20 Signs of Starseed Walk Ins The Three Waves of Volunteers



Dolores Cannon’s seminal work the Three Waves of Volunteers explains the reasons for Starseed intervention. The first wave came after 1945, the baby boomers. The starseed traveller volunteer program was birthed long before earth’s linear 1945. In quantum time the destruction, trauma and travesties of nuclear warfare echoed across all dimensional fields. Our galaxy’s astral belt is the remnants of previous civilisation who destroyed themselves and their planet in nuclear warfare. The last devil’s playground, apocalyptic cycles, time tripping, dimensional veils burning. Gaia also left clues, her indigenous people peppering the planet’s surface in standing stones, monoliths of truth, remnants of ascended communities, crumbs our allies followed to piece it altogether. The first wave, the baby boomers, arrived on mass. Starseed often arrive as unexpected babies, born to older mothers or parents who were previously unable to have children. This first wave birthed the beatnik hippie peace and love movement…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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