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28 Responses to “Blogging Privileges”

  1. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you. You can let me know whenever you have a new post. Hugs, C.

  2. triplewaterastrologyt Says:

  3. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Hugs, C.

  4. shellysharon Says:

    You are an angel 🙂

  5. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Will do. Hugs, C.

  6. shellysharon Says:

    Thanks a lot C. 🙂
    I would be very happy, if you feel it’s right for you, to be featured on your ascension section. I have been teaching and channelling for many years now but only recently started sharing my writing, so it is a beginning of a new thing for me. I am happy to share and want to be out there….
    Thanks for your support.
    With love

  7. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you Shelly for blogging. I’ve posted your Yes Meditation post. Hugs, C.

  8. shellysharon Says:

    Wow what a wonderful way you bring to share and give 🙂 I have enjoyed and intrigued reading about you 🙂
    I would love it if you visit and re-blog my blog. Amongst my various writings you will find monthly channelled articles.
    With love and light-blessings

  9. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Welcome. Hugs, C.

  10. Eva Kuhar Says:

    Thank you so much for your support!


  11. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you Eva for the insightful articles on your blog. I’ll be happy to re-blog.

  12. Eva Kuhar Says:


    I came across your blog today, very inspiring!
    Last year I felt guided to start a blog to inspire and help people with this ongoing ascension process, that is life for us all.
    I’d like to ask, if you would consider to re-blog and share my material with your readers.
    I hope my energy and blog articles will resonate with you.

    Thank you for your time.


  13. Ajaytao2010 Says:

    thank you dear

  14. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  15. Ajaytao2010 Says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  16. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Feel free to post a link on your blog. Blessings.

  17. thecricketandgrasshopper Says:

    I recently started a blog with WordPress and thought I would see what else is out there. Wow! You have a great site with a ton of information! Thank you for sharing the message. If I can figure out how, I would like to post a link to your blog on my site. I’m not sure if this is possible or even how to do it or if I need to get your permission. May I post a link to your site? Thank you again and I look forward to following your blog. We are all One!

  18. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Hi Linda, Thank you for your insightful blog postings. I’m glad you enjoyed my bio and resonate with my blog. 🙂 Cyrus

  19. lindastrologer Says:

    Hi Cyrus, I just read about you – loved it. You’re an astrologer! Do you have an email address at all??
    I’m delighted to have discovered your site – wonderful links and info – perfect resonance. Thank you. Linda.

  20. Karen Doonan Says:

    hi Cyrus,

    was looking for a “contact us” page but couldnt find one, can you contact me personally please whenever you have time? many thanks Karen –

  21. Granny Ermengarde Tenderstone Says:

    thanks and may angels be about you.

  22. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Hi Kathryn. Thanks for commenting. Congrats on your new “granny” status. Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome. Enjoy! 🙂 Love, C.

  23. Granny Ermengarde Tenderstone Says:

    Was searching for my old friend/neighbor Cyrus Etessam and found several links including this one. I want to let Cyrus know that I think of him often but never get to Atlanta, not sure if he still lives at the same address. Just know that Kathryn is now the grandmother of Jasmine’s three wonderful kids and that you’re a friend I’ve never forgotten Cyrus, and btw, if Norris is still living at 914, please give him my warmest regards! Much love to you!!

    Kathryn / aka / Granny Ermengarde Tenderstone “a heart of stone, but a tender stone” —

    living in Danielsville now and you can call me if you like, find me as Granny on fb and inbox me!! ❤ take care old friend, glad to see you are still in the light and sharing the love of spirit.

  24. Betty Robinson (Sallee) Says:

    Today’s Oracle Report was so “right on”. It sure explains things that are happening in my life right now, and I was so appreciative of getting this – very timely and significant!! Blessings to you for your reports.

  25. irenealomar Says:

    your input Betty IS very valuable…

  26. irenealomar Says:

    yes to this too!

  27. dreamweaver333 Says:

    Thank you Betty Robinson for connecting with me and welcome! I like your site and I am glad we are reconnecting. 🙂 Gratitude, Cyrus

  28. Betty Robinson (Sallee) Says:

    Hi – I think you have quite an amazing blog site. The pictures are awesome and I enjoyed reading about you. I have my own blog, and had not been checking the comments section at all for months until tonight. I noted a comment from you in November. I apologize for not responding at that time. You mentioned connecting my site with yours, and I would be happy to do that. I am just learning about how my blog site works, and would like to eventually start adding pictures and links – just have to learn how at this point. I will add your blog address to the next blog I write. You seem to have so many links to individuals I am familiar with, and I find this wonderfully encouraging that so many of us are now connecting as we move through this ascension. Many blessings to you as you continue on your path. Love and Light,
    Betty :))

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