Lunar Imbolc to traditional Imbolc, 2020

Wild Women Wisdom

strangetrees4Cécile Gambini

Happiest mid-Winter, friends.

It is lunar Imbolc and we are blanketed both by the sweet velvet dark right now of mama Luna’s balsamic, or dark phase and mama Nature’s hibernation season of Winter.  Balsamic or dark moon is the final stage of the moon’s 8 phases.  It is the metaphoric PMS of the month, when the sacred body of the lunation cycle comes home to herself in her truest face: darkness.   She has now stirred then seeded new life, grown whole in reflection of her consort the sun, and is finally preparing to shed the energy of the cycle behind her, while holding onto the wisdom it gained.  Within this stillness, the sanctum of mama Luna’s monthly Red Tent time, we revere this wisdom as it embodied in our own lives, and find reverie in the dark.

Mama moon teaches how to be with all aspects of living and dying–much…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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