Cosmic Light Codes the Language of the Multiverse



Cosmic light codes are energetic frequencies carrying data. The vibrations they carry have the potential to upgrade our mindbodysoul beings.  Celestial alignment opens gateways, interdimensional portals that allow cosmic light-streams to permeate earth’s atmosphere. All is created in Source. Subtleties, complexities and nuances speak of a game creator of immense, infinite humility, love and intellect. The soul journey is one of incarnation, expansion and evolution. We ascend by aligning our internal cellular frequency to Gaia’s ascension field. We do this by detaching from low vibe places, people and things. We elevate our daily lives to spaces of calm abundance in spiritual practise. Calm is a high vibration, cabal engineered fear disrupts our bodies natural alignment to peaceful settings by generating stress, anxiety and tension, low vibrations. Stress ties our soul up in knots, blocks our heart and lowers our ability to expand our intellect. We become cogs in the wheel…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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