, that of the Soul, is the dharma (spiritual task) of the NGWS.

Read More

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Risa D’Angeles

Source: Night Light News

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Esoteric Astrology as news for August 9 – 16, 2012

Perseid Meteor Showers
Sirius & the Heart Lotus
Mars/Saturn in Libra
Lords of Flame
The Great Awakening

Watch the Perseid meteor shower (shooting stars), the year’s best meteor shower, this weekend (Friday night, Saturday night, after midnight Sunday morning). Watch them before Venus, Jupiter & the waning crescent moon appear in the morning skies. There should be more than 50 shooting stars per hour. The Perseids were seen 2000 years ago in the Far East.

Perseid meteor shower

The Perseids are tiny bits of rock and debris from old comet, Swift-Tuttle, named after the astronomers who discovered it in 1862. The Perseids get their name from the constellation Perseus, from which they seem to emanate (the radiant), but the meteors appear anywhere in the sky. If we trace their swift lighted path backward across the sky, eventually we come to Perseus.

Early August, every year, Earth passes through comet Swift-Tuttle’s orbit. As the tiny rocks encounter the thin upper atmosphere of the Earth, the air is heated to incandescence and we see a rapid streak of light.

Sirius & the Heart Lotus
During the month of Leo, from the star Sirius, where love originates, love streams forth into the heart of the Sun and into all the hearts on our planet. Everywhere, unseen, the petals (like four rounded triangles) of the heart lotus begin to unfold. Etherically, all hearts are connected by a golden cord – from Sirius to your heart, to my heart and to everyone’s heart on Earth, to the hearts of the animal kingdom, the plant, the mineral and into the heart of the Earth. It is in the heart where the inner and outer worlds meet, where the Life thread (Sutratma) is anchored, a point of electric fire, of Love, the “jewel in the heart of the lotus.”

Sirius and stars

As the light of love radiates from our heart to the heart of all other beings, their heart lotus begins to unfold too, quickly and more rapidly and events in the lives of all involved begin to change. In the new world, Jupiter is the heart lotus (chakra) of the Aquarian Age. Jupiter is Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom. Love is the heart of the Aquarian Age.

And to bring this forth, to accelerate this unfolding, new energies and impulses from the heart of the universe are beginning to critically influence life on Earth (bringing change to all planets circling the Sun). These energies are quickening all events, creating a trajectory of force and of progress directed only toward the creation of the new Aquarian age…creating the Age of Knowledge, of Humanity, of Flowers, of new Technology – the new culture & civilization, the new era community.

Heart of the Sun by Erik Grand

The stream of Love (a golden light) from Sirius into the heart of the Sun and into all hearts is preparing humanity to meet these new impulses with inner strength and courage. As three great life cycles end (Dec. 21st), humanity is called to break free from old forms and break out into new forms of creative self-expression and communication.

Mars/Saturn in Libra
This time on Earth, planned since the “night of time”, is preparing humanity to take the First Initiation. Assisting in this is Wednesday’s Mars/Saturn in Libra. Pushing (Mars) humanity forward into a new state of discipline (Saturn), informing humanity we are the “World Disciple.” There will be a tug-of-war, between the old and the new realities. Notice this in all relationships. Mars and Saturn – destroying crystallizations in order to rebalance (Libra).

This evolutionary force is directing humanity to the Path of Return, providing humanity with a choice (Libra). All realities obstructing or denying the new energies will eventually cease to exist. There is no longer any life -force supporting them. With Leo and the Sirius force, we become sensitive to being free from the past. Knowledge of these things creates the Love that liberates us.

And so, as the Lords of Flame (Leo Hierarchy) lead humanity forward into the new world, Earth’s electromagnetic field lessens (moving toward 0-point) and polarities increase. In the difficulty, stress and crisis (Ray 4), the great awakening proceeds.

Lords of Flame

Read More

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